Siblings Strip Away Past Notions

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James, Luke, Austin, and Harris had been friends since freshman year of college. Now entering their senior year, they decided to do something that they chickened out of doing at the last minute the year before. They were moving far off campus to an apartment complex that catered to young professionals making decent money.

As college students, they had to get a two-bedroom apartment and double up (unbeknownst to the management) since a four-bedroom apartment was twice the amount of what they’d pay near campus. But as Austin had said when he first saw the complex, “You can’t beat this place.” The layouts were spacious with hardwood floors, the kitchens had stainless steel appliances, and most importantly, it had amenities that could not be touched by student housing. There was a large heated pool, free wifi, an enclosed park with a grilling patio, a gym with squat racks, and a clubhouse with a projector screen and games.

James had first discovered this holy grail a year earlier when he was helping his older sister move into the same complex. The fact that his sibling lived nearby was somewhat of a thorn for James. They had gotten on each other’s nerves growing up being as they were only one year apart. Despite James often being there to stick up for her when she needed it, he resented the fact that she was the “perfect” child that always got the attention for being cute and funny. She was also smart enough to graduate a year early with ease, meanwhile James had to work hard to keep good grades in software engineering.

The main benefit of having his sister there was that it was the only way his strict parents would allow him to live off campus. Unlike his sister, James did not get a full-ride and a cushy job at a law firm while going to law school. Since he was still taking his parents’ money, they still had control over aspects of his life.

James did not think too much about those things now, though. Once he and his friends had disseminated their potluck-of-furniture throughout the apartment and had their TV and Nintendo Switch set up, James felt like he was entering the dreamlife and felt a sense of freedom and true adulthood.

With there being a couple days before the start of classes, James and his roommates decided to spend the following day enjoying the amenities of their new home.


After they guys woke up, they discussed what they would do that day over breakfast.

“We could throw a football around. I hear a couple guys who were kicked off the team are starting an IM team, so we should probably practice a little if we want to make the playoffs again,” Harris suggested.

“True, but we should also go to the gym because I did shit all summer,” Luke admitted.

James swallowed his oatmeal. “As long as we go to the pool later and see if we can meet some people.” All the guys got giddy.

“Absolutely,” Austin agreed. “The only thing this place is missing is a hot tub. But, then again, we also have the theater in the clubhouse. We might have a better chance of meeting girls here than we would near campus.”

“Well then I say we work up a sweat and then cool down in the pool.” Everyone nodded in agreement with Harris.

As they got up from the table to put their dishes in the sink, the doorbell rang. James announced he would get it and went into the living room to look through the peephole. He saw a warped image of a young, fit, excited woman. It was Wendy, his sister. James knew their parents would tell her to check up on him.

Instead of opening the door wide to let her in, James quickly cracked the door open and slipped outside. On the ground-floor stoop, James said hello to his sister.

“Hey, I’m so glad you’re living here!” Wendy exclaimed enthusiastically. “How are things going so far?”

“Good, good. You know, there’s a lot to do to move in, but we’re getting there.” James had his hands twirling awkwardly in his pockets.

“Is everything okay?” Wendy was mildly concerned about her brother’s behavior.

“Oh yeah, everything is great. Why do you ask?”

“Well you seem a little uncomfortable. And you also seem like you don’t want to see me.”

“That’s not true,” James defended.

Wendy rebutted, “Then why are we standing outside and you seem anxious to get back inside?”

James thought for a moment. “Well the move was stressful and things are still a mess. I don’t want you to see it and have to tell mom and dad how bad it was. They’d get concerned.”

Wendy promptly laughed. “Ha-ha, oh my god, do you really think I would rat on you because your place is a little messy?”

“No, of course not. It’s just that I know you wouldn’t lie to mom and dad if they asked.”

Wendy kept laughing. “What do mean? I lie to them all the time!”

James was shocked to hear her say that. Growing up she had always been the perfect child and she was usually the one to tell on him for doing something dangerous or stupid (which in reality, was probably a good thing). James then realized that since she went away to school and ankara escort spent her summers near campus working different jobs and internships that he really hadn’t seen her much lately. They never saw each other on campus. He really only knew the high-school version of his sister. “Well, regardless,” he answered, “I feel embarrassed about how chaotic it is at the moment.”

“Ok, fair enough. I can always swing by later in the week. I should probably say hi to your friends and introduce myself.”

“No,” James said rather quickly. “I think they’re still eating breakfast. But you can do that later, too.”

After James said goodbye to his sister he went back inside and told his friends that he was helping a deliveryman that came to the wrong address.


James, Luke, Austin, and Harris had a great time playing football. It was a great day out because it was a warm August day without being humid. The grass field in the center of the complex was spacious and allowed them to run plays and horse around.

After nearly three hours of running and tackling they had their fill and decided it was time to take a dip in the pool.

There was a level of excitement about going to the pool. It was the first opportunity they would have to meet new neighbors, specifically some of the women.

“I love this place,” Austin said dryly, immediately upon entering the gate. It took only a moment before his three friends saw the group of girls tanning in sun chairs. It was a challenge not to stare. The only downside was that with the women having sunglasses on they couldn’t tell if they were sleeping or not, so walking up to them and introducing themselves was not a wise move.

They went to put their towels down and decided they didn’t need sunblock. They figured the fact that it was not hot out was the reason why the pool desk was not busy.

“Six o’clock,” Harris said in a hushed tone. “Don’t stare.”

The three guys took turns casually looking over to see a gorgeous tanned Latina woman in a red bikini. She was listening to music and flipping through a magazine. “That’s probably why rent is so high,” James joked, causing a round of muffled laughter.

“I’m hoping the heater isn’t on yet so it’s still a little cool.” Luke turned around to put his foot into the pool to check the temperature. “Oh shit! Guys, guys, guys.”

“What?” They whispered. The three friends were hoping people weren’t watching their friend have a quiet meltdown. “I think I found her. The one,” Luke said dramatically, but with a trace of honesty. “To my right. I love this place.”

The three other friends looked down the row of chairs next to them. They saw the outline of a young woman with curves in all the right places, a body that rounded out the fabric of her black bikini. She seemed to have noticed them staring through the side of her aviators because she looked back at them and sat up to remove her glasses. At first she gave a curious squint, but then her face lit up. All four men stared in amazement, but one of them was shocked in a different way.

The 5’6″ brunette walked over to them with her sizable breasts, round bottom, and ponytail bobbing in unison with her stride. “Hey, James!”

The three friends stared at James like they had just discovered he had been living a secret double-life. In a million years this was the last thing he expected to see on this day, and he felt foolish for thinking he could prevent the inevitable earlier in the morning. “Hi, Wen,” he said, mandatorily.

“I’m glad you found time from you’re busy move-in to make it out to the pool.”

“Oh, well we finished moving in yest-“

“Yeah, you know, we worked up a sweat playing football,” James cut Austin off before he could get caught in a lie. James could feel his friends’ eyes running up and down his sister’s body and smiling face. Four years ago the idea of his sister wearing a bikini to a public pool was inconceivable because their strict parents would have lost it… James could now see why.

“Gotcha. I’m in the same boat. I just came back from yoga and thought I’d unwind before hitting the books.”

“You’re studying already?” Luke was the first one brave enough to speak to the jaw-dropping woman.

“Yep, I’m a law-school girl. The work never stops for me. Hmm… so based on the pictures James posts on Facebook, I’m going to guess you’re Luke?”

Luke nodded like his favorite celebrity knew his name.

Wendy then looked at the blonde-haired college kid of medium height and build. “And that makes you Austin?”

Austin nodded his head in confirmation.

Being the only lean, tall caramel-skinned friend that her brother had, Harris was the easiest to recognize. “And that would make you Harris.”

“Yes, I am,” he tried to say coolly.

“Well it’s nice to meet you guys. I can tell you’re here to swim so I’ll let you get to it. But I should come over later in the week to hang out, if I can get free from schoolwork.”

“Ok,” all of the guys except for James said at once.

As escort ankara soon as Wendy turned around, James knew what was coming. His friends were still fixated on her body, but that did not stop them from kicking off the spiel that James had heard time and time again growing up.

“Dude, your sister is the hottest woman alive!”

“Is she single?”

“I hate to say it, but I’m definitely going to think about your sister when I go to sleep tonight.”

“Please stop,” James said, knowing fully well that they wouldn’t. “Let’s just go swim.”

“Good idea, our erections will be easier to hide in the water.”

James jumped into the pool with his friends, and in that moment, just wanted to keep sinking into oblivion. He did not want to resurface to hear more of their comments and see them ogling her.

Eventually his air bubbles ran out and he resurfaced to see them “sneak” peaks at her, trying to make it look like it was just happenstance that they were looking in her direction. They would not have made it as spies.

“They’re like D cups of sun-tanned Jell-O,” one friend whispered.

“Did you see her when she walked away? James, is your mom half-black, because that’s gotta be genetic. Yoga alone can’t do that.”

James was spacing out and did not see the need to catalog which one of his friends said which irksome thing. What had the promise of being a dream day had become a painful exercise. He had began to question why he had even risked moving into the same complex where his sister lived. He loved it so much that he had been too optimistic in thinking it was big enough for the both of them.

It had been easy to tell off boys that behaved inappropriately around his sister growing up, but as an adult it was futile to fight off his friends. “So, do you think any of the plays we practiced this morning would work in an actual game?”

The changing of the subject surprisingly worked- to an extent. As they went over the plays they had made up in the morning, the guys were still unapologetically letting their eyes wander. At least James got a break from the comments.

From her lounge chair, Wendy saw James in the water with his friends. His back was to her and she noticed his friends glancing up at her occasionally. She was used to boys staring by now, and it did not particularly bother her. Wendy wondered if she had been too presumptuous by assuming James just wanted to go swimming with his friends and didn’t want to talk to her. After only seeing him on holidays and extended breaks at home for the last four years, she felt bad about having an opportunity to catch up and just walking away.

As James went over what he liked about a post route that Harris ran, he noticed his friends were no longer listening. Wendy had sat down just behind James and his friends were looking over his head.

“Hey, guys!”

“Hey, Wendy,” Austin said.

James wanted to sink again.

“So how are you guys liking it here so far?”

“We never want to leave,” Luke said wistfully. For some reason, that line infuriated James the most.

“Hey, Wen,” James said, while turning towards her and making his way to the edge of the pool, “can I talk to you about something mom said?”

“Sure,” Wendy replied in a concerned voice.

James walked over to an isolated corner of the concrete pool area and Wendy followed. Before Wendy could ask what was wrong, James blurted out in a tired voice, “Can you please put on a sundress or a wrap or whatever is in style now?”

“What?” Wendy was taken back and confused by her brother’s comments. “Why?”

“Because you’re- they- my friends are being assholes and you’re making it worse than it needs to be.”

“Excuse me? What have I done? I have been nice to you and have wanted to catch up, and you’ve been acting like I’m a nuisance.”

“It’s just that they’re staring at you and you’re flaunting everything…”

For a brief second Wendy swore she saw her brother holding his gaze on her body for longer than it should have been. Wendy knew his friends were checking her out and it had to be annoying for James, who had always been protective of her. She had appreciated him standing up for her growing up, but she was now grown up. She had changed a lot, and became much more independent. She realized that her brother had never truly gotten to know her as an adult.

Wendy was sympathetic, but she also knew it was not her responsibility. “I can’t control what they do with their eyes. And I’m not going to change my behavior for them. I’m going to wear what I want to wear.”

James was frustrated because, as always, it was impossible to argue with her logic. “I don’t need you to change your behavior, I just am asking you to tone it down a bit. I mean, you gotta see how that bikini is practically an invitation to stare.”

Once again, Wendy was sure she had caught looking at her in the same way he complained about his friends staring. Wendy was not grossed out, though, since she had learned in college that men’s eyes are drawn to any amount of bare skin like ankara escort bayan a magnet.

Rather than argue with him further, Wendy shrugged and said, “I’m old enough to make decisions on what I wear. I am comfortable wearing this and you should be, too. You also need to get comfortable with me being around you and your friends and not get offended by their staring like I don’t.”

“Fine,” James responded, begrudgingly.

“Good. I’m going back to my apartment soon anyway, so you can enjoy your day without having to worry about me and my evil stare trap,” Wendy said, clearly annoyed.

James went back to the water and joined his friends. Five minutes later, Wendy packed up and wrapped herself in her towel. It was the lower half, but it was an improvement for James.

“It was nice meeting you guys!”

The roommates told her they enjoyed meeting her as well. “Hey,” Luke called out to her before she turned to walk away. “So, Wendy, we were planning to play video games tomorrow night.”

Based on the hopeful reaction of his friends, James realized they were clearly executing a plan they had hatched when he had taken Wendy aside.

“Ok, what about it? Video games are cool.”

“Well you said you might want to come over to hang out later in the week. Sunday would be the perfect day for it.”

Wendy went over her schedule in her head. She had no tests on Monday and she would likely have her work finished by then. “Ah, yeah, that works for me!”

Austin pumped his fist under water. James was living a nightmare.

“Awesome,” Harris added, “we’ll see you then. We’ll start around 9.”

“I should be there. Bye, guys! Bye, James.”


That night, James found it hard to fall asleep, and it was not just because Luke was snoring on the other side of the room. He was considering the conversation he had with his sister by the pool. He tried to poke holes in her argument from every angle.

He couldn’t see why she wouldn’t care that guys were staring. Back in high school she would never have done that. James thought about how much he had changed since starting college and being away from home. He was sure she changed a lot, too. He knew she had had a couple boyfriends and went to parties. But he had never considered her the type of person that would confidently walk along a public pool in a sleek black bikini in broad daylight.

James had to admit that he admired her confidence. Playing devil’s advocate with himself, he recognized that he worked out to maintain a great body and that he liked showing it off to women by the pool. But, he countered, that if his sister had taken him aside and asked him to put on a shirt, he definitely would have done it. Then again, that scenario would likely never happen.

James went to sleep confused about how he felt and why he felt that way, but he kept thinking about how confident she was in her body.


Sunday was spent sleeping in and continuing to make adjustments to their apartment. The guys put up some curtains and organized kitchen to make things look more presentable. They did not want to stick out in a relatively nice complex.

As they worked, though, there was a buzz about the guys. Harris, Luke, and Austin seemed to be extra lively. James had an idea as to why, but they weren’t talking about it in front of him, so he was able to remain relaxed.

When nighttime approached, the air of excitement was more palpable. James came back from the bathroom to witness his roommates have a spirited debate about which game Wendy would like to play the most.

James knew it was going to be a long night.

A few minutes after nine, the doorbell rang, and like dogs, James’ three roommates perked up at the sound. James went to open the door. “Hey,” he said, dully.

“Hey, yourself. So are you going to let me in this time?”

James was secretly pleased that she was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. “Of course.”

The reception inside the apartment was much warmer.

“Hey, Wendy?”

“How’s it going?”

“I’m doing fine, guys. Thanks!”

“Do you want a beer?”

“Hmm… Yeah, why not? Thank you.”

Jack and Austin were sitting on the couch while Harris got beers for everyone. James reclaimed his seat in the gaming chair he had brought from home. “Do you want this seat?” James asked his sister. He was not pleased with how the night was going, but he also was raised to not let his sister sit on the floor.

Wendy saw that Harris likely wanted to sit on the couch with his friends. She saw the lone bean bag chair on the floor and said, “I’m going to have to pass on your chair. This bean bag is calling my name.” She then moved it to the opposite side of the living room from James, so that she, too, could see the TV and still talk to everyone easily.

Harris handed her the canned beer and she thanked him.

Once they started playing the video game, Super Mario Party, things were going better than James had expected. All of his friends were competitive during video games. And while they suppressed their competitive nature to not seem weird in front of Wendy, they were internally focused on the game rather than the attractive girl in the bean bag chair.

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