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Size Matters? 02

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Disclaimer: All characters in the story are over the age of 18. This story is total fiction and does not depict anyone in real life. Many of the fantasies depicted here are pure fantasy and none of the more kinky actions are condoned in real life.

Part 1: Officer Jake is big dick cop who is married to a hot sexy nurse wife, Tina. He found out at 18 that many straight guys are eager and willing ‘straight cocksuckers’. If Jake, played his cards right he could get them into his straight cocksucking harem. Jake assumes because he is big tall muscled and has a 8 inch cock he is a dominant and that size matters. That gets challenged when he tries to get the new “gay” cop on the force, Tim, to suck his cock. Tim is not hung but has a sexy, slightly above average nicely shaped cock, that gets very hard. Tim is a real dominant and even though he has a sissy sub bf, he seduces and fucks whoever he wants. Tim turns the tables on Jake making him crave and desire sucking his smaller but harder cock. Tim starts humiliating Jake and has made him hold his cock while he peed. Eat his anal creampie out of his sissy bf’s ass. Then humiliated him by challenging him in front of one of his straight cocksuckers, Eric, another cop on the force. Jake ended up sucking Eric and licking his asshole. Tim then told Jake to invite him to dinner so he could meet his wife. Tim seduces Tina in front of Jake and we ended with her beginning to strip for him.

The next morning…

Jake rolls over on the couch. He has never slept on the couch before and rubs his eyes as his morning wood feels odd. Jake moans blushing instantly as he sees his morning hard on pressed into his stomach under a purple thong of his wife’s he had put on the night before.

“Fuck what time is it… what did we do?” Jake moans the humiliation, ecstasy, kinkyness, and totally crazy night he just witnessed rushes back to him. He never got to orgasm last night and he feels blue balls and a desperate hard on.

Suddenly he hears a giggle and moan from the kitchen. He wonders if Tim is still here but considering how his wife is giggling he must be. Jake considers running to get his uniform and leaving as quickly as possible to avoid seeing either of them. After a few odd moments of considering what to do he remembers why the thong feels so weird, it dried during the night, but he had put it on soaked in his wife’s squirt. Jake blushes and slowly stands and even though he is only wearing a purple dirty thong which does nothing to cover his body he slowly steps towards the kitchen.

Jake gulps as he stands in the entryway. He sees his wife stark naked red marks on her amazing busty body – some handprints, some bite marks, and a few whip marks on her thighs and back. She is staring lustfully at Tim. Tim is also naked and his body is clearly built and muscled. Jake’s eyes roam down to Tim’s gorgeous soft cock swaying between his legs and his mouth waters.

“Ohh you’re awake!” Tina moans “and still can’t take your eyes off that fucking cock! Hehe so pathetic!”

“Don’t chastise too much whore! You know you literally slept the couple hours I let you sleep in your marital bed with my cock in your mouth sucking away!”

“Yes sir and I loved it!”

“Good girl!” Tim pats Tina’s head. “Bitch boy! Put that dirty wet thong in your mouth and come stand before me!”

Jake opens his mouth considering protesting but he can’t even meet Tim’s gaze. He blushes and peels the crusty thong down his legs and puts it in his mouth. Sucking on it he glances at his wife who is marveling at all this.

“You were pretty good last night sissy while I fucked your wife to multiple orgasms for you. Because you did well I will let you choose how you’re going to show me your submission today!”

Jake nods blushing sucking his wife’s dirty thong.

“One, you wear a cock cage under your uniform today. You will get it removed tonight when me you and Tina have fun again. Two, you wear a cute little pink butt plug up your sissy hole all day. You will get to remove it tonight as well. Lastly, you could choose to invite Eric over this morning before the shift. You will suck his cock and lick his asshole for your wife.”

Jake trembles and lets out a moan around the thong in his mouth. He glances from his wife to Tim. He motions to the thong in his mouth.

“Leave it in for now you got a big mouth you can answer with the thong in.”

Jake nods his cock raging pointing straight out as his wife watches her former stud be humiliated again and again.

“Well I umm… the first option um seems logical I um I should… I think being locked would show my submission to you sir…”

Jake pauses blushing. The logical side of his brain screams for him to stop talking but the slutty humiliation craving monster Tim created in him compels him to continue. Jake looks at his wife and swallows the drool in his mouth created by sucking the soaked thong. He gives her a cute little shy grin. Then turns Pendik Escort to Tim.

“Sorry sir for mumbling. The first option is what I choose! Lock up my penis sir. I can’t choose the second option because I want the first thing my virgin ass to feel is your perfect steel cock shoving inside me while my wife watches.”

Jake pauses blushing again. Thinking, fuck I am so messed up.

Tim steps to Jake and slides his hand softly seductively up his arm and runs his finger over Jake’s lips “Such a good little sub. You are learning.” He says his thumb caressing Jake’s lips and pushing in. Tim removes the thong tossing it on the floor. “You are being such a good boy you might just earn a reward this morning. Keep going.”

“Thanks Sir! Well I can’t imagine you wanting to fuck me when you have so many others willing, but if your asking my preference…my preference is feeling your cock up my asshole before anything else. As far as sucking and licking Eric, I will but I think me and Tina would prefer to cherish every moment with you this morning. And if I am licking an ass for Tina, I would much rather lick yours.”

“Well of course you would! But not right now. For those declarations and continuing to accept your new role I am going to give you a reward.”

“Thanks” Jake surprises himself by kneeling and kissing Tim’s foot as he says thank you.

Tim chuckles, “Wow you may give Sandy a run for her money that little sissy fag loves humiliation, but you seem to as well. So your reward is you can prepare breakfast for me and Tina, you can crawl under the table while we eat and you can tell us your favorite parts of last night in between sucking my cock. If you do well, I might cum in your mouth for the first time.”

“Thanks sir! Would you like something special for breakfast?”

“I typically eat an egg white omelet with toast and fruit. I like my coffee black. Tina, my little kitty, I want to see how committed you are to me after last night. While Jakey makes us breakfast you and he talk about this new dynamic, but you also be thinking of something you can do to show me your desire to be my little pet like we talked about last night.” Tim says firmly before heading up stairs to shower in the master bathroom.

Jake gulps and gives his wife a little smirk as he gets some eggs and pans out. Unsure what to say Jake keeps glancing at his wife while prepping the breakfast. Tina smirking back at him seductively. Lost in her own thoughts about everything for a moment.

“So you want to get ass fucked by Tim?” Tina says her voice a little mixture of surprise, curiosity…etc.

“Uhmm… uhh… fuck it! Yes! YES I want it! I don’t know what to say I never considered myself bi or submissive or anything until recently, but my god Tim is amazing.”

“I agree…Well I hope I get to watch the first time. Look Tim is probably coming back down in 15 – 20 minutes He wants me to tell him something to show my desire to be his pet…I want to do something really special. So I need to go hurry and get that done. Don’t burn his breakfast.”

With that Tina’s huge tits bounce as she giggles leaving the kitchen. Jake lets out a sigh and momentarily considers trying to get his life back, but shakes his head knowing that he would likely have to divorce Tina and move to another state at this point and considering that his mouth is still watering at the prospect of sucking more of Tim’s cock this morning he focuses on cooking.


Jake waits patiently with the food as Tim returns dressed in his uniform all cleaned up. Tina meets him naked at the entrance to the kitchen smiling giggling and holding a few pieces of paper.

“Master Tim,” She moans “I wanted to surprise you with several things to show you my willingness to be your sub. I minored in art and can draw a little so I drew you 3 pictures.” Tina can hardly contain her excitement hoping Tim will be impressed with her. The pictures are the three things I will do today to show you my submission. First is your little kitty.”

Tim looks down at a picture of a big boobed hot girl that looks remarkably like Tina naked in the grass in her backyard wearing cat ears and a butt plug cat tail.

“I have a Kitty outfit I wore for Jake from time to time, but I would like to buy something much better for you sir!”

“Ohh mmm what a good little puss puss!” Tim says swatting Tina between her legs making her moan. “Make sure the outfit comes with thigh high stockings, heels, and a big buttplug.”

She nods and blushes handing the next picture. “This is a tattoo design. If you like it I will go and get it done today.”

It shows a woman from the stomach to mid thigh in a drawing legs spread and right above her pussy is a heart inside the words ‘Tim’s slut’.

Tim nods and says “it’s ok, but not too creative. Let’s get a tattoo similar but says “Master Tim’s Pretty Kitty! And there needs to be cat ears and a tail on the outside of the heart outline. Now Kurtköy Escort purr for me!”

“Meeeowww…meeowww yes sir…. That is so much better!”

She hands the third paper. It is a picture of a group of guys sitting around drinking beer watching a hot big boobed chick getting fucked. One of the guys has another guy sucking his cock from the floor.

“I was thinking that maybe this weekend or tonight or whenever you want that Jake needs to invite all his former cocksuckers over and he should suck them off while they watch you fuck me to orgasm after orgasm right in front of everyone. This will solidify you on the police force as the total dominant and make Jake the true sissy he is in everyone’s eyes.”


Tina whimpers and blushes looking shocked and embarrassed.

“God for a professional nurse you are kinda dumb. It’s ok I should know better Kittens are not that smart. I said do something to show me your willingness to be my pet. Kitten outfits and butt plugs are perfect… a tattoo is perfect… trying to manufacture me fucking you in a way to show off your sluttiness or for you to humiliate Jake is not for me its for you! And “I do not need your help to be the most dominant cop in this town!”

Tina whimpers and wipes the tears from her eyes. “Sorr…so…sorreee… I am sorry sir.” She stammers. “I was just really I was just umm… I was trying to be creative for you!” She moans. “I will really do anything…Um I will suck your cock … I will spread my legs or bend over … Anytime for you! I … I … fuck the orgasm you gave me I…”


Tim smirks this slap not as hard but firm “You dont have to tell me things I already know!”

Tina bites her bottom lip and feels her pussy spasm in response.

“Now go get the tattoo today and your special kitty outfit. Now join me for breakfast kitty!”


“I thought about it and I want to tell you about 4 specific things that happened last night that I enjoyed.” Jake moans naked kneeling under the table as his wife and master eat together. Jake pauses and takes a lick along Tim’s cock which is semi hard hanging out of the unbuttoned pants in between his masters legs. Jake thinks how kinky it felt to crawl under and have to unbutton, unzip and fish out Tim’s cock and how his mouth cant stop watering for it.

“Go on.”

“First, It was so hot to watch you make Tina crawl around the house drooling for your cock. I couldn’t believe how horny it made her and me.” Tim moans. “She would get close enough finally to get a little suck or lick and then you would move and she would crawl after it. I have never seen a pussy look so swollen and wet by the time you finally let her start slurping your cock completely. I couldn’t believe how long it went on and after just a few minutes my wife couldn’t even look at me her eyes were fixed on your steel rod Sir, never looking away from it or you.”

Jake moans through slurps and licks of Tim’s cock while talking. Jake can’t stop slurping on the head hoping to get more and more taste of precut on his tongue. Tina moans remembering crawling around drooling, panting, begging for Tim’s cock.

“So you liked knowing that despite me being a little smaller in cock and a little smaller physically your wife still drooled for me over you?”

Jake lets out an affirmative whimpering moan licking down and sucking one of Tim’s balls in his mouth.

“Good boy! Continue!”

“Next, you had Tina give you a blow and tit job but you managed to make her choke, cough and sputter in a way I never imagined. It was so messy as she choked and gagged on you. And she wouldn’t stop even when you started spanking her and even grabbed your belt and whipped her. I couldn’t imagine her being so horny that she just kept moaning and drooling for more of your cock. I couldn’t believe how messy she made your cock and balls when you held her down for minutes at a time. She couldn’t seem to get enough of if. Lapping up her own snot and saliva mess. And then you had us make out while she was so messy. I couldn’t believe how nasty, humiliating and agonizingly hot it was when my wife spit that phlegm snot in my mouth. My dick was aching.”

Jake moaning kissing and slurping all over Tim’s balls

“Did it make you jealous that she got to worship me so good?”

“Yes Sir!” Jake attempting to make a mess right now.


“Yes … yes sir! Well then you finally grabbed her and picked her up and put her onto your cock. The howl she let out as you impelled her was an animal noise that I never made a woman make. Her thighs and body were quivering as you lifted her up and down on your cock over and over and over. She was moaning and screaming your name and you told her she had to wait for your permission to cum. I couldn’t believe it, the power you had to hold her up and drop her onto your cock while standing over and over. She was begging and screaming for permission to cum crying that she couldn’t Ümraniye Escort wait. Then when you said first tell me whose cunt is this and she said it belonged to you. I wanted to cum myself and almost did without touching my cock. She was crying and whimpering when she said again that her cunt was yours she would do anything for you and you told her to cum and she squirted and cried out in passion. Then she squirted and came another 6 or 7 times before you came inside her. Fuck when you finally came in her we were both a mess. I was desperate to cum and she was basically passed out from cumming so much. You put so much cum in her!”

“Are you worried that I will give your wife a baby instead of you?”

“I umm well you umm own… no I am not worried I think we both know you should impregnate her.”

“Ohh god baby really Tim can breed me?” Tina moans.

“You should ask him shouldn’t you… I mean my tongue is literally on his balls seems like his decision not mine.”

Tim sits smugly.

Tina giggles and moans “yes… yes he gets to decide. Tim my master you will decide if you breed me… I hope you will.”

Tim still just grins in silence. There is a moment of silence the only noise is Jake slobbering on Tim’s steel cock.

Jake continues, “The fourth came around 1 or 2 in the morning. You had cum in Tina twice and she had had about a dozen or more amazing orgasms. Her legs were spread wide and your cum was dripping out of her legs spread on our couch. It was dripping slowly onto the floor. Her head was in your lap and she was softly slurping your cock eyes closed. I kept creeping slowly towards you and her and you motioned for me to lay down under where your cum was dripping. I let it fall onto my face and in my mouth savoring it. Then I heard go on piss on your husband. My wife didn’t even respond or look at me she just relaxed and pissed all over me. I couldn’t believe it. I grabbed my stiff penis and started jerking and you told me to stop. I couldn’t so you got up and kicked me in the balls. It hurt but I knew I deserved it for trying to cum without permission. I was embarrassed when I started crying right in front of my wife while covered in her piss and holding my hurting balls. Then you told me to put on her messy thong and kneel. I did and then you told me I was sleeping on the couch. You took Tina upstairs to the Master bedroom… which I guess is a good name since you are the Master.”


Jake and Tim drive into work together. The cops on shift today are Captain Tom Henderson, the 63 year old hard ass (read the beginning of Part 1 for more description), Billy, Jake and Tim. Jake and Tim walk in the precinct together. Jake trying to act normal but its hard thinking of the facial Tim gave him at the end of breakfast less than 30 minutes ago. Tim despite cumming at least 5 times the day and night before dumped a monster load all over Jakes face and in his mouth. Jake orgasmed when he got his facial without touching his cock. Jake has been smiling and even whistling all the way in to work. Finally making Tim orgasm with his mouth making him feel happy and strangely proud. Jake wonders if any of the cops can notice the small, tight, embarrassing pink chastity cock cage he is wearing under his uniform. Gratefully he was able to put on some boxer briefs instead of a thong since he was wearing the cock cage.

“Jake you and Billy are out of patrol today. Tim, you stay in for calls and paperwork.” Captain Tom grunts.

“Sure Cap!” Tim says with a cool swagger.

Jake cant help but feel disappointed and just nods wanting to spend more time with Tim. Jake tries to hide his disappointment as he and Billy get ready to go on patrol.

“You driving!” Billy says more as a statement than a question, knowing that Jake always drives. But Billy was surprised to see Tim had driven them both in to work.

Jake nods and grabs the keys to a squad car.


After about 20 minutes on patrol and Jake and Billy chatting about sports, Billy wondering if Jake is going to drive to one of their normal spots and demand a cocksucking, Jake gets a text. The text is from Tim.

“I want you to suck Billy’s cock today. I want to you to suck it but don’t let him see your little pathetic soft penis in its cock cage yet. I want you to suck him and when he is moments from cumming tell him he has to wait to cum until you show him something. Then take your lunch break and meet me back here at the precinct. If you disobey the cock cage will stay on all week.”

Jake stares at the text trying not to blush. Jake not knowing what to do or say just starts driving towards the old rail yard where Jake takes many of his cocksuckers. There is a section that is blocked from the view of anyone on the road and they can sit in the squad car without being seen.

Billy shakes his head realizing where they are going. “MMM man you are insatiable. I won’t say no though!” He says trying to ease his own reservations about being a straight cocksucker.

Jake parks and Billy starts to lean towards him to undo his pants, after a dozen times they have a routine.

“Umm no uhh I …” Jake pushing Billy back.

Billy stares at Jake and shrugs to ask like what’s up man.

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