Solstice Ch. 19

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Solstice Chapter 19 – Year one

It was well after dark when Alex left the Australia group. He stopped by the shower before going home, knowing he was going to get some grief from Ariana. Even with his Spartan body, Alex was exhausted.

When he walked in the house it was quiet. Everyone had gone to bed. He got a cup of water and sat on the couch. Alex was asleep in minutes.

Terra and Titanus both woke up hungry at the same time. Aphrodite decided to nurse her son in one of the living room rocking chairs. When she saw Alex, she couldn’t believe her eyes. He was half on and half off the couch and looked like he’d just run a marathon. Xander had come home like this occasionally but never looked this haggard. She called for Ariana, Demi, and Alexandra. Moments later, all three came into the room. Ariana was nursing Terra.

“This is bull shit!” Ariana snapped.

Demi and Ally moved him onto the couch. He didn’t even stir as they did.

“Mom, he’s never going to survive this. We’ve got to do something,” Ariana pleaded.

“Okay, everybody sit. I’m going to try something,” her mother replied.

All four women sat, with Ariana and Aphrodite still nursing the little ones. Aphrodite closed her eyes. A moment later, Alex’ head was resting on Gaia’s lap, in her naked Aphrodite persona.

Gaia stroked his hair looking at his face. “This is why Xander didn’t come. He needed his freedom and rest. My son, what shall I do?” Gaia asked.

“Gaia, please? You’ve got to do something,” Ariana said, tearing.

Gaia looked at her and smiled. “I will. Demi, before Xanadu, I had you meet with all eight groups, with eight different bodies, at the same time. How did that work out for you?”

“It was fine. I knew what was going on in all eight places,” Demi replied.

“Ariana, I want you to work with the Mamas’ in each group. They’ll have a better grasp on limiting activity within their group than anyone else. Alex is an amazing lover, and most all the women want a piece of the action. His primary responsibility is still impregnation, but after the first couple of months, he’ll have that under control.” She looked at the entire group. “I’m giving him the ability to replicate himself so that he can be in all the groups at the same time. Each Alex will know what all the others are doing, feeling, and thinking.”

“There’ll be one Alex and seven copies?” Ally asked.

“No, there’ll be only one Alex, but he’ll be able to be in nine places at the same time. Each one is the real Alex.”

“Nine places?” Demi asked.

“One for each group and one for the community as a whole. I want Alex to know this community inside and out. He’ll need that knowledge when you all leave Xanadu.”

Aphrodite smiled, “Can more than one Alex be together?” Aphrodite asked.

“Oh, you’re a woman after my own heart. Yes, Aphrodite. You can have him in a foursome,” Gaia replied, grinning. “Alex will be aware of what’s been done when he wakes up.”

“Will he always be nine replications?” Ally asked.

“Not unless he needs to be. Let’s say all four of you want to be with him one afternoon. He can do that. Alex will decide how many times to replicate at any given moment. Questions?” Everyone shook their heads. Gaia looked at Aphrodite. “What’s on your mind, besides a foursome?”

“I’m not sure if I should talk to the counsel before talking to you,” she replied.

Gaia smiled. “You can’t do that?”

“Why?” Aphrodite asked.

“You still haven’t accepted what you really are. When I spoke to the Colorado group, where did I manifest myself from?”

“You stepped out of me.”

“How could I do that?”

“You were in me I guess.”

“Aphrodite, I am you. And you’re me. There’s only one of us. You’re the one that chooses how and where I manifest. You’re me. You are Gaia. What you’re all looking at when you see me is the projection your mother has chosen. The gifts and special abilities you each have came from her. Xanadu was created by her. Aphrodite, you are Gaia.”

“That can’t be,” Aphrodite said. “I don’t want to be a goddess.”


“I want to be a wife and mother. That’s all I ever wanted.”

“You are a wife and mother, but you are also Gaia. You chose to create yourself into Aphrodite in Phoebe’s womb, but you’re still the living goddess. Di, where is Xander, your first love?”

“In my heart. He’s part of me,” she replied.

“Manifest him.” Gaia instantly became Xander, with Alex still sleeping on his lap. “I never ceased to exist,” he said. “You just moved me to make me part of you. I’m still here, but now I’m one with you. Di, just before the fireball reached us, you appeared and took our hands.”

“You and Elena, I remember,” she said smiling.

“And the billions of others who are now part of you. You took every hand and brought them home. You brought them all to you.”

“Hi dad,” Ariana said, with tears flowing down her cheeks.

“Hi baby. I’m always with you all now. I see and experience what Gaia, your mother, sees and experiences.” samsun escort He held out his arms to his daughters. Ariana handed Terra to Ally then both of his daughters held him crying. “No tears, girls. I’m not gone. I’m here all the time,” he told them. “I always will be. One day, many, many years from now, you’ll be part of the one too.”

The girls kissed him then stood. Xander vanished. They were all silent for several minutes.

“Does this mean you won’t be fixing your amazing biscuits and gravy anymore?” Ally asked, grinning.

Aphrodite looked at her. “What are you talking about?”

“You’d have to be really ballsy to ask a Goddess to cook for you.”

“Listen, all of you. This doesn’t change a thing. We’re still the same as we were yesterday and will be tomorrow. I’d prefer this be kept between us. I don’t want you or the community to treat me any differently. I’m still Aphrodite.”

“Mom,” Demi began. “If Ally tells, will you give her a dick nose like you did Jason. I can see a lot of potential in that. She could eat me and fuck me at the same time.”

Everyone laughed. “Maybe, I’ll think about it.”

“What were you talking about that would affect the whole community?” Ariana asked.

“Everything here in Xanadu was handed to us on a platter. People need a purpose. They need to be productive. I think we should begin doing things like farming and making things we need without the benefit of divine intervention.”

“I wouldn’t recommend doing that suddenly. We’d run out of food and clothes pretty quick,” Ally said.

“Agreed. I’ll bring it up at the assembly. Let’s all get some sleep. Ariana and I are going to be up again in about three hours.”

“What about Alex? Should we leave him here?” Ariana asked.

Alex suddenly vanished. “He’s in your bed,” Aphrodite told Ariana.

“Damn, mom. You picked it up quick,” Ariana laughed.

“Make sure he’s in your bed. I may have sent him anywhere. I’m still new at this.”

Everyone left the living room. A few minutes later, Ariana called to her mother. “He’s here. Goodnight everybody.”


Alex was the first one up. As he drank coffee that morning, his mind was filled with what had happened while he slept on the couch. He smiled, and three more Alex’ stood next to the table.

“You guys can get your own coffee,” he said.

After getting coffee, they joined him at the table. Demi walked in and stared.

“This is too weird,” she said, looking at them. Demi smiled. “You and you come with me.” Two of then followed her to her room. “I’ll take you,” she said, taking one’s hand. “You can wake Ally up,” she told the other.

Both Alex’ grinned, as they all entered the room. Demi got on her back with her arms held up to her for missionary. He smiled and shook his head as he put his face between her legs. The other Alex did the same to Ally. She jumped at the first touch then looked at her wife.

“This is going to be fun,” Ally said, grinning.

Both Alex’ high-fived each other as they pleased their wives. Alex had been with both long enough to know how to expertly push their buttons. Alex may have been two bodies but there was one mind, and each knew exactly what the other was doing. Both Demi and Alexandra would be cumming at the same time this morning. The two women held each other’s hand as they were brought to greater and greater levels of ecstasy by their husband’s tongues.

Their combined moans woke Ariana. Hearing them moaning wasn’t unusual, but they were usually more muffled. She got out of bed and peeked in the room. Then walked behind both men and began playing with their balls.

The door opened and a third Alex walked in. He picked Ariana up and placed her on the bed with her sister wives. Crawling between her legs, he added her to the wives being eaten. Ally took her hand, and soon, all three were moaning loudly. When the three women came, their combined moans were loud enough and long enough to be heard several houses away.

All three Alex’ moved together, raising their partner’s legs, and slid their cocks inside. They began moving in unison, then soon changed to the preferred pattern of each. Demi always came quickly and was the first to call out. Ariana was next and soon Ally joined her. When all three had recovered the men came simultaneously and triggered their third orgasms. Each kissed their partners and sat up. The women were spent.

“We’re going to go wake mom up. If Titanus wakes up, will one of you grab him? She’s going to be busy for a while,” the center Alex asked.

“No problem,” Demi whimpered.

All three men got off the bed and walked to Aphrodite’s room. Two stood just outside the door and waited. The third sat on the bed next to her and began kissing and nibbling her ear. She opened her eyes and smiled.

“Good morning, Goddess,” he said.

“Good morning yourself.”

“You might wanna go pee now.”

She chucked, “Why?” The other two Alex’ walked into the room grinning. Her smile grew. “Give escort samsun me one minute,” she said, jumping out of the bed.

When she returned, all three were standing at the foot of her bed waiting for her. Their cocks were pointing straight out. She knelt in the center, taking his cock into her mouth, and grasping the other two in each hand.

“Whose pussy am I tasting?” she asked.

“Ariana,” he replied. “My other two have Demi and Ally on them.

She sampled each with her mouth. On the third, she saw a drop of remaining cum and licked it off. She came a few seconds later. While she was still cumming, one Alex crawled onto the bed on his back. The other two lifted her and set her on his cock. She began riding him and moaning. The second Alex knelt beside her and offered his cock, which she quickly took into her mouth. Alex number three got behind her and began tonguing her ass. After a minute he wet his cock and slipped it into her puckered hole.

“Oh my god!” she mumbled.

He began moving in and out, deepening his penetration with each move. Once fully inside, all three moved together, fucking all their mother’s holes.

Ally, Demi, and Ariana came into the room and knelt next to the bed to watch. Being completely preoccupied, Aphrodite wasn’t even aware of them.

Alex came, filling her pussy. She came seconds later. As she began to recover, Alex grabbed her head and came in her mouth. She came again and her ass was filled with cum a moment later, followed by orgasm number four.

“One more round, Alex,” Ariana said.

Alex filled her pussy again, followed a moment later by another mouthful and then another load in her ass. Her orgasms had been almost continuous for the last several minutes and breast milk had gone everywhere. She collapsed onto the bottom Alex.

“How was it, mom?” Demi asked.

She didn’t respond. Alex shook her. Aphrodite was unconscious. She came around a few minutes later.

“Wow!” she said softly. All three girls laughed. “Funny huh?” Demi was laughing the hardest but the other two were laughing along with her. “See how funny this is,” she said smiling.

All three women moaned loudly and doubled over with their own orgasms. Most orgasms last less than thirty seconds. Aphrodite let theirs continue for at least a minute before she allowed them to stop. All three were splayed on the floor and drenched in perspiration.

“It’s not nice to laugh at your mother,” Aphrodite said, grinning. “Alex, go aim your dicks at their faces.”

All three did as she said and immediately began ejaculating copious amounts of cum on them. It ceased after about twenty seconds. A few seconds later all three women came again from the cum that had gone in their mouths.

Aphrodite sat up on the bed. “Now, that’s a great way to start a day. One of you get me a towel or I’ll be dripping cum everywhere.”

Alex went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel for her. Two of the Alex’ vanished. She climbed off the bed and walked to the bathroom.

“Alex, Titanus is awake. Be a dear and put a dry diaper on him. I’ll feed him after my shower.”

“Will do, mom.”

He walked to the crib and looked at his son. Titanus looked up at him and smiled.

“Da, da, da, da,” his son said.

“You got that right, little man,” Alex replied, picking him up and kissing him.

He grabbed a clean diaper, then wet a cloth in the sink. After laying his son down on the bed, he unfastened the diaper. Titanus had an erection.

“Good job, buddy. You’re getting the idea,” Alex said, proudly.

“Alex, you might wanna cover that back up,” Ariana said, just as Titanus peed down the front of his father. All three women started laughing as Alex tossed the diaper over his son’s fountain. “When you take a diaper off a little boy and it’s aimed at you, cover it back up.”

“Got it,” he said.

He checked a minute later, and all seemed safe. He washed his son off and expertly put on a clean diaper. Ally picked Titanus up and Alex stepped into the shower with his mother. She looked at him and smiled.

“Did you discover the fountain of youth?” she asked.

“Something like that.”

He quickly washed off and stepped out of the shower.

“Have you spent any time with Adara since we got here?”

“Not yet. It’s been kinda busy.”

“You need to. I’d suggest you put one of yourselves with her full time.”

“Full time?”

“You can take care of her group and also be there for her. She loves you.”

“Do you think that’ll bother Ariana?”

“Not at all. Ariana will have you too.”

“I’d still rather talk to her about it first,” he replied.

“And you should. That’s what a good husband would do.”

“Thanks, mom. Did you enjoy the wake up?”

“Very much, but I wouldn’t want to do that every day. Seven plus orgasms in ten minutes is a bit too much.”

“Should I have stopped at four?”

“Oh hell, no,” she laughed. “Maybe just space them a little more. Aunt Helena would love that too one of samsun escort bayan these days. So would Nomena.”

“I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.”

“Where are you going today?”

“The Russia group.”

“Those are some real beauties. Are they all blonde?”

“I think so. At least all the ones I’ve seen.”

“If three or four of you go this morning you have some free time to do some catching up.”

“Yeah, I’ll talk to Ariana. She probably already has a schedule made out.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised. I need to feed our son. Did you see how much he’s grown?”

“Not being around babies, I don’t have much experience with growth rates. He’ll be walking soon, won’t he?”

“Very soon. Spend time with him and Terra. They’ll be grown before you know it.”

“I plan to.”

Alex kissed his mother then went to find Ariana. She was nursing Terra at the dining room as she drank her coffee. He kissed them both then sat next to her.

“I like your outfit,” she said.

“Thanks. I’ve had it all my life.”

She looked at him with a sideways glance. “What’s on your mind?”

“Can’t a guy just sit by his wife?”

“Probably,” she said, smiling. “What’s on your mind?”

“Mom thinks one of me should be at Adara’s full time. I wanted to know your thoughts on it.”

She turned to face him. “I think she’s right. Adara may not be your wife officially, but she is the Mamas of her family, and you’re the Papas. Even more important, she loves you.”

“Thanks for the analysis, but you didn’t answer my question.”

“Our marriage isn’t exactly what you’d call traditional. If there was only one of you, I’d be hurt by the idea. Gaia, well mom, gave you the ability to be here and there both. As your wife, I want you with me. I know you love me as much as I love you. Send one of yourselves there. Be there for Adara. Does that answer your question?”

“Yes. I love you, Ariana.”

She smiled at him. “I know. Don’t let me catch you hanging out at the 7-11. I don’t care if there’s forty of you.”

“That won’t happen,” Alex replied.

“There may be other Mamas that will need you too. I’ll be fine with it if there are. Just save one of you for me.”

“Always,” Alex replied.

“You’ve got the Russia group today. While you’re there, I’ll get all the Mamas together and set up new schedules. Don’t wear yourself out. Use you new ability however you need to. Who’s the Mamas there?”


“Oh yeah, the tall blonde with big brown eyes.”

“I think they’re all tall blondes. Even the men.”

“Are there any redheads in any of the groups?” Ariana asked.

“About half of the Israel group are.”

“Funny, I wouldn’t have expected that.”

“Me either. I figured they’d look more middle eastern.”

“Gaia, or mom…god, that’s confusing. Anyway, she has every hair color, skin color, and eye color represented in the community.”

“We’re a pretty diverse group. I’m gonna clean up and get going,” Alex said.

“Okay, I’ll see you this afternoon.”

She kissed him sweetly. Alex grabbed a robe and went to the shower. Afterward, he stopped by the dining room and grabbed a quick breakfast then headed for the Russia group.

That group was the third largest. Colorado was first, then China, followed by Russia. South America was fourth. The other four were small groups, comparatively. He was directed to Aida’s house. She saw him coming and came outside to greet him.

“Good morning,” he said, smiling.

“Good morning, Papas.”

“I’d rather you call me Alex unless we’re meeting formally.”

“Alex it is then. I’m surprised you’re here so early. Rumor at breakfast was that the Aussies tried to kill you yesterday.”

“I don’t think that was their intent, but they did give me a workout.”

“As Ariana requested, I have just five for impregnation. I’m afraid, however, that every woman in the group wants a little of your time. Myself included.”

“How many women are there?”


Alex thought for a moment. “Let’s do the impregnations first. Then I’ll visit with fifteen others.”

She laughed at him. “Alex, I know you’re a man with incredible abilities, but let’s be realistic. Fifteen minutes is all anyone would get. I think quality outweighs quantity.”

“Would an hour with each suffice?” he asked, with a subtle smile.

“With you, an hour would be more than enough. That’s twenty hours. Twenty-one, counting me.”

“I have an ability you aren’t aware of. Let’s go to the first one.”

“That would be my sister, Nadia.” She took his arm, and they went inside. “Nadia and I live here together. Our parents passed about two years ago in an earthquake.”

“I’m sorry. How many of the women in your group have men?”

“About half of them. We seem to have more men than any of the other groups. They’ve recently been visiting with many of the women in the other groups. That elixir your mother gave us has been a godsend.”

Her sister walked into the room and up to them. She looked a little younger than Aida but was every bit as beautiful.

“Are you going to help me with a daughter?”

“I’d be honored to do that.” He took her hand and kissed it. “Lead the way.”

Nadia led him from the room. Aida turned to go outside then jumped back. Alex was standing there in front of her.

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