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Something About Her Ch. 02

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I woke up in my own bed. Unfortunately I had to go to school really early. On my way to train and on the train too all I could think of was last evening with the most amazing woman I have ever met.

In year 2000 one woman told me how his boyfriend could make her enjoy sex 1000 times more I ever could. Knowing my own skill and toughness of my cock I didn’t agree or try to make her take her words back. In short words she had her own taste and I had mine. In my teens I dreamed of slim tall blonde with big tits. My first real girl friend was short, a bit overweight and her tits were around size B 80. The next girl friend Anna, who had her own story, was size A 80 slim and 167 cm tall. The third had big DD tits and she was fat and ugly. Those were real girl friends, but there is one who goes between one and three. T is tall, she has size D tits but beautiful is not a perfect word to describe her looks. She is sexy, maybe good-looking, but not beautiful.

All this in summary goes to the joy of sex and love. It never occurred to me that sex is so mental thing before I met her. With my first sexual partner I had pure lust for her, but she felt like being a fuck buddy. Maybe if she had not been so keen on having children while she was young we would have learned to care more for one another.

When I first met T in person, she walked on me in a library. As we sat down and talked I didn’t have any reaction inside my pants. Then she bent forward to pick something from her bag. Then I noticed her body. I saw the body I thought she was hot. Few weeks later we were kissing and caressing one another and that time and many times that followed felt much better than having intercourse with any woman before.

T found a man she wanted to date and unfortunately that wasn’t me. But when I found Anna I was the one who wanted to date and Anna only wanted sex. The fat woman was looking for fuck buddy, but we were much more than that. Unfortunately I never got the same feeling with her as I did with T so I walked away from best sexual relationship I could have ever wanted.

But Suzie beats all those other women in general. I don’t mean she is as kinky as the fat woman, but that is not necessary. But Suzie made me realize that there are perfect women in the world.

Traveling back home from school my cock was rock hard just thinking of her looks. I felt warm no matter how cold the train actually was. I felt I had to call her or send her at least a message. I waited until I got home, took a quick shower and drove to her place. She was walking with her dogs when I saw her from my car. I opened the window and drove next to her

– Hi beauty. I hope you don’t mind me popping by, I said.

– I just hope Magda doesn’t jump under your car.

– My uncle has an old dog called Jope. The dog is not afraid of trucks, cars or tractors, but a plane or thunder will drive the dog crazy.

– You have been in my mind all day

– You too. I felt so bad leaving so early yesterday

– Once you got your car parked would you mind taking me to town?

– Sure, what for?

– My car is at service. My father took it there this morning, he is busy this evening.

– Why should I park the car if we leave straight away?

– I have to call to make sure it is ready. It is actually not my car; it is one of his sale stocks so it is the last car going to service today.

– It may be two hours or so

– Yes. I didn’t know you were coming but I have some pasta if you want something to eat

– Sure

She served me food and there were no leftovers this time. At around the last fork full of pasta she asked if the food was good.

– Yes it is

– I am not sure if you want to hear what I wanted to say next

– Something wrong

– I think you came here for a reason, but I have to say no

– No to what?

– You wore me out last night. I couldn’t ride today and driving a car wasn’t too nice either.

– Do you need your car today

– No, but some time tomorrow

– I am free tomorrow, all day

– I have to go to a job interview 10 AM

– What about if I take you there and then to the car?

– You mean coming here first thing in the morning

– Unless you want me to stay here all night?

– Can you keep your hands of me all night?

– I don’t know, but if you are sure I can keep my peewee in my pants

– Could you really do that?

– I think so, but if you don’t want to be kissed and caressed I have to sleep at least one floor down and two locked doors in between.

She smiled, but didn’t say anything.

We didn’t get the car that night. In fact we had really pleasant evening together. Feeding the horses, walking the dogs, cooking a light dinner and watching two movies from DVD. During the second movie suddenly the doorbell rang. She went to open the door and I took the remote to stop the movie.

– Hi Dad

– Didn’t get your car

– No I have a ride for tomorrow

– My Cabriolet is now insured too. I’ll take it when I leave.

– Summer has began

– Seems so. There is a car up front fethiye escort by the way. Really nice retro Russian four by four. Anyone I know?

– No, but baby sis has met him once or twice.

– I have seen the car… A big man driving it

– No that was his brother… I kind of hoped I could have him alone with me for a while

– Ok I got the hint

– No! No, I mean he is a bit shy and…

– Ok so you don’t want to scare us

– No or yes, but see yourself

– Hi I am Suzie’s dad, said his dad

– Hi, I am her date, I said and shook his hand

– You got some set of wheels on the yard. I imagined some big bald old man driving that kind of car.

– I am not bald, not yet, but I took that car because the road is in pretty poor condition

– What do you know about road condition?

– Plenty, I have made better roads than that and certainly driven in less mud in off road competition.

– Sand roads are always in poor condition this time of year

– Sure, but the road will never be dry if all water flows in the middle

– You drive a grader

– Never have, never will, I hope

– How can you make a road without a grader?

– There are plenty of tools and machines available, but grader will only make that road worse. An excavator would by my choice.

– Susie told you were shy

– True, but when I have my own opinion I don’t hide it if I feel like I am right.

– Is there a road you have been working?

– Actually the first crossroad after the small bridge driving from your place to town center.

– It was repaired many years ago

– Yes and it has worn from surface, but the repairs I made will last until a pipe bursts under the road.

– Any other place

– On the Road 23112 there is now a twin pipe bridge. There use to be a wooden bridge.

– Wait a minute. The… The bridge with one triangular and one round pipe that was repaired in the worst rain in 30 years. I admit you know something about making roads.

– It would have been an easy job during a dry summer, but that rain forced us to open the damn because the water rose 3 meters In 8 1/2 hours and water began to rise to fields.

– Ok so I leave you two alone

After her father drove away with his small Ford Cabriolet we finished the movie, kissed, talked and fed the animals. Because nights are short we went to shower and bed much before the sunset. I kept my hands above her navel and held her close. She fell asleep much before me

When she woke me up in the morning she had a lot to do. I helped her the best I could and drove after her when she took her dad’s car back and then we drove to the interview. She had got a message from her dad that the car was finally ready and I drove her there. She kissed me inside the car and I noticed her father shortly after our kiss broke.

– I really had nice night and morning with you, she said.

– Me too. You look so good even in your sleep

– I wonder if you’d like to meet me tomorrow

– I am busy tomorrow all day, but I should be free at 8 PM

– I wish you could come tonight too

– I’d better not. I have an important mid term exam tomorrow morning and I haven’t opened the books yet.

– Ok go home and study. See you

When I saw her next time she told me how her father had cross- examined her because of the things her little sis had said. But the point was that I had told him the truth. My night with Susie was really awesome. We made love only once, but the next morning she said

– You should have told me you are a good lover

– Am I?

– Yes you are and my abs and my pussy are so sore you’ll soon have to start fucking my ass every other day or something

– I don’t argue with you

– I have never done it, but no-one else has ever fucked me more than 20 minutes at a time, not that I am timing or anything

– I am sorry It takes me some time to cum

– I have talked with many women about the fact how long a guy will last while sober. Only one woman told me she had met a mega fucker who could last nearly an hour

– And that makes me a robot

– No, but a mega class lover in my opinion. I have heard of Tantra sex but two hours of making love is too much for me.

– I am sorry

– No… I mean I love it, but there is always the next day with my pussy burning and for sure I am not a dry young virgin.

– You are perfect. I want you to get good portion of sex too.

– Ok, but I got the job and I can’t sit if I am as truly fucked as I am now

– We’ll have to figure out something

– Will you come any faster if I suck you?

– Yes, how about you?

– Don’t know. Any other ideas?

– Toys or joy jelly to keep you extra wet…

– I’ll second that second idea first.

The next time we made love I was extra cautious to make her cum first, then add a lot off joy jelly and fuck her like a madman. That was a well working idea. She came twice while I came once but the main point was her looks next morning. She sat without any trouble and while she was having her lunch break she send me a message: I miss you already and my pussy will be wet by the time I see you again.

She was really horny when we met in the evening. We forgot the dogs and horses and everything and had a really good ten minutes in her bed that made her cum. I pulled out and held her close. She wanted to make me cum, but she had things to do. She put on her panties she had worn all day and told me she would like to wrap them around my nose in an hour or two. That didn’t happen that day but on next Friday evening we did fuck like that. The sent of her pussy was nearly enough to make me cum. But anyway the first session on Friday lasted less than ten minutes, the second nearly half an hour and on our third time that day we really made love long and hard. The time lost it’s meaning and we fell a sleep worn out, satisfied and above all together in love with one another.

She woke me up next morning with a kiss on my lips. I kissed her back and opened me eyes.

– Did you sleep well, asked Suzie

– Yes I did, how about you

– Slept yes, but you did it again…

– Feel sore?

– You bet, but not too much. I think I’ll be fine by tomorrow

– You need a hand with the horses

– I was kind of hoping you would walk the dogs and help me later

– What did you have in mind?

– Nothing much, but I recall you wanted a ride with me on the two seated carriage

– Yes

– Weather is perfect today

– You are on.

When we came back from the ride we cooked together and I got a call that made me leave her alone after lunch. During next few weeks I met her nearly every day. We slept together, cooked together and things people do together. On one night she spoke and looked serious.

– I need to talk to you about something

– Shoot, I am all ears

– I got a bit better paid job

– Terrific, when do you start

– In less than a week

– Is there something wrong?

– It is 3 shift work and nearly 45 km away from here

– And that means?

– It means at least 9 hours away from here, plus they immediately warned that there could be overtime.

– Isn’t that just about what you wanted?

– Yes, but I am a bit worried what will happen while I am away from home.

– You mean your animals

– Yes.

– Can I help you?

– You got a job next to the place I use to work. You have quite regular hours. I was wondering if you would like to move in with me?

– I haven’t much thought about it

– I have. We are much like an old married couple but we don’t argue, we do have sex life and we don’t live together.

– How long can I consider? I don’t want to risk this relationship by saying yes or no too early.

– You mean that moving in with me might be a mistake?

– Not a mistake, but I am quite happy the way things are going right now. How about if I bring my laptop, tooth brush and a bit more clothes than I usually have in my bag?

– I was thinking you could have the small bedroom and at least a double closet. I already told you where my spare key is when you gave me your car spare key.

– Then we shall try it. I guess you want me to pay half of the living costs too

– Half of food, groceries, electricity and all use of Internet.

– You don’t have internet

– No, but If you want it you have to pay for it. I have an account that allows only buy groceries from a local store. If we share the account there either one could do the shopping.

– Sound like a fair deal

That pretty much did it. I moved in with her. We got married few years later and we are still married. My wife was beautiful when we met for the first time, she was beautiful when we got married and she is still beautiful and I love her truly and deeply.

Well that was my imagination. But it is so funny how I can see the future. I started this story on February 18.ht. I got this far before March. On March 15.th she send me a message. Her horse and pony had gone trough fence and run away. She had been chasing her animals most of the day. Tomorrow I am going to visit her place with a cordless drill and I’ll visit a place she is about to buy sawdust for her horse and pony. So If I imagine she may need someone to keep an eye on her animals while she is away I am right.

She had called someone to come and fix her fence, but at something like 11 am I got a message that the guy hadn’t turned up yet. She couldn’t put her horses outside the stable and she was tired after night shift. She asked if I was busy that after noon after 2 pm. Well I was free shortly after her message and soon after I replied I had the time she replied me again: “don’t worry, Mike just came to fix the fence. I’ll try to sleep some more”

I didn’t go home to get the drill. Instead I drove to the place I assumed she was going to buy the sawdust from. There was a sawmill and a small wood product plant and an element house factory. The sawmill was on holiday but the owner of the wood product plant was helpful. I took his card and the information and took it to Suzie. First I though she would find the card from her mailbox, but when I dropped it I noticed there was all her mail.

I walked to her door. Nothing moved but her dogs. I rang the bell and what seemed like ten minutes she walked down the stairs. She was wearing a silky to piece night outfit that was mainly blue. She looked angry as a bear just waken up from winter sleep. The first thing she said:

– Why can’t I sleep in peace

– I am sorry I woke you up. I visited the place that delivers sawdust. Here is the card and more information in the back. I have things to do so I’ll be going. I hope you get some sleep

– Is there three wires in the fence, I can’t see that far

– Yes there is. I’ll go and see how my trailer is doing since the last jobsite was moving rocks.

On my way home she send me a message saying I had visited wrong place. I activated my hands free and called her soon.

– Now what, she answered the phone

– You mean I visited wrong place?

– That wasn’t the place, since the people who told me about it would never pay that much for delivery.

– So it is the place on the other side of the street. There is dry sawdust under a roof. I didn’t find anyone there, but I mentioned it behind the card. I think you should call your friends and ask for a name and number since they have been doing business with the sawmill.

– I’ll drive to town and visit there later this afternoon

– Ok sorry I woke you up. I hope I didn’t ruin your day

– I’m not going to bed any more

– Bye.

She got someone else to deliver her the sawdust. But few days later she thanked me for doing things for her. I still think she is hot, but I doubt my fantasy sleeping with her will never come true. She is my first choice but few days before the sawdust message I got email as a reply to my old Internet contact add. If she makes me hot that will be another story.

Well the woman who replied to my contact add, turned up to be a cute, short blonde. Her name is Britney. She is more than a bit shy, but she makes me hot. On our first dates we barely held hands, but soon she dared to sit on my lap and I got to kiss her too.

Going back to Suzie. On March 26.th she was racing with her horse. I asked how did it go. She said she was 10.th out of 11 that finished. Her 4×4 broke down while she was returning horse trailer. Later the same week she asked if I could deliver her some hey from a farm near my place. I agreed and when I arrived with the bale she was standing in the pile of sawdust.

We rolled the bale inside and soon she asked if I’d like to have some tea. We had some tea and soon after the tea she showed me a video of the few races she had been. She was unlike every time before. She was talkative, beautiful and far more open than ever before.

During the day I took her hay we discussed about her yard. On April 25.th I went there to make a fence for her horses. It took me more than 3 days and a lot of sweat to get the wooden poles in right places. There was a lot of garbage medal and wood inside the planned fence I cleared before the first pole went to the right place.

On day two or day three she send me a message, something like. “You have been hard working and a lot of help and I am grumpy all the time”. I replied:” It is OK to let out some steam time to time so you can smile again”.

Snowball effect means that once one woman is interested there will others in no time at all. About two weeks before I got message from the short blonde I send a message to a woman who turned out to be 177 cm tall and pretty. Less thane two weeks before I got a message from the short blonde I visited a bar for afternoon tea. There was only one beautiful woman in the bar. I didn’t remember her name or face at first. She was looking at me, and I was looking at her. Then when I was about to leave she said “Hi”

– Do we know one another? I asked

– Yes, I am Eirie, you use to date my best friend

– Oh my, how is she doing

– Fine, she moved to bigger city

– I’ll have to buy you something. Usually I never forget a beautiful woman, but this time there was a blank spot in my memory.

– Really

– Yes. I am don’t remember names so well. What do you drink?

– Cider. Are you serious?

– I am already on my way home but not joking, but I’ll get one for you… Her you are

– Thanks

– I think I heard your real name too, but Eirie comes from the place you are from

– Lisa Stewart

– Lisa Stewart. I think I’ll remember it. But I’d better be going.

On the night I kissed Britney for the first time T had sent me a message. She had been with her ex boyfriend having bad sex as usual. I called her when I got home and asked if she was OK. We talked for 5 minutes before I went to sleep.

The following day Britney sent me few messages, T sent me two and also Suzie had something in her mind. I am not very happy about this situation because Suzie is beautiful, Lisa taller and as beautiful as Suzie and T… Well T isn’t so beautiful, but because I have known her so long I know if she tried to make a move on me it would be hard to resist, same goes to Suzie. I am quite sure Lisa would never do such thing to me.

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