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Solitary Moonlight

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She lies alone in her bed, her eyes shutting out the pale moonlight that pours like a river into her silent bedroom. There is something unexplainable that stirs deep inside of her, causing her body to writhe in both desperation and in anxiety. She wants to laugh and to cry at the same time, as her emotions lead her in a reckless manner towards the unknown. Her body tenses and shakes, much like a blind, tortured soul. I remain hidden from her view, waiting for the perfect moment.

This solitary beauty has accepted the fact that she will not be sleeping tonight.

An unusual, yet erotic silence echoes throughout her room. A slight scent of lust seems to permeate from her stirring form. Her hands now begin to caress her sensitive skin, as she slowly alters her sheer gown. I remain hidden in the shadows; my eyes continue watching her hands exposing more of herself into the pale moonlight. Her hands press harder against her skin, slowly dancing up and down her sleek thighs. My eyes fixated on her body, as she slowly parted her legs. Her back arches in a raw desperation, while her hands caress her inner thigh. A sigh escapes her lips.

I remain concealed in the night, watching her embrace her sexual desire. She lies almost naked on her bed; the seductive sheer satin gown clings to her sensuous curves of her breasts. Her moist skin shimmers in the moonlight, emitting an aura of beauty and passion. I hear a gentle moan causing my blood to boil. Another moan breaks the silence. I closed my eyes, imagining her tortured voice calling out for me from across her room. Yet, I remain hidden.

Her left hand runs up her body, under her gown to touch her breasts. Her fingers dance around her newly aroused nipple of her left breast. Her hand moves to touch her other breast, each caress causing waves of intensity building deep inside of her. Her sheets are now crumpled at the foot of her bed, as they foreshadow the impending passions colliding on this night.

A sharp intake of breath hisses from me as I watch her pleasure herself. But she did not notice. Her right hand finally moves up her inner thigh, her fingers teasing her flesh in an intimate dance. Her left hand now slowly moves down from her breasts, making her way to her inner thigh. Her breathing quicken, echoing throughout the moonlit room. I feel a sudden, yet overwhelming pull towards her writhing body. However, I continue to fight the urge as I watch her.

Her eyes remain closed, as her mind plays out an erotic fantasy. The moonlight continues to expose her beauty. How odd it is, that I am able to sense the heat from her body from this distance. This only intensifies my growing arousal, ankara escort as my eyes continue to fixate on her. Her hands now move above her head, almost in an inviting way. Almost as if she is surrendering her body to me. She must know that I am close, I thought to myself as I move out of the shadows.

A soft moan of delight comes from her lips. I move silently next to her body. Her eyes remain shut while her vulnerable body waiting for me. “Please,” she begged in a whisper. My hands grasp her wrists, her skin hot to the touch. I lean over to kiss her wrists, moving my lips up her arms. Her back arches in delight, as I continue to firmly hold her hands above her head. I kiss her exposed neck and taste her salty flesh. I move closer to her ear, and moan softly.

Her body continues to shift and shake under me. My mouth reverses directions and move slowly back down her arm, closer to her wrists. I crawl on her bed, and reach with one hand into my trench coat pocket. Once I find what I’m looking for, I begin to bind her wrists together. Then I tie another leather strap to bind her hands to her bed. She offers no resistance, only pitiful moans and whispers.

I move back slowly, admiring her body basking in the pale moonlight. So courageous, I thought to myself as I watch her for a moment.

I move close to her face, so close I can feel her warm breath on my skin. Her eyes remain closed, as my tongue lashes out against her lower lip. I lick her lip one more time, savoring her desire. My tongue lightly drags on her lip for a moment, and then I pull back. I watch her lick her lips, tasting me on her.

A soft, surrendering sigh escapes her sensuous mouth. I lean close to her ear and whisper one word.


This only seemed to amplify her desperation. My hand softly caresses her cheek, slowly moving down to her smooth neck. My fingertips eagerly explore her body, touching her soft breasts. I move away from her body again, and slowly walk around her bed towards her feet. I drag another leather strap on her legs, back and forth along her aching body. Her body convulses suddenly, as her senses are heightened more than ever now. I bind her left ankle down to her bed. I stand up to remove my coat. Her eyes open now, watching me remove my shirt.

I move over her body again, my hand sliding up the soft skin of her inner thigh. Her body flinches, and then begs for more of my touch. The fires inside of me now rages uncontrollably just by her touch. My pulse quickens.

“Close your eyes,” I whisper.

She obediently shut her eyes and remained prone for me. I am in complete control of her body now. I take a small ankara escort bayan dagger out from my rumpled coat on the floor. I place the flat of the blade on her thigh. I hear a sharp intake of breath from her, as the cold metal contrasts sharply with her hot flesh. Yet she remains still.

I move the dagger to her hip; my eyes continue to watch every exposed inch of her body. I take her delicate gown in my hand, and cut it away from her body slowly with the cold dagger. I remove the ripped lingerie from her body, and then use the cloth to blindfold her.

Now she is mine, I thought to myself as I place the dagger on her nightstand. Accepting whatever fate I decide for her. I move over her and kiss her mouth. I can taste the lust on her soft lips, as she returns my kiss with passionate force and destructive desire. My hands remove my pants while my lips never break free from our torrid kiss.

My hand touches her breast again. I nibble lightly on her lower lip, tasting her breath. Her back arches for me, wanting more with each passing moment. A desperate moan escapes into my mouth, while her body fights against her leather restraints. I continue this kiss, the beginning of our lustful union.

Our kiss stops suddenly. I watch her mouth, my finger traces lightly on her lips. She lashes her tongue out, to taste my finger.

“Don’t tease me,” she begged. But I paid no heed to her pleas. I move close to her neck, my breath hot against her skin. My lips lightly kiss her on soft flesh right below her ear. Another moan comes from her. I whisper one word into her ear.


The only response was her head nodding frantically. Her breathing becomes heavier, as my lips start kissing the sensitive skin near her shoulder. My lips and hot breath sending shivers through her tortured body. Her skin tastes like salty sweat on roses, like fire on ice. My hand caresses her breast; her nipple hardens with excitement and anticipation.

My mouth takes her in, my tongue dances on her soft skin. Her body continues to writhe under me, aching for more.

“I want you,” came a forced gasp from her lips. My mouth engulfs her nipple, my tongue licking small circles against her. My hands firmly grasp her back, pulling her body against me.

After a short moment, my lips finally release her hard nipple. I continue down her body with soft kisses and warm licks. My lips drag across her naked form, down to her hip. She spreads her unbound leg for me, inviting me to taste her. I move down her thigh, leaving a trail of kisses on the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. My hands hold her hips down firmly, as I am almost ready escort ankara to taste her.

Time seemingly stops, as anticipation builds. I look at her naked body once more, moonlight still shining down against her. I admire her perfect breasts, her smooth pale skin.

My tongue finally touches her, tastes her. I cannot contain myself as I finally appease her. I lap up her arousal; my tongue licks up and down. I feel her body moving in rhythm with the tempo I have set. Her moaning gradually becomes louder, blending in with the sounds of me licking and sucking on her. Her heavy breathing grows as her impending ecstasy echoes throughout her room.

She screams a loud hiss of pleasure, her climax almost complete now. I continue to lick her desperately. Her body wracked with pleasure, as she attempts to pull away from my hungry mouth. Another loud moan breaks the silence, as my tongue moves away from her wet skin.

I move up her sensitive body, my tongue dragging against her skin. My lips wet from her, slowly snaking up her torso. I reach her breasts with my tongue, torturing her body once more.

Finally I reach her lips. I kiss her hard, allowing her to taste herself on my lips. I lay my body against hers, and slowly penetrate her. I enter her so easily, her wetness allowing me to slide with hardly any resistance. Her body still shakes with sensitivity, but she desires more. I press deeper into her soft body, excitement and bliss escapes her lips with a gasp. Her hands continue to struggling against her bindings, while I continue pushing into her. A firm, yet slow and hard penetration. Each push bringing another grunt of pleasure from her. My pace quickens, as I prop myself over her. I watch her body in the moonlight, the play of her breasts shaking with each thrust. I slowly move her leg close to her body, pinning it under my body.

I continue thrusting deeply into her, until I hear another loud moan from her. A long and low animalist growl of pleasure escapes her lips.

I moan loudly, as I feel myself pour into her forcefully. Hot liquid escapes my body as I convulse in ecstasy over her body. I continue thrusting, fighting the urge to stop. A moment of pure elation washes over me.

After a long moment, I slowly move myself from her body. I watched her lie there, as I stood up silently. I wait for her labored breathing to slow down.

I slowly dress myself, still watching her naked form. I cut her bindings with my dagger, and then untie her blindfold.

She is asleep finally. I cannot help but think how peaceful she looks. So beautiful, so serene.

I watch her for a moment longer, and then silently exit her room. Leaving her in her bed alone, nude in the moonlight.

When she awakes, she will know that our union was no dream. She will know that I was there. Because next to her, on her nightstand, is her sliced satin gown. With my dagger driven deep into the wood.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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