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Something I never did before

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I walked out of my apartment lobby, it was 8:45pm. I had a hard day at work, more paperwork that i can keep track of. My boss was pissed at me as always. I was happy to get out of the office when I did. It was at the office that I got a encrypted message on my message app about the meeting I was having this eaving. I met the guy who was massaging me though a coworker. The three of us were taking about women and sex. My friends name was Dan, the guy who was messaging me was mark. We spoke about the women we fucked in our past. Dan was into east asian women with good-sized tits. I was into mexican girls with no hair on their pussy. Mark never said what he was into.

After the bar died down a bit, Mark and Dan looked at eachother, than me. They looked like they had a secret to tell me.

“Ya know..” Mark said “I know how you can get some good pussy if you want it for a small price.”

“What!?” I said “Like a hooker?”

Mark nonned.

I had never paid for sex before, on the other hand I was no stranger to doing shady stuff. I had done some drugs in college. Not to proud of it, I can’t deny it. The last time I had gotten pussy was a year ago when I was on a business trip in Japan. It was great. But in America its a crime to pay for sex. I needed to make sure if I did this I won’t end up in jail.

I looked at them both.

Then at mark.

“I want some pussy mark, but I don’t want to go to jail.” I said looking at him firmly.

He nonned again.

“I’ve been doing this for ten years now, not one of the clients has ever gone to jail, it a small circle of dudes. I have girls from immigrant families who need extra tax-free money. The girls are young, years 18-24. I don’t hurt them, I don’t rape them, I dont drug them. They are in good shape and I test them Elazığ Escort for stds often. I charge $200 for one night, no questions asked.” Mark said before drinking more of his beer.

The bar was all but empty, we were sitting in a corner booth. It was about 11:30pm. I wanted some pussy and Mark sounded like he knew what he was doing.

“So do they come to my apartment or what?” I asked

“No, you will come to my place were the girl will be waiting for you. I will leave. There will be a box of rubbers and lube for you and her. You will pay me first. I have a nice guest bedroom for you guys. Soft sheets, candles, bathroom, she will do whatever you want her to do. The rule I have you have to wear a condom, I can’t have a pregnant girl.” he said

“Ok” I said “let’s do it.”

“Great” he said “I’ll message you on a secure app on your phone.”

I took the bus to his place on the north side of town. He must make a lot of money from the sex ring he has. I got to his building and went into the front lobby. A woman with nice boobs was sitting there. She asked who I was here to see, I told her Mark’s name. She nodded and told me to go up the the second to top floor.

I then went to the elevator and pushed “8”. I could not believe I was about to do this, I was getting a boner just thinking about it. He said the girl was very sexy and was only 18. I kept thinking about the feeling of my dick sliding inside of her. When I got to his floor I found is door and knocked softly. Mark opened up the door and said in a soft voice “Come in, man.” I walked in.

Mark asked me to leave my cellphone on the stand in the living room. I also left my jacket there as well. I pulled out the $200 he asked for, he took it.

“I’m glad you came, you’ll enjoy her, Elazığ Escort Bayan every inch of her.” he said

“Shes 18 right?” I asked

“Ya, her mother and her came across the border last year. I met her mom at a restaurant she works at. I told her she can make more money if I can have her little girl. She looked nervous, but she said yes. This cute thing lives in a safe house 5 days a week. I keep my girls there.

I’ve fucked her before, here’s a tip. Her pussy is great but it’s better if she’s face down and your hitting her ass.” He said putting the money in his pocket. I nodded.

“So, where is she?” I asked looking around.

Mark pointed at a door at the end of the hallway “This way, brother. The condoms are in there along with a tube of warming lube. Remember to fuck her with a condom on at all times.”

Mark turned around and left, leaving me there with a pussy I was about to fuck.

I opened the door and on the bed was a beautiful mexican girl. Her boobs were a good size for here age. She was wearing a stone necklace. She was just in her bra and bikini underwear. She had nice brown air. I closed the door behind me. I walked over to her and touched her smooth face.

“Hi” I said

“Hello sir” she said, she looked a little scared.

I started to take off my clothes. My dick was getting a little hard. She stat still and didn’t say anything. I was down to my boxers now. My dick was now hard all the way and she could see it through the boxers I was wearing. I walked over and sat down next to her and put my arm around her.

“You don’t need to be nervous at all. Men just have needs that’s all.” I said stroking her hair.

“So you make money for your mother?” I asked

“Yes, sir” she said in a soft Escort Elazığ voice. “It’s been hard with money, I wanted to help my mother out. I don’t want us to become homeless. I hope you enjoy me.”

By the time she said that I told her to lay on her back and stay still. I got up, still in my boxers. I want on the end of the bed, here feet were hanging off a little bit. She was staring at the me. I reached out and pulled off her bikini underwear she was wearing. Her pussy was small but didn’t look to tight. The lips of her pussy flapped back a little when I pulled her underwear back. I climbed on the bed and reached over and pulled her bra off. I pulled off my boxers and sat them on the side of the bed. I pulled out a condom and rolled it down. Pre-cum was dripping on the bed from my penis. I got the condom on and looked her in the eyes.

I started kissing her, she didn’t say anything. She laid there letting me do whatever I wanted. She has done this a lot before. I stuck my dick inside of her pussy, when I did she moaned. I thrusted slowly at first. I started moaning, her juices were all over my balls. My hands were on here tits.

“Yes please!” she screamed

I kept going. I was licking her on the chest. I thrusted more and more. I wasn’t coming yet but I was getting there. Out of nowhere I pulled out from her, pussy juice on my dick, and turned her over. Her ass was in the air. I got the bottle of lube and put some in her ass. She was moaning and asking for more. I got lube in there and put my dick in. I thrusted in and out over and over. Finaly I felt my ejeculation coming. The cum came out and was on the inside of the condom. I stopped thrusting. She stopped moaning. I pulled out and took the condom off. I got off the bed and got in the shower, she was still in shock laying on the bed. She was crying a little bit still. After I got out of the shower, she was nude sitting on the bed. I put my am around her and kissed her.

“Your mother would be proud of you.” I said.

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