Shelley Gets a Ride

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Big Tits

Shelley had done all her research. She knew exactly which Mini Cooper she wanted. The day finally arrived – she was going to the dealer and buying the car of her dreams. Her dad offered to go with her but she decided to do this on her own. “Remember not to take the first offer they give you” her dad told her. “The salesman always have a profit margin to play with – make sure you use your best negotiating skills and get a good deal”. Shelley was not a big fan of haggling but heeded her dad’s advice and decided to play the “game” a little with her car salesman.

She was a bottle blonde with sky blue eyes – she didn’t have a problem getting the opposite sex’s attention. The ass-gods had truly smiled upon her and was probably her best attribute. Her firm b-cup tits also didn’t hurt. In short she was most mens walking wet dream! She was a token blonde bimbo but seeing as she was a post grad student she proudly wore the label knowing she was a smarty.

She was pondering what to wear. She wanted to look the part of a blonde bombshell in her new Cooper. She finally settled on a pink satin CK thong – the back was lace and the edges were white. The matching bra really amplified her cleavage. It was her favourite set for special occasions. She wore a denim mini skirt. It was shorter than what any good girl would wear and finished her outfit off with a white low cut Guess t-shirt.

Floating into the dealership she quickly had the attention of three different salesman.

“Now now boys, I am the new car sales representative. I will be assisting the lady with her purchase” a man in his early forties groaned.

His voice was husky and he almost sounded like a male lion growling a warning to the rest of the males in his pride to back of his harem. Shelley spun around to look the man in the eyes.

“Hi, my name is Vince, how my I assist you” he introduced himself. Vince was soft on the eyes, not as buff as they guys Shelley is normally attracted to she thought to herself, but she always had a thing for older men.

Shelley could feel Vince sizing her up. She was used to men eyeing her and immediately knew she would have the upper hand in the negotiations.

“What type of ride could I help you with?” Vince winked at Shelley. She was not oblivious to the pun.

“I am interested in a white John Works Mini Cooper S with all the trimmings” she replied while noticing Vince staring at her cleavage.

Vince was slightly taken aback by this pretty little things knowledge of vehicles but excitedly ushered her to a car similar to the one she wanted. Whilst showing her the interior of the car Shelley skirt rode up revealing her shapely thigh toned from years of school sports and more recently spinning. Vince took his chance when reaching to explain the cooling mechanism in the glove box. He brushed ataşehir escort bayan his hand over her thigh. He was holding his breath whilst waiting for her reaction. In fact he thought she actually spread her legs a little while his arm lingered in front of her.

Shelley on the other hand didn’t mind this little infraction. In fact it had been a while since she had a steady boyfriend and enjoyed the sensation of a man’s touch on her skin. Additionally she knew this would help her in the price negotiations.

When Shelley didn’t object, it made him more daring. Vince stretched across Shelley to explain the functionality of the automatic seatbelt adjuster. In the process he grazed her breasts and was able to sneak a glimpse of her pink bra. Shelley pressed her breasts back against his arm. It had been a while since a lady, and such a sexy one to boot, flirted so openly with him. He immediately felt the beginning of an erection and started shifting a little uncomfortably in order not to make his hard-on not to obvious. Shelley was really starting to enjoy the game. She loved the way Vince smelled – she recognised it as English Leather cologne or perhaps she was confusing it with the new leather seats smell but she could feel her nipples were stiffening with his touch.

“I would love to take this baby for a spin” Shelley said. “Would love to hear, see and feel her perform if we press all the right buttons” whilst shooting a naughty smile at Vince.

Vince knew just the spot. He directed Shelley and they drove to a secluded strip of road about 10km out of town. Shelley was really enjoying the ride. The power and responsiveness of the car mixed with the thought of what was to happen next was really turning her on. She could feel herself getting wet with anticipation. She thought the car was actually starting to smell of sex.

After putting the car through its paces they decided to take a breather and pulled over below a Jacaranda tree. Shelley leaned over the bonnet giving Vince a great view of her boobs.

“So what price would a girl have to pay in order to get all these extras?” At this point Vince was mesmerised by her and would have almost given her the car if she just asked.

“Well, I have made target for this month already so I will make a plan and upgrade you at the same price as a standard Cooper”.

“Really – thank you so much!” She exclaimed as she ran around to him. She gave him a peck on the cheek and tight hug. She knew she had succeeded in what she set out to do.

The whole day had gotten her so revved up and she knew she could not leave good old Vince just poking her with his erection during their hug.

With one hand she grabbed a handful of his hair and forced his mouth onto hers – there was no objection from his side. With her other escort kadıöy hand she gently started to massage his penis through his trousers.

Vince could not believe the day he was having. Selling another car and making out with this absolute mega babe. Perhaps it was true what they say about the naughty forties. He surely didn’t mind making out with a girl almost half his age.

“Undo your belt and drop your pants” Shelley commanded as she went down on her knees. He didn’t waste any time and obeyed blindly. Shelley wasted no time taking his six inches into her mouth. His cock was rock hard and glistening with pre-cum. She slowly started working the head of his penis. Gathering mouthfuls of spit to lubricate his entire shaft. She gently massaged his balls with her left hand and her right hand was rhythmically stroking his penis in unison with her mouth. Vince thought he had died and gone to heaven when he saw her sky-blue eyes stare back at him while he gently started to mouth-fuck her.

Shelly was a firm believer that anything that is worth doing is worth doing well so she whipped off her shirt and a unhooked her bra. Vince’s ex-wife had huge hanging boobs so he couldn’t believe how perky her breasts were. His cock was sliding up and down her cleavage and he could feel her rock hard nipples on his skin. She pressed her tits together and the added traction was making his balls swell with anticipation of release. Shelley could sense by Vince’s moans he was not far from release. She took his prick back in her mouth and started jacking him off feverishly with her one hand. Her other hand she used to massage his prostate. “Don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop” Vince shouted as he started to climax. Shelley pressed hard on his prostate as she took his cock out of her mouth. She aimed it at her boobs and continued firmly tucking at his cock. Shelley felt as if her pink panties were soaking wet. She knew she did well when spurt after spurt of thick white cum shot all over her breasts. Not only did she look like a playboy playmate but she acted the part perfectly just now.

“Holy shit” Vince exclaimed as Shelley toyed Vince’s now limping dick all over her boobs and then started sucking his prick clean.

“Recline the back seats” Shelley ordered as she wiped the last trace of spit and cum from her mouth. Vince was a little confused where this was heading. He thought he had already made the sale – perhaps she wanted to be sure about the packing space. Nevertheless he did as he was told – this was an easy sell feature.

At this point Shelley couldn’t care less about the car. She just needed some satisfaction of her own. She scrambled into the back. Her ass in perfect view for him as the limitations of her mini was blaringly obvious. Shelly kicked off her mini and slowly started the maltepe escort pull down her thong. It was soaked from all the action thus far. She threw it at Vince as he was standing there absolutely comatosed by her actions. Almost as if a reflex, he held her thong to his face and sniffed in her juices and aroma. Never had he been this turned on in his life before.

She laid back, spreading her legs wide so Vince had a perfect view. She inserted her middle and then her left hand’s index finger in her soaking cunt. Rhythmically she massaged her vagina – making sure to catch her g-spot with each penetration. With her right hand she started to toy at her clit and every now and then gently slapped her pussy.

“Come on Vince” she teased. “What must a girl do to get your dick hard again”. It had only been about five minutes since his mind blowing blowjob. The effects of the scene in front of him however had done its magic and Vince’s cock was so hard it was almost aching.

Shelley shuffled down until her knees were at the edge of the boot letting her lower legs hang loose. She motioned Vince over. His lust for her young wet pussy had almost become animalistic and he wanted nothing else at the moment but to plow his cock deep into her. She spread her legs as wide as possible and lifted her hips a little in the air. She wanted to feel the full force of his cock slam into her.

“Fuck me Vince” she told him with a sultry look on her face. He stepped up. Proud of how quick and hard his cock had sprung back into life. He aimed his cock at Shelley’s gaping hole. He noticed she had recently shaven and only a little bit of stubble was forming a landing strip above her cunt’s entrance. He thought he was going to explode at the sensation when he slided into her. She easily took his full length and wrapped her legs around his ass to pull him deeper into her.

Shelley still had the salty taste of cum in her mouth. Both of their bodies were building up a layer of sweet from their efforts and she enjoyed the cool breeze’s cooling effect. It also blew in the smell of Jacaranda blossoms.

Vince had manoeuvred Shelley’s legs over his shoulders. In this position each thrust was filling her pussy whilst stimulating her clitoris. Vince wanted to remember this image forever. Her perky tits bouncing up and down with each forceful thrust. Her hair falling roughly over her face. Her moans indicating her approval of each pump.

“I. Am. Gonna. Cum. ” Shelly managed to moan. Vince could not hold it in any longer either. He felt her pussy tighten around his dick. He had never felt anything so tight. Spasm after spasm clenched him. He replied by filling her with his cum. Shelley felt three, four, five streams of warm cum blasted into her. She was dazed at the force of her climax. Vince finally collapsed onto her. Their bodies a heap of spent energy.

They just laid there for a couple of minutes getting there breath back and processing the days events. Shelley thought her dad would be proud of her negotiating skills…well at least the result thereof she laughed to herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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