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10:15 pm, Frankfurt, Germany. It’s a cools September night and the city streets aren’t as busy as they normally would be for a Friday. This could be due to the fact that itisusually quiet in this particular hotel or just the fact that Rosette Cole is sitting in a hotel room by herself, beginning to catch some late night T one night of unbridled, no strings attached sex. The sheer premise of the act was almost orgasm inducing to her. On top of her general love for the act of sex, in a foreign country, Rose could be anyone in the world and not anyone who could be recognized. There was no fear of a friend or colleague spotting her to report the news to anyone else for whatever reason. She was free to act out fantasies of her own or even someone else’s and then vanish without a trace, leaving the city altogether the next day without so much as a word spoken to her partner or partners, giving the appearance to some that this was the most wonderful dream they had ever had in their lives. Every erotic adventure ended this way with Rose and it was the way she loved it. It’s not as though she really even needed the ego boost though.

She was a knockout from looks alone. At 5 foot 6 the Mexican and Indonesian mix was a sight to see; 38C-26-40, and almost unreal to look at. A light tan complexion almost made her skin glow and her dark, wavy, down-past-her-breasts-length hair dropped jaws every time she walked in a room or down the street. This was the Latina in her, fully exposed. Her face took on more of the Asian features of her mother, deep, dark brown eyes that were slanted only slightly, perfect high cheekbones that accented her eyes even more and full pouting lips, reminiscent of Angelina Jolie. Nothing about her was off or even out of place on her body, her workout regimen made sure of that. Tonight was set for a different type of exercise though.

Earlier in the day she had been shopping downtown for everything she was to wear during her stay in Frankfurt (she never brings luggage, just shops when the plane lands) from a couple of pairs of jeans, high heels and tops and also her more intimate apparel that a lucky someone would get to indulge in tonight. At the moment, Rose was putting the finishing touches on her outfit for the night in the bathroom mirror. Over the years she had developed a style of dress tailored to what she was doing. She referred to it as “slut-chic,” a mix of the classy and trashy. On the outside, she sported black, Centerfold brand, opened toed heels, black stockings and a black business suit including a skirt that, to be honest, only came down far enough to conceal the top of her thigh high stockings and a double breasted female blazer with a neckline that came down halfway to her navel, almost exposing the entire top of her breasts. She also had her long hair wrapped up in a large but tight bun in the back of her head connected by 2 long metal pins and placed on a pair of thick, black non-prescription frames to give off the “librarian” look she loved to imitate. Truth is, she has perfect vision but the frames helped the illusion she loved to give off to her suitors. She capped it all off by spraying a bottle of Ralph Lauren Romance on her neck once and another time under her large breasts on her jacket. Showtime.

Rose never planned on going far. Once, she peeked out of the door to her room and the man who was staying directly across from her exited and she propositioned him on the spot. Out one door and into the next in a straight line, he never knew what hit him. Tonight was reserved for the dining lobby of the hotel. She knew that since she was near a military base that the place could be crawling with G.I.’s so she could either have her pick as to a horny man in uniform or a business type not expecting to have the fun she was providing tonight. She placed the hotel room keycard into the front pocket of her jacket and made her way through the almost empty halls. On the way to the elevator she saw a family of three, an older man in his 40’s with his wife and young child entering their hotel room. The man caught a glimpse of Rose walking past and took a whiff of the sweet perfume wafting through the air. The wife noticed her husbands long glance and responded with a smack to the back of the head. While this made Rose chuckle, it didn’t stop her from her mission and she remained as poised as ever, putting her high society teachings to good use.

After departing the elevator, Rose stepped towards the dining area and immediately spotted the man she escort ataşehir wanted. She could only see him from behind through a window but she could tell he was alone and the man she needed that night. From behind, she noticed a dark blue business suit and a low cropped hairstyle as well as a newsmagazine being read. He was near the entrance of the dining area so it wouldn’t take long for her to get to him. She walked in and stood right in front of his small table for two and began to speak to him. “Excuse me,” she started, “is this seat taken?” He looked up at that instance and Rose confirmed that this was the man she needed. Clean shaven, bright green eyes and a face built like Johnny Depp (her favorite actor) she found him to be gorgeous. “No, it’s not,” the man said in a soothing tone, then looking up at the woman in front of him. He couldn’t believe himself and what he was seeing. He immediately got up to pull the open chair out for her. “Please, I insist you be my guest,” he said almost bashfully.

As Rose sat down and quickly crossed her legs, she noticed the man’s Black Berry device sitting on the table and a half-full glass of apple juice sitting on the table next to his issue of Newsweek.

“So,” Rose said, “are you here on business?”

“Actually, yes,” he responded. “I just concluded a week long meeting today and was just getting caught up in the news.”

“Sounds interesting. And by the look on your face I can tell that things have been going well for you.”

“Very well indeed, especially since you showed up.”

She finally realized that he was, in fact, an American as well. She didn’t worry about running into him when she got back of course, but she wasn’t going to bother him with any giving details about who she might be.

“I didn’t happen to catch your name though,” he said.

“Don’t worry,” she responded, “I never told you.” She flashed a wide smile to him to show off her perfect teeth. “Truth is I never really thought that names were all that important.

“Oh no,” he said with a bit of intrigue. “So what is important?”

Her smile got wider as she began, “the impact a person has on your life. If there’s no impact, what’s the point of knowing a name? My question to you, is how much of an impact do you want me to have on you tonight?”

He sat back in his chair in a little bit of disbelief. If he didn’t know any better, he would swear that he was just being hit on by a perfect, beautiful stranger. Worse things could be happening to him so he didn’t feel it was time to look a gift horse in the mouth. He let out a slight laugh and started off, “okay, you have got my attention. A gorgeous woman plops down on my table on a late night in Frankfurt and to be honest, I’m wondering what she wants.”

Rose couldn’t help but laugh at this, but not in an obnoxious manner, just enough to let her know that she was more amused by his comment than insulted. Looking at him now, she could see the definition of his chest through his sky blue collared shirt and he was by no means a little boy. The buttons to his shirt stopped a few notches below his neck and she could also see the beginnings of his chest as well and it was hairless from what she could tell. She bit her bottom lip in excitement in crossed her legs again, slowly, this time grazing his leg with her toes. Feeling this on his leg, he looked down and back up quickly. Before he could even get a word out, she put her right elbow on the table and leaned in towards him holding up her head with the back of her hand. She whispered softly to him, “I want you.”

“If you’re joking,” he said flatly, “then I want to say that you’re avery rude person and I’d like you to leave. But if you’re serious, I want to know why me?”

That’s easy, she thought,because I’m horny and you’re hot and available. But she responded, “because right now, I think you’re the only one in here who deserves me.” Hearing this, he slowly began to scour the room, not even knowing what he was looking for. She stopped him by leaning closer to him, exposing as much of her chest as her outfit would allow and then speaking softly again, “I’m not a prostitute. I’m not asking for anything in return. All I’m asking for is some time in your night for us to get acquainted. If I have that much of an impact on your life, then I will tell you my name.”

What little bit of apprehension he initially had was gone. Mere interest turned into a journey. Not only did he want to comply with her wishes, but he wanted kadıköy escort to know what she could do to him to be so life impacting in a night. Of course, he also was interested in her name if such a thing did happen. He took her up on her offer and they departed from the dining area. Holding his left hand, she led him to the elevator and pressed the button for not only her floor, but 6 others on the way up. He wondered about her reasoning for doing this but before he could ask a question, she pinned him to the side of the elevator shaft and began kissing him softly. Standing up he was about 5 foot 10 which made him even more desirable to her. The height difference didn’t matter much because of her heels so reaching his lips wasn’t much of a stretch. He couldn’t believe himself at the moment and his only reaction was to go with the flow and kiss back. She began rubbing on his chest through his shirt and he caressed her thighs when suddenly, the elevator stopped and the doors flew open. He stopped as well and dropped him arms, thinking someone was coming in. No one was outside of the doors though and so the elevator continued on its path.

As soon as the doors closed again, Rose picked up where she left off, now going from his lips to his neck and chest, licking him in small strokes trying to find a hot spot. Apparently, the neck was it and she worked her tongue feverishly on its right side, even as the doors flew open again. When no one was present again, he realized what was happening. She wanted to test him and see if he was really up for what she had to offer tonight and see if he wasn’t scared to ‘act out’ in public. He decided to go along with this so when the doors flew open on the next two stops, he didn’t slow down at all with her. During the elevator ride, Rose got most of the buttons off of his shirt and even managed to take off his belt and wrap it around her hand. Soft passionate kissing between strangers turned into lustful acts of face sucking. Their mouths were so wide open they could have began eating each other alive. This made Rose all the more horny and she let him know this. “I want you…in me…now…” she told him, motioning for his pant zipper. Just as she undid the top button of his dark blue trousers, they hit their final stop and the doors flew open for the last time. They quickly pulled themselves together, adjusting their clothes before exiting, almost making a mad dash toward Rose’s room.

Working him up was precisely what she needed. Rose could tell that he was about has worked up as she was and she wanted to feel him at his best. People always went the extra mile with her, especially when she riled them up on the way to their destination. On more than a few occasions, her plan has workedtoo well and the destination was never reached, making it an even hotter encounter altogether. She slid the keycard out of her pocket and opened her door, walking into the dark room with him behind her. As the door shut, he caught her from behind and embraced her, holding her breasts with his left hand and feeling her panties with his right, all while lathering her neck with his tongue, making her pussy wetter and wetter. She was surprised he found her spot so easily but with Rose, not too many spotsdidn’texcite her.

The more and more he kissed her, the more she was writhing around, grinding his hand in midair. She was done playing around now as her pussy couldn’t handle being teased much longer. She wanted sex. She turned to him and, walking backwards, pulled him to the edge of her queen size bed and pushed him onto it. He motioned to lift himself up but she pointed at him fast and told him to stay right where he was. In the dark of the room, Rose found the light switch behind her and used the dimmer switch to turn it on its near lowest level. With the dim lights behind her, he could see her silhouette perfectly as well as the features in her face. She only stood in front of him for a second or so before, legs spread open forming a perfect upside down V, before she took off her suit jacket and skirt, revealing a matching, lavender corset and panty set covered in black lace. From what he could see before she seemed perfect, now she looked like a goddess. “That suit didn’t do you justice,” he said, looking at her breasts, nearly hanging out of the low cut corset. “Oh really,” Rose asked, “well what about now?” She took off her glasses and finally pulled the pins out of her hair, letting it fall to its normal length. As with most of his night, maltepe escort bayan before he could say a thing, Rose stopped him again and began crawling on the bed and perched herself over him. She stopped by straddling him and removing his jacket and shirt without saying a word. She looked at his chest and became even more pleased. His chest was bare and his abs were rock hard.

“You stay in shape, don’t you,” Rose asked.

“I have to be prepared for situations like this,” he replied, still in shock.

“Well…thank you,” she said before leaning down and kissing his chest and gently maneuvering around his nipples from her sitting position. She then took both of her hands and locked fingers with his, moving his arms as high as they could go to keep them out of the way. Once his hands were well above his head, she began crawling backwards, still kissing his body and going to his abs, licking around each muscle of his 6 pack, his belly button and then undoing his pants completely, pulling them down to the floor with her as she sat on her knees. Upon doing this she found his stiff penis waiting to greet her. She smiled at it, noticing it was about 8 inches in length. She knew she had found the right guy and decided to do something her pussy was telling her too all night. She slowly stuck out her tongue and began licking the shaft of his dick, all the way up to the tip. Once she reached it, she circled it several times, causing his hips to move a little with each rotation. The feeling of giving head excited her as she loved to feel a warm member in her mouth moving up and down and pushing on the back of her throat. She almost shoved the cock down her mouth in anticipation and he responded with a loud moan, letting her know he liked it.

She started to suck slow at first, making sure he felt the inside of her jaw as she rose and fell within a few seconds. Her neck began to develop a more steady motion and she took in more of his dick as it did, getting in about 5 inches of him before she started to suck at a faster pace. He also noticed that the faster she moved, the more saliva she left on his dick and before long, there was a small puddle forming under his balls on the bed sheets. This got him going even more and his moans started to increase in volume and consistency. This did nothing but fuel Roses’ urges and with both hands, gripped the back of his ass and took another 2 inches of her into her mouth and down her throat. Instead of a moan, something closer to a yell came out of his mouth as he leaned up on the bed and grabbed the back of Rose’s head as she continued to please him with her mouth. She could tell he was enjoying himself and began to suck as fast as possible until she could feel him begin to cum in her mouth. She only swallowed a little and stroked his dick over his own belly to get the rest out. He hadn’t had head that good in years. Rose hadn’t given head that good in days.

“I can tell that you liked that,” Rose said, still on her knees at the edge of the bed.

He was out of breath slightly but responded back, “that’s an understatement. That was marvelous. You are a very talented woman.”

“Why thank you. Now I’m wondering… are you a talented man?” Rose stood up and wiped the spit from her mouth and with the same motion, removed only her panties, pulling them down slightly before meeting her heels at the floor. As she stepped out of her panties and stood with her legs open again, he knew what she wanted. And after what he was just given, he was much obliged to give it to her.

“Come find out,” he teased. Rose wasted no time and crawled over him in the same manner as before except she didn’t stop until her shaved pussy was literally over his mouth. Smelling the sweet scent of her juices mixed in with the perfume still wafting through the air, he stuck his tongue out and began licking the lips of her pussy in long strokes. Rose was so hot and horny that she took off her corset and began to ride his face as he continued to plunge his tongue in her hole. She loved the feeling of giving head but receiving it did much more for her. She constantly writhed around his face, pushing her love all around his face, sometimes missing his mouth entirely. He didn’t mind at all as the feel of her sweet liquid was driving him crazy and he could feel his erection coming back full swing. The more and more she grinded on his face, the better he felt. Her lips were soft and the wetness made her more enjoyable to the taste as his tongue couldn’t get enough of her pussy. He eventually grabbed her thighs and held her down in one position long enough to find her clit and focus squarely on it. He applied as much pressure as he could to her spot, making her shake uncontrollably as he went to task on her pleasure center.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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