She Treats Him

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Group Sex

She had finally made it through the punishing weeks of an important work assignment. It had kept her up nights, and away from her man who had been very supportive and never complained about her lack of attention to him.

She knew he missed her, and it was time for her treat him to a special session of pure passion. He deserved big thanks for his encouragement, and frankly she deserved a treat as well for her hard work. It was high time for some carefree love and release.

She took her time preparing. Lit a candle, started some soft music, and drew a hot bath. As she soaked in the tub, she slowly lathered herself all over, and ran a fresh blade under her arms and between her legs, chasing away the stubble of past weeks. She loved the smooth and sensitive touch the razor left behind. And speaking of behinds, she made sure that cranny was smooth as well to invite him into every corner.

Once toweled off, she rubbed in lotion to further soften and freshen her skin. She was generous and thorough with her ass, making sure that sweet spot was soft and slick to the touch. She finished by dabbing a hint of perfume across the tops of her breasts and just above her clit. She was already feeling moist in anticipation.

Then it was time to dress. She stood naked in front of her closet, wanting to choose the right combination of comfortable and come on in. She started by stepping into a silky thong, pulling it high on her hips, and letting her labia breathe free outside the scant fabric where it narrowed to a string between her thighs.

She considered a few bra selections, but decided to go without, instead pulling on a loose fitting, lacey scoop necked camisole to wear under her shirt. Slipping into a pair of comfy blue jeans, she topped off her look with a blousy casual collared shirt buttoned only high enough to tease the camisole lace. Comfortable flats and a pony tail to keep her long hair out of the action finished the look.

He’d had a good day. A long day, but a good day. His design team had hit a huge milestone on a high profile project, and the client was impressed. Then he hit the gym for a good workout to decompress and soothe his tense muscles. As he made his way home, his thoughts wandered to his woman and her preoccupation the past weeks with her work.

She was gone long hours, got home exhausted and slept fitfully, never really setting her work aside and clearing her mind. She’d had little time or presence of mind for him, but this was OK. Her work was very important to her, and he admired and encouraged her sense of responsibility and commitment. Besides, it wouldn’t last forever. She’d finish this assignment soon and things would get back to normal.

When he got home, she met him at the door with her glass of wine in hand and a huge smile on her face.

“I did it!” she proclaimed. “Wrapped up my project and put a bow on it. Tonight we celebrate!”

She was beaming and, he noticed, sweetly decked out and smelling wonderful.

“I like the bow,” he admired, stepping back and looking her up and down. “I just came from the gym and need to run through the shower to get up to celebration speed.”

She kissed him and then leaned down to grab his bag while holding his gaze, giving him a generous view down her loose blouse and camisole, her breasts swaying freely, and encouraged him with a sly smile.

“You do that while I finish getting dinner ready. Steak and salad. Dress code is comfy caj’.” She turned to set his bag aside and added over her shoulder, “I’ve even got a special dessert ready.”

Well, well, he thought to himself as he headed upstairs. Things were not only going to get back to normal, but he sensed that may start with a bang … literally!

He didn’t linger in the shower, yet took care to clean himself thoroughly. He also added a quick shave to clear the stubble that could chafe any sensitive areas his face might find its way into. He finished with a few dabs of strategically placed cologne, pulled erotik film izle on loose khakis, a flannel shirt, and moccasins. He headed back downstairs.

Dinner was relaxed. They chatted about her project and the future promise its success held for her. He shared with her about his client win that day, and what that meant moving forward. When they finished eating, they cleared the table and rinsed the dishes together.

As she was drying her hands he asked, “So what’s that special dessert you came up with?”

She swung the towel around the back of his neck and, gripping both ends to pull his head down for a kiss, said, “Well first I was thinking about whipped cream on nipples, pussy, and cock, but I’d rather go low cal. What do you say we start with some edible massage oil and go from there?”

He wrapped his arms around her and responded with a warm “hmmm” low in in his throat while he kissed her. Knowing this was a “yes”, she tossed the towel on the counter, took his hand and led him upstairs to the bedroom.

“I want to take your clothes off first, and then it’s your turn. I want to watch you get hard,” she purred as she pulled his shirttails out of his pants. She pulled the shirt over his head, pausing while his arms were raised to flick her tongue over his nipples and giving them each a gentle nip making them hard.

She dropped his shirt to the floor and cupping his groin with one hand, unbuckled, unzipped, and unbuttoned his pants with the other. Dropping down on one knee, she pulled his pants and underwear down together to his ankles. Then gently pushing him back to sit on the bed, she pulled off his mocs, socks, and pants.

She gave his growing cock and balls a playful lick and tug, and rising to her feet, kicked off her sandals, spread her arms and invited him saying, “Now your turn.”

Still sitting, he unbuttoned her pants, slid the zipper down, and grabbed a handful of jeans on both sides of her thighs. He worked them down to her ankles and, hands on hips, she kicked them off.

He gave a gentle lick to her generous labia oozing out where her thong plunged to a mere string, slid a finger under the fabric astride each hip and slowly pulled them down and off as she raised each foot.

Then he reached his arms around her and took kneading handfuls of her ass, pulling her crack open as she arched her back and bent to kiss him, her breasts with now stiffening puffy nipples again swaying freely under her blouse and camisole.

He stood now, his cock obviously rising to attention, which caught hers. “Oh, my,” she whispered, reaching to slowly run a finger underneath from base to tip where a drop had formed. She licked the drop from her finger and kissed him, her tongue now hot and sweetly salty. “I love to watch you get turned on.”

“One of us still has too many clothes on,” he joked, unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it off her shoulders. Her full, pointy breasts with hard erect puffy nipples slid up and down under her silky camisole with her deep and rhythmic breathing. “But let’s leave this on for just a few minutes longer,” he suggested while he took her hand and lay back on the bed guiding her on top of him.

She straddled him and, cupping his breasts, lightly squeezed, raising his nipples. She leaned into him, slowly flicking her tongue over each nipple, teasing them to stiffness under her warm breath. Then she wrapped her moist lips around each and gave them a good suck, lightly scraping with her teeth, and pulling away slowly until the tension popped them out as he groaned with pleasure.

He hooked his fingers behind the straps of her camisole, and slowly drawing them down, slid the satiny fabric taught across her bosom. The lowering top hitched a moment on her stiff puffy nipples until her breasts popped free, slightly swaying over him and inviting special attention.

He tucked the tight fabric under her breasts, and cupping each in turn with both hands, gently squeezed just enough to point each film izle nipple directly into his hot, moist mouth. He licked and sucked with gradually increasing pull, further darkening her areoles with what she jokingly called nipple hickeys.

She moaned her approval, positioning each breast over his mouth in turn. Then she sat up and drawing her shoulders back, swiveled them to slowly sway her breasts side to side. He reached for the hem of her camisole and she helped him pull it up over her head and toss it aside.

She started to rock her hips back and forth, grinding her wet pussy lips up and down his stiff cock.

“Yeah, baby,” he murmured. “What about the oil?”

“I’m not hungry anymore … ” she said, slyly adding, ” … for that.”

She slid down and took his shaft slick with both her pussy juice and his dripping pre-cum fully into her wet, warm mouth. With a gently kneading hold of his balls she slid her lips, flicking tongue, and ever so lightly scraping teeth up and down his cock. Then she moved back up and kissed him deeply, her tongue dancing with his. He shared her thrilling taste of their mingled love juices.

He paused, suggesting, “Suck me ’til I cum and kiss me before you swallow.”

She giggled and said with a smile, “Next time, Mr. Adventurous. I have another special treat in mind for tonight.”

With that she sat back up and resumed grinding his cock with her pussy, deftly using his stiffness to part her pussy lips and take him inside her. She slowly slid up and down taking him deeper and deeper with each descent until she sat squarely on his groin.

He was fully inserted, the tip of his cock pressing against her cervix. She began to flex her pelvic muscles, clamping, releasing, and clamping again on his erection.

“Mmmm,” he exhaled. “Gotta’ love those Kegels.”

She grinned slyly. “You like that, huh? Well my special treat’s kind of a variation on that theme.”

With that she pulled off of him, ran her hand across her mouth gathering a big gob of saliva, reached around behind her and wiped her anus slick and dripping. She took hold of his cock and guided the head inside.

She knew to relax as he went in, making insertion easier and more pleasurable for them both. Again, she slowly rocked back and forth taking him deeper and deeper until he was in to the hilt.

Then she started flexing again, rhythmically clamping on his rock hard erection as she pulled up, and letting loose as she sat back fully on him. She loved the sensation of his warm, slippery cock sliding back and forth inside her, especially the opening inch or two where most of the excitement was.

The intensity was building up at the front door, too, her pussy swelling and beginning to drip with creamy love juice oozing between her lips.

“Oh, my gosh,” he sputtered, “That feels incredible!”

“Time for your Kegels, mister. Don’t you dare blow your wad before I do.”

“Right,” he nodded, and began his own slow rhythm of clenching to keep his rising tension in check. With each contraction, his cock, and especially the tip, swelled in girth to nearly bursting, pulsing pressure she could feel that further flamed her pleasure.

“Mmmm,” she purred deep in her throat. She alternated her contractions with his, syncing into lockstep, together beating a single drum that resonated deeply down to the bones of both. “Dance with me, mister,” she exhaled as she relaxed and then gripped him again.

His heart was starting to pound. It set an increasing tempo for his clenching and she matched his rising pace and intensity. As he peaked toward orgasm, he reached down to press on his perineum, his “t’ain’t”, to hold ejaculation at bay. He wasn’t sure how long he could keep this up, but he was determined to ride the waves as long as possible.

She didn’t share this challenge. She could cum again and again. As she rose to her first peak, she tossed her head back, sang out her pleasure in stuttering bursts, and her seks filmi izle entire body shuddered in a series of convulsions tossing and jiggling her tits up and down.

He felt her now involuntary contractions clamp down on him to a new beat. He held his clench to keep from cumming, which further intensified her orgasm. Her pussy oozed with her milky white cream.

“That’s one,” she gasped once the contractions subsided. She knew that her pleasure, her orgasm, was one of his biggest turn-ons, and he deserved the full treatment tonight. “Lucky me!” she giggled silently to herself.

She rocked back upright and pulling her feet alongside his hips, folded her legs up and spread her knees wide with elbows inside. His cock in her ass pressed a little more forward at the tip and gripped him a bit tighter even when relaxed. With her creamy pussy lips open wide, she began to wipe and spread her cum all over her labia and clit.

She leaned back and put one hand behind her to steady herself on the bed. With the other she rubbed her pussy hard in circular motions, alternately slapping her clit, and plunging her two middle fingers up her vagina to the knuckles, in and out, in and out. All while rocking her hips to slide up and down on his ass-gripped hard-on.

Rub, slap, rock, plunge. Lather, rinse, repeat.

As she came again, she called out her thrill loudly. She sat upright again, hands on her raised knees. Her tits bounced wildly up and down, vibrating to the tips of her nipples with each convulsion. Her pussy gushed with her thick, milky juices.

She scooped some up off of his belly touching it to her tongue, and then reaching to his mouth wiped her fingers back and forth across his tongue.

“Mmmm,” he rumbled as he rolled his tongue around his mouth. “You taste so good.”

Catching her breath, she cooed, “OK, darlin’, it’s your turn.”

She reached around behind her and wrapped her thumb and first two fingers around the top of his scrotum where it met his shaft, gripping his balls at the bottom of his sack to keep them from ascending during orgasm and heightening the tension and force of his ejaculation. She slid up and down on his cock with increasing speed, and with her other hand resumed rubbing, slapping, and two-finger fucking her pussy.

He picked up her rhythm thrusting his hips up as she came down on him, pounding into her harder and harder. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, tits jumping, pussy splashing, and her mouth forming a silent “Ohhh” with the corners clearly turned up in a smile.

She had a hold of him in every sense of the word.

“Oh, my God,” he groaned, “You are fucking something else!”

“Ha!” she laughed, “I am fucking you, honey. In my fucking ass!”

That was it. He exploded. “Ahhhh, fuck!” he blurted.

He arched his back and went rigid holding deep inside her. It had been so long. She was so beautiful, inside and out; so loving, so trusting, so giving. So fucking adventurous!

In that moment it felt like his release lasted forever, lifted a weight from him he didn’t realize was there, and his heart and soul soared to the stars and back.

She came with him, the pulsing of his cock inside her taking her masturbation over the top. She was delighted at his pleasure, and thrilled that giving it to him felt so fantastic for her, too.

She also suddenly felt much lighter and satisfied on several levels, having taken good care of delayed yet such important unfinished business.

As the tremors subsided she dismounted and collapsed into in his arms. She rolled beside him, their mouths locked with dancing tongues. He hugged her deeply with tender strength and unquestionable commitment. She gripped his shoulder muscles on either side of his neck and kneaded them firmly.

Their breathing calmed together as they quietly gazed into each other’s eyes.

“I love you,” he whispered.

She smiled. “And I love you right back. Thank you for being so patient with me.”

He returned her smile. “Of course. You do the same for me all the time. Besides, the rewards can be friggin’ fantastic!”

“Yeah?” Her smile turned mischievous. “Sooo … let’s talk about next time.”


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