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Shipmates Wife

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I didn’t really like the guy, FC1 Gallup, but I was bored so I went to his party Saturday night anyway. He’s an arrogant, cheating husband that I really lost respect for when I saw him screwing a girl in just about every port while we were on deployment. Well, little does he know, his wife likes to screw around, too.

Becca, his wife, has a European look to her, straight blonde hair bobbed off at the shoulders, beautiful blue eyes, and a square jaw. She stands 5’5″, and has an awesome hour glass shape with small firm breasts. She is only 23 and he is 30. I always thought she was way out of my league and wondered why she stayed married to an asshole like Doug.

Anyway, I show up at the party after a long night of duty the night before, some reports for work, and an online class I had to finish up that day so I was pretty tired. Most of the guys from the division were there and most of them were getting pretty plowed except for the designated drivers, I hope. I only had 3 beers and I was pretty much passing out from exhaustion. Becca came over at one point and offered me a bedroom to stay in for the night. I declined and told her I’d be fine. After falling asleep on the couch with my hand propping my head up, then waking up with one of the guys bare asses in my face and someone else’s lit cigarette between my fingers, as well as a bunch of drunk sailors laughing at me, I decided maybe catching a nap might not be such a bad idea.

Becca walked me to the bedroom and pulled the covers down for me. She completely caught me off guard when she said, “Maybe I should stay in here with you tonight.”

I laughed as I sat down on the bed, thinking she was joking, but she bent down and put her hand on the inside of my leg, almost touching my cock which hangs down slightly to the right in my boxer briefs and whispered very seductively in my ear, “I am not joking, Dave.”

I watched her walk out of the room in her short shorts, night shirt, and tube socks, rolling her ass as she walked heal to toe. My mouth was wide open as my cock was growing to its maximum. When she shut the door behind her, I reached down and touched my cock. It was hard as a rock and very sensitive to the touch. However, I was not about to pull it out and start stroking it right here, right now. I pulled my pants and shirt off and left my underwear on in case any of the guys wanted to play another trick on me before they left.

I lay in bed for an hour, wide awake. I could think of nothing else now. I kept replaying that moment in my head and I finally convinced myself she was just messing with me. Maybe she treats all the guys like that just to get a rise and a laugh. It must be some cruel thing she does. I finally went back to sleep for the night. I dreamed about her that night and each dream had a different outcome but like most of my dreams, weird things kept happening to prevent us from having a good fucking.

I woke up the next morning to the noise of Doug getting ready to report to the ship for 24 a hour duty day. He was in the kitchen doing something. I heard him and Becca chatting real low for minute, then I heard the door alarm as he left and heard his motorcycle start and leave. I laid there for just a bit and decided I better get dressed myself and leave.

Just as I was going alsancak escort to get up, the door to the bedroom opened up and Becca walked in. I closed my eyes real quick to act as if I was asleep just to see what she was going to do. She came over and sat slowly on the edge of the bed. I was facing away from her. She reached down and kissed the side of my neck and put her arm around me. She whispered in my ear, again very seductively, “Hey? You want some breakfast or would you rather start off with a blow job?”

I couldn’t help it. I started laughing at that one. I just knew she was joking, but then she pulled the covers off of me, down past my cock. I immediately popped a half tent in my boxer briefs. I rolled over onto my back and asked, “Are you serious?”

She replied, “Stop me when you don’t want me to do any more.”

She started kissing me all over my chest while her hands rubbed my sides. She was wearing a pink silk night gown and I could feel as she slid back onto me left leg that she was wearing no panties. I could already feel her wetness and heat on my leg as she ground her body into it. I met her pressure with my own to give her the pleasure she was looking for. She moaned and closed her eyes. She grabbed my boxer briefs as I pushed my ass up off of the bed so she could remove them.

As she looked at my cock staring her in the face, she commented, “She’s right, you are huge!”

I asked, “What? Who told you that?”

She replied, “Let’s just say girls talk. Ever since I heard about how good you are, I’ve wanted to see for myself.”

I think I know who she was talking about but just left it at that.

She threw my underwear to the floor and grabbed my cock with her right hand, her fingers under the head. She moved her fingers to the top of my cock and took the head into her mouth. I was so hard and I knew I wouldn’t last very long.

She started bobbing her head up and down, taking most of my seven thick inches into her warm, wet mouth. She continued to grind her pussy into my lower leg. I reached up and ran my fingers though her hair. I then said, “I want to eat your pussy. Turn around on me.”

She quickly turned and straddled my face with her sweet pussy. It was bare with just a small triangle of hair above her clit. She had small lips and one of the biggest clits I have ever had the honor of pleasuring.

She engulfed my cock once again and I had to really hold back from meeting her rhythm and ramming my cock deep into her throat, not knowing if she could handle it.

I started pleasuring her by parting her soft, silky, wet lips with my tongue while my arms wrapped around her legs and grabbed her soft inner thighs to give me more room to go deep. I ran my tongue up and down her slit as her pussy dripped sweet juice into my mouth. I tongued her in and out and finally decided it was time to assault her clit. I reached with my tongue and flicked it once. She moaned on my cock and stopped bobbing for a stroke or two. She again started bobbing as I began a combination of flicking, sucking, and nibbling her hard clit. Her clit was huge and it was very sensitive. Every time I put my mouth over her mound and massaged her clit with my tongue, her body shook and ground itself into aliağa escort my mouth.

After a couple of minutes, I was aching for relief but I wanted us to come together. She started bucking more and screamed with my cock in her mouth. She rammed her head down onto my cock and started deep throating me as she released more juices that ran into my mouth and down the side of my face. She was cumming so hard I had to fight with her body to stay attached to her clit and mound. The feeling of that smooth pussy grinding into my face and her deep throating sent me over the edge. I felt myself tighten as I began to shoot load after load into her mouth and throat. I heard her stop breathing as she swallowed my load. She never stopped deep throating until I had shot my last bit. She then slowed her pace on my cock. She could not quite get it all and some leaked out and down my cock onto my balls.

She released my cock and said in a tired voice, “Oh my God. I have never felt it like that. What did you do?”

I replied, “I listened to your body language and gave you what you wanted.”

She said, “Wow, did you ever.”

With that, she got up off of me and moved her face to mine. She said, “I wanna taste my pussy.”

I said, “Okay.” She leaned in and we started kissing passionately. I whispered, “Do you like it?”

She replied, “Yes. I want to taste another woman. I wish you had a girlfriend here so I could eat her pussy like you ate mine.”

“We need to do a threesome some time, “I said.

“Yes, maybe the next time Doug’s on duty, “she asked?

“Wow, we’ll see, “I replied. Hopefully she is a gorgeous as you.”

“You’re so sweet, “Becca said with a smile.

We kissed some more and I started to get hard again. I reached down and started fingering her pussy. She responded by opening her legs and getting repositioned on the bed. I took one of her firm breasts into my mouth and rolled my tongue around the nipple while I pushed my middle finger into her deeply realizing she was pretty tight, but not like a virgin, just comfortably tight on my finger. I then pulled it out and ran it over her clit, making small swirls around her sensitive button. She began to get into the rhythm as I continued to pleasure her. She reached out with one of her hands and started stroking my cock. It was already fully hard and was enjoying being stroked by her small, soft hands.

My hand was soaking with her juices so I reached up and fed her my middle finger. She sucked her juice off of it and moaned. I stuck it back down into her pussy and fingered her with frequent moves out to her clit for extra stimulation. She started to tighten up on my finger so I pulled it out and massaged her clit until her body bucked and she screamed in pleasure. She finally said in an almost demonic, demanding voice, “Fuck me now!”

I positioned myself between her legs and pushed the head of my cock to her folds. She was extremely wet from the orgasms she had had so I pushed the tip in. She moved so that her pussy swallowed the head of my cock.

“Oh, yes, “she said seductively. Give it to me.”

I worked in inch by inch until she had the entire seven inches inside her. My head and shaft felt huge again and she almost immediately tire escort started coming again. She dug her nails into my back as I fucked her deeply, my lower body slapping against hers making a smacking sound. I could also hear the juices as I continued to fuck her deep and steady. I knew I would last a while so every time she came, I fucked her even harder.

After 15 minutes of this, and about five orgasms for her, she reached down and put her hand on my lower abdomen and said, “It feels so good, but I am getting sore as fuck.”

I thought maybe asking her to go doggy style for a minute and maybe I would blow but she surprised me by saying, “You wanna try my ass?”

I responded, “Sure! I’ve never done that before!”

She said, “No way! Let me be the first then!”

I pulled out and she got up and said, “I’ll be right back.”

She came back to the room with some lube that smelled like a porn store and said, “This stuff is like magic.”

She instructed me to get off of the bed and hol dher legs up. She lay down on the edge of the bed on her back. I held her legs in the air as she squirted a bunch of lube on her hand and then rubbed it all around her little hole. She fingered her hole with lube, then said, “Give me your cock.”

She smeared a bunch of the lube onto my cock and then wiped her hand on the sheets. She said, “Take it slow at first. I’ve never had a cock so big in my ass.”

I eased up to her hole, guided, and pushed a little. It did not go in until I pushed more. I felt the tight little ring snap onto my shaft once I worked the head in. She closed her eyes and reached down to rub her clit. I put my hands on the bed by her hips and pushed a little more. I could feel the tight ring slide down my shaft little by little. It felt different, and it felt good. I gave her about half of the shaft and stroked in and out real slow. She was enjoying rubbing her clit and instructed, “Go faster now. And a little deeper.”

I took the command and my cock felt like it was going to bust out of its own skin it was so hard. I moved more and more into her until I was buried all the way. She continued to rub herself and started to cum again. She said, “Faster, please. I can feel it. It’s so big!”

I increased my pace and was getting very close to cumming. My cock started the funny little itch to release and I said, “I going to cum in your ass.”

She said, “Yes. Fucking cum in my ass.”

She was in the middle of another orgasm when I unloaded into her ass. I felt like my cock was the biggest it had ever been. I pushed and pushed deeper and actually moved the mattress on the box springs I was fucking her so hard. She let out a scream of pleasure as I filled her with my cum. when I finished, my legs were shaking. I slowed my pace and finally stopped buried deep in her ass. She came down off of her orgasm and her body jerked a few times. I left marks from where I dug my hands into her hips when I was pulling her body to meet mine.

Becca said, “Oh my God. That was amazing. I think we better get cleaned up and get some breakfast though.

I responded with, “Yes, you’re right. I think we should probably shower together to conserve water though,” I said with a smile.

She smiled and said, “Sounds good.”

She walked me to the master bedroom and we took a nice long, hot shower together. I swear, I could have fucked her again right there in the shower but I knew we’d probably hook up again.

As for Doug, serves him right in my opinion. If he is cheating on this woman, he has some serious issues. She is a great lover and a great person.

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