Ağu 26

Sexual Roulette Ch. 05

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(When we last left Missy, she was striving to track down the four other gentlemen that were at the party her new boyfriend George threw for her a few weeks ago. The goal was for her to have a second attempt, this time with her body not affected by alcohol and as a way of thanking them for their help in awakening her. This is her invite to the third stranger.)


Frank was having a slow night at the radio station where he worked as the overnight disc jockey. Usually at that time of night, there was only him and the security guard that watched the door downstairs. Frank had no reason to worry about groupies or stalkers bugging him since he worked at an adult contemporary station that catered to John Tesh and other of the New Age singers. He wasn’t personally a fan of it, but the pay was good and he needed the money for the alimony he paid to his third ex wife. Luckily, there were no children involved again thank goodness, so he spun his discs in relative peace while he caught up on some of the side work his friend George sent him utilizing his skills as an accountant.

Frank thought for a second about the special get together a few weeks prior where he met some of George’s friends. He almost decided to skip that get together just because of the fact that he wanted some alone time. But George reasoned with him that he had enough alone time since Frank never went out nor did he have any prospective girlfriend to speak of. He remembered standing there watching this girl crawl upon George’s lazy susan style table and strip in front of he and the others looking through a special one way mirror. He remembered how he emptied himself on that same girl’s exposed face and wondered why she had to be the first in six months.

He also pondered why George invited him. In his mind, he reasoned that Roger needed it because of his home life and Dan was of course the rich spoiled guy that needed some excitement. Although he didn’t remember the other guy’s reasons for being there or who the guy was, he did remember that it took a moment to disrobe before all four of them went out to go after George’s hired help or whoever she was. As he stroked himself to climax over her face, he remembered how good it felt to release after so long until he remembered the guilt later that night. He wasn’t sure if it was because she was drunk or because she was in the room with five guys. But he remembered the guilt.

The song was ending as he cued up another and began to text George on his cell konak escort phone to find out if he had any work to get his mind off that girl. He didn’t find out from anyone what happened to that girl. For some reason, that girl’s face was in the forefront of his mind and he needed some distraction so he could get the guilt to disappear.

His cell phone had a tone as he let his mind wander yet again. It was George telling him that he was sending over some side work. Frank was puzzled. George hates going out that late at night. He was wondering what was the special occasion or what was going on. As he cued up about thirty minutes of music to allow him time to relax, he heard a tone from the front door. The security guard was telling him he had a visitor and that George sent her over.

Her? Frank was even more puzzled. George couldn’t have hired him a stripper or a prostitute and when did George have a delivery person let alone a female one. He started to push the thought out of his mind as he started a slow voice over before starting the next string of music. By the time he finished, he heard a gentle knock at the door. He pushed a few buttons and undid his headphones before walking over to the door.

His mouth dropped when he saw Missy for the second time. Missy’s hair was back in a pony tail, a black baseball cap on her head. She had a sly grin as Frank noticed the AC/DC black half shirt and the really short black miniskirt. Frank was unsure what to make of it as Missy asked to enter. Frank stuttered a bit as he walked her in and pulled up a chair while he got back into his own chair to watch what was going on.

Content that everything was still running, Frank started trying to make small talk as Missy sat there smiling. They started to chat about who she was and the fact that she and George were an item much to Frank’s surprise. Frank thought it weird that George chose a beautiful girl like Missy to be faithful to, especially with his past.

“So you have George’s assignments for me? ” Frank asked, trying to see where Missy put the folder usually stuffed with figures to check.

“Actually, Frank I was coming by to ask if you were busy on Saturday night.” Frank paused. Missy was asking what he was doing on Saturday night. Frank let his mind wander a bit as he pictured what he would be doing, namely a solitary dinner and watching old movies on his DVD player. Nothing to brag about.

“Why do you ask, Missy?” Frank cross examined. Missy wasn’t sure what she was expecting to hear after the conversation she and George had about Frank’s past. Frank sat there, his hair slightly unkempt with his dark skin. He looked like a retired ball player with his physique, but the gold diggers he married before helped to shred his confidence down to nothing. Missy figured that Frank would be the most challenging of George’s friends to recruit for her party.

“George and I are throwing a party on Saturday night and we want you to come.” Frank thought about it.

“Are you sure?”

“Definitely. It wouldn’t be fun without you.” Missy knew what buttons to push. She also knew his resolve was crumbling faster than blue cheese on top of a salad. Missy could also tell that Frank’s other head was pondering also. She then slid off of her chair, knelt before him and started to rub it while he stuttered.

Frank had an idea what Missy was willing to do to get a yes, but he also had to ensure he had music playing so he wouldn’t get in trouble. As he scrambled to cue music, Missy kept rubbing his rapidly growing tool. As he did a voice over as calmly as he possibly could, Missy slowly raised her T shirt to expose her breasts, rubbing them to feel their stiffness.

As Frank pushed a button, Missy undid the belt of his jeans and started to unbutton them. Frank stood up as she slid his pants and boxers down to reveal his chocolate cock. Missy began to lick up the bottom of his shaft as she kept rubbing one nipple. She allowed her tongue to snake out and rub all over the crown of it before she slowly took as much of it into her mouth as possible. Missy’s movements were slow and deliberate. Even though she had a feeling he already caved on the invitation, this was the first black dick she had in a situation like this. She didn’t even remember how long she had it in her mouth from the previous party. She was hell bent on enjoying this as much as she was able.

Frank could see her straining to push as much of his meat into her mouth as she could. Knowing full well that he would explode soon, he calmly told her to slow down and that he was close. Missy responded by slowly removing her mouth and then standing before him before lifting her skirt. Frank saw nothing but shaven pussy as she slowly straddled his lap and ever so slowly began to slide his piece into her. Frank was surprised at her aggressiveness as she slowly gyrated her hips taking inch by inch inside her.

Missy could feel his dick spreading her out as she moved closer. Her mouth found his ear and she started whispering about how much fun Saturday would be as she could feel his tool almost hitting as far as she could let it go. She then moaned softly against him as she gyrated more, his fingers along her exposed ass cheeks as he helped her. One of his fingers found her sensitive rose bud that was begging to be touched. He pressed his finger tip against it and Missy gushed on top of him covering his lap with her own juices.

Frank kept his hands on her ass as he lifted her up with him before placing her in a chair. Her legs were swung over his shoulders as he slowly worked the head of his cock back inside her again. Missy started egging him on, begging for him to fuck her like the slut she was. Frank started remembering how much he loved to pound on white sluts and his dick partially entered hers again as it firmed up. Missy started moaning louder as Frank watched the clock. He knew he had five minutes before he had to do another voice over. He started fucking her more in earnest slowly spreading her more as he inched more inside her. It wasn’t long until he could feel his seed boiling up again and he asked if she wanted it in her pussy.

Her response was pushing him back and clamping her mouth over the head of his cock and sucking. She wasn’t ready for the explosion as she started gagging over the first heavy dose of cum from his hose. The subsequent shots landed on her face, her neck, her exposed breasts, and on the chair behind her. Frank had his eyes closed as the release was more heart felt, more passionate than any he had in a long time. He opened his eyes to see Missy’s features literally coated with seed.

A few moments of awkward silence and Frank had to perform another quick voice over before he reached beside his usual station to find a towel. Missy carefully started to clean herself up as Frank slowly found his clothes to put them back on. As Frank’s demeanor changed as he sat down, Missy smiled knowing that she succeeded yet again. Frank slowly kissed her on her lips before she put herself back together and left the room.

She reached her car avoiding the look of the lone security guard. As she reached her car, she noticed the message on her phone. She flipped it open and pushed the button to read a nice little thought from George. He was hoping that maybe there was a big old grin on her face before she got home because he had the table set and needed a good test run. As she sped off towards his house, she couldn’t help but wonder if she would ever track down the last participant before Saturday.

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