Some Good Company

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My husband is coming home soon. I better get in the shower. I shave my legs underarms and my pussy. Nice and clean for my man more importantly because I like my pussy smooth and hairless. Feels so sexy that way.

I text him saying I have a surprise for him when he gets home and to wait for me downstairs. He replies “I’ve got one for you too.” I feel giddy and a big smile splits my face. I fix my hair and makeup. A nice red lipstick, Winged eyeliner for emphasis, hair down and straightened.

He texts me, “pulling up now”. I finish the last little primping in the mirror. I hear the door close as he comes in. “I’m home, where are you?”

“Be right there”

I drape the towel over the vanity chair and head down stairs.

I walk up to him naked in all my shortness with perky boobs somewhat hourglass figure “surprise, your move?”

He walks up closer and he kisses me softly as he turns me around running his fingers down my back using his nails lightly until he grabs my waist with one hand and my shoulder with the other and pulls me close to him. My ass feels his groin.

He moves my hair out of the way and softly kisses my neck while running his hands over my body taking extra time on my tits. He reaches down and starts rubbing my pussy while his other hand grasps around my throat.

While fingering me he slowly tightens his grip on my throat until my pussy is dripping. Spins me back around and kisses me very seductive and passionately. Then he pushes me down to my knees and pushes his dick into my mouth starting slow. He watches his thick dick slide in and out of my mouth. He’s ready for more. He grabs the back of my head fucking my mouth until those little tears start to form in my eyes.

Then he pulls his dick out of my mouth and steps behind me again pushing me down onto all fours onto the couch. He grabs the base of his dick and pushes it into my already soaked pussy fucking me doggy style… with my hair in one of his hands he pulls it just hard enough I have to arch my back so he can reach around. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Giving him access to grab my amazing tits he twists my nipple in his fingers making me moan even harder…

He keeps fucking me until I’m about to cum and pulls out just long enough to push it into my ass… slow at first but I’m so horny and want to cum I keep pushing my ass back onto his dick harder and harder until he’s really fucking my ass. After I cum from getting fucked in the ass he pulls out and lays down on the couch. “Climb on top”, he says. I climb on and bounce on his dick deep and hard until he’s about to cum. Then he lifts me up and off his cock to fuck my mouth again. A couple thrusts more and he cums exploding into my throat and on my face.

I’m wiping up the cum off my face. I could only swallow so much it was a big load. He lifts me off my knees and tells me go get a shower we’re not done yet. “Make it quick. Fix your lipstick and makeup.”

A little confused I get to it without asking. I turn on the shower. It’s hot enough to turn my skin pink. Pull my hair up in a ponytail then I step in, the water runs down my back its hot and relaxing. I massage my breasts as the hot water stings my skin. I lather the soap and wash myself.

Running my fingers over my engorged pussy lips and along my asshole. I circle my hole again and again loving the way it feels. I push a finger in feeling aroused and naughty. In and out a few times. I’m caught off guard when I hear a knock. He is telling me to finish up and demand my presence down stairs. I pull my finger out my ass and finish rinsing. I quickly dry. Then reapply my lipstick and eye makeup.

I come down stairs I’m still in my towel. He is sitting at the table clothed drink in hand and one made for me. I immediately notice I have company on the couch. I’m slightly embarrassed but he calls me over and hands me my drink. “Here I made this for you. This is Eric.” He has come to have some fun with me. Eric is tall tanned dark hair can tell güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri he works out some. I drink my drink and go over to where Eric is sitting.

“Hi I’m CeCe it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He leans to me and kisses my lips and says “name’s Eric”. I kiss him back, his hands undo the towel and it slides down to the floor. He pulls his shirt off and me into his lap. He leans back so I can appreciate his torso waiting for me to respond. I run my hands up his stomach to his pecks and then into his hair. I feel his growing erection bulge into my pussy. I’m already wet. We kiss feeling each other out.

I undo his belt and zipper. Freeing his cock it springs out. My eyes are wide his cock is big but not terrifyingly so. I look over to my husband and he gives me a nod as if saying what are you waiting for. I bite my lip and hear both of them make an audible sound.

I get down and put my hands around his cock to guide it to my lips. I lick the tip a bit of precum is sticky sweet and then I start to suck on it. His hands find my tits. Pulling at my nipples. It’s painfully pleasurable makes me moan. He feels the vibration of that on his dick and does it a few more times. He is deeper and deeper in my throat until I gag. Pull him out and he grabs my ponytail and starts to fuck my mouth rapidly I’ve got tears streaming. He stops just so I can take a breath. He pulls his shorts off throwing them to the side.

My pussy is so moist its dripping on my leg. He takes his fingers to wipe it up and then guides them to my slit. He teases me and rubs my clit. My breathing is accelerated. He swirls his finger around my pussy entrance and then sinks both his fingers in. They’re long. I can feel him stretching me and thrusts up and down. He get faster by the second. I’m leaning on him panting so close to cumming.

He doesn’t quit he must know I’m a squirter. And like that one big thrust he has me gushing and dripping down his hand and forearm. He rubs his hand along my pussy and to my asshole. güvenilir bahis şirketleri He turns me around bending me over. He wants to see my ass. He is playing with my asshole. I’m hesitant but he isn’t pushy. Im enjoying the feel of the pressure he is applying without entering my anus. I turn back around suck his dick some more almost to the point he is ready to cum. He wants inside me.

I lay down on the couch and he fucks me slow at first then really starts pounding. I’m moaning and so wet. He flips me over to fuck me deeper from behind. And before he can help it he cums. He takes a moment to recover.

Then asks me to ride his dick. A few thrusts in and I’m already soaking and cum. I feel my husband come up behind me as I’m fucking Eric’s cock. His fingers probing my anus. I’m moaning and start pushing back. He knows I’m ready for anal again. He pushes a finger in as I pump up and down Eric’s dick. Then he does 2 fingers.

I’m in a state of such pleasure I can’t stop. I want to cum again. I feel him position his cock behind me. The tip of his dick is pressing on my asshole. “That’s right baby keep going” he says.

Then he’s head deep. Pulling out pushing in slowly. Adjusting for the massive amount of penetration. I’m secumbed to the fullness. He is able to fully sink into my ass. Giving a few moments of adjustment.

Then that’s when both of them start really thrusting in out in out. I’m screaming with pleasure. “Yes fuck me oh God fuck yes”. I come so hard.

My husband pulls out then Eric pulls out. I’m bent over on the couch on my knees. Eric gets behind me and then positions himself to fuck my ass. My man gets in front of me to put his cock in my mouth. “Suck this dick baby”.

Eric pushes his dick in me to the hilt as I suck my guy. He is thoroughly fucking my face again. Eric is cumming in my ass and slaps it so hard his hand leaves a print. My ass cheek is pink and stinging. Shortly after my guy is cumming and it explodes out my mouth all over my face.

He winks at me smiling and says “that’s my girl”. Eric flips me over and finishes by eating my pussy.

When he’s made me cum again he grabs the towel from the floor for clean up.

I get up kiss and thank Eric and head upstairs to get another shower. When I come back down the two of them are finishing a beer and Eric is heading out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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