Eyl 13

Sleeping Adventures

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This is a small story about a straight couple in which both partners are open to share and try fantasies.

The man’s name is Nick. He’s an average body guy, with short brown hair and brown eyes and an attractive 20cm cock when hard.

The woman’s name is Helen. She is short, with long blonde hair and has a beautiful pair of big breasts and a nice fit ass.

It’s 11 pm, the time Nick and Helen usually go to bed. Nick approaches the bathroom sink to brush his teeth. However, he finds that his toothbrush is missing. Soon, his partner, Helen, appears at the bathroom’s door.

“Looking for something honey?” says Helen.

“I am looking for my toothbrush, did you throw it away?”

Helen smiles and says “Not exactly, I just had to use it for a while.”

She slightly raises the night dress she’s wearing. Nick notices something sticking out from under her dress. Some blood starts rushing into his cock as he realizes where his toothbrush has been.

“Go ahead, you can brush your teeth now, I don’t need it anymore.”

Nick approaches Helen and kneels down in front of her legs. He reaches for the toothbrush and slowly pulls it out of her butthole. Helen moans a little in an attempt to arouse Nick even more.

“You know… I like when you do things like this.” says Nick.

“I know” she says as she looks at the hard cock in his pants.

Nick starts brushing his teeth while Helen stays there and observes.

“I had an idea we could try. You’ve always talked about how you find me hot while Kartal escort I am sleeping. So here is the idea: Each night one of us uses the other during their sleep, in turns. You don’t reveal anything in the morning. Just be careful not to wake me up. You can be the first one tonight”.

Nick’s cock starts getting harder as he hears the idea, thinking of the possible ways he could exploit his partner.

“Alright, we’re doing this. Time to sleep baby!”

They both agreed and headed to bed. They are both heavy sleepers so this should be possible without anyone waking up at the wrong moment.

It was 3am when Nick entered the bedroom where Helen was sleeping deeply.

Nick pulled down his pants and started stroking his cock for a while, getting it fully hard.

He started feeling Helen’s large breasts without her knowledge. He even rubbed her nipples for a bit.

He thought he would start this game with something he imagined a lot before but couldn’t do. He reached for Helen’s face and slowly tried to open her mouth with his fingers. She would start licking his fingers as a reaction and then started keeping it open.

His cock was already leaking precum as he started inserting it into her mouth. At some point she started reacting to it, licking the cock and swallowing the liquids. Her mouth must be used to sucking Nick’s cock so many times.

Nick started properly going in and out of her mouth. He wasn’t going too fast so she wouldn’t wake up but the whole idea of using her mouth Kurtköy Escort in her sleep aroused him.

Eventually he released a big load of cum into her mouth and then more followed. She didn’t immediately react to it but after a few moments she swallowed all of it.

Nick rubbed his cock on her boobs to clean any cum that was hanging from the tip, then started sleeping beside her to end tonight’s round.

The next day they both woke up at the same time because of the alarm clock. She could feel a strange taste in her mouth but wasn’t sure what was done to her. Nick seemed happy that morning, knowing his sperm was in her belly without her knowledge. They didn’t talk about any of this because Helen isn’t supposed to know.

The next night was close and Helen was thinking of how she could use Nick. This time she wasn’t storing any toothbrush in her butthole, she was heading to the bathroom to brush her teeth and get ready for bed.

She grabbed her toothbrush and noticed the brush was full of sperm… Nick approached the bathroom.

“Think of this as ‘revenge'” says Nick as he smiles.

“Mmm, now I don’t regret what I did yesterday.” Helen says as she gets a little wet.

She puts the toothbrush into her mouth and starts brushing her teeth with cum. She shows her teeth to Nick and they are all covered in white liquid. She then starts swallowing it.

“Yummy, I think it works better than toothpaste.” she says.

“Should I do this more often?”

“Hmm, no don’t make this Pendik Escort a habit! You know I love your cum but this is unhealthy.”

They both headed for bed, except Helen stayed awake as it was her turn tonight.

Around 4am she decided Nick was sleeping deeply enough.

She walked beside him and started observing him sleeping for few moments. She started slowly pulling down his pants and underwear, exposing his large soft cock.

She gave the cock a kiss and then started rubbing across its top. It was finally started getting erect. She pushed the cock aside and started licking his balls. As soon as the cock was hard enough, she inserted it into her mouth and started sucking it. Some precum was leaking but she licked it off into her mouth. She went deeper and deeper without gagging as she had trained. It was obvious Nick wouldn’t wake up so she started sucking his cock aggressively.

At some point she felt it enlarge and put the tip on her tongue. She started receiving loads of cum and she stored it all in her mouth. Then she approached Nick’s head and started releasing the cum from her mouth onto his lips. Nick got some of his own cum into his mouth while some other was resting on his lips.

She put his pants back on so she wouldn’t leave many clues of what happened and slept.

They both woke up at the usual alarm clock time.

Nick definitely felt a dry feeling on his lips and mouth and his underwear was kind of sweaty. He couldn’t actually realise exactly what happened but the mystery aroused him.

They continued this for many, many nights before they ran out of ideas.

–Author’s comment:

This was my first story. I tried something different I couldn’t find elsewhere. Let me know what you think and if I should write more.

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