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Sister’s New Interview Ch. 02

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Sister’s New Interview 2: Anna comes

Best friends face evil pornographer together

Please note that Anne-Marie and Anna, the two main characters have both turned 19 and are more than a year removed from school. Anne-Marie wears her old school uniform and Anna wears a girl guide uniform for much of the story, but only as costumes. All referenced sexual activity is between consenting adults.

This is the fourth of Anne-Mare’s stories, following (1) Sibling Seduction Sessions:All Told, (2) Sibling Seduction Session:Daddy, and (3) Sister’s New Interview. It mentions but does not repeat the incest of the first two stories. Enjoy.

Anna’s story:

My name is Anna. I left school and worked for a year, while living at home. This Autumn I will start an IT course at the local university. I am 19 and I have only just moved into my new digs, sharing a house with my best friend. My best friend from school, Anne- Marie, has let me move into her family home to share with her, because her parents have moved to Brussels for work and she was alone in her family home. A three bed house is a bit grand for the two of us, but there is no rent to pay, so I don’t have to live at home when I start at university in two months.

I am sort of a nerd and am going to study programming. One reason I took an extra year before starting at university was to do a systems engineering course at college. Nobody ever believes that a girl like me can be so good at geeky stuff, but I am an only child of two mathematicians, so it’s genetic. I think I am pretty too, though not as pretty as my friend Anne-Marie, who won’t be going to university with me, because she is training to be a physiotherapist.

I am about the same height as her (5’2″), but much fairer with straight blond hair. We are both size 8 with the same slim figures (B cups) and have always been able to wear each other’s clothes. It’s just that she is prettier. I wear really dorky glasses and have freckles. She was more successful with boys than me at school, because I only ever seemed to attract geeks, though, to be honest, neither of us were exactly social stars. Last year, while I was doing computer science to qualify for my course was particularly bad from a romance point-of-view. I don’t think I met a single boy who wasn’t a nerd from Nerdland.

I’m even still a virgin! My mum says I just haven’t met the right guy. I would settle for one degree righter than TOTALLY WRONG! Only Anne-Marie knows besides my parents. I am interested in what I am missing, but none of the boys on my course are remotely aware and older men are too gentlemanly to flirt with a Miss Librarian-type like me.

And now she has become this fashion guru, doing interviews and stuff that she gets paid for, and paid lots! I admit I am jealous, but she is so generous that I hate myself for being jealous.

First, it’s thanks to her I’m not living at home anymore. If I am ever going to get anywhere with guys, it won’t hurt not to have my father waiting at the door when I come home!

Second, something has changed about Anne-Marie since she started doing the interviews. She is a lot more confident in a way that I want to be too. She seems to know when guys are looking and does things to make them look harder! I want to be able to do that too!

Third, she says she is going to ask her Mr Pugh if I can join his interview panel. How good a friend is that? If it were me, I would be afraid he would take her and stop interviewing me. She is both less insecure and much nicer than me.

Anyway, that is why I am walking to pick her up from Premium Production Studios, where Mr Pugh does his interviews. It’s only about a mile from where we live, but she said he would be sure to say yes, once he saw how good I looked. I had no idea what to wear, but she said that I should dress smart but a little formal, like I was going for an interview. So I am wearing a white blouse under a sleeveless v-neck knit jumper and a little black skirt. It’s too hot for tights, so I have on little bobby-socks. She says he seems to like girls who dress a bit like they were going to school or church.

I spent all afternoon in the lab at college and am carrying my IT nerd bag full of electronic gear. I wish I didn’t have it with me and hope it won’t count against me as I press the doorbell and try to look pretty. As usual, I completely forget to takeoff my glasses. It’s no wonder I’m still a virgin!

It takes forever for Mr Pugh to open the studio door, which was locked. He is handsome in a way, but a bit too smooth for me. I can tell he likes the way I am dressed by the way he looks me up and down. It would be a bit rude if he were not a director. They always have to look closely at people for filming, I guess, so I cut him some slack. Anyway, it’s nice that he seems to like what he sees. Maybe I’m not all nerd.

Actually, it’s kind of flattering the way he holds the door for me and hangs back. I hope he is doing it to watch my behind. I try and do a little wiggle for him and nearly make a fool of myself şişli escort when my ankles wobble on my 3-inch heels. Anne-Marie said dress to impress, but I nearly blew it before I even started.

Anyway, Mr Pugh, “call me Simon,” ushers me into an office, explaining that Anne-Marie and another interviewee are next door in the studio changing after the last interview. She has already spoken to him, like the true friend she is, and he is willing to do a test interview with me this evening, if we can get some paperwork out of the way first.

I sign some forms and he explains how it works. As Anne-Marie is already doing fashion checks and is already being presented to his clients as the expert on fashion, I will have to be one of her friends who she advises or chats with about issues that concern schoolgirls and older teens like us. Sometimes I will have to wear school uniforms and take part in scenes on a set with Anne-Marie and other young people.

Simon explains that I will get paid £50 basic for each interview, with additional fees for demonstrations and so on. He tells me that Anne-Marie has already earned several hundred pounds today by doing an interview alone in the morning and another in the afternoon with a boy called Tim.

It sounds amazingly exciting and good money too, but Simon warns me that I will have to prove myself if I want to get interviewed more often and earn better fees. I am not surprised that Anne-Marie is doing well at it. She is so confident and has such a good personality. I promise Simon that I will try my hardest for him. As he wants to do a test straight away, he phones out for pizza to feed us all.

Right at the end, when I can hear the sound of Anne-Marie and someone else talking next door, he warns me that it is a hard business and that, “artists, I mean interviewees, often need to relax by smoking marijuana, for example, between sets.” My eyes go big at that. Anne-Marie and I never did it at school. Another little stab of jealousy. She is so grown-up! I promise myself that I will catch up!

When we go next door into the studio, the nerd in me instantly sees that there is a hard-wired system connecting four or five video cameras to a master server with a control panel. It looks very professional. I see Anne-Marie talking to a real cute guy called Tim on a studio set that looks like a messy picnic spot. They are ever so relaxed with each other and I instantly wonder if they fancy each other, but Anne-Marie lets out a shriek and runs across the studio to give me a hug that nearly knocks my glasses off (I don’t think I mentioned those before, because they make me even geekier.). When I tell her, after a nod from Simon, that he wants to test my suitability by doing an interview test this evening.

“Are you sure you want to?” I see genuine doubt in her eyes. Doesn’t she want me to do it? She can tell that I really am desperate for her to be happy for me and turns to Simon, “what do you want to do?”

Behind her, Tim smiles and winks at me, running his eyes all over me. “I’m game.”

I blush and pretend I did not see or hear him as I turn to listen to Simon. “You have both been smoking dope, which Anna clearly has not ever done (Anne-Marie blushes scarlet as he casually tells me that she uses drugs.). How would you advise her, Anne-Marie? Do it? Don’t? What happens when you do? How do you feel? Blah-blah. You know that is what young people want to know about. We’ll put Anna into a girl guide uniform costume we have, and you into your school uniform, but with a blazer to give you more authority. Tim, you can be a university student friend. It will work great as a three way!”

He strides about vigorously, but I cannot tell at all which of his feet is artificial, though Anne-Marie has told me. “You and Anna will both get full fees, and you will be advising her, so you will be in control really.” As he talks, Simon passes each of us £50. Tim holds out his hand too, but Simon goes, “You should be paying me!” At which Anne-Marie and Tim both laugh louder than I think it is worth.

I say to Anne-Marie, “Look, I am actually older than you. I will be 20 in October, and I want to earn lots of cash just like you, Anne-Marie, so you have to help me. Show me to the costumes. I’m a girl guide at last. It’s acting you’re doing!” I cannot seem to shut my mouth. I am so nervous, and I wish my best friend would act more enthusiastic. She will have to support me in the end, because we really are best friends, and I would do it for her.

Pugh digs out the guide costume. It is a royal blue shirt dress of thin cotton with loads of badges sewn on the chest with a yellow neckerchief and sash. Pugh says, “it’s about 20 years out-of-date, but never mind.”

I do mind. “I will look like a girl on BluePeter!”

Anne-Marie can see I don’t like it, but she just laughs and holds up her old school frock. “Look what I’ll be wearing!” As she pulls me into a changing room, she giggles as she whispers, “it will drive them wild.”

I must look doubtful, because she goes on in a more normal voice once the door is shut. “Honestly, it really turns them on.”

I hold up the old outfit, but cannot see what she means at all. “Are you sure? Are they kinky?”

Anne-Marie actually stops and thinks for a moment. “No, I don’t think so… Maybe, a little.” She looks at me speculatively and seems to come to a decision. “You know my Mum remarried and my Dad and brother aren’t really related to me?” I’ve probably known it as long as she has. Anne-Marie continues, “Well, I know they fancied me in this last month.” She gestures to her half-on frock, “or at least Daddy did and I bet Dick would. He sure liked me in my full winter uniform.”

This is amazing information and I cannot hide my shock. “When did you find that out!?!? Isn’t that like…. Incest? Why didn’t you notice when we were still at school?”

“I told you! They’re only step, so it doesn’t count. They never fancied me then. In fact, no one ever looked at me twice until last month. They saw me when I was doing the interviews before. If you tell anyone, I’ll kill you.” Anne-Marie is smiling, but she means it. I can tell, she really wants me to know, but deep down, she wonders if it’s a little weird as well.

I am standing in my bra and knickers with the guide uniform on but unbuttoned to the bottom. She grips both my hands. “Really, you will be so dead! You know I’ve ….. done it with guys?”

“Well, duhh!” I have always been grateful for the way she never makes me feel bad that I haven’t.

“It’s just that it feels a lot more fun and exciting when you are talking about clothes and fashion … (Anne-Marie grips my hands really tight.) …. and even dating and sexy stuff. So the uniforms are just part of it …. like a golf club is part of playing golf!” She finishes brightly as if all of what she said made sense.

“What? I didn’t understand any of that.”

“You know. Golf clubs make golf a lot more fun than golf without golf clubs.”

Anne-Marie takes my stunned look for agreement and starts an amazing monologue, telling me stuff I almost couldn’t believe, but which made me more curious than ever. Her voice went up and down as she spoke, rising to a squeak and lowering to a whisper at the more astonishing revelations. “Ohhh, when I’ve been wearing the school uniforms, I know how young and dumb they make you look, but if they start you and guys talking about what you have on and how it makes you look…. This is way better than getting groped by boys our age. …. It gets sexier quicker! (Eyes wildly around the room for a second as if we were surrounded by spies.) … I like being the centre of attention. I really do. The uniforms are just costumes that make it easier to happen.”

Her eyes are shining and I need a moment to work out what Anne-Marie has told me. “Oh my God, you’ve fucked … Tim? (nod of agreement, but suddenly no eye contact)… Simon? (start of negative shake, then stop, still no eye contact and a muttered “sort of.”)… Simon too?!?! Sort of?!?!”

“Will you keep your voice down?!?! It can be really fun sometimes with people just letting things happen…. It’s even more fun when you know you shouldn’t and you half-try not to. It’s not like love or anything, but it sure is a lot clearer to me now why people like sex, Anna, because I think I really like it, even if we’re not in love….. Or not that kind of love.”

Her last words turn suspicion to certainty. “Your brother?!?! (yes, but she is still not meeting my….) Your Daddy?? OMG.”

“Don’t look at me like that. It just kind of happened with Dick… I was really upset at first, but Daddy made it alright. It’s not incest, you know. Oh, Anna, I really, really liked it.”

What she has told me is so unbelievable, I have to laugh, and after a moment she does too. We are soon practically wetting ourselves. I know I should be shocked, but it is so funny that it is quiet and conservative Anne-Marie who has suddenly turned into the world’s biggest slut! My best friend has broken every rule in the book and I never guessed. There she stands, dressed up like an innocent schoolgirl. I could not come close to predicting what I am hearing in a billion years of guessing.

I am as jealous as can be, or would be, if she was not helping me do up what seems like a hundred buttons on my own guide uniform so I could join her in doing another interview with two men who had already fucked her today! The fact that I have only just met them is irrelevant. All my romantic fantasies of breaking my hymen vanish from my head. I want to fuck them too. Just like that.

My hands are shaking as I straighten my neckerchief and pull the sash over my head, before turning to give Anne-Marie a guide salute. “Your old school uniform? I threw mine away the day after my last exam! And smoking marijuana! Are you some kind of evil guru leading me astray?” Dressed like this, it certainly seems that way.

“I haven’t tried to be, but maybe you are right.” She shrugs as she squares the blazer over her school frock. “Do you think this blazer is any good? I like it lots better than our horrible old sky blue ones.” Then, more seriously, “You’re sure this is ok? You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to… but you might find out its more than you expected you would do. I mean, it’s really good, but … Surprising.”

“That’s the whole point, Anne-Marie. How can we stay best friends if you have all these adventures and I’m just a a techie nerd, who is to afraid to have any? I’m way older than you anyway. I am good at coping with surprises.”

We looks so silly having this conversation dressing in the uniforms that I want to laugh, but I also want to cry, because she really is my best friend.”Come on, Anne-Marie, I’m not stupid. I know what men can be like.” I haven’t much clue really, but she takes my word for it. I grin confidently at her and do a little pirouette. “Do you think I’ll win a badge if I do it well enough?”

The pair of us are dressing up as a schoolgirl and guide for two men I don’t even know, with my best friend, who is grinning like the cat that got the cream. This is so pervy! It looks like I am going to lose my virginity, not romantically like a love song, but really dirty like punk or heavy metal with strangers. I am scared, but I don’t feel even a little bit guilty.

“Ok. Just pay attention when he offers us cash, because some stuff might surprise you.”

“So what is your thing with surprises? You like it, don’t you?” I answer defiantly. “Well, I guess I might like it too.” They say ignorance is bliss, but right now it feels like weight that I need to lose. Anne-Marie gives me a hug. “I guess you just might like it, and I would be so happy if you did.” Nervously, I take Anne-Marie’s hand and we head back to the studio, where the four of us are about to experience maximum doses of bliss, and two of us are about to overdose on it.


Anne-Marie’s story:

When we walk into the studio still grinning, Pugh and Tim both whistle. Anna goes, “oh, Simon,” like she hasn’t just met him, and I can tell that she is really excited. I never call him Simon. As we join them over the pizzas, the mood is dead cheerful. Both men are laying on the compliments, and Anna is really getting into it. She’s right that we have to share the same stuff to really be best friends, but sometimes it feels like a big responsibility too.

Our conversation gets me thinking. No one really notices because Tim and Pugh are mostly chatting up Anna. They ask her if she has any cookies for sale and make bad jokes about cream centres and jammy dodgers. Anna laps it up. It makes me feel good too, because it looks like we will be having another interview-gone-wrong, only this time with my best friend along. I’m only scared she won’t like it and will stop liking me.

One thing that made it so amazing before was that it felt unintentional with Dick, Daddy and, even, Tim and Pugh. Each little wrong turn led to another, until we couldn’t help ourselves (not so much the last time). Will it still feel like that for me and Anna? I think Pugh is a lot more in control than I realised.

While I had an amazing times, it is too much of a coincidence that every time, we end up fucking. The interview goes that way even though he promises we will take a professional approach. In my first interview I ended up making love to my own step brother. Then, not three hours ago, I got fucked by Tim and sucked off both of them. I loved every minute of it, but I am pretty certain it wasn’t another accident. Daddy doesn’t count, because we did it ourselves, but it took Pugh’s recording to get us started.

Now, Anna is here to be interviewed, and she is a virgin. I cannot deny how beautiful she is, even if she is a bit of a geek. She’s nearly 20, so she deserves my help to lose it, but it’s not like setting her up with a friend, is it? This is sex like in porn movies. I really liked Tim at first, but now he seems more like Pugh’s assistant than one of the people being interviewed. He and Pugh are both fussing over Anna, and she is loving the attention. Should I try and protect Anna, or will she like it as much as I do?

Over pizza, Pugh outlines the test interview topic involving mainly Anna and me. He wants me to be the experienced one and explain to Anna about the advantages and disadvantages of marijuana. Tim will assist me. Tim makes a face when Pugh says that he will have to dress as a punk schoolboy, but I can tell by the way he is looking at my friend, that he doesn’t really mind at all. He sees me watching and winks. I blush, despite myself. I start to relax more. I am still a little worried for my friend, but my body has a wonderful used feeling from this afternoon. If Anna knew how to make herself feel this good, I would definitely want her to help me do it too.

Tim suggests that we light up another joint. Anna looks to me nervously, but before I can reply, Pugh demands that we clean up the set so we can use it again. He says he wants me to sit on the park bench and talk about marijuana to Anna, like I said, playing the part of the more experienced schoolgirl teaching an innocent girl guide. Anna, with her angelic blonde hair, glasses and freckles certainly looks innocent enough.

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