Kas 03

She Was A Peeking, I Was A Tweeking

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I was home alone for the first time in months. My wife had taken the kids to daycare on her way to work and I just had an early meeting cancel on me. Because work expected me in after 9:30, I had about two hours to kill. Alone.

I grabbed my iPad and sprawled out onto the couch after taking off every piece of clothing I had on. My suit coat was over the kitchen chair, my socks tucked into my shoes, my pants laid out carefully over the counter. I was ready to enjoy some alone time and hopefully have a masturbation session to remember.

I typed in .com and started searching for masturbation stories. After finding one titled Slow Day At a College Bar & Grill, I started to grow hard. I read the story twice and was finally at full mast when I put the iPad down so I could use both hands.

Let me back up a quick second. The week before my wife had lent our neighbor Tracy a heating pad for her husband’s bad back. Every time I saw her while I was pulling in the driveway she would apologize. I told her it wasn’t a big deal and to just bring it by the house when we were at work some time. She knew our garage code anyway. While I remember this conversation happening, I didn’t know it would have anything to do with me furiously masturbating on my couch completely naked.

As I got more and more into it, I took my right hand and reached down and pushed in on my asshole. çapa escort I then alternated between massaging my balls and pushing on my perineum. The entire time, my left hand never slowed on my cock. I was taking my time, but I wasn’t taking it easy on my fair penis.

After a few more minutes I was stretched out enough to be able to reach my asshole a bit better, and after licking my middle finger I was able to push inside myself to about the first knuckle. I was still pumping with my left, reaching down with my right, and pumping my ass in an alternate rhythm. I was in sweaty, all alone at last, masturbating before work HEAVEN!

Then I heard it.

A simple knock of plastic on my kitchen table.

I couldn’t very well cover myself up, as my left hand was jacking my cock, my legs were spread, one up on the back of the couch, one off the couch, and my right hand was obviously behind my leg with my finger plugging up my asshole.

I was staring into the shocked face of my neighbor, who was holding the heating pad all rolled up in front of her face.

Let me describe Tracy real quick. She isn’t hot the first time you look at her, but she gets hotter and hotter the more years you know her. She has long brown straight hair, an olive skinned face, an innocent look to her, her breasts are about a C cup and her ass is extremely plump. fatih escort She is always wearing sweatpants, and not the frump pants most housewives wear, she wears the tight ones that leave nothing to the imagination if you’re looking at the right time.

“I’m so sorry!” She stammered.

‘Uh, Trace, um…’ I muttered.

“No, no, no… I’m so sorry. I shouldn’tve come in with your car in the drive, I just assumed you were at work. Oh, I’m so sorry!” She went on.

‘Trace, can you give me a minute to cover up?’

“No, Jim, no. Oh, I know how hard it is with the kids and everything. I bet it’s really hard to get time alone.” She said.

I hadn’t moved since I discovered her. My left hand was still wrapped around my still-hard cock, my right hand had a finger up my asshole, my legs were spread, and I was sweaty as could be.

‘Um, Trace, I, uh, I’m sorry about this…’ I spat out breathlessly.

“It’s my fault, I should have just left this in the mailbox.”

I noticed she wasn’t looking me in the eye anymore.

We stared at each other for at least another thirty seconds in complete silence. I then did something I never thought i would do in that I started pumping my cock again while looking at her watch me.

I repositioned my legs to give her a better view and started putting my hips into it, which allowed sarıyer escort bayan my tired right hand so sit still as I ass fucked myself using only the motion of my hips.

She put the heating pad down on the counter and stared open mouth at me masturbating in front of her.

I felt a weird comfort knowing that she wasn’t offended or grossed out or anything, so I kept going. I was sweating up a storm and every time my hips went up pulling my lower back off the leather couch it made a loud sucking sound.

As I got more and more back into my rhythm, I closed my eyes and only faintly heard my neighbor sigh a few times the ten or so feet from me where she was standing watching me jack off.

I was getting closer to orgasm the more I humped my hand and finger fucked my ass, and as I opened my eyes once more I could see my neighbor Tracy smiling and fanning herself.

I told her I was going to cum with a grunt and she took two steps forward, put her hands on her hips and smiled even bigger. Just as she breathed out a sigh of excitement, I came so hard a large dollop landed in my opened mouth.

I pulled my right hand away from my ass, took my left hand off my cock and pushed the cum that was on my bottom lip into my mouth and swallowed.

By the time I wiped my chest off and looked up, Tracy was gone.

I’ve seen her every day for a while now and she never says anything or makes me feel uncomfortable. I hope she went home and masturbated to the image of me masturbating, because I masturbate to the idea of her masturbating to me masturbating.

Does that make sense?

Pretty sure it does.

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