Sibling Quickies: The Texts

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I was pulling in the driveway when a text from my sister, Amelia came through.

Bedilia: Mom is pissed you’re late. You better call her, she’s going to bed.

I rolled my eyes, irritated I still had a curfew at 19 years old. Even more irritated I still had to live with my parents in the first place.

Me: It’s fine, I’m home anyway.

We’ve all sent a text to the wrong person. I once thought I was telling my girlfriend that my mom was being a bitch. Turns out, I was telling my mom. I imagine that something about the timing of my reply confused my 18 year old sister. That or having texted me at all, was quickly forgotten considering what she’d obviously been doing.

Either way, my phone chimed almost immediately and a picture of bare tits lit up the screen. Less than ten seconds later, before I could even process what was happening, a pussy showed up too.

“What the fuck?”

I knew it was Amelia, not because I was familiar with her body, but her pink plaid sheets were unmistakable. As was the stark white nail polish I’d seen her applying that very day. Polish that adorned the tips of the fingers touching the lips of her bald pussy.

I loved my sister. We got along great, rarely argued, and had formed a sort of alliance against our strict parents. I’d wondered, more than once, what was underneath her clothes, behind a bath towel, through the frosted glass shower door. I’d never chastised myself for those curiosities, she was an attractive girl.

She’d walked in on me masturbating once. I don’t think she saw anything, my back was to her, but my near nakedness, my movements, and the porn on my laptop made it pretty obvious. We never brought it up again after she apologized and after that, she always knocked.

What she’d accidentally sent me was transporting me back to that day. Making me remember how after she’d left the room, I’d searched to find a different video with a girl who looked like her. I came that day thinking of my sister. Once those memories and thoughts started, I couldn’t stop them.

Fuck, she had a pretty pussy. It was wet. It looked small, tight. I started to get hard thinking about everything I wanted to do to it. And her tits, oh my God. I wanted to suck on each one.

All of this happened in a flash. I was sinking into a pit of sexual need and deviance in my car, in my driveway, staring at photos of my own sister, while she was behind the walls of the house touching herself for someone.

The pictures disappeared, the display changing to notify me of an incoming call. ‘Bedilia Calling…’

“Yeah?” I answered sounding hoarse. My throat was tight and all of a sudden, and very, very dry.

“Oh my God, Kellen! Please please tell me you haven’t read my last two texts.”


“Oh my God! This can’t be happening. I’m such an idiot. Please forget whatever you saw, Kel.”

No fucking way that was going to happen. “Who were you texting?”


“I want to know.”

“Stop it. I haven’t done anything with him. And he hasn’t even seen the pictures because I’m a moron and I sent them to my own brother.” She groaned.

I could practically see her, naked, blushing a bright red with embarrassment. Sex was probably the last thing on her mind now. Unfortunately, it was all I could think about.

“They’re really etimesgut escort sexy.”


I don’t know what I was thinking or doing or who this stranger was talking for me, but hearing her voice while the pictures stayed burned in my memory was making me insane, probably.

“My dick is hard.” A quiet gasp came through the connection, but nothing else. “I’m sitting outside in my car. I’m not sure I can come in.”

“What? Why?”

“I can’t unsee you now. I want you.” The admission felt surprisingly good. I sighed and used my hand to squeeze some sense into the cock bulging my shorts.

“Shut up, Kel. Don’t be a jerk. I’m embarrassed enough.”

She thought I was fucking with her. That was understandable. She’d seen me uncomfortable over the years and I always dealt with it with humor or by lashing out. That’s not what was happening.

I glanced around our dark neighborhood before pulling my cock out of the waistband of my shorts. I snapped a photo and attached it to a reply for Amelia. The words read, “This is what your pictures did to me.”

I sent it and just waited.

“Holy shit,” she whispered. “Kel, stop it.”

“Are you still naked, Sis?”

Her voice was tiny and quiet when she said, “Yes.”

“Can I come in?”

“You live here.”

“Yeah, but if I go in, I’m going to your bedroom, not mine.”

“No, Kel. Don’t say things like that.”

I chuckled. “Why not?”

“We shouldn’t even be talking about this. It’s so wrong.”

I couldn’t help stroke my exposed cock. She didn’t say she didn’t want the same thing.

“You started it.”

“Kellan, stop it. Mom and Dad are in their room.”

“I promise, I’ll be quiet while I’m coming in your pussy.”

“Oh my God! You’re my brother!”

“You’re right, but I’m willing to bet you have at least one hand on one of your tits or between your thighs. You’re laying in your bed naked, looking at my hard cock, thinking about how it would feel.”

“Kel,” she whispered.

“Let me show you, Sis.”

“We can’t.”

“Then let me hear you come.”

“What? No!”

“Are you touching your pussy, Amelia?”


I smiled. “Liar.”


“Touch yourself, Sis. I won’t tell anybody. Make yourself come. You were going to anyway, right? Was your friend gonna call you? Send you a picture of his own cock? Come to the sound of your quiet little voice saying his name?”

She didn’t answer me, but she didn’t hang up on me either. I knew, though I couldn’t prove it, that I was turning her on. I was out of my mind with arousal. I couldn’t remember wanting anything as badly as I wanted a simple confirmation that she was thinking about us fucking.

“I’m stroking my cock, Amelia. Just like that day you walked in on me. If you’d have stayed, you would know how hard I can come while thinking of you.”


There it was. The apprehension was gone from her voice. She wasn’t stern anymore she was… breathless.

“Tell me, Sis.”

I tucked my erection back in my shorts and opened the car door. I left everything behind except the phone to my ear and closed the door as quietly as I could.

“Why are you saying these things? Why do I like it?”

I headed towards the house, walking slowly, even etimesgut escort bayan though I wanted to run.

“Because I don’t lie to you, so if I say you’re sexy, you know I mean it. Because I know you better than anyone, so no pretending. Because I’ve already seen you at your worst, so no pressure.”

“Yeah,” she whispered.

“Are you wet?”

I snuck quietly through the back door as she said, “Yes, Kel.”

“I want to touch you, Amelia. I want to kiss you. I want to suck on your amazing tits. I want to taste your pussy.”

The house was dark, everyone in their respective rooms, which was good since I was having phone sex with my own sister and walking around with a huge tent in my shorts. If Amelia knew I was getting closer, she didn’t let on. She did moan though, which stopped me in my tracks for a moment.

“Fuck, you sound so good. Tell me what you’re doing.”

“I’m rubbing my clit, Kel.”

I came to the stairs and took the first step. “Tell me what you’re thinking about.”

“Your cock.”

“Yeah? You want it inside you, don’t you?”

Another quiet moan came through the phone. She liked my words. “Yes, Kellan.”

“You can have anything you want, Sis. What else?”

“Kel, please.”

So shy. “Do you really want me to fuck you?”

It sounded like she let out a huge breath and all that came after were short bursts of panted need.

“I need to know, Amelia.” I was at the top of the stairs, six feet from her bedroom door. My own was right across the hall.

I could sneak into my room and make myself come just listening to her breathe and moan for me. It would be easy. Probably the easiest solo come of my life. Or…

“I do. Yes. Kellen, I want you to fuck me.”

Fuck. I moved to her door faster than I’d moved since leaving the car. I was grateful to find it unlocked. I hung up on her the second I walked in.

Her big brown eyes grew wide. She was laying in bed, under the covers, phone pressed to her ear, with just her small desk lamp on for light.

I threw my phone on her dresser and started tearing my clothes off. Once my shirt was over my head, I watched her watch me. She scanned my chest before following my hands where they pushed my shorts and boxers down while I toed off my shoes.

It could have gone one of two ways. Either seeing each other in the flesh could have doused our little fantasy with ice cold water or, and this is what actually happened, the sight of her could make me want her more. When I was completely naked, she kicked off her blankets and I knew which way it had gone for her too.

I don’t remember walking to her bed. One minute I was standing there dying to touch her and the next minute I actually was. I crawled over her body. Her legs were already spread for me.

“Swear to God, I will spend all night on you, but I need to be inside you right this second.”

She nodded, but she looked nervous. Hell, I was nervous.

“You meant it, right?” I asked, hovering over her, looking at her flushed face, her hard nipples, her squirming hips.


“Put me inside,” I whispered. It was her consent I needed, but I really wanted to feel her hands on me.

She reached between us and tentatively brushed the sensitive skin stretched around escort etimesgut my cock. My breath hissed out between my clenched jaw. She took hold of me with more confidence then, and slid the head of my cock through her slit until she fitted me against her entrance.

Shit she was hot, both literally and figuratively. Her heat engulfed me and her wetness caressed me as I pushed forward while she held me steady by the shaft.

She sighed as I sank into her body like this had been our plan all along and it was finally real. I had to back out and rock forward again several times while she stretched to accept me. I’d been right, she was so tight around my cock, but it felt so fucking good.

“Kel,” she whispered like she might cry.

“I know.”

I settled my weight on her body, fully seated inside her pussy. My sister. I finally kissed her. I used my lips slow and sweet and then gave her my tongue to lick with her own. Before long our mouths worked hard and hot and desperate, building, what I thought was my maxed out desire for her, even higher.

My hips moved, sliding my cock out and then pushing back in. Again, slow and sweet at first.

“You feel so fucking good.”

“You too. You’re so deep.” Her arms wrapped around me as she added, “Harder, Kel.”

It was so surreal. I’d had a shit day, expecting to end it arguing with my parents again. Instead, I was fucking the wettest, tightest cunt I’d ever had.

I let it build until I was pounding my cock inside her. The bed squeaked quietly with every thrust. So did Amelia.

“I’m going to want your pussy all the time,” I whispered.

“You can have it. “

“Fuck!” I angled my head down and sucked one of her hard nipples into my mouth. At the same time, I slid my hand between us and strummed my fingers over the space just above where my cock drove in and out of her.

“Kel! Oh shit!”

I lost her arms when she moved to cover her mouth with both hands. Her whole body was vibrating under me, just like the quiet whimpers she still couldn’t contain.

Her pussy got so wet, I could hear it taking my cock. I pulled my head up to find her eyes. “Gonna come.”

I swiped faster at her clit, making her clench down on my cock. It was over for me. My nuts drew up, the tension spreading around my hips and up my back.

“Gonna come,” I repeated. “Oh fuck, Sis. Fuck! In your pussy?”

She nodded, still not trusting herself to uncover her mouth.

It took all my concentration to keep working her clit, trying to take her over the edge with me. I dipped my forehead to her chest, fighting for just a few seconds more. I couldn’t control it. The harder I tried, the less I was able.

I growled low, the sound muffled between her tits, as I started pouring cum into my sister’s body. I thrust just as hard and just as fast, fighting my instinct to slam deep and hold myself there. It made my body shake, the constant friction against the head of my cock, as it grew more sensitive.

Then I felt it. Relief flooded my bloodstream as Amelia’s pussy started pulsing around my cock. I slammed inside the way I wanted to. Deep. Wondering how much space could possibly be left inside her. I pulled her hands away and took her mouth, swallowing her cries as she came just as hard as I did.

Every night for four months, after our parents went to bed, one of us would visit the other. Sometimes we wouldn’t fuck, but always one or both of us would come.

I never broke curfew again because home was where I wanted to be. But as soon as Amelia graduated, we got a place of our own. A one bedroom apartment we could barely afford, but there were no more rules.

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