Sis, Niece and Daughter

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It was late on a Friday night that my sister Kat called me to let me know my wayward daughter would be in town for a week or so. Ginnie usually came and went without my ever finding out about until she was gone so this was going to be a real fun weekend. I have been fucking Kat for about 25 years, I have wanted to fuck our niece Andrea ever since she was 16 and my daughter will be 19 in May.

As I drove to my sister’s house I was wondering if there was some way that I could find to get into the pants all three during this next week or so. I knew how much my sister loved my cock; she would do anything for including taking my rather large fists up both her holes at once if it meant she could keep sucking my cock. Maybe she could help facilitate my getting into the other two women that I wanted to use and abuse. After I fuck her I made a plan to get her help in including the others into our little family sex fun.

As I arrived at Kat’s house to my surprise Andrea and Ginnie’s cars were in the yard. Interesting, as I hadn’t told Kat that I would be coming over and here were the two very same bodies that I was lusting after. I went to the living room window and looked in and what to my wondering eyes should appear but three naked females with a hand up another’s cunt while they dildoed each others asses. I stood very still and watched as Kat fisted and ass fucked my daughter with an 8″ dildo bringing her to a massive spurting orgasm.

My eyes wander to finally see Andrea naked and she was on the verge of a very wet orgasm herself as Ginnie plowed her ass with a 10″ dildo that was about 3″ thick. Looking at Kat she was in her glory she had a 12″ by 5″ dildo up her ass, Andrea’s fist pounding her cunt while she sucked on Kat’s clit. I thought to myself wait until your aunt Kat comes in you mouth you better be ready to swallow as she can spurt a lot of cum when she is being fisted. I then notice that Kat was looking right at me and nodded her head for me to come inside, now I knew I had been set-up and this was going to be a night I would never forget.

As I entered the room Ginnie was just filling Kat’s mouth with a load of her cum, as was Kat filling Andrea’s mouth. The only one not cumming was Andrea, and Kat and Ginnie soon cured that by eating her ass and pussy at the same time until she spurted her load all over their faces. As they lay there recovering from their orgasms I heard Ginnie mention she couldn’t wait to finally fuck her Daddy as it had been a fantasy of her’s for a few years now. Andrea stated she would love to try sucking on my cock if it were really as big as Kat stated. ankara escort Kat looked at them both as told them the time is now because your father and uncle has been watching outside and would join us in a minute. This said I walk into the room naked with my 8 1/2 by 3 1/2-inch cock hard and ready to fuck all three of them through the night.

The first to react was from Ginnie, she crawled over to me and looking up into my eyes sucked the head of my dick down her throat, deep-throating my cock as my niece moved behind and started to tongue my ass and asshole. Both girls were doing fantastic as Kat approached me putting her pussy juice drenched hand to my mouth and told me lick you daughters cum off my hand while she sucks you big hard dick down her throat. As I licked her hand she whispered in my ear, ” what took you so long, I’ve been fucking these two for over an hour and could have used your help?”

“Well you amazon slut, I’m here now and the first thing I’m going to fuck is my daughters throat until I blow my load. I want to eat each of you sluts until I get a mouthful of cum from each of you. Then I’m going to fuck your asshole and I’ll fuck it until you can make those two cum with your fists stuffed up their cunts, then we will switch until I nail all three of you. Kat looked at and shook her head no you can have me anytime, you need to fuck these two sluts and fist them yourself while I make a meal out of your ass and balls. So I turned to my niece and daughter and asked whose first girls?

Ginnie looked at me and at Andrea and said “lets do him together, you start out on his face and I’m gonna suck my daddies cock like it ain’t never been sucked before.” Andrea crawled onto my tongue and started riding my face while I played with her asshole working first one finger until she begged for another. While this was happening Ginnie sucked my balls while Kat rimmed my ass. As I eased through Andrea’s asshole with the two fingers she begged for more and I gave her a third finger and then a fourth as she grabbed my wrist and forced more of my knuckles up her ass.

She started cumming filling my mouth with a huge load of girl cream that I swallowed and sucked for all she had. By this time Andrea asked for my whole hand, I folded my thumb in and she forced my hand into her ass up to my wrist while she screamed in orgasm filling my mouth and cumming for minutes before passing out.

Kat looked at Ginnie and told her “Fuck your daddy, baby and do him like I taught you.” Ginnie took my cock drawing it to her pussy and pulling me inside her in one thrust moaning how good escort ankara it felt to be again fucking her daddy like the horny slut that she is. As Ginnie rode my cock she gasp at Kat “oh that feels so good please sink it in all the way” as I felt something going into Ginnie’s ass along side of my cock. I look at Kat and saw she must be wearing her strap-on dildo.

I just wondered which one as Ginnie’s eyes bugged out. I realized she must be using the one that kept getting thick the deeper it went, much like a buttplug only it doesn’t taper down it just keeps getting bigger until it is 8″ thick around at its base. As Ginnie kept fucking me Kat kept fucking her ass. Andrea was coming around and sat on my face so I could lick her dripping pussy, watching Ginnie getting double fucked really turned her on. Ginnie leaned down and thrust her smaller hand straight up Andrea’s ass and fisted her ass while I ate her ravenously. This caused Andrea to shoot a spurt of her copious

As Ginnie rode my cock I felt a deep rumbling in my balls and knew that she was about to get a good load of cum straight up her pussy while her aunt worked on bottoming out the dildo in her ass. Kat finally got the base of the dildo to touch the ring of Ginnie’s ass just as I flooded her pussy with my first load of cum. Ginnie went off into a multiple cum that had her thrashing like she was hooked to a live wire. Kat kept pumping her ass and she went off again soaking my balls and keeping my dick hard enough to go right on fucking her through five more of her massive orgasms before she moaned,” stop, please stop, enough it hurts, my pussy hurts.”

I looked at her, took her head in my hands and asked how her ass felt. She replied ” wide enough to take your hand, daddy.” So Kat pulled out and I stuffed my fingers into her ass. She groaned and asked for the whole hand, which as I sank my hand into her I balled my hand into a fist and punch my arm up her ass almost to my elbow, while she came over and over again covering my arm and body with her juices as they spurted all over me.

Kat watched in astonishment and looking at me remarked ” I’m next for that forearm up my ass.” I looked at Andrea and told her to put on her aunt Kat’s dildo and stuff it up her aunt’s ass so she could get ready for my arm up her ass. Andrea looked at me and said, “while you do her’s can you fist fuck mine too?” “Only if you can get yourself stretched out, maybe Ginnie will help by lubing and stretching out your ass to begin the process for my arm. These girls had been getting something up their butts for awhile and now wanted something ankara escort bayan bigger, and I was just the man to give it to them.

The three of them were getting each other ready for the next turn to see if the could handle the forearm of the man who has been sexually satisfying one of them for many years. As I watched the preparations my dick got hard and I thought it would be nice that while I was fisting two of the ladies the other should take care of my needs. So I readied Ginnie’s pussy for my cock by plugging her ass with an 8″ buttplug so that she will be very tight when she fucks me while I fist fuck her aunt and cousin.

Ginnie really liked that idea and worked doubly hard on opening up her cousin’s asshole while Andrea started really slamming the huge dildo straight up Kat’s ass. After taking a breather and getting the ladies all something to drink, I had both ladies grease up my arms in preparation for the journey up their asses. Kat lubed and stuffed the buttplug up Ginnie’s ass and positioned her on her knees in front of my dick and forced my cock hard into her pussy. Ginnie pounded her hips back taking my whole cock in one lunge, with the buttplug in place her pussy felt as tight as her virgin asshole did when I took that on her eighteenth birthday.

Andrea and Kat were on their knees in front of me pulling their ass cheeks apart, exposing their stretched open assholes. I first eased three fingers into each asshole before me and rotated those fingers around adding a fourth finger to each asshole. As I thrust my hands into those two receptive holes they both begged for my thumb and I gave then that and more. I gave each woman my hand and about 8″ of my forearm straight up her shit chutes. Each of them grunted and Ginnie started rocking her hips on and off my cock fucking herself to multiple orgasms. As the ladies thrust themselves on and off my arms, I kept getting deeper and deeper. Andrea had taken my arm to the elbow, while Kat had adjusted her inner-self to accept my arm to the biceps.

Ginnie looked on as these the sluts from our family actually enjoyed having my arms up their asses. From just watching Ginnie began to come and she drenched my cock and balls when she spurted. Kat suddenly spurted her orgasms, about 10 total all over Ginnie and I. Then as Kat and Ginnie wound down Andrea started to cum and they just intensified until she too was drenching Ginnie and I with the overflow from her spurting orgasm. I lay there covered in pussy juice as the girls have spurted all over me. Kat smiled sat on my face and I ate her until she had a small dribbling orgasm into my mouth. Try as I might I could not wring another orgasm out of the very satisfied ladies and they suggested a shower and some sleep so we could play some more when we wake up. So its time to sleep and fuck these ladies again later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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