Sister Wants Me to Take Her WHERE? Ch. 02

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Sorry this has taken so long to get to you. I hope you enjoy it

This is a story that has elements of incest, so if that is not your cup of tea, you have been warned. 🙂

The usual disclaimers apply. All participants are well over eighteen.


It has been a couple of weeks since the night my sister, Jen, asked me to take her to the adult book store and the ensuing weekend. That weekend was astonishing in a lot of respects. We made love quite a few times and that was exceptional, but more than that we talked. We talked as lovers and we talked as siblings. The upshot of all of that talk is that we decided that we are not in love, but we most definitely in lust. We have decided that the incest is not anything more than an outdated moral concept that should not apply to two adult people that find they are sexually attracted to each other and we are. So we resolve to be siblings with benefits. We are still very much brother and sister, but now we are lovers also and, to be honest, the sibling thing seems to add a lot to the spice and thrill of sex that neither one of us has felt before. Kind of a fun arrangement for us. The thing of it is, I haven’t heard from her since she left late that Sunday night. At first I thought nothing of it, but it has been a while and not only was I wanting to fuck my sister again; I was worried she might be having second thoughts. That would not be a good thing from my perspective! I wonder if there is such a thing as sibling mental connections because my phone chirps as I think these things and it is Jen.

“Well, hello stranger. To what do I owe the honor of this call?” There is a smile on my face and in my voice.

“Hey, don’t start. You haven’t called me either, you know. The reason for this ‘honor’ as you so sarcastically put it is to ask what you are doing later?”

I thought just a second before responding, “Since it is Friday, I have one more class after lunch then I am free for the weekend except for some studying and tomorrow afternoon. I have to work for a few hours at the construction site. What is on that beautiful and sexy mind of yours? Perhaps some further mutual anatomical exploration coupled with some culinary delights to be found while doing that?”

“My brother the college student. In plain English you want to get me naked and in your bed again, right?”

“Of course,” I said calmly.

“Hehehehe,” she laughed! ” That might be a possibility, Bro, but first Alice and I want to ply you with great food, the kind that come served on a plate not a bed, a few delicious and well made cocktails coupled with a night of clubbing. As you know, we are both successful real estate agents and it just so happens that we both closed escrow this week so we can afford to take a poor struggling student out for a night, all on us. I assume you’re up for that?”

“I think I could be talked in to a night of hedonistic pleasures all expenses paid after the week I’ve had. Yeah … Wait! Alice? Alice is part of this? I hope that won’t put a damper on that anatomical exploration I was talking about.”

She chuckled again. “I think we might be able to swing by your place afterwards for a few hours. Hell, Johnny, I’m counting on it. I want you too, you know.”

“OK, now I feel better. Bring on your night of pleasure and culinary delights and assorted debauchery. Am I to meet you someplace, pick you up or what?”

“No. Since I am asking you out on a date, I will pick you up. Is seven OK with you? And wear a suit. The place we are going has a dress code.”

“Sounds fancy. Yes, seven is fine, that will give me some time to get some studying done and make sure my suit doesn’t smell of math balls, if I can even find it, It has been a while since I wore that.”

“Johnny, I so looking forward to tonight. I have really missed you. I want a long deep kiss when I ring your door bell tonight. See you at seven, gotta get back to work.”

“I miss you too, Jen. I’ll be all puckered up. See you tonight.”

So Alice is coming too. That sucks buttermilk. But what am I complaining about? That just means I get to dance with two women and maybe cop a feel or two with each dance! Yeah, this could be fun! I headed for my last class of the day with my head full of sexy thought and wondering what Alice looked like. I hope she at least has a nice ass!

The first thing he did when he got home was dig his suit out of the storage bin in his closet and yes it smelled of mothballs. Into the dryer on fluff dry. Then spray with Fabreze and a dash of that expensive cologne I got as a present last year, on the shoulders and down the lapel of the suit coat. I figured that was where the ladies would have their noses when we danced the slow ones. I hope that covers the moth balls.

I do some studying, but not sure how much of it I retain. At that I am just barely at the front door when Jen knocks. Then we kiss. I wish there was some way to tell what that kiss means and how it feels, but there isn’t. Just czech gangbang porno know that it is a true lovers kiss from the bottom of our feet to the top of our heads. We slowly, reluctantly part and I run my finger down he cheek before turning to open the door and walk to her car.

Now I finally hear those damn alarm bells. She is driving her Lincoln Town car. She has two cars. One is this Lincoln that she bought because she takes clients around to various properties and they are mostly couples. Men and some women need a little more leg room than is afforded in most back seats. I know I just can’t fit in many of the modern car’s back seats. Her other car and the only one I have ever ridden in is a little sports job. She didn’t need that big car to take me to dinner. Are we picking up Alice? But I thought the plan was to come back here for the night after dinner. Why would she have Alice in her car? Aloud I said, “Jen, why the Lincoln? I thought you preferred to drive that sporty two seater you own.”

“We’re giving Alice a ride. She is paying for half of this night for my brother after all. Oh, don’t worry we can always drop her off after, if that is what you’re worried about. Or don’t you want to spend the extra time with your sister?”

I wish she wasn’t grinning like that. It was a Cheshire Cat kind of grin, but a Cheshire Cat that was about to pounce on a nice fat mouse! She lead me to that roomy back seat and opened the door for me. Apparently I am to be spoiled rotten tonight. I don’t believe I will complain.

Here we are at the one restaurant I am saving money to buy myself a meal as a present for my graduation gift to myself. This place is expensive! I understand they don’t even put prices on the menu. If you have to ask you can’t afford it type of thing. I am now officially impressed.

“Jen, I have no idea what it is you think I have done to be taken to a place like this, but I know this will cost a small fortune for three of us. And I want you to know that whatever it is you are angling for here, you don’t need to go this far overboard. I can be put in the proper mood at Applebees with enough drinks to go with it.”

“Johnny, just relax and enjoy yourself. And who says I want anything except to treat the most wonderful brother a gal could ever have and introduce my best friend to that wonderful guy. Who knows you might just hit it off.” Again with the grin.

I turned to Alice with a deep bow and my hand sweeping toward the entrance. I had done my due diligence with my sister it was time for me to get a look at Alice’s ass! And she is wearing a slinky red dress with a modestly plunging neckline that I just know would conform to the contours of that ass so nicely. Alas, she didn’t take the hint. Instead I found my sister on one arm and Alice, still facing me, extending her arm on my other side. Damn! Would I never get to check out that ass?

When we reach our table, I help Jen be seated and planned going to go around to help Alice, but that was foiled again by the Matre D` seating her so I still didn’t get to check out that ass on her. We do check out the menu and ordered with me still worrying about the cost. I know now is the time for small talk and I also know that is not my best suit, so I decide to let the gals lead the way. Alice jumps right in.

“Johnny, that was some video you took! I want to personally thank you and that is why I am in on this deal tonight. In fact I may just ask you later if you will do the same for me one evening.”

Before I was impressed. Now I am both speechless and embarrassed. Seems to be a night for extremes in emotions for me. In my nonplussed state I turn and look at Jen. All I see is that damned evil grin. No comment. No rescue.

I finally found that my tongue would work again and glanced at Alice then at the table cloth . “That is something I will have to get back to you later about.” I know my face is approximately the same color as her dress.

“I’m not worried. Jen tells me that food, wine and feminine wiles will make you a proper cunt licking puppy dog.” That didn’t help my facial pigmentation at the moment.

I turned my sternest glare on my sister.

“Just chill out, Johnny. Yes, I showed her the video and we talked about everything that happened that night. Everything. She is very happy for me.”

The Alice spoke up again. “John, I really am. Not every girl finds a guy that is patient and as concerned about his partner as you apparently were. You let her explore her own sexuality and freed her from her own fears and sad take on sex. You led her into what she described as a ‘wonderful world of sexual release’ without making any demands on her. You really are both a special kind of brother and a very special kind of man.”

My sister’s turn again. “Johnny, I want you to know that if you want to giver her some of what you gave me, it is alright. Hell, I might even join in, if you will let me.”

My brain would not engage. All czech harem porno of those little wheels up there were just spinning free and not doing anything useful like letting me say something other than ‘HUH?’

Alice again, “Oooooh, you want to join in, Jenny? Now THAT is kinky. Might be fun at that.”

I am still sitting here emulating an idiot. The girls are giggling. I am staring at the exact center of my plate.

When I finally found I was processing a certain amount of words, I kept my head down so I could process what was going around me. I sorta left this universe when Jen said she might want to join Alice and me in a saturnalia of sexual delights. A threesome! A Mènage á Trois. With me. I almost phased out again.

I guess Jen was seeing me rejoin this universe because she asked me to dance while they were preparing our food. So that is what we do. I think someone is posted just to watch the people at the tables. Just as we reach the table a waiter is there to hold Jen’s chair while another arrives with a cart and our first course. I am enjoying my very first six course meal. Our conversation is interesting, led by the two ladies, interspersed with plenty of innuendo, and fun. Just as Jen finishes the last bite of course number 5 an waiter arrives with a desert cart. Alice says we would like to wait a bit so I jump at the chance to ask her to dance. Yeah, I am finally going to look right at the butt! She leads the way, holding my hand which is a good thing because she has a really nice rear end. I am certainly more interested in taking in the sight than navigating to the dance floor.

This is how the entire evening is going. I am dancing with two beautiful women in a few different clubs and I am getting to caress some fine ass. Neither girl is discouraging my wandering hands.

Now. after a few hours of this enjoyment, Jen asks if we are ready to call it a night and we head to the car.

“Johnny, will you drive, please? Alice and I have both had too much to drink to be behind the wheel and I noticed you were hardly indulging at all.”

“I kinda expected we would need a designated driver tonight. Where are we going?”

“Just take us to your place since it is the closest. I think Alice and I need to chill out for a bit and maybe we can use your futon to grab a nap to help us sober up before trying to get home. OK, Johnny?”

Then Alice piped up, “Jen, I think I want to try that book store again and have Johnny use his video skills. Can we go there first and then to Johnny’s place?”

Jen let out a trilling laugh. “Sure, you horny bitch. Johnny, you heard the lady.”

‘Wow. Bitch and lady in the same breath.’

“Sure.” I tried to smile when I said it, but I was thinking, ‘What is going on here? What are these two up to?’?

We head to the car and the girls both get in the back seat. ‘From pampered guest to chauffeur in one walk to the car. This is going to be a weird experience if they expect me to go in with them.’

I drive to the bookstore with the girls more or less whispering the whole twenty minutes. We arrive and the gals are out of the car almost as soon as I started to park. I decided to just sit where I am and see what happens. Wait just a minute! ‘In there you know there is one sexy woman that is going to be handing out blow jobs to all comers (pun definitely intended) and you’re going to sit in the car? What kind of idiot are you?’ I get out of the car. I decide to play it cool though. “I suppose you want me to provide protection again,” I ask? I try to sound somewhat disinterested. I may not have pulled that off.

Alice is walking towards me with her nipples in the lead. She places the right one right on my arm just above the elbow and then most of the rest of that boob is molding itself around my arm. It was slightly cool in the evening, but that left arm of mine is feeling quite warm all of a sudden. “Johnny, the only reason I want to do this tonight is because I know you will protect both of us. Besides, you are a proven videographer and I want a longer, better video than Jan has. So yes, you are coming in with us. All the way in.”

‘All the way in.’ I wonder if she means that as a double entendre` or just a statement about me escorting these two into the building and then into that room in the back?’

“I have never had a brother, so tonight I am adopting you and you are going to help me do this because that is what brothers do for sisters,” Alice averred.

“Well, hell, sis, then let’s do this. Jan bring that new camera of yours, OK?”

Then we walk, arm in arm(or should I say arm in boob?) to the sliding double doors of the book store. I have to buy some ones because they insist that the rooms are for viewing porn and you have to have them running all the time you are in there. Each runs for 6 minutes or ten bucks an hour. I bought twenty ones. The gal behind the counter said, “Take room three, please.” She said it loud enough for the guys looking czech sharking porno at the women I was escorting to hear where they were going. Since there were about a dozen of them, I figured it was going to get very busy in that room.

Even before the door closes Alice asks, “How does this work? Do I just stand by that hole in the wall until a cock shows up or what?”

Jen responds, “You might as well take off your clothes. Many will want to cop a feel of both tits and pussy. They will say it is to make sure you are a woman, but I think they just like to feel them.”


Meanwhile I look at the room we have been assigned. It is different than the one Jen and I had. This one was quite narrow with the TV on the wall opposite the door and a glory hole on each side.

Alice is excited. She strips and I get my first look at one great body. Her tits look larger than Jen’s, but that might be because the body is somewhat smaller. Her nipples are pointy and very hard with smaller, lighter aureoles. The nipples are eraser size and stick out at least three quarters of an inch at a guess. I did not have to guess what I wanted to do to them the instant I saw them. I didn’t because I still wasn’t sure what they had me here for. Perhaps they only wanted me to take the pictures. They had given me no clue, but surely Alice wouldn’t strip down in front of me and not expect me to react (part of me was reacting already in a lively manner), would she? Nah, of course not.

I hoped.

I take the camera from Jen and start to video immediately. I want to get that body in all its glory before it becomes the main attraction in the glory hole.

Alice places two fingers in the hole on the right and almost immediately a hand reaches through and begins to grab at the air. “Told you so,” Jen say smugly.

Alice walks up closer and places the hand right on her sex. For my part I walk right up to her and point the camera at the action, panning as I kneel to get the first close up of the evening. After only a couple of minutes Alice says, “Time for me to taste your dick.” and leans over to put her mouth in front of the hole. Sure enough a dick appears. “Oh, Thank you,” she says and starts to tease the cock with her tongue and lips. Then she slowly begins to put more of it in her mouth and I can see that she is using her tongue like a gal that knows what she is doing. She sloooowly sucks it in and has her nose in his pubic hair when her cheeks hollow out with the suction she is applying. Now I can really see the tongue action so I get a nice close up of that.

Suddenly I notice that Jen is at the other glory hole with two of her fingers in that one. She is still fully clothed and I don’t think she is going to fit very comfortably in the space between Alice’s butt and the wall if she intends to get in on the sucking action, but that is not her intention. A somewhat larger prick appears in that hole so Jen reaches for a condom from the stash provided. This she puts on the exposed cock and taps Alice on the butt. Alice stops her tender ministrations and looks up at Jen who directs her attention to the other cock. Alice see the condom and immediately gets the idea. The light finally comes on for me too. Alice bends down further and Jen guides the cock into her pussy. She must be very wet because even with the lube on it, it slides right in and now Alice is working two cocks. Now where am I supposed to be pointing the camera?

That one,at least, soon becomes easy. I lie on my back and point the camera first at the action going on in her mouth than pan over her tits as I zoom in on her pussy engulfing that cock. Her clit is not distended, but her pussy is leaking juices. Not a lot, but enough to make the fucking easy. I notice she is allowing the men to fuck her as she is not moving herself at all. She takes a load in her mouth and shortly the guy in her pussy can be seen jerking as he fills his condom.

Suddenly and without any preamble, she stands up and begins to put on her clothes.

“What? You are quitting already,” Jen asks?

“Yeah, this isn’t as adventurous or fun as the first time. Let’s just go home and have fun.” she replies.

“Sounds good to me,” Jen opined.

“OK,” is my only comment.

I notice that on the way out Jen purchased a DVD while Alice bought a rather large dildo. I can’t tell if it is battery operated. Not my business.

As we enter the car, with the ladies getting in the back again which left me playing chauffeur again, Jen asks’ “Johnny, would you stop somewhere so we can pick up some wine and maybe some scotch for you?”


I have picked up the alcoholic beverages and we are pulling in to my apartment’s parking spot as Alice speaks up for the first time this trip. “I need a nap.”

We all get out and walk into my apartment. Before we even get seated, Jen pipes up and tells me, “Johnny, if we are going to take a nap, Alice and I are going to get out of these clothes and put on some of yours! Perhaps a shirt and a pair of your shorts, OK?”

“Yeah, OK.” What else could I say? While they go to my bedroom for a change of attire I take the opportunity to shed my suit jacket, dreaded tie and dress shirt. I feel a little more normal in just my tee and slacks.

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