Sinnndy Meets Billy

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I was 18, I had graduated high school about a month ago. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start college this year, or delay it for a year. It was a rainy July night. My softball game had been canceled, and I decided to go to my health club. I saw some familiar faces there. I had worked out earlier in the day, so I was really there to socialize. There were a couple of guys that I had a gangbang with a month back. They were working hard for a repeat performance, and while it was an awesome session, I was in the mood for something new and exciting. I was doing some flyes on a machine, and a guy came up, and asked if he could work in. Without looking up, I said sure. When I was finished with my set, I looked up, and for one of the first times in my life, I was speechless. In front of me, was one of the best looking men I had ever seen.

We got to talking, I found out his name was Billy. He was 31, 5-10 190 pounds, muscular, but not steroid muscular like some of the guys at the club. Shoulder length straight brown hair, and big beautiful brown eyes. He just moved to town from Scottsdale, Arizona, to open up a new business. He was divorced about a year back, but really didn’t go into. We just met, so I didn’t want to pry.

He had great legs, and the tastiest looking tight ass. I love good looking guys, but Billy was a notch above the rest of the guys I had been with. He had a kind face, with very manly, athletic features. The next time you go to a pro sports event, take a real close look at the athlete’s faces. There is a look that pros have that weekend warriors don’t. It’s a confident, strong hunter look. Billy had that. He had been a minor league pitcher, but hurt his arm after four years in the minors. My dad was a second baseman in the Orioles minor league system, but just didn’t have what it took to make it to the majors. Billy had made it to AAA, but had shoulder surgery, and lost too much velocity off of his fastball.

We went out for drinks after lifting. He had a great sense of humor, a very important trait for me. We talked more about why he got divorced. He married her five years ago, she was a very hot blond, and very kinky. They were swingers, and had been to a lot of swap parties. Somehow I always end up talking about sex. Can’t help myself. When they got married, she decided she didn’t want to try anything kinky anymore, no more swinging. She also started to get fat. While Billy loved swinging, with other couples, he would not cheat on her. He came home early one day, and found her in bed with some fat neighbor. He filed for divorce, and made plans to move away.

We had a great conversation, both agreeing that neither of us was looking for anyone serious, just some fun, and laughs. I then told him, that I would be going away on vacation the following day, for a whole week. I was really bummed, here was this great guy, I wanted him bad, and I had to go away for a week. I gave him my number, and he promised to call when I got back into town. I figured, yeah, sure, he will call. Fat chance.

I went on vacation with my family. We go to the Lake of the Ozarks every July 4th, with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. They have a condo, boat and Jet Ski on the lake. I spent almost the whole trip on the Jet Ski, I love that thing. Its like being the Captain of your own ship. You just have to watch out for big boats. They have a tendency of not seeing jet skiers.

My cousins and I went out to a bar one night for a couple of drinks. It was early and pretty quiet there. They were both older than me, and had boyfriends, so they went home before me. I started partying with two pretty good looking local guys about my age, and they said they would take me home. We stayed at he bar; it was called Shooters 21, and danced for a while. The guys asked me if I wanted to go party back at their place. Being horny as usual, I said yes.

We got back to their place, it was kind of run down, but it was clean inside. Luke asked me if I wanted a beer, and I said sure. Phil asked me what kind of music I liked. I asked if he had any Def Leppard. He said yes, and put on the latest CD. I hadn’t heard it yet, and fell in love with it immediately. We sat down and started talking about high school, and they started talking about college, they were going on their third year at U of Missouri. We started talking about sex. You see, I just can’t control myself. We got to the subject of güvenilir bahis the wildest place that we ever had sex.

Luke’s place, was on his parents living floor with his stepsister, with his parents in their room, and relatives staying in the basement. Anyone could have walked in on them. Phil had sex with a girl just outside of the police station. My story, which actually happened, was the time my family took a Southern Caribbean cruise. We had hit a couple of the islands, and the last stop, which I think was St. Thomas, had a beach, which started out as a normal beach, but as you walked down, it turned into a topless beach, and if you went down further, was completely nude. I took a bus with my mom, dad, brother, and a guy I had met on the cruise. He was a couple of years older than I was, and a lot of fun.

When we got to the beach, I told my parents that we were going to the nude end. Being nudists, I knew my whole family would end up at the nude part. So Jake and I found our little portion of the beach, peeled off our clothes, and jumped into the ocean. It felt so free to be naked in public, and not even think about it. Everyone else was nude, young, old, fat, skinny. No one, well maybe a couple of Americans were staring. We are such an uptight society; there should be nude beaches everywhere.

We went back to our spot, and laid out in the sun. After a while, Jake started kissing me. We were trying to act nonchalant, but we were both getting horny. Jake got on top of me, and eventually worked his cock into me. He couldn’t pump really hard, we didn’t want to get arrested, and somewhere nearby, was my family. People were walking all around us, pretending not to notice. There was one guy; he looked like Isaac from the Love Boat. He was walking all around us, like he was looking for someone, but you could tell he was checking us out. It was getting late, so Jake picked up the pace a little, and finally came. We picked up out towels, and went back to the bus.

After that story, the guys decided that mine was the hottest. Luke came close to me, and started kissing me. Phil was also close, and I turned from Luke, and started kissing him. We all got up, and took off our clothes. I got on my knees, and pushed Luke down on the couch. I started licking the head of his cock, it wasn’t huge, about 6”, but I really didn’t care at the time. Phil got behind me, and started licking my pussy. He was doing a pretty good job, licking my clit, and finger fucking me. I swallowed Luke’s cock, and started bobbing up and down on his cock. I didn’t want him to cum just yet, so I slowed down, and then started licking his balls.

I felt the tip of Phil’s cock at my pussy; he then slid it in slowly, and started to fuck me at a nice steady pace. He wasn’t too long either, but he was pretty thick, and it was what I needed at the time. I wanted to be DP’d, so I pulled away from Phil, and mounted Luke, I asked Phil if there was anything back there he liked. He put some saliva on his cock, spread my ass cheeks, and buried his cock deep inside of me. I love having two or more cocks in me at the same time. This wasn’t the first time these two guys had tag teamed a girl. They did the Chinese fire drill on me. Switching positions, I now was sitting on Luke with his cock in my ass, and Phil facing me, drilling my pussy. Phil was the first to cum, pulling out of my pussy, and spraying his jism all over my breasts. I told Luke to let me know when he was close. He said that he was near, and I jumped off him, and swallowed his cock, and his cum down my throat.

We got dressed, and they took me back to the condo. I kissed them goodbye. That was the last action I saw down at the lake. It was a fun trip however; I always enjoy spending time with my family. Everyone is good-natured, and can handle a good ribbing.

We got back late Sunday night. My mom told me that I had a phone call from Billy. I couldn’t believe it, he really called. We talked for a while. I told him about how great my vacation was, and about Phil and Luke. We set up a date for the following Friday night.

Billy picked me up in his car. A brand new green Lexus, a really sweet car. He smelled yummy. He gave me a kiss on my cheek, which I though was really sweet. I asked him where we were going, and he told me it was a surprise. He showed that he was a good listener, when we showed up at my favorite sushi restaurant. türkçe bahis We talked about sushi when we first met. It was my favorite food and one of his too. I let Billy order. All of the food was great, especially the spider rolls. He told the chef’s to just surprise us. I had no idea what I was eating some of the time, but I loved it all.

Billy also ordered sake and Sapporo beer. He introduced me to sake shooters. You take the sake glass, and drop it into a glass of beer, and then chug. It was great, and I got pretty tipsy. After dinner, we went back to the same bar that we went to the night we met. We talked about everything, sports, weight training, family, sexual fantasies and favorite positions. I was really attracted to him, and could not wait to see him naked.

Billy said that it was getting late, and that he had an appointment the next day. He then drove me home, I was really disappointed, I was soooooo horny. Billy walked me to the door, and gave me a nice soft kiss on the lips, I was waiting for more, but he said good night, and started walking to the car. I thought to myself, did I say something wrong? Does he think I’m too young? Did I fart? Crap, I want to fuck this guy soooo baaaaad. As if he was reading my mind, Billy turned around, and asked if he could see me tomorrow night. I said, “yes, I would really like that.” He said, “I’ll pick you up at seven, dress casually”. He got in his car, and drove away.

I ran up to my room. Took of my clothes, and started fondling my breasts. Working my fingers down to my dripping pussy. Rubbing my clit, mmmmmm, I wish Billy was here right now I thought to myself. I took out my 7” dildo, got on my knees on my bed, and started sliding it in and out of my pussy, fucking myself hard, and rubbing my clit. It felt wonderful, I was imagining it was Billy fucking me. I have a hard time cumming when I masturbate, but the thought of Billy fucking me brought me over the edge. It took me five minutes to catch my breath. I then went to sleep.

I decided I needed to really catch Billy’s eye. So I went out, and bought the sexiest shortest, tightest dress I could find. No panties of course, shaved everywhere; I was nice and smooth. I put some Candies perfume on, I love that stuff, and no man can resist me when I wear Candies. When Billy got to the door, and I opened up, well his eyes just bulged out of his head. He said, “wow, you look great! I thought I mentioned casual attire for tonight.” I looked at him and said, ”what, this old thing. I just threw on the first thing I could find in my closet.

When we pulled up at Silo pizza, I knew I was way overdressed, or underdressed, depending on how you look at it. Of course, it really didn’t bother me since I am such a show off. Every eye in the restaurant turned to check me out. If I was to stand on my toes, my ass would stick out from under my dress, which again didn’t bother me.

I love pan pizza, and the Silo is my favorite. We had a nice conversation, both of us complimenting the other one on their looks. Billy said, “that’s some get up you are wearing. Are you trying to seduce me?” I looked at him, and said, “of course silly, I can’t wait to get you in the sack and jump your bones.” We both laughed, but we also knew I was telling the truth.

After dinner, Billy asked if I wanted to see a movie. I asked if he had any appointments the next day and he said, “no”. So I said, sure, a movie would be fine. We went to see Keep the Faith, with Ben Stiller and Edward Norton. It was supposed to be funny, and we both love comedies. The movie was really a riot, but we had a dead audience. It seemed like Billy and I were the only ones laughing. About halfway through the movie, I was really wondering what was wrong with me, how could any mortal man not be all over me. Again, as if reading my mind, Billy put his arm around my shoulders, looked at me, and smiled. I figured, ok, maybe he is shy, but I don’t think that’s the case. Maybe he really likes me, and just wants to take it slow. I was hoping that was it.

At one point, Billy looked deep into my eyes, bent over, and gave me the most passionate, loving, gentle kiss I have ever had. I just melted in his arms, he had me, and he knew it. I am usually the one in control, a real hard ass, but I was putty in his strong arms. We kissed for what seemed like hours, since the audience was quiet; it was a real romantic moment. güvenilir bahis siteleri I felt his hand on my thigh, I was dripping wet, I’m sure he could smell my juices flowing. He reached under my dress, started lightly fingering my pussy lips, while still kissing me deeply and passionately. He started rubbing my clit. Ohhhhh myyyyyyy, he had a great touch, magic fingers. After about a minute, I came, moaning loudly. A lot of people were telling us to be quiet, take it outside. We got up and left, laughing.

When we got into his car, I helped him pull his pants down. He started the car, and I placed my head in his lap, and started licking and sucking his cock and balls. When we got to a stoplight, I climbed on his lap, and impaled myself on his cock. What a great cock he has. Later that night, I measured it at 8 ½” and 2 ½” wide. I started riding him while he tried to drive home. If we would have been pulled over by a cop, we would have been in big trouble. He didn’t live that far from the theater. So when we got in his garage, he carried me, still riding his cock, into his house, gently laid me on his bed, and started to fuck me like a mad man.

He pulled out of me, and placed me on my knees, he then stuck his cock back in my pussy, I loved his cock, it is the perfect length and width, big and wide, but not too big and wide, a perfect fit. He fucked me at a nice steady pace for a while. He then pulled out of my pussy, and since we talked about my love of anal sex, he slid right into my ass, not missing a stroke. Ohhhhh it hurt so good, he really knew how to control the pace, when to speed up, and when to slow down. He then surprised me by slapping my ass. It wasn’t really hard, but I definitely felt it. He then slapped my other cheek, and I found myself liking it. He then said to me, “so, you like it rough, huh you little slut?” I said “yes you bastard, fuck me, fuck my ass hard.”

I had never had rough sex, or talked dirty, and I was really turned on by it. He started fucking me really hard, and slapping my ass at will, and I loved it. I had never been turned on so much in my life. “Who’s my little whore? Huh, who slut?” “I am, I’m your slut, your whore, fuck me please, use me, hurt me please.” He then leaned forward, and started pulling my hair pretty hard, “how’s that you little whore, you like that too?” “Ohhhhh yes Billy, fuck me, harder please. Use me, I’m your whore, use me any way you want to.” He said, “you’re dam right, you are my whore, you will do what I say, fuck when I want to be fucked, and if I tell you to fuck my friends, you will do it. Right bitch?” I said, “Ohhhhh yessss Billy, I will do what you say, fuck and suck whoever you tell me to, whenever you want me to, just keep fucking me, please.” With that he started pulling my hair with one hand, and slapped my ass with the other, like I was his pet, and I loved it. It was the hottest sex session of my life. If Billy told me to fuck a dog or eat his shit, at that time I would have done anything for him. I had never felt this way about any man.

Billy then started grunting, and I felt the familiar feeling of cum filling up my bowels. Billy collapsed on top of me, cock still in my ass. Both of us out of breath. His cock finally slid out of my ass. We then cuddled. Billy started apologizing, telling me he hoped he wasn’t too rough. I told him that I had never been so turned on, and that I would have done anything he wanted or wants me to do. He told me he didn’t know what got into him, that he isn’t usually that rough, this early in a relationship. I asked him, “are we in a relationship? If so, we must have ground rules”. He agreed, and we came up with these rules. There will be no jealousy; we are allowed to date other people, as long as we tell each other about it, have no problem with the person that the other one is seeing. I told Billy, that I would only see people that he wanted to see me with, that I would trust him and his choices. I also agreed that since he goes out of town a lot, that he could see women in other towns, as long as he told me about their sex session. We also agreed that neither one of us wants to get married anytime soon, and that I’m too young anyway.

I have now been with Billy for 8 months, a record for me. We have not broken any of our rules, and while we have had some minor disagreements, hell who agrees on everything? We have never had a major fight yet. He has no problem with me living with my girlfriend, especially since he gets to join in every now and then. We have fulfilled a lot of each other’s fantasies. Nothing is taboo. I will write about some of our adventures, another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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