Sharis’ Trip With Dad

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When I recieved the scholarship notice from our local State College. Dad voluntered to drive me up to check the school out, and see if it was what I wanted. The college is a hundred and some miles from here, so he told mom we’d be gone for the weekend. I guess it was alright with her, since she didn’t object to the idea.

It was late Friday afternoon by the time we got everything together, and finally got going. I had mentioned to dad that my friend Cassy was interested in going to state too, and would he mind if she came along. Even though we were both eighteen neither one of us had a car yet. He told me he didn’t mind, that it would probably be easier getting used to the new life there, if the person I shared my room with was someone that was already my best friend. I knew he wouldn’t mind taking her along. I had noticed the looks he gave her, when he thought no one was looking.

Cassy thinks next to my brother Al, my dad”s about the sexiest thing walking. I’ve already told her though that Al was off limits now that he and I had gotten so close, and boy have we gotten close, (but thats another story). I guess she’d turned her sights on the next best male around. I must admit dad is a very sexy looking man. He sure doesn’t look like he’s the father of eighteen year old twins. He’s over six foot, blond, and very muscular. Several times when we’d been to the mall or somewhere, some of my girl friends had seen us and had asked me later, who the new stud was that I was with. I of course didn’t let on. I’d just tell them that it’s someone I met.

I must admit that there have been times when he’s been in his swimming trunks, or around the house in his shorts, that I’ve paid close attention to the bulge that he carries around in the front of them. Whenever I see his bulge, it makes my pussy itch, and my nipples get hard. I keep imagining what it would look like out in the open, hard and veiny. Just thinking of it now was making me all wet and horny.

The trip there was pretty much uneventful, except that Cassy insisted on setting in the front seat too. We have a large SUV, so it wasn’t really crowded, but it did mean I had to sit right up next to my dad. I was snuggled up against him, he had to drive with one arm around my shoulders, so I didn’t mind it at all.

The new semester was coming up. This of course meant that there were a lot of perspective students there with their families, checking the school out. This also meant that motels were scarce. We found one, but it only had a one room available, although it did have two beds. We decided to take it, either that or sleep in the car. Cassy and I could share one bed. We unloaded our things, and then decided to take a shower first and unpack later. Cassy and I took ours together, and I swear, that girl has a one track mind. All the time we were washing each other, (it’s a lot more fun that way,) Cassy was talking about how she’d love to see my dad in the shower. Even though I weakly protested her talking about my dad that way. I must admit to myself, the thought did appeal to me too. After we were done showering and discussing dad and his obvious assets, our nipples were hard, and our pussies were itching. Later when he was taking his shower, it didn’t help knowing that he was naked in the next room.

After all of our things were put away, we all decided to go out for dinner. We ended up at a pretty nice restaurant, and had a nice meal with wine. I think we all over did it a little though. Luckily our motel was close, because I think dad was even alittle t├╝rk├že alt yaz─▒ porno tipsy, I know Cassy and I were.

We had all changed into our night clothes. Cassy and I wore the same things we wore the night she stayed over at the house, shorty top and bottoms. Dad wore just his boxers, since he’d never worn pajamas. We all sat around on the same bed watching TV and talking about what we were going to do the next day. It was pretty cozy, Cassy on one side of dad and me on the other. We were all still feeling the effects of the wine from dinner. That was probably why we didn’t think anything of it when dad put his arms around us both, we just snuggled up, and enjoyed it. Cassy even got a little bolder, and put her hand on his leg. He didn’t say anything, so I decided not to be left out,and put mine on his other one.

The evening went on uneventfully, except that my pussy was itching, and getting very wet. I’m sure Cassy’s was too. I kept noticing her squirming around. What really surprised me though was when she moved in such a way that my dads hand slid down to her breast. He seemed not to notice it, but I’m sure he did. The strange thing was, I was getting jealous that he was cupping her breast and not mine. I know that it’s wrong to feel that way about my own father, but I did. I’ve always had a sort of illicit feeling toward him. I had always forced it out of my mind though. That is until Al and I had stepped over that incestuous line and had become lovers. Since then my observance of my dads many sexual attributes became more frequent. It also seems now that my possessiveness of the males in my family also increased. It was getting pretty late by then, so we decided to call it a night, and get some sleep.

I couldn’t get to sleep, and kept tossing and turning, thinking about Cassy and dad. He must have heard my restlessness, because he came over and sat on the bed next to me. He asked me what was bothering me. I tried to tell him that I was alright, but it wouldn’t come out. All of a sudden tears started, I sat up and went into his arms. He held me and stroked my hair, telling me that whatever was wrong that I could talk to him about it. I finally was able to get up enough courage to tell him that I got jealous when he put his hand on Cassy’s breast and ignored me. I was telling him how I knew it was stupid and wrong to feel that way, but I couldn’t help it. Then right in the middle of my explanation, he slid his hand up under my top, and cupped my breast. I was too stunned to react at first, I just kept on with my explanation. My body noticed it though, as my nipples hardened, and pushed against his hand and my stomach quivered.

“Hun, no one could ever replace you with me. I’ve spent all these years fantasizing about doing just this. I just never had the nerve to do it. That and the fact that I didn’t want to do something that would turn you against me.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, all this time wasted. I could have been with the man I’ve always dreamt of. I raised my head up and kissed him deeply, my arms tight around his neck.

“Daddy, you can’t imagine how long I’ve waited for this moment, wanted this to happen.”

He carefully picked me up, and without saying a word, carried me over to his bed, and laid me down. He undid my top, and slipped it off of me. He then lifted my hips, and slid my bottoms off. He did all this without saying a word, then he leaned down and kissed me. I parted my lips, as he shoved his tongue deep into my mouth, while t├╝rk├že if┼ča porno his hand caressed my breast, and teased my nipple to an aching hardness. I was in heaven. I was laying here with the man I loved most in the world, holding and kissing him, while he was setting my body on fire. He slipped his shorts off, and his large cock sprang out, hard and full of rippling veins. I reached out and grabbed it as he sat back down, stroking it slowly. He leaned down and took my nipple into his mouth nibbling on it, while he ran his tongue around it. Sliding his hand down to my pussy, he started stroking it. Pushing his finger between the already wet lips, to my clit inside. He touched his finger to it, rotating it, sending a jolt of exquisite feeling through my body. My passion was raising rapidly, as my breathing increased. I started stroking his cock faster pulling on it to get it in me to quench my rising desires.

He lifted his head from my nipple, and moved down till he was between my open legs. He lowered his head, and started nibbling and licking at my juicy cunt. He ran his tongue up my slit, first starting at my clinching hole, and up to my distended clit. Licking up my juices as he went. He started nibbling and flicking it with his tongue. I grabbed him by the head, wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him tight against my aching pussy. Trying to quell the raging desire coursing through my body. I could feel my climax coming as I tightened my hold on his head. My body stiffened as it took hold of me. My hips pumping my soaked pussy against his face, as I cried out my release. Dad lifted up his pussy juice smeared face, smiled at me, and kissed his way up my waiting body. I reached down, and grabbed his swollen cock guiding it to my hungry pussy.

He slowly guided it in, working it till it was completely inside of me. The fit was so tight I could feel every bump on his thick cock as he started moving in and out of my hungry pussy. I moaned loudly.

“Oh yes daddy, fuck me, fuck your daughter. God it feels so good.”

His pace picked up, and I kept matching him. Soon we were pounding into each other, our wet bodies slapping into each other. I was digging my nails into his back, as I felt my climax starting again. Dad grabbed my shoulders, and started pushing me toward his hard cock, as each foward motion was slamming into me. His breathing was becoming more rapid, and suddenly I felt his cock grow fatter still, as he neared his own climax. I could imagine his sperm racing up his long cock to spew his seed deep inside me. The thought of this brought my own climax crashing on me, it was so strong, I thought I would pass out. My back arched driving my flowing cunt hard against him, my nails raking his back. I could hear him cry out his own release, and felt his cum splash over and over against my inner walls. We just laid there together, to exhausted to even move.

I suddenly realized Cassy was sleeping right next to us. She was, that is before all the noise we’d made. I looked over and

there she was watching us, a soft smile on her face. How embarrassing, and to make it worse, like a complete idiot, I asked;

” I’m sorry did we wake you?”

Then we both started laughing. We couldn’t help it, it was such a stupid thing to say.

Cassy stretched, not bothering to make sure she was covered. The light sheet she had over her, slid down to her waist. She was arching her back, as she was stretching, which of course pushed her breasts out. Her already hard vivid porno nipples were visible through the thin material of her top, and were poking out for everyone to see. You can also bet that my dad saw, and kept looking. You would have thought that just finishing with me, he’d want to recuperate. This was not the case, it seems his pecker had a mind of it’s own, dirty old man. Obviously he hadn’t had enough, and was just getting his second wind. I guess with a couple of fresh young attractive girls just waiting to be fucked, was something he just couldn’t pass up. He was definitely leering at her, and that cock I had just finished working over was, pointing right at her. It was absolutely discusting watching him. He was almost drooling at the sight of new pussy, and from both ends, you would have thought I’d milked it dry. Cassy wasn’t helping ether, boy was she putting on a show. I thought for a moment she was going to get up, and do a striptease, all she needed was the music. She was defiantly losing points on my best girlfriend list.

She tossed back the cover, and scooted off the bed. This of course slid her short top off her ass, and with her legs parted she showed everyone she wasn’t wearing shorts. Her pussy was sticking out there begging to be used, and dear dad was licking his lips in anticipation. Cassy walked over, and sat on dads lap. She started kissing him. Her mouth wide open, and her tongue deep inside his. He slid his hand onto her breast, and played with her nipple, making her moan with pleasure.

Daddy reached down and lifted Cassy’s top off. He then lifted her up, and laid her on the bed. He leaned down and took her extended nipple into his mouth and started working on it, while he slid his hand down to her wet pussy. Cassy was already hot after watching us, so when dad slid his finger into her slit, she almost climaxed right then. Daddy rubbed her hardened clit, while he pushed his other finger into her wet hole. He started working both, rubbing her clit, moving his finger in and out of her cunt. Cassy was out of her mind with her rising passion. She was clawing at the bed sheets, and screaming for dad to fuck her. Dad crawled up next to her, and laid on his back. His cock sticking straight up in the air, moving like a snake, back and forth. He told Cassy to sit down on it, and motioned for me to straddle his face. She climbed over his swollen cock, and lowered herself down on it, burying it in her hole to the hilt. I positioned my pussy right over his mouth. I was facing Cassy, as I lowered my pussy onto his tongue, I reached over and started caressing Cassy’s breasts, and rubbing her nipples. She leaned forward and kissed me, her tongue sliding into my mouth, probing for my tongue.

This was a new experience for me, and with dads lips and tongue attacking my clit, my climax was rapidly approaching. I started moaning into Cassy’s mouth, and squeezing her breasts. Cassy was pounding on dads cock like a woman possessed. Her nails were digging into my shoulders. We were both racing toward a climax. Dad clamped down on my clit with his lips, and started flicking it with his tongue. This pushed me over the edge, as I pulled away from Cassy and threw my head back, crying out my release, rubbing my soaking cunt up and down my dads face. Cassy still had a hold of my shoulders, and was digging into them as she howled out her own release. Clamping the muscles of her cunt tight around dads raging cock, causing him to explode, sending streams of sperm deep into her hungry cunt.

We all just stayed that way, to exhausted to move. Cassy and I still caressing, and kissing each other as our passions slowly receded. We separated ourselves, then Cassy and I laid down on each side of dad, and we all fell into a deep sleep. I knew that for the rest of the weekend the other bed wasn’t going to get much use.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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