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A dim purple light on the ceiling gave the room its ambiance as it shone bright into Kurt’s eyes. There he was, lying on snow white sheets, on a soft bed, in a humid room, with a giant man hovering over him. The giant man’s giant penis was deep inside him, but the only thing going through Kurt’s mind was ‘This angle isn’t right.’

Kurt’s breath was slow as StudMuffin, a name that was clearly a porn pseudonym, gently slid his cock in and out of him. The penetration hurt Kurt but the pain was the furthest thing from his focus. Kurt made sure he moaned to the rhythm of the movements. The sounds were fabricated to indicate pleasure; all so the scene that they were shooting would be perfect.

But the poor angle of the shot continued to perturb Kurt. He strained to communicate his concerns to his partner. ‘Open up to the camera’ he screamed with his eyes. StudMuffin’s mind was clearly in his cock; he didn’t register Kurt’s non-verbal signals.

Kurt took his right hand and placed it on his lover’s shoulder, applying a gentle intent. StudMuffin got the message ‘Open up to the camera.’

‘Perfect’ thought Kurt as StudMuffin made the necessary adjustments. Now there was nothing much to be done except to not fuck up the scene as the tripod-mounted camera continued to record the intercourse between the two men.

Kurt’s hand started to roam, touching the muscular, hairy chest of the 6’2″ man who was fucking him. StudMuffin hadn’t turned the air-conditioning on. He said it made for a better scene. It had made his skin completely hot and moist. Indeed, at this point, Kurt was sweating as well. Droplets of perspiration formed on StudMuffins abdomen and fell onto Kurt’s belly, forming a melting pot of the two men’s sweat.

StudMuffin moved his head down towards the bed, inching his way slowly towards Kurt’s head as Kurt prepared for the change in scene. StudMuffin began to kiss Kurt passionately, sticking his tongue deep inside Kurt’s mouth. Kissing during a scene was something Kurt greatly disliked. Yet, the intensity of this scene was a much greater turn on for Kurt than the discomfort he felt from being kissed by a man.

StudMuffin unlocked his lips from Kurt’s and leaned in to the side so his cheek rested on Kurt’s hair. His arms reached under Kurt’s pale, thin frame. Grabbing on tight, StudMuffin increased the pace of his thrusts.

Phttt….Phttt…..Phttt was the only sound Kurt could hear. He could smell their combined musk and could feel their combined warmth as StudMuffin continued to make love to his ass. “Yesss,’ thought Kurt, ‘ this guy knows what he’s doing’

StudMuffin started to grunt in Kurt’s ear. “Hrr…Grrr…Ghr…” he growled as he settled into the new rhythm. The only sound Kurt could let out were timid whimpers, each moan riding in time with each thrust. “Mmmm…Uhhhh…Mmmmm….Uhhhhh.”

Suddenly, Kurt could feel the cock coming out of him. StudMuffin looked him straight in the eyes for a second before lifting Kurt upright.

‘What’s he going to do now?’ But Kurt had no time to illicit a guess. He had to lay his trust, and his body, in StudMuffins hands, praying that StudMuffin could execute non-clumsily whatever was on his mind. Livestream performances always need that kind of tact, the kind only a true perfectionist like Kurt could handle. StudMuffin turned Kurt around so he was facing the camera with his back resting on StudMuffins chest.

StudMuffin’s hands started to explore Kurt’s body. His right hand found Kurt’s cock and started to stroke it. His other hand began to caress Kurt’s belly and chest, finally finding its way to his neck, where it slowly began to apply pressure. ‘Ooooh.’ A jolt rushed through Kurt. That feeling of being dominated was something he did not personally like, but he knew the impact it would leave on the scene. Kurt could feel the pressure build as Studmuffin grabbed on tighter to his neck and his cock. This stress left him with a knot in his throat, a clamming in his heart, a hollowness in his stomach and a hardness in his dick. ‘This is gold’ was all Kurt could think. He really was impressed by the way this video was turning out. He hadn’t seen it coming.

StudMuffin began to softly kiss Kurt’s neck as he began to roughly jerk Kurt’s penis. The dynamic between the two contrasting sensations gave shocks to Kurt’s nerves.

Kurt’s eyes were closed shut and his senses completely immersed in his sexual experience when he heard his lover’s whisper in his ear. “Suck me off now. I’m going to come in your mouth.”

Kurt lifted himself off the bed to obey. Studmuffin brought his legs off the bed and sat on the edge while Kurt got on his knees in a position that, once again, was in consideration of the angles. None of what was about to happen should be hidden from the camera. It was his turn to perform; to put on a show. And it was going to be exquisite.

Kurt grabbed the gigantic penis that had just moments ago been in his ass and brought his mouth onto its head. He began Bodrum Escort to tease the tip, making a delicious show of the first taste that he got of this man’s cock; and his own ass. His tongue continued to tediously drag over every millimeter of the head of StudMuffins throbbing penis, his eyes locked in to StudMuffin’s. What a scene. What a scene!

Kurt shifted his focus to the shaft, trying to acquaint himself with each vein, and making sure the audience knew it. ‘More wet’ he thought, bringing himself to produce the saliva required to facilitate a fellatio that would actually be pleasurable to his man. There was no substitute for real pleasure in porn. If passion and intimacy were properly simulated, an artist could create a scene whose notoriety would be timeless.

Kurt was fully involved in the production value of his sexual act, but StudMuffin’s needs were a bit more immediate. He placed his hand on Kurt’s chin to lift it to the head. Kurt followed his lead, opening to take as much of StudMuffin as he could. But no matter how he positioned himself, there’s was no way Kurt could take that much cock into his mouth.

But StudMuffin’s hunger wasn’t going to be satiated with shallow love. He began to apply pressure to the back of Kurt’s head. Kurt sucked as hard as he could. He had to take the quick decision to end the scene as soon as possible. The faster he could get StudMuffin off, the faster the forcing would stop.

Soon enough, Kurt could feel StudMuffin’s pelvis tensing. With a groan, StudMuffin released into Kurt’s mouth. Kurt wanted to spew it out, but StudMuffin’s hand was still keeping him from taking the cock out of his mouth. All the semen had to be slurped down before StudMuffin would let go of Kurt.

Kurt raised his head, a bit of cum lay on the side of his lips. StudMuffin wiped the cum of with his thumb as he helped Kurt off his knees. Placing Kurt on the bed, StudMuffin got up and moved towards the chair in front of the camera.

“I hope you horny perverts enjoyed that show.” He said to his live stream audience in his slow, bass voice. “See you guys next week,” he said, switching off the camera.

He got off the stool and walked over to a numb Kurt. “All right bro. You need to leave,” he said in a kind voice. “My girl’s gonna be here soon.”

“Ah cool. I’ll head then. I need to meet my girl as well,” Kurt lied. As soon as he did, he started to question why he felt the need to. Did he feel less of man in front of someone who had just sodomized him. Kurt let out a low sigh as he decided to get of the bed and head to the bathroom to clean off and get changed. He didn’t need to correct his lie.

Kurt finished his shower, put on his clothes. An envelope had been lying on top his clothes. He dressed himself and slipped the envelope into his pocket without checking it and headed out the door without even turning once to indicate his leaving to StudMuffin.

He shut the door behind him and just stood outside it. His entire body was shaking. His life felt bleak and dark as he stood in the dark corridor of the apartment building. He felt the same every time. He gave a good performance every rime. He was good at this work. And he was improving. He had mastered the art of creating hot, passionate fuck scenes with men in a matter of months. But it always left him with an intense darkness after each deed had been done.

He wished he had the courage to stop. He wished he could refuse the offers he got but the money that was offered to him was almost what he made in a week doing his restaurant job. $500 for the last 30 minutes of his life. He pulled the envelope from his jacket pocket to check its contents. Yup. It was all there. Now that he was sure that the transaction was completed satisfactorily, he began to make his move out of the building.

There was a sense of shame on the surface of his skin. It seemed to fit into the melancholy of the atmosphere of the corridor he was walking through. The guilt was rattling. But he knew there was nothing that could change this feeling. He had accumulated sin. A dozen or so videos of his naked body being penetrated by other men existed in cyberspace, and always would, till the day Armageddon comes for us all.

Kurt finally stepped out of the building. He just wanted to get home now. To get into his own bed. For the sleep of the night to take away the regrets of this day.

Kurt followed his ordinary routine the next morning. The promise of a new day had brightened his mood. He always enjoyed his time at the gym. It was almost noon, and ass per schedule, Kurt was just finishing up his workout. He looked at himself in the large mirror which lined the entire back wall of the gym. The only words that came to his mind were ‘Swolle AF’.

The rest of the gym focused on its hustle while he flexed his arms above his head to examine his triceps. He felt like pulling of his vest so he could examine his chest and abs more clearly, but he wasn’t looking to Bodrum Escort Bayan get kicked out. He liked this gym too much.

He moved a few feet closer to the mirror. He could see bags. The bags that had formed below his dark eyes. He needed to get more sleep. But his shit restaurant job kept him up till 3 A.M, 6 days a week. He had had this gig for about 6 months, but he hated it. The hours were killing him, the pay was lousy and his boss was a crazy bitch.

It was these factors that had led him to agreeing to the extra cash that he could earn doing “freelance work”. The money was good, but it bit at his conscience. He wasn’t gay and initially, the acts repulsed him. He had grown more accustomed to them but it was still awkward, especially when his partner was actually gay.

He knew it was only a matter of time before people found out. What would his family think if they knew he was getting fucked by men for money?

Kurt was helpfully distracted from his pity party as two young, cute, blonde girls walked behind him. He tried to catch the reflection of their eyes in the mirror, but they seemed to not notice his attempt to make first contact and continued to go on their way.

‘Hmm,’ he thought to himself, ‘I should go say Hi to that short one. She’s hot. But…I smell way too rank right now to go over. I’ll do it right after my shower.’

He made his way to the changing room; his least favorite part of his workout. Kurt wasn’t a prude, but the encouragement of complete nudity inside the changing rooms of this gym made him feel incredibly uncomfortable. There were no individual changing areas and the showers were just closed off with curtains. But even though he found the experience of cleaning up after a workout tremendously jarring, the shear abundance of equipment and the membership deal the gym had offered him made his regular visual exposure to limp dicks and sagging balls an experience that he would choose to bear.

He stumbled into the changing room and walked up to the bench in front of his locker. He removed his shoes. There was a group of older men gaggling in one corner, all of whom were completely comfortable ribbing on each other and slapping each other on the back while being butt naked. Kurt’s eyes remained rigidly focused on the door of his locker as he picked his towel out of his gym bag. Turning his head towards the ground, he walked past the gang of men and into the shower at the furthest end of the changing room. He swiped the curtain shut behind him and hung the towel on the curtain rod, followed by the rest of his clothes as he disrobed each item. He turned on the tap of the shower to the hottest possible setting and began to enjoy his shower.

As he took soap out from the dispenser located on the wall to his left, he began to listen in on the conversation held by the gentleman just outside. The economy was tough, he could hear the general consensus as he lathered the soap over his toned, thin frame. COVID had almost destroyed their businesses, was a sentiment they all seemed to share.

“But you’re the lucky one, Jack,” Kurt heard one of the men boom, “this gym kept you afloat for the last two years.”

“This, and the club.” Kurt heard another man chuckle.

“Yes. I suppose I have been lucky. The hard work and tough choices I made all those years ago really supported me during these tough times.”

“Supported you? Look at him being modest. You’re the richest cunt here.”

With that, they all burst into laughter. Kurt couldn’t help but be curious. One of these men was the owner of the gym. He had never wondered about it before. But he thought it would be interesting to figure out who it was. As he continued to shower, he heard the group taking each other’s leave as they left the changing room alone or in pairs. Kurt finished his shower and toweled off. He was relieved. No one else was in the changing room, so he could walk out freely without having to worry about someone seeing him naked. He stepped out of the shower and walked towards the locker. Just then, a man, about the same age as him, walked through the changing room door. They both stared at each other and gave each other a sheepish ‘Hey’ as the new entrant walked past Kurt’s naked frame towards another bench.

Kurt finished changing. He exited the changing room and headed towards the reception. His membership was expiring and he wanted to make sure that the deal that they had given him would still apply for the new subscription period. He turned the corner, and came up in front of the reception. There was no one there to assist him.

He froze at the point in front of the counter, waiting patiently for someone to show up. But none of the staff did. About a minute into his wait, one of the men from the changing room, a burly gentleman, probably in his mid-forties but with his hair completely gray walked past Kurt. Sporting a look of success and a spark in his step as he walked towards the exit, he suddenly Escort Bodrum stopped as his eyes fell upon Kurt.

“Anything you need help with, Champ?” he asked Kurt.

Kurt was a little taken aback. “Nope. Just waiting for one of the guys who works here to help me with something.”

“Ah. Is that it? Don’t worry. We’ll have you sorted in a second,” he said with a cheerful smile.” JOSHUA!” he bellowed towards the interior of the gym. The gentleman moved to stand beside Kurt as a young black teenager that Kurt had dealt with in the past rushed to the reception.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Joshua. This young man has been waiting quite a while for you. Can you see how we can help him?”

“Of course. How may I assist you today, Sir.”

“Nothing much, Josh,” said Kurt a little meekly. He didn’t believe his requirement justified the volume the other man had used to call Joshua. “My membership’s almost up. You gave me 3 months for a $100. Just wanted to check if I could renew it for the same amount.”

“Sorry Sir. That was a special offer at the time. We charge $180 for 3 months usually.”

“Holy Hell. That’s almost double. Can’t you get me an offer this time? Maybe something closer to the price I paid before?”

“Sorry Sir. Nothing like that at this moment.”

“There has to be something you can do for me.”

The older gentlemen who had been silently witnessing the exchange interjected at this point. “Rules are rules. I’m sure Joshua would help you if he could.”

“But you don’t understand,” retorted Kurt. “The only reason why I joined this gym was because of the rates they offered me 3 months ago.”

“A lot of people joined at that time because of those rates. I should know. I set them.”

Kurt’s brain did the math quite instantaneously. This guy was the one from the shower room group who was the owner of the gym. “Oh. Then there must be something you can do?”

“Not really. If I gave you a discount, I’d have to give everyone a discount. And that wouldn’t work out well for me now, would it.”

Well-mannered though this gentleman was, Kurt knew a hardened businessman when he saw one. He calculated that no ground was to be gained by arguing with this man.

“But a strapping young lad like you shouldn’t have too much trouble paying a little bit more to be a part of a facility like this,” the man went one.

“I wish,” said Kurt despondently. “Every extra cent I have to spend hurts. The restaurant I work at practically pays me peanuts.”

“That’s the problem with your generation. You’ve got no grit. Always moaning about this or that. Where’s the will to overcome? The ambition to succeed? You know, I had nothing growing up. We were poor. I made my way to the top. I’ve worked in a restaurant as well. Hell. There’s no fucking job I haven’t done. You have to have that fire within you. That NEED to be FUCKING better than EVERYONE around you!”

Kurt was getting a bit annoyed. Who the fuck was this guy to be preaching to him. He ran a fucking gym. So what? His tone was hitting Kurt the wrong way. He already felt shit about his life. He didn’t need this cunt to tell him how to think.

“Anyway. I didn’t mean to be so harsh with you,” the man went on, almost as if he could read Kurt’s emotions. “Listen, you’re a good-looking kid. You have any experience in show business?”

Joshua, seeing that he was no longer needed here, moved on to tend to his duties inside the gym.

Kurt didn’t say anything.

“Listen, there’s no need to hide from me, Kid. I know who you are.”

Kurt froze. Just who was this guy? What did he know? What did he want?

“I’ve been in this town a long time, Kid. I practically set up the porno industry here. Back before livestreams and shit. Back when the shit was on VHS and Betamax,” he continued “I know who all the new boys and girls in this town are. I keep my ears to the ground for that stuff. And I’m always looking for new talent.” He paused and looked penetratingly at Kurt trying to illicit a response.

“Listen man, I don’t know who you think I am but….”

“C’mon Kurt, who are you kidding?”

Kurt tightened up even more. He had never used his real name in a shoot. No one knew it. No one.

“I’m not interested in working for you man. I don’t enjoy that line of work and, honestly, I’m planning on quitting it for good.”

“Hey, I get it, kid. That line of work is taxing. Mentally, more than physically. But you like the money, right? You think anyone wants to be in this fucking industry? But it’s the cash that makes it all worth it, right Kurt?

A vision of the intense look of absorption on StudMuffin’s face as he pounded Kurt’s ass last night flashed into Kurt’s mind and it made him feel sick.

“No, it doesn’t.” said Kurt. “That’s why I’m never doing it again.” The conversation he was having with this prick was steadily strengthening his resolve to quit porn for good.

“Hey. Don’t be stupid here. You’d rather clean dishes in some shitty restaurant? Think about all that money you’re giving up. Just because your ego’s getting in the way? Listen. This industry will go on even without you. Someone’s going to be performing. Might as well be you.”

“You can find that someone then. This work just isn’t for me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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