Sex Mentor Ch. 01 – Amun

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I don’t date married men. I mean, don’t. But he was so goddamn fucking sexy.

I’m 5’6, with dark red hair with strawberry blonde highlights. My body is strong, not petite but feminine, with muscles I’ve honed over years working a man’s job at a warehouse.

I have C-cup breasts with dark pink nipples that almost match my hair when I’m aroused, and a couple nice big handfuls of ass. I am lean everywhere else, but any fat that sticks goes straight to my rump. So far, I haven’t had any complaints.

He is exotic, Egyptian, with large almond dark eyes. He’s 5’5 with a lovely, lean, very hairy, tightly packaged body and the cutest little ass. His skin is the color of caramel just before it burns. He’s strong enough to lift me off my feet and throw me into bed. And his cock… well, we’ll get there.

At first we just talked and cut up at work. He told me his wife was pregnant and I congratulated him. It went on like that for three months. We became fast friends. Then things changed.

I saw the way he looked at me and knew he had a crush, but I had no idea he was completely obsessed with me.

One Sunday night I was working in the back of the warehouse organizing files for the boss. It was midnight. I was tucked away in a dimly lit storage room.

The door began to open, a crack of yellow light widening from the hallway as he stepped inside. I had had a feeling he would visit me that night.

“Hello, beautiful girl, ” he practically whispered. Mmmmmm…… The way he said “girrrrlll,” rolling the word around his mouth, gravel in his throat, heightened my awareness of my pulsing pussy.

“Huh? What did you say Amun?” I asked, just to get him to repeat himself.

He has pretty much a Pavlovian effect on me. The minute I see him my slit starts drip drip dripping.

“Beautiful girl!” he said louder. “And hello.” He raised an eyebrow, grinning as I walked toward him, my labia quickly moistening. I was sure he’d smell me before long.

He’d spent 12 weeks gently, steadily, insistently seducing me. Calling me beautiful girl. Asking probing questions. Allowing me glimpses of the poorly concealed lust in his eyes.

He was beautiful, with his large kind eyes, his expressive face. His innocent countenance.

And God.



I amasya escort needed to devour it. I needed his lips and tongue to explore me, to push me open and taste my clit…

I said hello too casually and smiled, brushing his arm as I passed him on my way to grab another box.

“Pamela,” he said, reaching out to touch my shoulder, “Can I tell you a secret?”

His expression was serious, his eyes searching.

“Of course! Always. Join me for a bit,” I said as I led him to the beat-up green sofa in the back of the room. The door clicked closed. No one would be looking for us. We were on the clock until 6 a.m. My heart sped up and I felt the pulsing again in my pussy.

“Pamela, may I take your hand?”

I hesitated, hearing my breath in the dark and silent room.

“I… it’s not a good… Maybe we should…” I stuttered as he touched me. I didn’t resist. He brought my hand to his lips, grazing my knuckles and kissing the back like I was royalty. His mouth lingered on my skin, and the warmth carried up my arm and spread into goosebumps down my back.

He locked eyes with me, turned over my hand and kissed my palm. This lasted even longer, and my suspicions about the feeling of his lips were confirmed. A small squeak escaped me.

My inhibitions faded, and I imagined Amun on his knees in front of me. He pinned me to the wall with his hand on my waist. His breath tickled the peach fuzz between my thighs.

His tongue lit me on fire as he proved for my clit.

I snapped back to reality and found myself leaning toward him, focused on his mouth.

He put his hand out to stop me, and I took a deep breath and sat back.

“Wait Pamela. I have to say something. I must confess. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

Ohhhh. Those words again. Beautiful girrrrrlllll.

“I think about you all the time. When I wake up. When I sleep. And… well, let me say this.

“I was a virgin when I married my wife two years ago.”

Ugh. His wife. I shifted away and tried to slow my breathing. He pulled me into an embrace.

“I have only been with one woman, Pamela. I thought that would always be. But now… I must know your touch. Your kiss. Feel your arms around me, to know your smell and your taste and all amasya escort bayan of your secrets.”

“But she’s pregnant,” I protested without much effort. I tried to care, but I had noticed his prominent erection against his gray slacks and kissed the last of my willpower goodbye.

“And she doesn’t like sex.”

“Oh. God Amun. Is she affectionate? Do you at least touch each other?”

“No Pamela. She never touch me. She never kiss me. It is like roommates. She wanted sex to get a baby and now she says we are finish. I don’t know how long.”

My mind raced. I could give this boy a real education. I could blow his head off his shoulders. Plus, I could create the perfect lover. How could I resist?

“Oh Amun… I’m so,” he silenced me as he pushed his mouth against mine, holding the back of my head, thrusting out his with an urgency I didn’t expect.

He pulled back long enough for me to see his eyes glinting with desperation and madness. He smiled a twisted smile and took my mouth again.

“Pamela. Baby. I want you. I need you. I love you,” he gasped against my lips.

“What?” I tried to pull away but I was pressed against the arm of the couch with no escape.

He held my face firmly, our foreheads touching.

“Yes. I love you. I must do this. Please baby. Please tell me you feel the same.”

At a loss, I trust my tongue all the way intohis mouth. He shuddered and exhaled in a whoosh. He fell back onto the sofa, pulling me on top of him. My legs spread to straddle him, and I positioned myself below his erection on his thighs.

I put my hands on his chest and leaned close, whispering, “May I take off your shirt?”

He nodded. I pulled it out of his slacks and over his head. He wore a white tank top that contrasted his skin perfectly. He had thick black chest hair, and I plunged my fingers into it, twisting it, petting him. I sucked one earlobe into my mouth, nibbling gently.

I moved to the base of his neck and opened my mouth wide, pressing my tongue against the sensitive flesh, and licked him from his collarbone all the way up to the back of his ear. He moaned.

I pulled off his pants and admired his hard penis pressing against paisley silk boxers.

I stepped to the ground and removed my escort amasya clothes but kept my bra and panties. No need to rush. We had five hours to kill.

He stood and pulled me close, pressing the full length of our bodies together. His cock pushed insistently against me, and I could feel him throbbing and twitching. I slid my hand down his body until I held his balls and squeezed. I grasped his shaft through his boxers and he shoved them to the floor.

I found seven inches of silken velvet nearly virgin cock in my grip. Precum practically poured from his hole. I moaned and fell to my knees pushing as he collapsed onto the couch. I sucked the tip into my mouth, pulling in the sweet, salty fluid. He froze and I looked up at him, holding his cock in front of my mouth.

“Is this all right?” I asked.

“Y-yes… but I have to tell you. No one has done this for me before. My wife…”

I rose and kissed him again, and his arms were so strongas he held me.

“It’s all right Amun. If you like it I will continue. If you want me to stop just say so.”

“Oh no. I want to do it. Please Pamela, show me how to love you.”

I went back to the task at hand, licking my lips and filling my mouth with spit, and with the slightest pressure pulled him all the way in, sliding him down my tongue to the back of my throat.

“Oh my God! Baby!”

I moved up his shaft, lapping with my tongue over the tip and back down. He grew harder, redder, more swollen with each pass. He was moaning and I knew I would finish him soon. His rock hard erection pumped precum into my throat, twitching erratically. I had never seen a man hold back like this before.

His groaning reached new heights and I sucked him very hard so the tip made a loud Pop! as it came out of my mouth. My pussy was entirely soaked, throbbing and ready for him to pound me, but I decided that could wait. This time was my treat.

“Pamela! Baby! God! I’m cumming! I’m….aaannnnnnhhhhhhhhh oooooohhhhhh fuck. Oh fuck oh Jesus. Fuck fuck OOOOWWWWW,” he cried, not caring whether someone heard.

I swallowed what felt like 20 ounces of cum and it was delicious, nearly tasteless, just the way I expected a virgin to be. I held him in my mouth as the spasms slowed, then helped him lie back on the couch.

He pulled me to him and we held each other. He had tears in his eyes.

“Thank you darling. I love you so. Please take me on a journey of discovery. Show me your world of pleasure.”

I smiled at him and kissed him softly. Words weren’t necessary. I laid my head on his chest.

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