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Slump Buster

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“Slump Buster”


A Matter of Faith

It was a seasonable late March afternoon in Louisville; the U of L Cardinals had just returned in our chartered Convair 880 to Standiford Field from a crushing, 0-and-7 road trip to Texas, dropping a three-game series with Houston and single games to Lamar and Rice, and even a pair to Division II patsies Prairie View and Texas Southern. Although spending St. Patrick’s Day in the Bayou City was akiller,there was little else to enjoy. Personally, I’d been arguably the worst of the lot – one hit, albeit a homer, in seventeen at-bats. Mom and Dad had gotten up early to drive to a brutal eleven A.M. game at Houston and seen me get the Golden Sombrero (four strikeouts in four trips, including the game-ender). My Sophomore season, begun with such promise in February, had spiralled down into the doldrums.

The sullen and dejected team filed wordlessly off the plane at the charter gate and clambered quietly onto the bus which would return us either to our cars in a secure lot at Fairgrounds Stadium or to the University.

I waited at the gate for the attendant to open it, then went in and started my car. A gift from Dad, it was a brand-new Chrysler 300; atom-smasher V-8, leather seats, the works. Although he’d been less than pleased when I went into the service out of high school, and had been bolted into an I-told-you-so mood when I survived the plane crash that ended my short military career, he’d passed into a form of grumpy acceptance now that I was finally making a go of college.

Wheeling out onto Highway 61, I drove a short ways up to Fred and Myra’s, a country and western bar run by two of my favorite folks in all the world. Fred and Myra were retired factory workers, he from Ford and his wife from General Electric; they’d bought an old beer joint for amusement. Fred was a musician of some local note, and they both loved people. I’d wandered in there when I first came up from Louisiana to go to U of L, and they’d taken me into their hearts. I was a regular there, although I spread my business around pretty good. When I walked in, Fred greeted me in his usual booming voice: “Hey, Jake! How was the trip?”

“Not the best, Fred, not the best – but I’m back! How are you and your lovely bride?”

“Why, she’s just fine, Jake, she’s in back re-stocking” he replied.

“You’re out here lollygagging with the customers while YOUR WIFE is re-stocking? You ought to be horsewhipped!” I exclaimed.

Fred waved his arm to the patrons at the bar, full but for the end seat, and said, “Y’all will have to excuse Jake, he’s one of the nobility – A Republican, for God’s sake!”

I slid onto that stool and ordered my usual Oertel’s ’92, blowing off the sobriquet, and settled in to brood and drink for awhile. I was on my third beer when a well-dressed lady swung around the bar and stood at my end, waiting for service. Instinctively, I arose and held my arm out, indicating she should sit down. “Oh, no, I couldn’t!” she protested, but I’d have none of it.

“Well, ma’am, I can’t make you sit there – but there’s no way I’ll sit on my duff when there’s a lady standing!” She reluctantly and perhaps a little resignedly slipped onto the stool.

By this time, Fred had come down and leaned over the bar to accept the lady’s kiss. “Faith, honey, have you met Jake?” he asked.

“Well, not exactly” she said.

“Jake, this is my niece, Faith Müller,” said Fred, doing the honors. “Faith, Jake Menard. Jake’s from Louisiana, going to school at U of L.”

I looked her over, more than cursorily, but less (I hoped) than to an extent that would put her off. She was very easy on the eyes, a honey-blonde with alert blue eyes and a friendly smile. I took her offered hand, holding it a half-second longer than was socially necessary. A big girl, maybe five-nine and 170, she was decidedly built more for comfort than for speed, with high, full breasts beneath broad shoulders and an ass that would stop time. I gave her my full-treatment smile and said, “Pleased to meet you, ma cherie!” Producing a fiver, I held up two fingers for Fred, who busied himself with her grasshopper, and then my beer.

Her smile got even broader as she replied, “Enchanté!” She said, “You’re the new first baseman, number 41! How’s your season going?”

“I’ve had better ones,” I replied. “I started out hotter ‘n’ a house afire, but, man, have I cooled off!”

“The guys in the paper haven’t been very easy on you, that’s for certain” she said. “And I know what you’re going through. I played third base on the Lady Cardinals from just after the Title IX appeal was denied until I graduated last year; number 26, if possibly you might remember.” She showed me her red class ring, Louisville 1978. It was on her left ring finger; she wasn’t married.

“I’ve taken extra batting practice until my hands are sore, and they go all over the field, but once the game starts….”

“Well, you made your point against Rice,” she said. “I thought that shot would be in Mississippi before it came down!”

She’d watched the game on TV, ankara escort I thought, amazed. “Yeah,” I replied, “we were losing seven to nothing and that made it seven to two. Just another loss.”

She gave me a wry, sly smile and said, “Maybe you need a slump-buster.”

“And what would that be?” I inquired.

“You’re serious – you don’t know what that is!” she exclaimed.

“Uh, no I don’t,” I replied. “I’d prefer not to look like a dumb bougalee, but I don’t.”

She checked to see where Uncle Fred was, then motioned me closer. “You find a fat girl, and really lay the meat to her. If it’s done thoroughly and properly, that’ll cure your slump! Works every time, they say!” she whispered in my ear, her hand lightly resting at the top of my collar in back.

“What, just like that?” I inquired.

“NO, not AT ALL just like that!” she said. “I don’t mean the standard screw, squirt and scoot. You have to do it until neither of you can even walk straight. We’re talking atotality of efforthere. Anyway, it’s a century-old baseball superstition, back from when Louisville was in the National League.”

I mulled over what she’d said, filled with incredulity. Finally, I trusted myself enough to speak. “The last thing I want is to insult you, Faith, but that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard! I mean, where’s the connection? And, who would do that for me?”

She looked at me unblinkingly with her dark-blue eyes and softly said “I would.” The honesty in her face knocked me for a loop.

Determined not to break eye-contact, I loosened my tie, then undid the top button. I had no idea what to say, but knew I had to say SOMETHING. So I called Fred down and said, “Let us have two I.W. Harper doubles, please.” Momentarily, they appeared. I looked deeply into her eyes and raised my shot-glass. “To excellence in all things – no matter what it takes!”

“No matter what!” she replied, smiling, then knocked hers back like a trouper.

I laid two singles on the bar and offered her my arm. She took it and we strolled out, past an amazed Fred. I opened the car door for her and she smiled radiantly and said, “Thank you, sir!”

The ride to my apartment was silent; there’s usually not a lot required to get me flapping my gums – but I didn’t want to break the spell. I knew it’d be onlytoo easyfor me to fuck this up – and I surely didn’t want to do that!

We walked to the rear door of St. James’ Court, where I lived. On impulse, I took her hand and received a very welcome squeeze in return. The building was old, and had no elevator, so we walked up the stairs to the second floor. She stood primly as I unlocked it, then held it open as she walked past me into the apartment. I closed the door and looked at her. She asked me, “Would you please kiss me?” I didn’t need a second invitation. I took her in my arms and covered her mouth with mine. we kissed for quite a while, I have no idea how long, and I was amazed by the giving warmth she emitted. Finally, I broke it off and looked steadily at her. Reaching up, I began slowly to unbutton her top, a jacket with no blouse beneath. Her breasts and nipples, each the size of a silver dollar, were clearly visible through her diaphanous white lace brassiere. I kissed her again as she shucked the top, then took it from her and laid it on the telephone table. When I turned back to her she was unsnapping her bra; her beautiful, bountiful size-D breasts came tumbling out.

I said, with a suddenly dry mouth, “Oh, my!” and reached my hands under them, lifting each slightly, then bent and kissed them both, quickly and with DEEP suction. She quivered as each kiss ended with a sharp ‘smack’ and wrapped her arms around my head, holding me down there. I dragged a meandering lick around her golden globes, figure-eight-style, noticing how her nipples had puckered to about half-dollar size. Placing both my hands on her right breast, I sucked the nipple greedily, loving the smooth, waxy taste of her. I transferred my attentions to her left breast and, opening my mouth as wide as I could, drew some of it inside, slathering her nipple with my crowded tongue. Finally, I stood upright and kissed her again, crushing her breasts against my chest. Then I led her into the bedroom.

She was already removing her skirt and panties (also white lace) by the time we got to the bed; so unlike most of the girls I’d known, always digging in their heels, trying to stave off what they hoped, deep inside, they’d get eventually. “Wow, a king-size bed! Talk about a playground….” I grinned and hung my jacket on the corner of the door, then ripped off my tie, untying the knot and draping it over the jacket. My trousers followed, and as I took them off it became apparent to her that my rampant, throbbing cock had forced its way out of my military-style white drawers. The Lord saw fit to give me seven full inches and then some, and I’ve always tried to show my appreciation to Him as often as I could.

As I turned toward her, she looked at it and asked, “May I kiss it?” Not answering, I placed my finger under her chin ankara escort bayan and lifted her to her feet, and kissed her mouth again, long and with crescent passion. Her sweet taste was enchanting.

I said to her, “We’re about to become intimate, maybe not in the usual way, but we are. You’ll find mequite accomodating to your desires!” Then I released her and, quickly stepping out of my skivvies, flexed my hips to provide her with the entirety of my cock.

Sitting back down on the edge of the bed, she took my cock in her hands and gently squeezed it, to see how hard it was, then, cupping my balls, already tucked tightly up against the shaft, she stroked it several times before placing it to her mouth. At first kissing it lightly and repeatedly, she took it between her lips and began moving them in a snug ring up and down, all the while rolling my balls in her free hand. I felt a shiver go through me from how indescribably good it felt – then pulled away. If I’d let her go for another minute, well, it’d have been too late….

I kissed her again, not caring in the least that the taste of my pre-come, already pouring out, was all over her lips, then eased her back on the bed and knelt down. Her mons veneris was overlayn with fine reddish-blonde hair. I placed my face between her legs and pulled her thighs closed, warm against my ears, and, sharpening my tongue, ran it up and down her slit, still demurely closed to me. Then I lanced it into her, feeling the tip pass through the smooth ring of her entrance. I twirled it around her inner walls, then, pursing my lips, sucked her emergent clitoris out of its sheath and flicked it lightly and rapidly with my tongue. She cried out, “OhmyGodohmyGodOHMYGOD!” and came uproariously, holding my face hard against her bucking vulva.

When her grip on my neck loosened, I stood to lift her onto the bed lengthwise, only to have her grasp my cock again and begin to suck it frantically. As delicious as it was, and as much as my libido wanted me to come down her throat, I once again pulled away, and said, “Faith… sugar… I want to put it where itneeds to go!”A deal is a deal, right? I did lift her onto the bed and crawled between her legs. Looking down, I was struck by how appealing she really was. I bent down and kissed her some more, thinking I could really get used to this; she gave no indication of being put-off by the fact that my face was justlathered with her juices.

Eventually, I began to ease my cock toward her sodden pussy. She grasped it with one hand, the other cradling my balls, and placed the head between her lower lips. She looked at me and said, “Please… go easy… you’re awfully big, and….” I just HAD to kiss her again! Then I VERY gently let her ease me into her; I knob-fucked her for awhile, making her come again, even louder than before, then while she was still on her orgasmic “high”, slipped inside her, marveling at how snug she was, increasing my penetration by about a half-inch per stroke. Finally, I felt the head of my cock seat against her cervix, but there were still two or more inches to go. I pushed a little harder, and finally I got it all inside her, my writhing balls crushing the backs of her lower lips. Her womb was pinioned by my cock; I wiggled it in a circle, moving it around in her belly, and she thrashed her legs up and down alongside me and climaxed AGAIN! Finally, I began to thrust into her, with long, slow strokes, and couldn’t hold back any longer. I collapsed onto her as I geysered into her, washing her womb with my warm come. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and held me unbelievably tight, our hearts hammering an inch apart, our ragged breaths rasping.

Eventually, I raised up and smiled at her, then kissed her with emotions as yet unnamed coursing through my soul. It was, far and away, the best I’d ever had – and according to our tacit “agreement”, it was nowhere near half over! Jake, you lucky mother-fucker, I thought to myself!

She levered herself up on her elbows, then said “There’s something I want to do for you?” with a question-mark in her voice.

I replied, “Well, go ahead!”

She said, “I can’t with you still in me -NOT complaining!” I slowly pulled my softening cock out of her. “Now lie back” she continued, then proceeded to take it into her mouth and clean it off! I was so stunned, I raised her over my face and did the same for her, licking our commingled juices from her vulva, then twirling my tongue inside her. After we’d finished, she lay alongside me and idly ran her fingers through my hair. I leaned over and sucked one of her nipples, noticing it tasted different now. She rolled toward me and asked me to do the other one too – and OF COURSE I did. Then I forced her breasts together and sucked both nipples in unison. She drew my face up and kissed me again, replete with feeling. I reached behind her and kneaded her round, firm cheeks, pulling her hard to me, my cock and balls nestled happily against her tummy. Very soon, I felt that little tingling; I was becoming erect again. She felt it too, escort ankara and wriggled her way down the bed and took me in her mouth again. Forming her thumb and forefinger into a circle, she ran it up and down, up and down, until I was completely hard once more. I closed my eyes; all I could think of was how Goddamned good it felt!

Suddenly, I knew what I wanted to do. I withdrew from her mouth, eliciting a little moue from her, and, getting up, walked around to the foot of the bed, stroking my cock vigorously, digging my hand into the little triangular area where my cock and balls came together. It felt good, and served the purpose of pumping it up as long, thick and hard as it’d get. She figured out quickly what I wanted, and got up on her hands and knees. Looking down, she glimpsed a small wet spot on the bed, and bent to sniff it. “What does it smell like?” I asked with a smile.

“Like somethingvery nicehappened there recently!” she replied, and, opening her legs, looked back at me expectantly. Not one to disappoint, I knelt between her knees; she reached back, watching me upside-down behind her, and guided me into her – no shyness there! “Ahh… that feels SO GOOD!” she exclaimed as I slipped it in to the hilt, feeling once again the hard ring of her cervix bring me to a yielding stop. I began to thrust into her, with long, slow strokes, feeling my corona rippling past her inner rings, and shuddered with the delight I found in her.

“Push back hard, sugar” I said to her, and when she did, I rotated my hips, pushing her womb around her belly again, and, kicking her legs, she shrieked and gasped from the power of the sensation.

As she put her head down, looking back, I gave her something to watch. I began again to drive my cock into her, with long, hard, fast thrusts, shaking from the effort, and the pleasure. She raised her head; breathing deeply, she came again, noisily like before. Glancing over at the dresser mirror, watching her dangling breasts sway with the power of our coupling, I continued to fuck her as hard as I could, and after another minute, off she went again! When her climax was over, she placed her chest down on the bed, the better to enjoy the pounding thrusts being put to her.

I felt the moment of inevitability looming over me, and asked her if she could get one more. “Oh, YES, OH MY GOD YES!” she replied, and after I’d slammed another dozen strokes into her, we watched the fireworks – together. I tightened certain muscles deep in my groin to squirt into her more powerfully, then sagged onto her back, spent. I rained little kisses over her neck and shoulders, noticing how well the smell of her blended with the natural scent of our coupling. Starting, with a sudden intake of breath, as my shrinking cock slipped out of her, I rolled off and licked the trail of love-juice from her cheek diagonally down her leg. Then it was time for a little cuddling, so we did that.

After awhile, I reached around her and slapped her ass, hard. “I need a cup of coffee and a shower, in that order. You game?” She backed away, kissed me quickly, and strolled off to the kitchen. I followed closely, marveling at her oscillations. She had an ass an ax-handle wide, yet NO evidence of any cellulite. I shook my head, wondering how much bad luck I’d wind up having to balance this! She looked back over her shoulder at just that moment and smiled.

“Like it?” she asked playfully. My mouth was suddenly so dry, all I could do was gulp and nod.

I busied myself making the coffee while she peeked over my shoulder, her magnificent breasts lightly brushing my back. Stopping about three times to kiss her, I finally got it done. Telling her that it would take ten minutes to brew, I ushered her back into the living-room and sat her down on the divan, then sprawled languorously beside her, winking on the way down.

We talked while the coffee-maker burbled away in the kitchen. She’d graduated from U of L the year before, with a B.S. in nursing, then landed a plum job in the Courier-Journal printing shop as an assistant plant nurse. Glancing down at my leg, she asked where I got the nine-inch scar. I replied, “Well, to be truthful, I got it at Bethesda Naval Hospital”, then told her all about the crash.

“Oh, so you’re NOT nineteen or twenty!” she exclaimed.

“No, I’m an old man of 23, 24 in May – it’s not the years, it’s the miles!”

A gurgling from the kitchen told me the coffee was ready. I asked her how she took it. “Straight out of the pot!” she exclaimed.

“A lady out of my own heart!” I said, and shortly returned with two steaming mugs of thick, black Louisiana coffee.

“Oh, this is GOOD” she said. “I went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans two years ago, and they’re passionate about their coffee down there!”

In not too long a time, our coffees had been drained. I leaned forward to get up to start the shower, but she asked, “May I sit on your lap a minute?” Naturally, I acquiesced. She got up, then sat down there, straddling me face-to-face; wrapping her arms around my shoulders, she kissed me sweetly, just a little tongue, but very, very nice! Then she asked, “What you did to me before… I’d never felt anything like that, ever… what was it?” Seeing my look of confusion, she continued, “You know, when you wiggled it around inside me… it was just…exquisite….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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