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Show , Tell Ch. 06

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Since we’d been sitting there for over an hour, there was no time for another, “interlude,” even if we’d both been in the mood. After our discussion and her revelations, it appeared that neither of us was interested in anything but letting all that had been said, by both of us, sink in.

Walking her to her car, she finally noticed the bag I was holding and inquired about it. “Brain fart,” I lied, “carried it into the building by mistake.”

She accepted the excuse, made me give her a kiss goodbye, and we promised to see each other sometime during the following week.

I used that time to analyze her predicament, as it related to her experiences and those disclosures. It was hard for me to fathom why any man would treat her the way that her husband did, no matter how Catholic. Degrading her in private because of his insecurities was bad enough…, but to do it in front of, and to actually enlist their own daughter to join in this debasing was downright abusive. Why did she allow it?

When I looked at the totality of her claims, the fact that she’d only had one actual relationship in her life, that with Todd, and sexual relations with only three men…, maybe her lack of, “real life,” experiences lead her to believe she had no way out, his maltreatment all she knew.

In light of that, her fantasy life with me might seem downright plausible.

Monday noon my receptionist buzzed me. “A Mrs. Adams calling, says she was Lexi’s teacher.”

Elle calling from school, “In all the talking the other day, I forgot to tell you the name of the book. If you stop by after school, I can give you a copy.”

I didn’t have to ask what time and promised to be there.

Questions filled my mind, most importantly, “Why was I still doing this?” The obvious answer…, and really the only answer was, “SEX!” I could rationalize all I wanted, but that was THE reason. Beyond that, my feelings of “GUILT,” might have been the ONLY thing to stop this before it went any further. That reasoning had gone out the window when I went back to her classroom knowing…, absolutely positively certain, that she would try to seduce me, and I’d gone anyway.

That encounter had been so unbelievably erotic that it rendered these circumspective thoughts useless. Why bother faking guilt?

There were a half dozen cars in the parking lot when I arrived, an unusually large number considering Elle was normally the only teacher still there after 4:00 PM. With my heightened sense of self-preservation tingling, I wondered if I was being set up? Had someone, Mrs. Harrington perhaps, figured something was going on and alerted the principal?

Then it hit me! This could be my way out. Someone accuses us of something and, unless Elle was a complete idiot, we deny, deny, deny and I never go back to her classroom again. It would be over!

But sitting in my car, the engine still running, thoughts of a, “U Turn” and “I’m out’a here,” echoing in my cranium…, the memory of her walking around her desk, wearing the mini skirt and whatever that blouse thing was, continued to replay endlessly in my mind. Was any of this stupidity worth what might happen if we’d been caught?

“Only,” I said out loud to myself, “if you let the, “little head,” overrule the, “BIG HEAD.”

I parked the car and carried the stuff from, “2 Hot,” back in with me.

She was alone in her classroom, another long bib dress and turtleneck…, “How many of those things does she own?” I thought.

Part of the staff was still there because, “…, there’s a faculty advisory board meeting this afternoon, the board reviewing applications for the principal’s job here, Leo is retiring at the end of the school year.”

We discussed Leo for a few moments, Elle very fond of the man. “He’s been a mentor and advisor to me, a shoulder for me to cry on when things get tough for me…, he knows about my troubles at home.”

“Lucky to have him,” I answered.

Shaking her head, “Yes,” she was quiet for a moment and then told me, “I even talked to him at the beginning of the school year. How I’d been thinking about, maybe divorcing Todd, maybe meeting, “…, the man of my dreams.” He told me, “Well when you meet Prince Charming and he asks you to marry him…, I’d be proud to walk you down the aisle.”

“He’s really a sweet man and I’m really going to miss him.”

We sat there not saying anything, her thoughts about Leo’s departure heavy on her mind.

Finally she looked at me, smiled and asked, “Is that the same bag?”

I said, “No,” for the same reason I’d lied the day before…, no need for explanations.

So, karabağlar escort without an explanation, I handed her the bag.

“A present for me?” with a smile.

I shrugged.

I’d made sure there were no tags or store name on the bag, the location would be a surprise if she ever agreed to go there with me.

Looking inside, she squealed in delight went she saw the black satin, “Shelf Bra and G-string set.” But after pulling it out, she seemed puzzled at what she was looking at?

“You don’t like it?” I asked.

“No…, I mean yes,” more confusion showing, “but how do you…, what does it…, cover?”

“It’s not meant to cover a whole lot,” I admitted. “The bra just holds your breasts up from underneath…, like a push-up bra without the cups. The bottom is…”

“I know what the bottom is…, but I’ve never seen anything like…” as she held up the bra looking at it.

When I saw her start to stand up, I tried to stop her, saying, “The other the people in the building!”

“They’re in Leo’s conference room,” she said, “and there’s no need for them to come down here,” as she got up and walked around me, stopping to give me a kiss on the top of my head. “Oh, and the book is on my desk.”

Getting up to get the book, I glanced out the window, since the blinds were still open and saw, what had to be the board members walking to their cars.

One less thing to worry about!

Then I heard footsteps in the hallway.

Before I could do anything, a young woman stuck her hear into room. With a surprised look on her face, she did a double take before asking, “Mrs. Adams?”

Luckily, I was standing next to Elle’s desk, the book in my hand. I smiled and pointed towards the bathroom.

At that moment, Elle opened the door…, my heart sinking into my stomach, figuring she’d be modeling the bra and g-string set…, only to hear her say, “Sorry about that, but…” as she was wiping her hands on a paper towel, her pilgrim dress still in place, then surprised to find…, “Oh, hi Judy, what’s up?”

With, “Judy,” still staring at me, she said, “Just looking for your copy of, “How to Train Your Dragon.”

Turing, Elle introduced me and said, “That’s what he’s holding in his hand.”

She then explained to the woman who I was and why I needed to keep the book. After a short discussion, I promised to return the book to, “…, Mrs. Adams on Monday.” Satisfied, Judy left, but not before adding, “Think you could tell your story to my class too?”

After she was gone, I had to ask, “Is she on the Advisory Board?”

“Yes,” Elle replied, “and isn’t she sexy?”

Surprised at having her admit that, because Judy was very sexy, I instead answered, “I was going to say, young…, young to be on that board.”

“She is young…, as well as smart, in addition to being sexy. She’s getting married during the April school vacation to a really sexy guy.” She stood there looking at me…, and then said, “Maybe you can come to her wedding with me?”

I just looked at her.

“I know…,” a smirk on her face, before she spun around and started back towards the bathroom.

I shut the blinds.

Standing there, I asked, “What would have happened if Judy had walked in while you were modeling?”

From inside the bathroom, “I would have asked her if she liked the lingerie.”

“No…, really?”

“That’s what I would have done,” as she opened the door and walked out into the middle of the room.

“Jesus Elle…, there still might be someone here…, or one of the janitors could…”

Extending her arms all the way out, she did a slow pirouette while looking at herself in the mirror over the sink between the bathrooms. After two revolutions, she stopped full frontal in the mirror, tilted her head to the left and said, “Leo would be the only faculty member still here and the custodians are still on the other side of the building. They don’t clean my room and this corridor until after 6:00.”

One more counterclockwise revolution, this time stopping with her back facing the mirror, checked herself out before saying, “I like. The bra makes my tits look bigger and this thong…”

“G-string,” I corrected.

“G-string makes my ass look…, smaller. I’ve never worn a thong…, g-string…, before,” still admiring her butt in the mirror.

Admiring her butt at the same time, but nervous about Leo possibly wandering down the hallway to check on Elle, I told her, “Well if you’ve never worn a…, is it you’ve never worn a thong or a bayındır escort g-string before…?”

“Neither,” looking at her ass in the mirror again.

“Well…, the world is a better place today! Now get back in there and get dressed before Leo walks in and you have to ask him how he thinks you look.”

Now smiling at me, “He’d say the same thing Judy would have said, “Jezz Elle, looking at you right now I have to wonder…, why do you always dress like a damn nun?”

With that, she walked over to me, stood up on her tiptoes, kissed me on the tip of my nose and said, “Thank you baby…, this is the nicest present anyone has ever given me.”

When she tried to grab my arm, I pulled away, telling her, “None of that! Get back in there, get dressed and we’ll get out of here. There are too many people here today to take a chance like that!”

Pouting, she shook her head, “Your loss,” giving me a shrug.

She was dressed and holding her bra and panties when she came out.

“Why aren’t you wearing those?” I asked.

“I want to get use to the feel of wearing the new ones,” her reply, “the material of my shirt rubbing on my nipples is giving me tingles.”

“But your husband…”

“I could walk around the house wearing a trash bag and he wouldn’t notice.”

A thought popped into my head, “What about your daughter? Would she notice?”

That stopped her.

“I’ll put an apron on while I’m in the kitchen.”

With that, she stuffed the undergarments into her book bag and we walked out to her car. Everyone else was gone.

“See! Like I said, “your loss.”

I told her I’d drop the book off on Monday.

By Wednesday night, I couldn’t stand it for another five seconds, never mind another five days!

Late the next morning, I told my receptionist I had a luncheon appointment and that I’d be back, “…, by 2:00 or 2:30.”

I went straight to, “2Hot,” where I once again relied on Kat for, “…, a younger woman’s…,” fashion advise.

Her hair, that day, was a pretty shade of blue. The tattoos and piercing were all still in the same places.

“Can’t wait to meet her,” as she was cutting off the tags and putting the item we’d selected into a plain paper bag.

“It will be an experience for both of us,” as I thanked her for her help.

I wasn’t disappointed when she didn’t even bat an eyelash at my remark.

Later that afternoon, when I drove into the parking lot, Leo’s car was still there, but I knew he’d be leaving soon. I’d just walked into the school and turned towards Elle’s room when someone asked, “Can I help you?”

Turning, Leo was standing in front of the office door, keys in hand to lock it.

“Going to see Mrs. Adams,” as I turned to greet him, holding out my hand and as we introduced ourselves.

“Ah, the storyteller,” as he appraised me.

Leo was barely five six, with a ruddy face, a thinning mop of silver hair, matching walrus mustache, and a plump body stuffed into a rumpled brown suit.

Great smile.

“Heard very nice things about you from both Elle Adams and Claire Yelle. You seem to be a hit with the kids too. It’s a gift you know…, being able to reach them on any level. Not enough people try really, sometimes even the parents. Then he paused…, a dramatic pause it turned out, when he added, “But you’d know all about that wouldn’t you.” Grabbing my upper arm, he squeezed it and said, “Thanks for that, she’s a great kid. And thanks for everything else too. Elle’s never looked so happy.”

Giving me a little wave, he walked out of the school.

Walking to her room, I wondered what she’d said?

She was waiting at the door for me. When I gave her a questioning look, she pointed at the window, before walking over, pausing and then closing the blinds.

I kissed her before either of us could say another word.

Had I not wanted to see her model the…, and it was because she’d seen the bag…, that I hadn’t dragged her into the bathroom and…!

When I presented the bag…, she went straight into the bathroom.

“I don’t know if I have this on right?” she called out.

“Loop around you neck, the string down between…”

“Okay, I’ve got it right.”

She opened the door.

I stood there for a full minu…, maybe twenty seconds.

I suppose my mouth was hanging open, but all I could think was…,

Kat was two for two!

Black fishnet, a single loop over her head and behind her neck…, a string that ran down between her breasts and then under them, where the fishnet narlıdere escort spread out to cover her torso, before ending just above her bellybutton, four matching woven garters falling down to attached thigh high fishnet stockings.

That was it!

No bra…, no g-string…, no nothing else…, just skin!

And that skin, all that was under and surrounded by the fishnet and all that wasn’t…, looked very inviting, especially with Elle giving me that, “Come hither,” look and the crocked finger invitation.

My tongue was in her mouth before the door shut behind me.

This time we weren’t so rushed, taking time to investigate each others places. And those places included all the places that could be reached by all, well all but one, of our appendages. Being nearly a foot taller than Elle and probably close to a hundred pounds heavier, my appendages were pretty much twice as large as hers, which really didn’t matter…, to me. It made a BIG difference to Elle, my fingers seeming to make a very favorable impression on her, whenever I used them to penetrate a certain orifice. They made an even larger impression on her when I used them in the orifice between her thighs and not in her mouth! Hell…, she was thrilled with my tongue in both of those places, but when adding the “digits,” her thrills seemed to intensify. Had it not been for the twitch when I touched her asshole, the ferocity of her reactions to my oral and digital assault on her body…, I might have cum, just by “eating” her!

After another of her, ramrod straight, full body vibrating, moaning and whimpering orgasms…, she turned, pressed herself against me and started to pull my cock towards her. Only my…, “Elle, I have no protection…,” caused her to pause. Without saying a word, she dropped to her knees and started to suck on me, this time probably mindful of how long I’d lasted during our previous “adventure.” Since I’d lasted all of, at best, twenty seconds, she was taking her time and slowly taking me in, her attention to my balls less energetic, her attempts to swallow me down to her toes, very much more successful.

I set a personal best…, I’ll give it 35-40…, seconds this time, thrilled with myself for holding out that long!

As she had the first time, Elle kept me in her mouth, sucking on me and flicking her tongue against the tip of my cock, stinging pinpricks with each flick, the pleasure/pain only adding to my euphoria!

Only when I was fully flaccid, if there is such a term, did she finally relinquish control of my dick, sliding up me until our mouths reunited, the salty taste of my cum still on her tongue.

“My God…,” she breathed, “each time…, it gets better. I’ve never felt anything like that before in my life…, never!”

“Your enjoyment is my pleasure,” I whispered, not as eager to flee this time, the two of us leaning against each other, our sweat sticking us together.

“Is it always like that?”

“Is what always like that?” my head on top of hers.

“When you do that to my…, with your tongue and fingers.”

“Do you mean…, oral sex?” now picking my head up and looking at her.

“Yes, oral sex. Is it always like that…, or are you doing something different?” her head still on my chest.

“Different? How different is it from your other experiences?” I asked, wondering how different it could be?

“I’ve never had any different experiences. You’re the first man who’s ever touched my vagina with anything other than his fingers and cock.”

Now I stood up straight and picked her face up with my hands until she was looking into my eyes. Even in the semi darkness, I could see those eyes smiling…, “What do you mean? You’ve…, you’ve never had oral sex before?”

“No…, never.”

“Not even with…?”

“My high school boyfriend…, no. The grad student in college…, no. Todd…, I’ve already told you how sex is with him.”

“But…, you’ve been married to him for…”

“We’ve been married for…, it will be thirteen years in a few months. When I went out with him before we were married and since we’ve been married…, his mouth has never gone past my tits. Hell, he’s never even kissed my bellybutton.”


“And you know what…, I didn’t even miss it!”


“You know why?”


“Because, until I was listening to my sister-in-law, Todd’s brother’s wife, complain about Jimmy not, “going down on her,” I didn’t even know there was such a thing! Christ, she told me, Jimmy’s wife Tammy, that she was going to pee her pants…, she was laughing so hard, when she found out I didn’t know anything about oral sex on women. So I read a book about sex and that’s when I learned… So I asked Todd why he never did it for me?

You know what he told me?


“He said, “Because the playground is too close to the dump!”

Where in the catechism did it say that?

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