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Sexting Pt. 01

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Her phone buzzed on the table next to her computer. Jennifer picked it up and looked at the notifications on the home screen. She touched the hyper link and a picture appeared. The subject matter surprised her. On her phone was shot of an enormous penis, with a bulbous circumcised head. Hanging below were two very large testes in a large sack. She thought that it was animal but figured out it was human.

She was going to delete the message and move on. But a combination of shock and intrigue drove her to reply, “Do I know you? How did you get my number?”

The reply was quick and short “No but I would like to know you. Send me a photo of your pussy?”

Jennifer waited but another message came “I showed you mine. Show me yours!!”

Her door was locked and there were other people in the hall so she felt safe. She stripped off her jeans and panties and opened her legs. She reached for the comb on the counter and combed the wavy curls of her blond pussy hair. She opened her legs farther exposing her vulva and picked up the phone and snapped a photo of her pussy.

She sent back a reply and included the photo. She waited for what seemed like forever but she felt the phone vibrate and play the little tune indicating that she had a text.

“Wow your beautiful, I love the fact that you’re not shaved. Your lips are so luscious’; I creamed the moment that I got your photo.”

Jennifer got bolder and figured that it would scare him off. “Text me a video of you jacking off to a full orgasm.”

There was no immediate response. She was speculating who this guy was she must know him or at least I’m in class with him. But with just a photo of his crotch it would be hard to ID the secret admirer. It seemed like it was thirty minutes before her phone buzzed.

This time the messaged was from a girl friend, “What was the homework assignment for Evidence I couldn’t make class today?”

Jennifer texted the law class assignment to her friend. She waited for the next text from the secret admirer. She studied the first picture that he sent and she began to wet her pussy. I really need to meet this person and I hope that he is not a jerk because I want to sample his equipment “This is a hell of a way to meet me,” she said to herself.

Finally her phone buzzed and there was a link to a video. She touched the link and there was the cock being manipulated by the owner’s right hand. Jennifer could tell that he was fully aroused and his penis was hard as a rock. She tried to raise the volume but the movie was silent. Suddenly the man’s hand began to really work his cock and it exploded with three spurts of cum on his tummy. The movie ended.

“That’s fantastic,” Jennifer texted back.

“Glad you enjoyed that as much as I did. I had your pussy as my motivation; I have to go, I will text you tomorrow. It is your turn!”

Jennifer lay back on her bed and brought up the photo of the man’s crotch. She first inserted one finger and frigged her pussy but then shoved three fingers until she climaxed.

The Next Evening around 9:00

The phone buzzed, “Where is my movie I want to see you wet the sheets.”

Jennifer was afraid that that request would come. She stood up and pulled her t-shirt off exposing her naked breasts. She positioned the camera so that it shot only her tits. She sent the photo. “That will have to tide you over for a while.”

The response was rapid “Nice, but I still want my movie, get frigging.”

Jennifer thought about telling him to fuck off but she remembered the first photo and was desirous of having that cock in her pussy. Jennifer got on her bed and moved the reading lamp so that it illuminated her crotch. She positioned the camera so it had a good angle on her hand and pussy. She hit record button and inserted first one finger and then two fingers and then three fingers and moved her hand in and out of her vagina. The feeling was sublime. Soon her pleasure center went off and her hand was covered by female spend. She hit the stop button and reviewed the video. She came again just watching. The video did not include any shot of her face.

She composed a message and sent the video off to her admirer.

His reply came quickly; “I creamed in my pants with out touching anything. You rock girl. “

Another text came.

“Sit outside the library wearing a low cut t-shirt no bra tomorrow at noon, and I will walk by. I may not stop but I want to see the whole you. We will text tomorrow.”

Who is this clown ordering me to sit at the library, and He will walk by.

There was a knock on the door, “Jen its Cat can I come in?”

She got up and locked her phone and walked to the door. Standing there in the entrance was a tall woman with nice breasts. The woman was a few balçova escort years younger that Jennifer. She was wearing a nightgown. Her arms encircled Jennifer and they kissed. Jennifer brought her in the room and closed and locked the door. She pulled the nightgown off of her friend and they kissed again. Cat found the top button on Jen’s jeans and pealed them off She dropped Jen’s panties and sat on the bed and began to eat her friends pussy.

Jennifer pushed her friend on the bed an joined her there and the two women kissed. Jennifer got up and finished undressing and went over to a drawer and pulled a silicon cock and a bottle of lube. “Do you want it first darling?”

Cat nodded and Jennifer slathered the lube all over the fake penis. She waved the artificial organ in Cat’s eyes, and kissed her. She played with her friend’s vulva before inserting it into her friend’s pussy. Jennifer kissed the woman as she moved the dildo in and out of Cat’s twat. “Get yours Jen,” said Cat. Jennifer left the dildo in place and got another multicolored fake cock she handed the lube and the rubber cock to her friend and watched as Cat applied the lube. She kissed Jennifer’s pussy and thrust the dildo into Jen’ twat. Cat moved the dildo around exciting her friend.

The two women embraced with the fake organs in their vaginas. Jen got up on all fours and Cat moved the dildo in and out of her pussy until Jen climaxed. Cat laid back and Jen fucked her friend with the fake cock.

“That felt great I needed the practice, I’m meeting Mark in an hour and I want to be ready for him,” said Cat as she put her nightgown on. Cat took both rubber cocks and went across the hall and rinsed them and brought them back to Jennifer. “You’re such a good friend,” said Cat as she walked out of the room. Jennifer killed the lights and went to bed. “If I am such a good friend then why do you run to Mark all the time,” said Jennifer to herself. She hated being used, and she was beginning to resent mystery man for pulling her strings.

The next morning she was looking in her closet and found a tight tank top with lots of cleavage. She thought about blowing him off but decided to see what happens. She put a sweater on and went to the first of her two classes. After the 11:00 class she went to the railing of the library plaza and sat in the sun. She pulled off the sweater and started to read the student newspaper. She was constantly taking furtive looks to see if she could spot the secrete admirer.

Even though she was in a sexy shirt old habits about grooming were still with her. Her medium length hair was tied in a tight bun, and she did not have any jewelry. She saw several candidates as a few stud-muffins walked by. One or two had sorority girls hanging on. There was a very large football player that walked by and entered the library. Bob from her class walked up and asked her a question about the material. They chatted and Jennifer caught a few looks at his crotch but she didn’t think that he had the equipment, or the cohunes to pull off the sexting. It was 14:00 and she decided that she had had enough of the game and went back to her dorm.

Jennifer finished dinner and walked back to her room. She had a night of reading a dry text on the constitution. What fun. Precisely at 9:00 another picture arrived on her phone this time it was of her and Bob. “Who is that guy and why are you hanging out with a smuck like him?”

“His name is Bob and I don’t know what kind of a smuck he has because he hasn’t texted me a picture of it; unlike you,” she replied.

The reply was swift; “You are a funny lady, for a former Army officer, and law student. I’ll bet that you have three years in the JAG corps after you get your degree.”

His reply sent a chill down her spine this guy knew her history.

There was another message. “I figured that you had two years as an officer and then took a chance on Law School but since Uncle Sam is paying, you will owe him some time. Did I come Close?”

“Do you want to meet me!?” texted Jennifer.

“Yes Lt. J Connolly, I do. I just hope that I am not the defendant and you are prosecuting. What are you wearing right now?”

“The same clothes I had on this afternoon.”

“Good we can get down to business without a lot of preliminaries. Are you up for an adventure?”

Throwing all caution to the wind she texted “Yes.”

“Great I will meet you in the lobby,” was the response.

Jennifer’s heart rate started to accelerate as she pulled on her western boots. She closed the computer and killed the lights. She walked to the center of the hall and went down the steps. She was standing in the lobby that was deserted. She thought about going back upstairs thinking that this was another of his jokes. A man came up behind her and touched her ear. She jumped and turned around ready to defend herself. She recognized him almost immediately as a guy that served in the same regiment as her. She reared back and tried to smack him in the face but he put up his arm in defense.

“Chill Lieutenant, you could be charged with striking a superior officer,” said the man.

“Last time I checked you were not superior to me, remember I saw your fitness reports,” said Jennifer laughing.

“Touché Lieutenant, Do you want to get something to eat?”

“That depends on where you are taking me after we eat Captain John Roberts, or has that changed?”

“For some reason they saw fit to make me a Major and place me in charge of the College’s ROTC program. I am sweating bullets that you are not going to turn me in for my little pranks,” said Roberts.

“Your secret is safe with me as I was a willing participant,” said Jennifer.

“Follow me Lieutenant,” said Roberts as he walked toward the door of the dorm.

“Your not the only one who was promoted, its Captain Connolly sir.”

They walked across an open square and Roberts directed Jennifer toward a side door of the Dorm that the ROTC cadets used. “This is my apartment for the next few years.”

Jennifer leaned over and kissed Roberts and her hand slipped down to his belt and unhooked the belt and unfastened the top button of his pants. “Yep that’s the right cock,” said Jennifer.

Wait we haven’t had dinner yet!” said Roberts.

“I ate in the cafeteria I want desert,” said Jennifer as she found a seat and brought his cock to her mouth. The Major’s breathing quicken and Jennifer took his tool out of her mouth and played with the tip at times kissing it other times manipulating the head with her fingers. The head took on pre-cum sheen as she continued to work on his shaft. She finished getting him out of his pants and she pulled the shirt over his head.

She stood and pulled her shirt over her head exposing her breasts and she let him undo the top button on her pants and they dropped to the floor. He hooked his thumbs through the legs of her panties and he quickly had them on the floor. She reached down and pulled her boots off.

“Is there some bed where we can get comfortable before we get uncomfortable?” asked Jennifer.

The Major directed her to one of two bedrooms. She stretched out on the bed; Roberts got next to her and they kissed. Her hands went to his cock and she allowed him to crawl on top as she directed his cock into her pussy. The major took his time penetrating Jennifer’s cunt. She felt the shaft move in slowly and her vagina expanded to fit the Major. When he was fully lodged in her pussy he paused and kissed her. The major moved his hands to her breasts and massaged the hardening nipples. Jennifer began to move and her pussy started to contact around the major’s cock.

Roberts then started slow fucking her with deliberate strokes. They both built into wild strokes until he stiffened and shot a load of cum into her pussy.

” Sorry I should have made it last a little longer,” said the Major.

“It was great don’t worry.” She paused and kissed him. “The last time I saw you was just after we returned from the Kandahar deployment. My orders were waiting, and my entrance to law school came through and I left. I thought you would be married and have a kid by now,” said Jennifer.

The Major kissed Jennifer and continued to play with her breasts. He finally fell out of her, and moved down and began to eat her pussy. Jennifer moved her legs over his shoulders pinning him in position. “I thought you were hooked up with some general’s daughter. What happened with that?” asked Jennifer.

Roberts moved up and kissed Jennifer; “It was only one or two dates, daddy wasn’t interested in his daughter dating a junior officer with little prospects. What about you, are you seeing anyone seriously?”

“Besides you! I have a few friends but most of the time we are studying. When was the last time we saw each other,” said Catherine.

“I could never work up the courage to ask you for a date when we were serving together. I had other girlfriends after the general’s daughter, but they never panned out. We had another deployment after you left and relations were put on the back burner. The deployment was canceled and the ROTC Billet came up; it was an accident that I was assigned here,”

Roberts slid down and began to eat her pussy again. It was the first time that he was with a woman that had pubic hair. He admired her muff as he was licking her pussy. He moved to allow her to suck his cock. She took his cock and engulfed it in the warm feeling of her tongue and mouth. She indicated that she was ready for another session of having his cock in her pussy.

“It has been a long time since I had a real cock in my pussy you feel great Major.”

They held on to each other and kissed.

“I saw you walking on campus while I was running with the cadets and tracked you down. I went though hoops to get your number. Then I lost my marbles and did that texting prank. I walked by today just to confirm that it was you. I got jealous of the guy you were talking to. I had to see you,” said Roberts.

The major slipped down and opened her legs and placed his lips on her vagina. He stuck his tongue in the opening and moved it up and down. “You suck like my bi-sexual girlfriend,” said Jennifer. John raised his head and looked at her. “We are two sexually active women, she has a boyfriend and I have needs. My nose is buried in a law book most of the time and she releases my tension. Spin around and let me have a go at your lovely cock Mr. Roberts,” said Jennifer.

The pair again got into a perfect 69 and Roberts went after Jennifer’s pussy and Jennifer worked on his cock. He switched places and again placed his cock in her pussy. He slowly fucked her alternating fast and slow strokes of his cock. Both climaxed at about the same time. They collapsed in a pile of legs and arms laughing at each other.

“For someone who has not had a lot of girlfriends you have fucking perfected,” said Jennifer.

“The summer before I went to college, I worked at this resort and a woman took an interest in me. She was a cougar but she schooled me in the fine art of love making,” said Roberts.

They got up and went to the living room and the Major went to his fridge and brought back two beers and handed one to Jennifer. The cold fluid felt good going down. It washed the taste of cum out of her mouth. She started to put on her undergarment but Roberts stopped her. “I want to look at you some more.”

“That is kind of creepy but this whole night was a little weird,” said Jennifer.

“Stay, then you can get up and run with the corps tomorrow morning we start at 05:30,” said the Major.

“Can’t A I don’t have my running gear, and B this captain has to make reserve drill tomorrow morning. I won’t be back on campus until Sunday evening.”

The Major looked at her and then got on his knees and began to eat her pussy. “Why are you in a reserve unit?” he said between licks.

“It is part of my arrangement, the army doesn’t want to loose me so one of the stipulations was that I join a reserve unit. It just so happens that this weekend is drill weekend. And if you don’t put that lovely cock in me right now I will never see you again.”

Jennifer lie back on the couch and the Major inserted his cock in her pussy and began to move in and out. His hand reached for her ample breasts and he played with her nipples.

“Major we are not animals I need a little romance kiss me,” said Jennifer.

He leaned down and his lips met her lips and their tongues invaded each other’s mouth.

“Do you want me to tell you that you are beautiful Captain?” said Roberts.

“It would be a start,” replied Jennifer.

The Major moved down to her swaying tits and sucked on one and then the other. “By the way you are beautiful,” said the Major.

Roberts pulled his cock out of her pussy and sprayed all over her. She looked at him with anger; “I really prefer that your fluid stays in my pussy. Don’t worry I have a very poor chance of getting pregnant. I don’t need those complications,” said Jennifer.

She got off of the couch and walked to the bathroom and ran the shower. She stepped in and rinsed quickly and toweled off. The Major was sitting like a boy who was about to see the school principal.

“Major if we are going to keep the relationship up and I hope that we do, I have a few quirks; and one is discharge. I will take your cum in my vagina, I will take it in my mouth. I rather like the flavor, but cumming on me makes me feel cheap and slutty; and I am not cheap nor a slut,” said Jennifer.

“What other rules do you have?”

“I think that I will let you discover those as we go along.”

Jennifer found her panties and slipped them on and pulled her jeans on and put her shirt on. She found her boots and pulled them on. She looked in the mirror and agreed that she look like a mess. She finished her beer and then got on top of Roberts and kissed him.

“Rule two, I love kisses, you will never go wrong kissing me,” said Jennifer.

“Is there a rule three?” asked Roberts.

“That is for me to know and you to figure out as you go along,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer kissed the Major again and walked out the door, she floated across the square between her dorm and Roberts Apartment. She slipped the card through the reader and walked in to her dorm. She had a long night of reading before she would need to get the reserve center.

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