Soft Submission Ch. 03: Playmates

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Sophie found herself in a now familiar position. Curled up in Michelle’s bed, dressed in her pyjamas. Wonderfully soft cotton ropes bound her wrists snugly together, and a silky scarf was wrapped around her eyes, making the whole world dark. She was used to this sort of treatment. What made tonight new and exciting were the sounds of more than one set of feet crossing the hardwood floor, the whispered conversation, the weight of the bed shifting as multiple partners nestled in next to her. The flirtatious statement.

“Michelle was right, Sophie. You look really cute when you’re all trussed up.” Teasing words spoken while delightfully gentle hands set about petting her hair.

It was an idea that had first come up when she was in a similar state, bound up, but curled in Michelle’s arms. Her frisky playmate had quickly become something more like a girlfriend. They hadn’t made anything official yet, but the pair found themselves spending more and more time together, both in play, and in their personal lives. They’d discovered that they actually had a lot in common and really enjoyed one another’s company.

They’d also realized, in short order, that they were both Switches, enjoying both teasing and being teased. It had taken some time for that aspect of their relationship to settle, but after a bit of experimentation it had. Michelle was her lover, friend and mistress; although she rarely made Sophie refer to her in such formal ways, nor did she mind Sophie’s occasional ‘rebellion’, where she took charge and ‘got payback’, tying Michelle up and making her beautiful mistress her plaything.

Michelle did, however, delight in a sort of gentle public humiliation of her submissive pet. Nothing cruel, of course. Whatever Michelle was, she was never cruel with Sophie. It started off very simple. Wearing a choker in public, ‘like a collar’. From there, it became spending much of her free time with Michelle, and from there, it became a matter of ‘serving’. Michelle loved to tease her on that front in private, but in public, it wasn’t bad at all. Carrying her things, holding doors for her, pulling seats out. The furthest it had gone was when she was made to give Michelle a massage. Humbling acts of submission, but none that would seriously harm her reputation. As far as anybody else knew, Michelle Wilson and Sophie Green were romantically involved, and Sophie was a very pleasant partner to have.

Then one evening, Michelle proposed her wonderful, exciting, scary idea to her trussed-up lover.

“Soph.” She said in the surprisingly shy, but devilishly curious, tone she always used when suggesting a new idea she was uncertain about “Would you like it if I shared you with my friends some time?”

In that moment, Sophie wished Michelle had blindfolded her as her eyes went quite wide, and her cheeks went very pink.

“I-if… W-what? Share me?” she stammered.

“Only if you want to!” Michelle quickly added, sounding slightly nervous. She was always so cautious, and easily panicked, izmir escort bayan if she was suggesting something she was excited but uncertain about. It was quite endearing, really. She was an affectionate mistress, always careful to ensure Sophie liked her ideas.

“No, it’s not that.” Sophie said thoughtfully “I just…. You mean like when we play, right?”

“Yeah.” Michelle affirmed “I thought it might be fun to involve some cute friends, is all.”

“You wouldn’t feel jealous?” Sophie asked “I don’t want to do anything that would hurt your feelings.”

“Nah.” Michelle said playfully “I’m going to be there, of course. In charge of everything. Guiding my friends as they torture you….”

She let her sentence trail off. Torture. A scary word, but Sophie had very quickly learned that to Michelle ‘torture’ just meant pleasure delivered in a slow, teasing fashion. She couldn’t imagine the beautiful cheerleader causing her even a bit of pain. It had become almost immediately apparent that Michelle wanted Sophie to find nothing but pleasure and happiness during her adventures in submission. Even when it came to making her feel afraid, humiliated or nervous; Michelle was incredibly talented at working things so perfectly that those emotions were strictly controlled, creeping through Sophie’s mind to enhance her pleasure.

“They won’t hurt me, will they?” Sophie asked quietly, expressing her second real concern in the proposal “They… Wouldn’t even want to, right?”

“Of course not, silly.” Michelle cooed, kissing her nose. “The cheer team loves you guys. Seriously, I’m not the only cheerleader who likes ogling you track ladies. Is it like, a rule, that you need a great ass to do track in college?”

Sophie blushed at this remark.

“Nobody I want to bring in to our play would ever dream of hurting you, Soph. I promise. I just know some friends of mine would love to join in our little games, once and a while, and I don’t mind sharing such a delightful pet with my dear friends.”

She paused for a moment and added another cautious remark.

“Uh. This doesn’t change things between us or anything, you know? I still love you; I still want to spend time with you. I just thought it might be fun, for you to have a couple beauties taking care of you some evening.”

Sophie smiled, strangely pleased by this concern.

“Hey, it’s okay.” She cooed “A lot of the cheerleaders are really beautiful.”

“Heh. Thanks, we feel the same about the track team.” Michelle playfully interjected.

“And I can still use my safe word, if I get scared or something goes wrong?”

“Of course, my love.” Michelle said, her voice full of kindness “You always have your safe word.”

“Yeah, okay! This could be really fun, as long as it’s okay with you?”

“It’s my idea, silly.” Michelle giggled.

So, here she was. A few weeks later, snuggled up in Michelle’s bed, blindfolded, bound, and surrounded by three beautiful cheerleaders, including her beloved Michelle. escort izmir They could barely seem to keep their hands off her body. Every few seconds a hand would gently stroke some part of her body or another. Once and a while, a hand would slip under her pyjama top and given her a bit of ever so light tickling making her giggle and squirm for her tormentors. Something they all agreed was ‘the most adorable thing ever.’ Michelle must have let that weakness of Sophie’s slip. Then, every few moments, a pair of hands would lovingly take hold of either side of her head, and a pair of lips would meet hers.

The kisses were different, depending on who was kissing her. Michelle’s were long, passionate affairs. The same as always. Alice, a uniquely shy cheerleader, with a lithe figure, light brown skin, and thick, curly dark brown hair, would gently peck at her lips. Timid, but still quite loving. Then there was Robin, a gorgeous, pale redhead with emerald green eyes and a smattering of freckles on her cheeks. For her, kisses seemed to be the cherry on top for cuddling in general. She would wrap one arm around Sophie’s waist, cradle her head, pull her close, and kiss. Slowly and sweetly. Similar to Michelle. Then she would pull away, and whisper little teases, or sweet things, to Sophie. Telling her she was beautiful. Telling her how long the Cheer Squad had wanted to have her and other members of the track team like this. Then, she kissed Sophie’s nose and said the friskiest thing she had heard all night.

“I hope you don’t think some kissing and cuddling is all we have in store for you, beautiful. When Michelle says it’s okay, we’re going to stop taking turns kissing you, and then start taking turns making you cum.”

Sophie’s face went red, though her blindfold helped hide how lusty her expression was. Robin released her from their snuggle, and Michelle’s arms wrapped around behind her, pulling her close.

“That’s right, my love.” She said happily “You’re going to have so many orgasms tonight, you’re going to be a trembling little mess by the time we are through with you.”

Sophie gasped.

“Alice, sweetheart, why don’t you take off my pet’s jammies and have the first go at her?”

Sophie squirmed excitedly as she felt Alice take hold of the waistband of her pyjama bottoms and gently, slowly pull them down over her legs. As more and more of her legs were exposed, Alice would pepper her with those wonderful little kisses. One on her crotch, a teasing hint of what was to come, then trailing down her legs as her bottoms went lower and lower, until finally slipping over her feet.

There was a pause for a few moments, then the distinctive feeling of a pair of lips gently brushing against her pussy, already a bit wet from all the kissing, cuddling, and lustful excitement she was feeling. Alice’s tongue began to explore her crotch between kisses, flicking and licking. Eventually, she got a hold of Sophie’s clitoris and began focusing all her efforts on it. Sophie’s breathing quickened, then she began letting out little whimpers and moans while Alice’s gentle, but less and less shy with every flick, tongue explored her sweet spot. Feelings of pleasure built up in her, more and more intense until, in a great burst of pleasure washing over her, she experienced her first orgasm of the night. In her happy, pleasured state, she heard an excited voice.

“My turn!” Robin proclaimed.

As it had been with the kissing, Robin was more forceful, but still very loving. A pair of hands firmly but carefully gripped her hips. Robin pulled Sophie’s crotch close to her face and began licking with a surprising level of skill, focusing immediately on her clitoris and working her tongue around it in extraordinary ways. A second orgasm quickly followed the first, with Robin pulling away, pecking her lips.

“Thanks, beautiful. You’re a real treat.”

Alice resumed her previous position, licking and kissing. Sophie was surprised to find Michelle didn’t take a turn, opting to remain curled up around her, hugging, nuzzling, and even holding her hand at one point. Sophie began to say something, only for Michelle to whisper in her ear.

“I can make you feel nice any time I want, Soph. I’m going to let my friends have some fun with you. Okay?”

Sophie nodded.

The night went on like that, with wave after wave of pleasure washing over Sophie. Soon, the bedroom was full of the sound of her gasps, moans, squeals and whimpers. After what felt like an eternity of pleasure, she began panting out a sentence.

“I… Can’t…. Michelle, I d-don’t… Ah! N-no more!”

She felt Michelle give her hand a little squeeze, then heard her speak.

“Okay, ladies. I think my girlfriend has had enough for one evening.”

Girlfriend. The word echoed through her mind, filling her with a strange sort of joy that was the perfect ending to a night full of delight. She then felt Alice, who had been showering her pussy in affection when they called it quits, carefully pulling her pyjama bottoms back over her legs.

“Now Soph.” Michelle said sweetly “Since Alice and Robin gave you so many nice orgasms this evening, I thought it might be kind to let them cuddle you while you all sleep tonight, is that okay?”

Again, Sophie nodded her consent.

“Yeah… That would be…. Mmm. Nice….” Sophie muttered dreamily.

“Good girl.” Michelle said happily “Alright, ladies. Have fun, but remember, don’t get too handsy with my girl. At least, not without asking my permission first.”

Robin chuckled, and curled up next to Sophie, wrapping her arms around her waist in a surprisingly gentle hug from the more assertive playmate. She was pulled into a position as a little spoon, and heard Robin speak contentedly.

“Good night, beautiful. That was fun, we should do it again sometime.”

She then felt Alice cuddling up on the other side, taking her in a second hug.

“Yeah,” Alice said happily “You are really, really cute when you cum. I’d love to see you orgasm without a blindfold on some day.”

Sophie smiled softly as she felt a warm, thick blanket pulled over the snuggling trio. This really had been a dream come true.

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