Sister-in-Law Cums to Stay Ch. 3

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There were already several bodies frying under the early sun as we reached the pool. Sylvia’s attitude was very casual. It was as if nothing had happened or at least nothing wrong. This made me feel good and bad at the same time. Was she hiding something? Was she in denial? Did she realize our actions were improper? Or was it that she was just happy and satisfied? At this point, I don’t know.

We took two chaise loungers near the deep end on the pool, away from a young mother and her two toddlers and next to a group of college students. The students were surrounding a pizza that had just been delivered and yapping about their summer classes. I laid out my towel and quickly jumped in the cool water. I reached the surface and nearly choked as my eyes fixed on Sylvia’s tight young ass pointing towards me as she bent over to fix her towel. Her suit fit like second skin, with no hair to stand in the way, displayed every fold and crevice of her sex. My dick began to stir again. How was I going to get away with this? Every time I see her, I see more beauty. I am going to be a walking hard-on! I turned away and swam underwater to the other side.

Fighting the urge to stare, I got out and headed for my chair. What I need is a little catnap to take my mind off the subject at hand. Of course that would not be possible. Sylvia had just finished coating the front of her body with glistening oil and was trying to find a comfortable position in her lounge. As she shifted her body, her suit twisted and the fabric slid across her hairless pussy, showing a peek of her swollen pink lips. I caught one of the college boys beside her sneaking a look at her luscious body and noticing her newly shaven sex. He adjusted his own package as he continued his examination. He finally became conscious of his stare and glanced at me and then away, not knowing that I was only her brother in law and not her boyfriend.

My eyes finally closed, as I lay under the sun’s strong rays. I drifted into a light sleep, still hearing the faint conversations around the pool. I am not sure how long I drifted, but when I awoke everyone had left the pool area accept the wandering eyed college boy and his female companion. They were in the pool holding on to each other, talking low, and kissing occasionally. They were floating near the deep end, just a few feet away from where we lay. Sylvia had now turned over and shown her ass to the couple. As I sat up, I could see that our young pool-goers had a direct view between Sylvia’s legs. Her legs were parted slightly and showed her suit crawling up into her cheeks. It was a nice view. I felt mischievous.

Picking up the oil, I poured some in my hands and began to gently rub it onto her back and shoulders. She did not move, but gave a low moan of approval. Applying bahis firmaları more of the slick substance, I moved lower, just above her waistline, and then jumping the fabric, onto her upper thighs. My hands rolled all the way down to her ankles and back upward stopping just short of ass. Smoothly, I moved her suit over just an inch or so, showing more her soft skin. Peeking out of the corner of my eye, I see the couple watching my every move. As if on cue, Sylvia swiftly rolled over and offered her front to my oily massage.

I started again at the top, just below her chin. Slowly moistening her neck with the oil, then down I go. My hands moved across her chest and under her suit. She showed no resistance and gave approval by reaching down and holding on to her chair tightly, letting out a soft moan. Leaving one hand on her breasts, I snaked the other down across her stomach and past her bikini. Gently pushing the fabric to one side, I revealed her newly shaven pussy to our audience and coated it with lubrication. At this point, she had made her own slickness as her juices flowed past her young unpenetrated lips. I peeked a view at the couple in the pool. They were not trying to hide their wandering eyes now and it was obvious that he had entered her from behind and was slowly pumping away as they watched the show.

My own raging hard-on strained against my suit and I thought of releasing it right there and pouncing upon her. That thought faded quickly as voices of playful children echoed around the corner. I swiftly replaced her suit covering her inviting wet hole, pushed my stiff prick downward and jumped in the pool for relief.

My pool entrance separated the young couple and the young man quickly got out of the pool and ventured towards the restrooms. Sylvia lay motionless on the chaise, her breathing back to normal, eyes closed. I leaned on the edge of the pool and stared at this beauty. She seemed perfect, yet I must remember she is not my wife. Just as the guilt begins to rise, a voice sounds out from behind me.

“The two of you are hot together.” The other half of our audience had swam next to me and began to talk. “I guess those kids aren’t coming in the pool. Too bad you had to stop. Billy got his, but I wanted to see more.”

I thanked the young woman for the compliment, and as we talked I tried to view her body through the water. She looked to be around 20 years old, with an athletic tight body. Her wet blond hair reached down to the middle of her back. Her breasts appeared firm and just slightly smaller than Sylvia’s. Michelle was her name and she just moved into the complex a week ago. She lived alone and the guy she was with today was an ex-boyfriend that remained “friends”, but occasionally had sex with. Shortly, after mentioning his name, kaçak iddaa her friend came back from the bathroom and grabbed his towel. Michelle took the hint and said it was time for her to go. As she out of the pool, she whispered that she was going to be alone tomorrow and invited us to her apartment for some cool drinks. My smile told her yes!

I got out of the pool and woke up Sylvia. She had fallen asleep, her hand still resting on her own breast. Her eyes appeared glossy and I suggested she head back to the apartment for a nap so she didn’t burn. She thought that was a good idea and grabbed her stuff and left. I lied down on my lounge chair for a second, but couldn’t get that sweet vixen out of my mind. Relaxing was out of the question, so I decided I had better work off some my tension. I collected my things and went to the gym.

About 90 minutes passed and I finished working on my arms, abs, chest and back. I walked into my apartment and headed straight to the kitchen for a big glass of water and then to the shower. In the bathroom was Sylvia’s towel and suit. I guessed that she took a shower before she went to sleep. I lingered in the shower for awhile letting the hot water roll over my muscles and loosen their tightness. When I finished I sprayed on a bit of CK1, wrapped the towel around my waist and headed to the kitchen for another glass of cold water. I then walked into my bedroom to get some dry clothes, but stopped in the doorway in awe. Sylvia had chosen my bed to take her nap. She lay on her stomach, silent and naked. Turning my eyes away, I opened my drawer and searched for a pair of shorts.

“Hey sexy, I have been dreaming about you.” The words sounded like part of my own dream. “Take off that towel and come lay with me. Please?” I did not have to be asked twice. I had thought about this moment for a long time. I had already struggled with the fact that this was a very young female, a virgin, and my sister-in-law. I have already gone too far to turn back. I had to have her.

She sat up on her elbows and motioned to the space next to her. I released the towel and revealed my throbbing penis. She looked at it hang in front of me and then up to my eyes. “I want you in me. I want you to be the first. I need you now!” I crawled next to her. My hand found her skin and slowly stroked her arm, shoulder and neck. “Please, make love to me.” Our lips touched and electricity zoomed through our bodies. Her hands explored my chest, abs and groin before concentrating on my cock. Her soft fingers wrapped around my shaft and slowly stroked as we kissed. My hands also found her shaved sex. Her juices soon covered the outside of her pussy lips. Gently I slid down between her legs and rolled my tongue across her slick labia. She shuddered and with another long kaçak bahis slow lick across her clitoris, she had her first orgasm. Her body shook, her back arched, and arms flew outward grabbing sheets and blankets to hold on to.

I continued to kiss the inside of her thighs, around her lips, but giving her clit a small rest for now. As I continued, I gradually inserted one finger inside her walls. Her breath quickens. Her pussy was incredibly tight, but I soon inserted a second digit. Her hips began to buck against my hand. I sat up as she continued to hump my hand. Her moans turned to screams and her hips a blur of movement. Suddenly, a deep breath and she sat still atop my hand. Her second orgasm. I removed my fingers and slid up next her. I placed my mouth upon her hard nipple and tugged lightly. As I sucked on one breast, I massaged the other with my hand. Her hand rested on mine and squeezed every time I squeezed her breast.

After minutes of oral attention to both breasts, she grabbed my cock and rubbed herself with the tip. I moved my body over hers and she opened her legs wide. I looked down into her eyes as she said, “I need you inside me, now!” I held my throbbing cock at the opening of her pussy. I rubbed across her lips and coated myself with her slick lube. Gently, I move the tip past her lips and rested at the door of her sex. Slowly, I move downward and slide every inch into her soft virgin walls. Her head falls to one side and she takes a deep, deep breath. I stop as my entire rod is buried inside her and my balls lay upon her skin. I wait for a sign that she is all right and wants me to continue. After a few minutes she regains somewhat normal breathing and opens her eyes again. That was my sign.

I pulled my hips back and again slowly entered her again. Again, pulling my hips back and sliding deep inside her slowly and then a bit faster. Her hands find their way to my ass and she grabs and pulls at every downward motion. Soon, my thrusts and hard and fast. She continues to pull me into her again and again. Her breathing is rapid and vocal. “YES!” she says over and over. “I am cuming! Oh God!” My cock is almost ready to explode. Her screams, her tight pussy and young hot body is nearly too much for me. I grab he breasts as I continue to drive my cock into her. “Yes, I am still cuming. Keep going. Yes!”

It is all too much to hold out any longer. “I am going to pull out,” I manage to say between heavy breaths.

“I want to see it!” she exclaims. “Please, let me see you cum!” With that, I pull my slick cock from her soaked hole and take one stroke before sending streams of thick cum across her stomach and chest. I seem to cum forever, as I shoot again and reach her neck and chin. Sylvia is quietly admiring the white fluid that covers her skin. She uses her fingers and rubs it across her skin, then takes one finger coated in cum and places it on her tongue. She looked up to me with a sparkle in her eye and a smile, “I always have wondered and now I know. Thank you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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