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Sex Lessons

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Hannah was my first. Almost 2 years older than myself (and definitely more experienced), she eagerly ushered me into the amazing world that a sexual relationship has to offer. For more than a year we reveled in each other’s bodies. I couldn’t get enough of her.

I first glimpsed Hannah across the parking lot of our local mall as I headed to work at the food court. Already dreading my upcoming six-hour shift, my funk was erased as I rounded a corner and almost bumped into the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen. She was large in every way, tall, with a beautiful smile and laughing eyes, all capped by a bushel of dark curls. Gorgeous as she was from the neck up, I admit it was her body that blew me away. Unlike so many of the diet-and-selfie obsessed girls that flocked to the mall, Hannah’s body had a lushness that captured my imagination. In the tight jeans she wore I could see that her hips and ass were beyond curvy, but it was her chest which, literally, stood out. Even without any visible cleavage, I had a hard time looking away from Hannah’s enormous breasts as they stretched her sweater. I had to force my eyes to move up to her face, interrupting my thoughts of the beauty of her breasts under her clothing.

As I forced myself to look her in the eyes and apologize for almost running into her, the smile on Hannah’s face said that she could read my thoughts, and that she was used to having this effect on men. “No need to apologize, it was my fault,” she purred before turning to go on her way. “They do get in the way sometimes,” she added over her shoulder, and could swear the two huge globes of her gorgeous ass were winking in her jeans as she walked away.

I watched her walk until she was fully out of site. Now truly late, I rushed to my shift at the pizza stand in the food court. For once I was grateful for the cheesy plastic apron we were required to wear, as it did a good job of hiding the raging hard-on jutting from the front of my jeans. I vowed that the first break I had I would find a bathroom stall and some relief by imagining the goddess I had just met, only without the clothing.

Less than hour after I arrived, I was still needing that break. As I leaned over to wipe up some spilled cheese on the counter, I sensed a customer standing there. I looked up and almost lost it as I was greeted by the two sweater-covered breasts of my dreams. Again, I had to force myself to look higher and was rewarded by Hannah’s laughing eyes.

“Hello again,” she said with a smile, “Have you recovered from our encounter?”

As I struggled for a clever response, I hoped it wasn’t obvious that if nothing else, the bulge in my jeans was quickly recovering. I decided to go for broke. “Well, it’s not every day you run into a goddess, and I’m not sure I want to recover…”

I waited to see how she took the compliment. Her blush told me to go further. “However, I’m sure I can help you with anything you need.” I gestured toward a menu card on the counter, but I’m sure I couldn’t totally hide the smirk as I stretched out the word ‘anything’.

“It all looks so good,” she said, and I thought I detected a smirk as well. She had yet to look at the menu card. “Too bad I don’t have a cute boy to share it with!”

I couldn’t trust my impression that this gorgeous girl was actually flirting with me, so I put her to the test. “I’m due for a break here,” I said. My break wasn’t for another hour, but there were no other customers to be seen, and the only other employee was trying not to stare at Hannah as he pretended to wipe an already clean prep table. “I could join you for a few minutes until that cute boy comes along.”

“Oh, would you do that for me? I do hate to eat alone.” Hannah batted her beautiful eyes.

I tried not to melt on the spot. As she ordered I tried to catch my breath and calm my hard-on so I could take off the apron. “Gary, I’m taking a ten-minute break,” I called to my co-worker as I handed Hannah her slice and soda, and it was his turn to smirk.

*** As Hannah ate her cheese pizza and we shared her root beer, I was entranced. I kept willing myself to keep my gaze above her neck and to meet her eyes as she spoke. I gave up on trying to come up with clever conversation, I just tried to respond when I was supposed to and not sound like an idiot.

In addition to her physical attributes, Hannah was smart, funny, and just a real woman. She ate her pizza with enjoyment and laughed loudly at my lame jokes, not worrying about being dainty or ladylike. And I couldn’t understand it, but the lady seemed to like me.

*** Over the next week, Hannah came back to see me twice, once hovering at the counter for 20 minutes so we could talk when I couldn’t take a break and sit down with her. Though I couldn’t resist sneaking peeks at her amazing body whenever I could get away with it, I had gotten to the point where I could enjoy her company without worrying that my bulging cock would give me away. It was natural that I Kartal Escort finally asked her out.

By our second date we were making out in the front seat of my car. On our third date as we were French kissing at the drive-in movie, I built up the nerve to touch her gorgeous breasts, first sliding my hands around from caressing her back, and exploring the expanse of ‘side-boob’ through her thin blouse. When she didn’t protest, my roaming fingers moved to the front, and even through the silk fabric and the bra beneath it, I was amazed at the size and feel of her massive mounds. After several minutes of my massaging and squeezing, Hannah’s nipples made themselves known, as large and stiff as pencil erasers, and very obvious even through her clothing.

I concentrated on memorizing the contours of her chest, as Hannah’s hands hungrily did the same to my body. Her hands ran up and down my chest, and she pinched my nipples through my shirt. Much as I enjoyed it, I just hoped that those hands would move down towards my crotch at some point.

As our tongues danced in and out of each other’s mouths, I imagined licking her breasts incessantly, and sucking her gorgeous nipples into my mouth. This was something I had only imagined doing, having never gotten further than a brief session (under the shirt but over the bra) with my high-school girlfriend several weeks earlier. Somehow, I knew that with Hannah it was only a matter of time until I eclipsed that landmark, and I counted myself extremely lucky.

When I started to move my hands from her breasts and started down her belly, Hannah called a halt to the progress. Grabbing my hands in hers, she slid mine under her shirt and placed them on her bra-bound breasts. I happily continued my exploration and fulfilled one fantasy when I slid down from nuzzling her neck and she allowed me to suck on her nipples through the blouse and bra. After several minutes of this Hannah pushed me away, saying she had to go home as she was due at work early the next morning. “Besides, I don’t want you ruining my favorite top! We’ll have plenty of time for more next time. If you’re free Saturday, why don’t you come see my new apartment, and I’ll cook us something?”

I decided on the spot that I would be free Saturday, even if it meant quitting my job!

*** When the work schedule came out, I luckily had Saturday off. I blew half of that week’s paycheck on a nice silk shirt and new jeans that fit me like a glove. I hit the gym twice as hard that week, since I hoped there was a chance that my shirt and jeans might be coming off that night. Knowing I looked good helped, but I still was fighting nervousness as I arrived at Hannah’s apartment.

When Hannah answered her door, I was speechless. There was the familiar face and smile I loved, but the body I had dreamed about was encased in form-fitting sundress that looked like it was painted on. The tropical print dress was not too short, ending just above her knees, but it hugged and accentuated her curves. Though my hands had explored Hannah’s amazing cleavage, for the first time I had a glimpse of it in the low-cut dress. As Hannah gave me the tour of her apartment, I was entranced by the way her breasts and ass moved under the dress. Obviously more than ample, her assets appeared to be firm as well, and the thin fabric of the dress was straining to contain them.

Dinner was a delicious chicken salad, followed by some fresh fruit. “I’m always dieting, though it never seems to do any good,” she admitted. I couldn’t have disagreed more. As far as I could tell, she was just about perfect.

After dinner Hannah opened a bottle of wine and dimmed the lights. We kicked off our shoes and sat on the couch to relax and listen to music, but were soon involved in serious kissing. As I wrapped my arms around Hannah, I was surprised that I didn’t feel a bra strap under her dress, how had I not noticed before? When I moved down to kiss her neck, Hannah’s nipples jutting from the dress told me I was right, that little bit of floral fabric was the only thing containing her magnificent breasts! I had to shift my position a little, as the realization had left me with an uncomfortably large lump in my tight jeans.

I lost no time in bringing my hands up to caress her breasts, exploring their proportions through the sundress before I moved on to lightly pinching her thick nipples. From the moans that escaped her mouth past our dancing tongues, Hannah seemed to be enjoying the breast play almost as much as I was. Before I realized it, she had unbuttoned the top half of my shirt and was stimulating my tiny nipples while I played with her large ones.

Much as my mouth hated leaving her lips, I moved down her voluptuous body until I was sucking on her nipples through the thin fabric of her dress, spurred on by Hannah’s sexy moans of encouragement. My hands moved up to Hannah’s bare shoulders, and as I found the straps of the dress she shrugged, causing them to slip Yakacık Escort down her arms. Hannah pulled her arms free, leaving the top of the dress just clinging to her breasts. Since my mouth was already in the vicinity, I grabbed the fabric with my teeth and pulled the dress down to her waist.

For a moment I just stared in awe. Not only were these the first female breasts I’d seen up close, I had a feeling I should savor the moment as these might be the best I’d ever see. Her breasts were large (I have no idea how bra sizes work, so I can’t say how large), but the mounds jutted out from her chest rather than sagging, amazingly firm for their size. Capping these expanses of flesh were two light brown areola, each the size of a small saucer. These were topped by matching nipples that looked almost as thick as my little finger and hard enough to cut glass. I stared for just a second, trying to memorize the gorgeous sight, then plastered my mouth on her left breast, sucking in her nipple like a vacuum.

The next several minutes were spent with my mouth on one of her oversized breasts or the other, licking and sucking like there was no tomorrow. Meanwhile my hands were occupied running up and down her chest. Hannah too, was busy exploring my toned chest with her hands. She had my shirt off and tossed next to us on the couch, without my mouth leaving her chest.

When Hannah lightly pushed me away, I thought I had gone too far. Instead she positioned me seated on the couch, then perched herself in my lap, facing me. The sundress slid up Hannah’s thick thighs, and I knew there was no way to hide the bulge in my jeans pressing on her bare legs. She leaned forward and licked and nipped at my chest, then concentrated on my nipples until I could hardly stand the intense sensation. To distract myself I began massaging her upper thighs, starting at her knees and moving a little bit higher each time. Soon I was slipping my hand further under her dress with each stroke. I was surprised that Hannah made no move to stop my fingers, but she seemed happily distracted exploring my chest with her hands and mouth.

When my hands under her dress reached what I guessed was the top of Hannah’s legs, I was surprised that I ran into no obstacles beneath her dress. I explored the expanse of the side of her ass, my hand burrowing under her to capture a handful of an ass that had been the feature of many of my fantasies. I cautiously moved my other hand toward her center, and felt nothing but a thin silk thong, a fine sprinkling of hair, and heat, as my fingers wandered over the spot where her legs came together. I realized that not only had Hannah not been wearing a bra, but she apparently didn’t mind my exploration of her muff.

Hannah raised her head to look at me, smiling at my astonishment. I was blown away, I was touching my first pussy, and she seemed to want me to as much as I did! I stopped for a second to enjoy the idea, then my hand slipped under her thong and moved across her cleft. With the angle of my arm I could really only use my thumb as I caressed her outer lips, feeling a hint of the moisture and heat within. I ran my thumb along the seam of Hannah’s pussy until it slipped in slightly, and the moan she let slip was all the encouragement I needed. One hand was busy kneading her ass-cheeks, while the other thumb traced the split of her outer lips. Her pussy began to open up, and my finger slid along the seam more easily as I explored the inner lips that began to surface.

At this point my hand under her ass was feeling squeezed, so I slipped it out and used it to grab one of her gorgeous tits and return it to my mouth. Hannah adjusted her position in my lap so that she could stroke my penis through my jeans. I think my dick was harder than it had ever been! The new angle meant I was easily able to slip a finger into her moistness, and I was amazed at how great her pussy felt. The thought that my dick might enjoy that superb feeling was almost enough to make me come right then.

I reluctantly gave up my mouthful of nipple and kissed my way up my neck to her ear. “Maybe we should move to the bedroom,” I whispered.

“Not quite yet,” she said with a smirk. She removed my hand from her pussy, raised herself off my lap and stood up. “But I’ll bet you need to get those jeans off.” Hannah kneeled down on the carpet in front of the couch, then began to undo my belt. The button and zipper of my jeans followed, then a quick tug and I was down to my tenting boxers. Hannah leaned close and rolled my underwear down several inches until the hardest hard-on of my life sprung out. She jumped back a little in surprise. “That’s quite a nice package you’re working with,” she exclaimed with delight. I’ve never thought of myself as that large, but that night I certainly felt huge.

Hannah grabbed my stiff member with both hands, and leaned down to give the tip a kiss. She moved down and used her tongue to coat my rod with saliva. Looking up Kadıköy Escort at me, she slipped the head into her mouth, then circled it with her talented tongue for several seconds. It was the first time my hard cock had been touched by anything but my own hands, and I was in heaven!

Her lips released my cock head, and she kissed her way down to my balls, Since it was my first time, I was worried that I would bust a nut too soon, and I think Hannah sensed that.

She sat up. “You know,” she said with a grin, “I really love the taste of penis, but not the taste of cum.” Hannah stood up, kicking off her sandals and slipping the sundress up and over her head. With those amazing breasts, and wearing only a lacy thong, she was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

“Don’t you move,” she ordered. “I’ll be right back.” She headed down the hall. I watched her gorgeous ass swallow the thong until she disappeared into the bedroom.

Hannah reappeared quickly with a bottle of baby oil, and again knelt in front of me. She removed my shoes and socks, then yanked my jeans and boxers off, tossing them on the couch. As I lay back in ecstasy, she leaned forward and drooled saliva onto my stiff cock, then dripped baby oil onto her huge breasts. She held them up, so the oil seeped into her cleavage, then she slipped them down around my erection like a hug. My dick was almost lost in her mountainous breasts. As she moved up and down, the head would peek out, then disappear again. I just lay back, enjoying the view and the feeling of those huge boobs encompassing my rod. I knew those breasts would be starring in my fantasies forever.

After several minutes of this pleasure, Hannah stopped and grabbed more baby oil. She filled her hands, then used it to coat my cock and balls. One hand tenderly explored my nut-sack, while the other wrapped around my length and began an up-and-down motion. Hannah seemed fascinated with my cock’s reaction as she wanked me, speeding up the motion as I approached climax.

“Go ahead,” she urged, as she tightened her grip on my balls and slowed her up-and-down movement. Looking down at her handling my meat over the background of her beautiful breasts put me over the edge. The first shot of cum spurted out all over those amazing boobs, spattering their expanse with my sticky fluid. Several more spasms of spunk oozed over and down her hand, dripping onto her breasts as well.

Hannah released me and stood up, rubbing my semen into her stiff nipples. “Well, you’ve certainly made a mess of me,” she said. She pulled down her thong and stepped out of it.

I stared in awe at the first pussy I had seen up close. Trimmed dark hair surrounded Hannah’s labia. Her lips were red and slightly swollen around her slit, parted enough that I could see a shine of moisture and hints of the treasure within. She moved a hand to her muff, and slipped a finger inside. She held the finger up to my face, coated in her juices. “See what else you did to me,” she said with a laugh.

Hannah looked down at her chest, shiny with my drying spunk. “I think I need a shower,” she said with a wink, “How about you?” She grabbed my hand to pull me up and led me towards the bathroom. Her small apartment had an even smaller shower, but I didn’t complain as we squeezed in together.

Soaping each other down was an event I knew would stay in my memory forever. While she scrubbed my shoulder and chest, I spent considerable time making sure her great boobs were free of my spunk (though I hoped to put more on them in the near future). While Hannah rinsed her hair (I guess I had gotten a little cum there as well) she turned around, offering her outstanding ass. I gladly explored it with a washcloth, reveling in the feeling of the firm globes I had watched walk away numerous times. After several minutes she spun around to kiss me, grabbing my growing cock with a soapy hand. She washed it tenderly, then began jerking it slowly as our tongues danced together.

I ran my hand down Hannah’s hip, then moved inward to get my first feel of a bare pussy as she continued to stroke me to stiffness. Beneath the sparse hair I felt her silky lips, slightly swollen. I instinctively ran a finger up and down her cleft, and was astonished as it was sucked inside her moist opening. Her sharp intake of breath and the moan that followed was all the encouragement I needed. As the rest of my hand stroked her mound, my finger explored, enjoying the warm, wet walls that enveloped it.

When my finger reached the top of her slit it ran into a bump that seemed alive. My mouth reluctantly left hers. “Is that your clit?” I whispered in awe at the whole situation. I leaned down and kissed her on the neck as she moaned.

“That’s right, this is your first time, isn’t it?” Hannah said in a throaty whisper. “Maybe it’s time for your first lesson. But it’s a little tight in here”.

We finished rinsing off quickly, my eyes never leaving her luscious body. We stepped out into the bathroom and I openly stared at the sexy sight of her toweling off. Then the act of Hannah drying me off finished the job of bringing my cock back to full attention. “Follow me,” she giggled, grabbing my stiff rod and using it to lead me into her bedroom.

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