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Short Takes Ch. 2

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On fantasy:

I don’t masturbate much anymore, now that I have a guy who takes care of my sexual needs whenever and wherever I get horny. I do sometimes daydream-fantasize, sometimes about something we did together, sometimes just a phrase I used in writing one of my erotic stories will get me turned on. One phrase that works for me a lot, to easily turn me on, and that I’ve used in a couple of my stories now: “I just lay there, riding an unparalleld high, with his fresh come slowly oozing out my sore pussy and ass, and dribbling out the corners of my mouth, where I had been sucking him only moments before.” I close my eyes and I picture myself with my man’s warm come oozing like that out of all the places where I like him to fuck me, and this is even more effective if I can still feel his latest explosion of come still entrapped in my pussy (like when I first get to work and my pussy is still full of his warm juices from earlier that same morning). Then I get mildly horny all over again, maybe not as worked up as when we first start making love, but horny enough to be eagerly looking forward to our next lovemaking. A buzz of contentment washes over me, body and soul.

This feeling, this daydreaming, usually hits me at work, so I can’t and won’t touch myself or masturbate, but the fantasy and the memory will give me a warm glow all over that lasts all through the day. And then I can’t wait to get home and back into my sweetie’s loving embrace.

Some other fantasies…

Picnic beside our favorite lake. Hand-feed each other under a full moon. Then skinny-dip in the lake. Swim to the far end and make love under the waterfall.

Oh, wait, already did that…twice.

Hmm, go back to that honeymoon suite with the mirrored ceiling and in-room, heart-shaped hot-tub. Naw, that was too cheesy, not really romantic.

I got it…go back to husband’s small home-town where he grew up. I’ve always wanted to see where he was from anyway. Go to dinner at his favorite childhood restauarant, and to a romantic movie at the theatre where he used to hang-out. Sneak into the house where he grew-up, into his old bedroom, where he fantasized about women when he was a nerdy computer-geek teenager. Make all those teen fantasies come true, IN the room where he grew up. Our adult reality becoming his favorite “childhood memory” of his home town. Mmmm, YES! THAT would be SO cool, and SSOOOO romantic!


On Trust:

With a new lover whom you don’t know and trust, you don’t really want him to directly touch your clit. If you really know and trust your lover, you can relax and let him touch your clit. With us, he had very gently French kissed me on our second date, not ramming his tongue down my throat but delicately licking my tongue in my mouth, and for the next two weeks I fantasized over and over about what that same tongue would feel like on my clit. So when we finally had sex on our fifth date, I wanted him to lick my clit, and I felt I could trust him to do it right, and I overcame any sensitivity and trust issues because I so much WANTED him to lick me.

But don’t START at the clit. He didn’t and still doesn’t. Kiss her neck, kiss and caress her breasts, kiss her tummy and hips, her underarms, her feet and legs. Let your fingers and tongue massage her inner walls and her G-spot. By that time, her clit WILL come out of hiding behind its hood, and WILL respond to gentle fingers and tongue. Yes, it will still be sensitive, but it will also WANT your touch. At least, it works that way with me and my Frank.

I even like when he sucks my clit up into his mouth and VERY gently nibbles at it. Not every woman might enjoy this, I think many would be scared to let a man NIBBLE at her sensitive clit, but I LOVE it, because he knows EXACTLY how to nibble on me SO gently, to get me MAXIMUM turned-on! And I trust him that he will continue to be gentle and not hurt me. He will keep licking and gently sucking and nibbling on my clit, usually through two or three orgasms that feel like my ENTIRE body is coming. Somehow, my sensitive clit is not too sensitive even for this VERY dirrect stimulation. By my third oral-sex orgasm, however, my clit is SO sensitive that if he doesn’t stop right then and fuck me immediately, I get too sore from coming four or more times in a row, to take his lovely hardness into my pussy, and that gets TOO frustrating for both of us. And yet, I am not too sore to let his cock rub against my clit on its way in and out of my pussy, maybe I’m not too sore for that because his cock applies INDIRECT pressure on my clit, not really touching it directly. Yet, I am not too sensitive for his touch, because when he swirls his thumb all over my clit while he pumps my pussy and kisses and sucks my nipples, I have the most INTENSE orgasm!

He stays inside me after we both come, and after a few minutes, he is hard and throbbing deep inside me again. I will squeeze and squeeze and SQUUEZE my pussy muscles on his deeply-buried and rhythmically-throbbing cock, until we both come again, but nowhere near as forcefully as before. It is sort of an ANTI-climax. And Van Escort I do not and cannot let his fingers, tongue, or cock touch my clit AT ALL during this last, milder orgasm, because by then my clit is WAY too sensitive for his touch.


On favorite positions:

The best sex isn’t any one position, it’s moving around and trying different ones, each change building in intensity. Flat on my back with my arms and legs wrapped around him. Then roll over without losing contact, me on top and riding him–or let him slip out and I rock my pussy lips over the length of his shaft without letting him enter me (a favorite for both of us). Or we start out with him slurping between my legs and turn that into a 69. End up sleeping in each other’s arms with him still inside me, or caressing each other in the shower. Or his spent but still semi-rigid cock pressed up against the crack of my ass as his palm cups my breast, and fall asleep like that (a great way to wake up, too). The whole CYCLE is great: foreplay, sex, and afterplay.

We have access to a local pool and hot-tub. If his back is sore, I’ll sit behind him on the edge of the hot-tub as he soaks away the pain, and I’ll massage his bare back with my bare feet. If we’re absolutely sure nobody else is or will be around, he’ll spin around and appreciatively kiss my crotch through my bathing-suit.

Or he’ll stand behind me as I face away from him and lean against the edge of the spa, steadying myself with both hands as I lean backward into back of my neck, and I’ll feel his rigid cock him, and he meassages my shoulders and kisses the pressing up against my ass! MMMMMMMMM!

The love, passion, and feelings expresssed are MUCH more important than the position. Knowing each other’s bodies, our likes and dislikes, makes it all comfortable without being boring.


On Porn movies:

One of the first X-rated movies I ever saw was in the early 80s, called Summer Lovers, starred Janette Littledove. Mostly cheesy, very little plot. But there’s a very hot 69 scene there with Janette’s real-life husband at the time, and that scene remains one of the few I enjoy to this day. You actually see HER come in his mouth, see him lick her clean, and then you see her effortlessly take his whole length into her mouth in one smooth, fluid motion, like swallowing a cock is the most natural and effortless and enjoyable thing in the whole world to her, and you can almost FEEL the love between them the way she swallows his length and girth so sweetly and eagerly. She manages to seem innocent but very sexual at the same time. That scene redeemed what was otherwise a schlocky film.

I also recall one with Kelly Nichols where she was a radio DJ named Silk hosting a call-in show called Slip Into Silk, she’s sits up on a countertop and gets eaten right through her panties, and at the moment of her greatest ecstasy, her leg spasms and kicks over a chair, the scene was hot. But that’s the trouble with most of these videos, you sit through an hour or more of crud to get one good, hot scene. And waht passes for humor in these tapes — on, PULEASE. They thought it was funny to have the Los Angeles radio station called W-LAY (LA for Los Angeles and LAY for, well, YOU know) and this “joke” is repeated a gazillion times.

I think I liked Janette and Kelly (and Hyapatia Lee, too) because they were short, big-busted, dark-complexioned brunettes who enjoyed what they were doing. And there was actually at least an ATTEMPT to have a plot in the video. In short, I could identify with these ladies.

I’ve been to X video stores recently and I wouldn’t buy any of what’s out now. It’s all AWFUL, most don’t even have ONE good scene in them, and the sex IS the story-line! Thankfully, our favorite sex store sells toys and outfits as well as the videos. And they do sell some of the old “classic” stuff, late 1970s and early 1980s, that have one or two worthwhile scenes.

My husband and I tend to favor older porn tapes (back when they at least TRIED to have a plot and a story-line) that feature short, big-busted brunettes, with dark complexions, probably because I am a short, big-busted woman with a dark complexion:

1. Janette Littledove (the 69 scene with her real-life husband in Summer Lovers) 2. Hyapatia Lee (in just about ANY scene), especially when she had that beautiful dark-black hair down to her butt (mine’s only shoulder length). Her moans somehow SEEM more convincing than most tapes, too.

We kind of like the tape Appasionatta, the very beginning and end are quite romantic, the 17th-century costumes are exquisite. 99% of the sex is awful, but when Mozart so sweetly eats her out at the end, well, I think every woman would want to be in her place! I can’t describe it, you have to see the tape.

But even a TV show can be erotic, it doesn’t HAVE to be explicit X movies. For example, on Soul Food last week, it included a sexy and romantic “morning after” scene. Shirtless young man in the kitchen, all sculpted and chiseled, obviously works out just enough to be really FINE, without grotesque body-builder muscle Van Escort Bayan bulge, and without spending SO much time in the gym as not to have a life. Wearing tight jeans that hugged and accented every line. Mmmmm!

He’s in the kitchen cooking an omelet, when SHE walks in, wearing only his shirt. He serves her the FIRST omelet, which is SO sweet and romantic. Between that gesture and his yummy bare, sculpted chest, I don’t know how she resisted walking over, loosening his belt, and unzipping him right then and there! At that point, I would have had my lips down around him in a flash. But all she can do is babble about how great a time she had–I’d be wanting a NEW great time right there in the kitchen!


Erotic story cliches

I remember reading one story years ago that began something like “Mom and dad wanted to protect their precious virginal daughter from all those hormone-charged college boys. So when I moved out to attend college out-of-state, they sent me to live with prim and proper Aunt Sally. Little did they know the REAL education that Aunt Sally would soon enough be giving me. It also started when I was looking for a band-aid to cover a small cut, and instead I found Aunt Sally’s vibrator in her nightstand drawer. Curious, I switched it on and…”

Turns out Aunt Sally and her vibrator performed nightly at a local strip club, and after Sally personally “trained” her neice in every aspect of sex, Auntie brought her neice into the act with her.

The story was so ridiculous and cliched that it made me laugh, but it was also very arousing. Especially when Aunt Sally hand-picked the story-teller’s very first handsome, muscular stud to carefully iniate her in every aspect of enjoying sex.


Why I just LOVE to 69

I really LOVE to 69, for a lot of reasons. Mostly, you feel so intimate and equal, giving exactly what you are receiving, both expressing your love for and enjoyment of each other. In my mind, it is THE most intimate experience a couple can share.

How GOOD his tongue feeels on my pussy! My orgasms from being eaten are much more intense than when we fuck. He has this trick of slowly licking side-to-side across his upper lip while pressed into my crotch. He sucks my clit up past his lips, than begins very gently nibbling, alternating between nibbles and licks and tongue-swirls, so I never know what to expect next, and it is all so pleasurable that he gets me bucking wildly into his face until I explode my ooze into his kindly, loving face. His eating me out usually last about 15 minutes. My orgasms (3-4 in rapid-fire succession) make him smile and let out a loud, appreciative “Mmmmm!” as he licks up all of my mess, and that of course sends me into yet another orgasm.

He truly enjoys my taste. I can tell by his facial expression, vocal appreciation, and the way he doesn’t stop until he’s licked up my every last drop onto his hungry tastebuds.

And through all of that, at the same time, I get to enjoy the taste of HIM just as much. Just knowing that it is my love for him and my skills that coaxed all that sweet, sticky love juice out of him in the first place, and I’m proud and happy that I could show him in this way, how much I truly love him. Proud to be so sexy and sexual at the “old” age of 50.

The 69 is a treat for all my 5 senses:

Taste: GOD, is he so DELICIOUS! I’ve acquired a real taste for the stuff, honestly!

Touch: I love the feel of the rough texture below the head, then the smooth flesh of his shaft, all gliding over my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I love to swallow, feel his warm, sweet, thick seed sliding so effortlessly down my throat. The feeling of him oozing down my throat. Somehow I am blessd to be able to take him all in with absolutely NO gag reflex!

Sight: having that up-close view of his gorgeous hard cock so close to my face. The sight of his thick come pouring out of that beautiful cock onto my tongue.

Hearing: The sound of his moans.

Smell: the scent of his fresh come right below my nose.

Yes, something to appeal to ALL of my senses at once (sight, sound, taste, smell, touch), until I’m just about on sensory overload.


How you know the sex is GOOD

Good sex is when you feel yourselves joining as one soul. When you care as much or more about the other person’s pleasure as your own. When you feel a powerful feeling of love and respect for the man wash over you, along with the orgasm that washes over you. When you know each other’s bodies, each other’s hot spots, so well that you just KNOW when, how, and where to touch, without guidance. When you are BOTH enjoying the foreplay so much that you put off moving to the “main event” for as long as you can, and then delay it even LONGER. When afterward, all that you BOTH want to do is lie in each other’s loving arms forever. When he doesn’t pull out right away, and you feel him pulsing and throbbing even AFTER your mutual orgasms, the throbbing that tells you he is still excited to be with you and still deeply in love with you even after nearly 5 years Escort Van of our relationship, and that is why he is taking a long time to calm down and regain his composure. When contentment washes over your soul, and you rest peacefully together, and then after you’ve both calmed down and regained normal breathing, you start in on a second round. When sex is the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing at night–and something you WANT to do all the time. When you can’t imagine spending the rest of your life without him, and without having frequent and glorious sex with him. When you go the whole day at work feeling his come inside you, and you ache to hold him again, you can’t wait to show him how much you love him and lust for him and think he is the sexiest guy in the world, and you can’t wait to get back home and be in his arms again, you can’t wait to feel him slowly slipping into you again.

That is good sex. I’m so lucky I don’t have to settle for less than that any more, but I wish it hadn’t taken me until the age of 45 to find this!


On going without

I was 26 before I lost my virginity, then over the next 17 years did it six times with first husband–none at all while he was dying over the last 3 years of our marriage. So that averages 6 times in 14 years–or once every 28 months. Then after his death, went two years without–after being without for 3 years before that, so longest time since losing my virginity was 5 years.

Since meeting Frank over 4 years ago, longest stretch being without sex was about two weeks. He was ill for a week, then I caught the flu from him and I was ill for a week. I really can’t recall any other long sexless stretch in the past 4 years. I think if I went more than a few days without sex with the man Imlove, I’d be absolutely fucking climbing the WALLS! How did I get through the time between husband

and 2? I had a vibrator, of course.


A Romantic Night

This past Saturday night was SO sweet and romantic and magical.

We’ve known about Frank’s company’s holiday party for about a month. Since we are both history nuts and love vintage clothing, I went to a vintage-clothing store a few weeks ago and picked out the perfect 1920s-era black party gown, with understated black sequin trim at the waist–VERY elegant! Frank and I got talking to the store owner about vintage clothing, and the next thing you know she is offering me a part-time job at the store. I’ve worked there for two weeks now, in addition to my regular full-time job in electronics. I’m having MUCH more fun at the store than at the wafer lab!

As an employee, I get 50% off, so I complemented the gown with matching black necklace and ear-rings (they match the dres’s seqins), and a cute little wrist purse. And black high-heels. I had my shoulder-length dark hair put up, and tiny white flowers at the back.

On Frank’s 1920s tuxedo, the pants wore out, so he found a new pair that have that vintage look. The lining of his original 1924 cut-away coat/tails was ripped, he found an alteration shop that found some very good-quality satin to replace the original lining. This was teamed with a grey wool vest, grey-and-black cravat tie, black-and-white dance shoes, and a top hat. Oh, and the gold cufflinks he inherited from his granfather. After all that prepartion, getting new clothes and fixing-up old stuff, I think we made an elegant couple.

The company chartered four luxury buses to transport their 200 employees (and spouses/SOs) from their office to a 4-hour chartered yacht ride around San Francisco. Each couple was professionally photographed in front of the yacht before boarding. Everyone was dresed so elegantly, lots of women in very stylish gowns and men in nice custom-tailored suits (not the Sears off-the-rack stuff), like being among Hollywood stars on Oscar night (although, now that I think about it, these high-tech types were more stylish than a lot of what the stars wear to those awards–UGH!).

We were greeted at the door with a glass of champagne or (for us non-drinkers) sparkling cider. Waiters in red jackets and bow-ties walked around with hors d’ouvres, such as shrimp, chicken kabobs, asparagus tips, etc. Dinner was a choice of chicken or beef, we had the most tender and juicy steaks, with salad and vegetables, all so delicious. Dessert bar was an assortment of rich and creamy little cakes cut into bite-sized pieces.

The company’s legal expert was there in a tiny red cocktail dress that barely covered the lower half of her cleavage, and covered maybe 1/4th of her thighs, with a slit on the left side that went even higher, and 6″ spiked heels. She is young enough and shapely enough to carry-off that look. Her husband owns a dance studio, and the couple put on an AMAZING demonstration of salsa dancing, professional level. The cruise yacht then opened the dance floor to everyone, and Frank and I waltzed the evening away in each other’s arms, then danced up a rock-and-roll storm to 50s and 60s favorites. It got too hot with all that dancing, so we went up top and admired the view and the chill wind as we cruised past San Francisco’s skyline and he held me in his arms and nuzzled my neck. It was romantic holding him and being held, up on deck and out in the cold, like Rose and Jack without the iceberg.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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