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Sexy Times with Nasra

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Nas was a girl who worked in the same building as me although in a different department. Nevertheless whenever we saw each other around we would stop and chat and flirt with each other.

Now Nas wasn’t what you would call particularly pretty or beautiful or anything but she was very slim and had small breasts. In addition her hair was long, dark and sleek and her eyes were deep brown and very alluring. She also had an air of confidence about her and was very open in her attraction to me despite knowing I was married and she herself having a secret boyfriend her family didn’t know about.

She had an air of sexiness about her. She was 23 and I could tell she definitely wasn’t a virgin or a shy innocent Indian girl.

Often when we talked she would tease me, she would stand close to me and accidentally brush past me as she moved. She would say things like how she wished the two of us had met before I’d got married and that she would have left her family to be with me.

All this teasing was becoming too much for me and eventually I pleaded with her to go out with me but she would always say that it was impossible. Nevertheless whenever I saw her I would ask again and she would respond with more teasing.

This went on until the time came for the work Christmas party which was to be held in a night-club. Nas was there wearing her hair long, a shiny top and a long tight black skirt that clung to her body. To me she looked beautiful and I longed to get close to her but she was sticking close to her colleagues.

As the evening wore on I finally managed to separate her from the others Ordu Escort when they all got up to dance and she chose to remain behind.

I saw this as my best chance and immediately went over to talk to her where she sat in a dark corner of the club.

I told her how beautiful she looked and how much I desired her. She was very flattered by my attentions and did not move away when I sat closer to her and slipped my arm around her shoulder. Gently I stroked my fingers along her arm and she responded by turning her face to me and smiling a wonderful smile. I couldn’t resist and leant forward to kiss her lightly on her mouth. Nas responded to my advance and opened her lips to receive my kiss and for several seconds both of us were lost in another world where only the two of us existed.

However we both came to our senses as we realised that anybody might see us kissing so we broke away and Nas left quickly to head to the toilet leaving me sitting alone and extremely frustrated.

I didn’t see her again that evening and in fact it was after New Year when we had returned to work that I encountered her again. On this one particular night I was working late finishing off one or two things before the weekend. There was no one else about and I was eager to leave and go home. Just before leaving I heard noises coming from the photocopier room and looked inside to tell the person in there that I was leaving. I was extremely pleased to see Nas in there surrounded by pieces of paper she had been copying and trying to put in order. She had jumped with surprise when I had opened the door Ordu Escort Bayan and dropped her papers on the floor. I apologised for startling her and bent down to help her pick everything up. Nas too bent down and we both ended up on our hands and knees facing each other with tension in the air strong between us. At that moment I wanted her so badly and told her so and she said that she too wanted things to happen between us but was scared of things getting out of hand.

This time however I would not be denied and I lifted her to her feet and gazed at her, my face full of longing. She was wearing her uniform of short sleeved black and grey top and long flowing black skirt. It wasn’t a very flattering outfit but nevertheless at that moment I wanted her more than any other woman on the planet.

I pulled her towards me and held her tightly in my arms enjoying the feeling of her slim body pressed against my own. I kissed her, passionately this time and ran my hands down her back and onto her small bottom.

Nas tried to push my hands away but instead I lifted her up and sat her on the desk while I kissed her again with my tongue probing into her mouth which to my delight was met by her own.

We had gone too far now to turn back and I lifted up her top to expose her small breasts easily contained in a lacy black bra. In one movement I lifted her top over her head and without pausing I reached behind her and unfastened the hooks of her bra. It easily fell to the floor as I leaned forward and flicked my tongue lightly over the brown aureole of her right breast.

Nas Escort Ordu shivered at this and placed her hand on the back of my head giving me encouragement to proceed. Without further ado I began sucking at her nipple while my hand was fondling her other breast. Her tits were very small but her nipples stood out like corks and responded easily to the sucking attentions of my mouth.

By now I had a huge hard on trapped inside my trousers and demanding to be free. Frustrated I grabbed her hand and placed it on the bulge of my cock. Thankfully Nas responded by undoing my belt and button on my trousers. She pulled them down and my boxers down with them and began fondling my cock, gripping it tightly and squeezing before vigorously wanking it.

At this point I realised that I was very close to coming and so I pleaded with Nas to take my cock in her mouth. She didn’t hesitate and immediately went down on her hands and knees before me and began sucking me with great force. I couldn’t hold on and came in her mouth, my hot seed gushing forth onto her tongue.

I assumed that she had swallowed my sperm as she stood up and was surprised when she tongue kissed me and passed my own spunk into my mouth. I was turned on beyond measure and our kisses increased in passion, which combined with Nas’s expert fondling of my cock brought it quickly back to hardness. Unable to wait any longer I used my knee to force he legs apart and, still standing I pushed my cock into her sopping wet cunt. She accommodated my six inches without any problem and I began fucking her hard, her cunt making wet and squelching noises as my cock moved in and out. After several minutes of this hard fucking she herself came to orgasm so I increased my hard thrusts even more and ejaculated my fluid inside her womb.

“Not bad for starters” this beautiful girl said with a mischievous smile…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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