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She Was Wonderful

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Cat and her boyfriend Billy had been together for quite some time. Cat’s real name was Cassandra but she always went by Cat to keep her name simple and short. Billy was a shorter man, only reaching the height of 5’8, while Cat weighed in at 5’6. They were a cute couple, inseparable and always arm in arm or hand in hand. They could finish each other’s sentences and nearly read each other’s minds.

They were a young couple that was very much in love. Both in there early 20’s, marriage had been a thought but they had pushed it out of mind for the moment, saying that they wanted to give it just a little more time. Billy absolutely adored Cat, he called her at work just to say I love you and he sent flowers to her desk so that all her co-workers would be jealous and all so his baby would be in a good mood and be ready to make him happy when she came home. Happy would be quite an understatement as to what she made him. You see, Cat was a very beautiful girl, just as Billy was a very handsome man.

In Cat’s mind the only thing that was sweeter then sugar was the taste of Billy’s cum as she gulped it down after a violently rough orgasm. Cat was a nympho but she was fiercely loyal to Billy and therefore she only wanted him and she got him almost whenever she wanted. They had done some very risqué things in their time. Once while Billy was driving Cat had extracted his 7 inch cock and had at first stroked it slowly as Billy tried to keep the car on the road, then eventually she took it deep into her throat allowing him to shoot his load hard straight to her belly.

Billy had then pulled the car over and demanded that she strip and this is where we will pick up on the hot to trot couple. Billy veered into a vacant gravel lot some distance off the highway. He looked around noticing that there were no houses nearby and his fears of being discovered by some angry farmer or landowner were quickly quelled. He then suggested they move to the backseat where konak escort there would be more room for them. They did so; Cat unbuttoning the button down she had stolen from Billy’s closet earlier in the day as he shed his t-shirt. The sight of Billy’s bare chest with the coarse black hair on it that she could run her fingers through gently was enough to quicken the intake of her breath. The same could be said for Billy as got his first glimpse of the skimpy black bra Cat wore that struggled to contain her 36 D breasts.

He groaned feeling a familiar ache in his groin and Cat licked her lips in anticipation as she slid her skirt off her hips revealing a matching pair of black lacy underwear. Black being Billy’s favorite color he smiled and drew Cat to him taking her lips and pressing his against them gently yet passionately as he unbuttoned his jeans and began to slide them off, revealing the fact that his dick was now very anxious to be set free.

As if on cue, Cat slid her hand to the tower of manflesh stroking it while it remained enclosed inside his boxers. Billy feeling the tantalizing touch of his beautiful girlfriend on him began to pant as he quickly unhooked her bra, pulling it away with his hands to reveal her milky white complexioned breasts that had almost ruby red contrastingly colored nipples. He quickly bent his head to suck the first one into his mouth as Cat clawed pleadingly at his back as he bit into the tip causing her to squeal in delight.

She scratched at his back again as he began to suck like it was the last chance he was ever going to get with her bounteous bosom. His sucking mouth on her tit was driving Cat quickly out of her mind and she knew the fire between her legs would have to be extinguished and soon. She skillfully slid her panties down off her hips tossing them aside as she splayed her legs open for Billy to see her dripping pussy. Letting go of her nipple he switched to güzelbahçe escort her other one as he rubbed her thighs gently with some vigor taking pleasure in the sounds of her moaning for him to fuck her. She then reached around him sliding his boxers off as she stroked his dick quickly; bringing it to it’s full state of hardness.

She began pulling on it gently trying to make him move so that she could slide herself onto it. He got the message, moving his hips slowly toward her as she moved her legs around him. Seizing the opportunity she pushed him away from her breast and made him lie on his back as she mounted him sliding all the way down his now vertical dick. She placed her hands on his chest giving out a heavy sigh as inch by inch he filled her tight cunt. She smiled down at him giving her hips a little flip and he moaned feeling his dick move slightly while inside her. She began to slide up now quickly forcing herself back down once she reached the top of him. Billy closed his eyes, seeing stars from where she had just made his dick re-enter her pussy with such a hard stroke. He moaned softly and Cat just smiled sliding nearly all the way off of him before taking all of his manhood back into her fiery furnace again.

He gasped telling her that if she continued to give him such hard strokes he was going to cum before he did her much good, she just smiled back and told him that she would just have to suck him then to make him regain his hardness. He smiled up at her as his hands went to cup her breasts as he squeezed them gently, massaging them his index and thumbs coming up to rub at her nipples as he massaged them. Cat began lengthening her strokes taking him fully at the end of every one and quickly Billy could hold back no longer as he started to shoot into her hard, timing it just right as Cat shot off into an orgasm of her own. The two of them lay as still as possible trying to gaziemir escort let the tremors wear off some before they started again.

Cat laid down on Billy’s chest as she kissed his chin gently smiling at him telling him how much she loved the feel of him and how she wished he could just stay in her. Billy had other ideas though, lifting Cat off of him as he then took his semi-hard dick in his hands pointing it at her lips as if to taunt her. Cat was more then happy to take him into her mouth though, as she began sucking gently. She massaged his balls helping him to moan and Billy had trouble getting her to release him before he had another blast off but he got her to lay on her tummy as he rubbed his dick all over the cheeks of her ass, savoring the feel of her delicate skin. She quickly rose to her knees, stretching out on all fours as Billy smiled moving his hips so that he was now lined up with her once again dripping pussy.

He placed his hands on her shoulders shoving his hips forward brutally burying his length into her as she moaned hard and loud but that didn’t deter him from continuing his onslaught. He took five more straight strokes deep into her before giving her a second to rest as he moved his hands down massaging her breasts gently rubbing over her nipples again.

Once again he started the fire in her and before long she was bucking her hips back at him, Billy allowed her to, watching her ass move back and forth then suddenly he leveled her right buttock with a hard slap as she stopped moving immediately almost crying out from the pain of the smack. He then took another thrust into her that was twice as hard as Cat lay forward holding her ass up to him for his taking. Billy smiled at her, realizing that he had her now where he wanted her, on her hands and knees begging for him to fuck her.

He now quickened his pace and the strength of his thrusts as he felt himself begin to cum he felt her pussy squeezing down on him tightly. Billy moaned as his seed shot into her and then slowly after he was finished he slid out of her, laying on the wide seat next to Cat as he took her into his arms.

He told her one last thing before they drifted off to sleep, he said “Remember that you are mine and nobody else’s or next time I’ll be twice as rough.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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