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Sex Kittens Ch. 01 — Carmen

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Sex Kittens chronicle the exploits and foibles of Hunter Deerfield, whose hobby is impregnating beautiful women. He’s irresistible and knows it. Over the top? Definitely!


I entered the trendy coffee shop, on the lookout for new talent. Of course I could have had someone make me a latte at work, but this was prime territory for attractive twenty-somethings! I joined a line after spotting an unfamiliar head of dark mahogany hair three places ahead. As we advanced I caught a glimpse of her heart-shaped ass straining against tight, beige-colored yoga pants. Whoever decided yoga pants were appropriate attire in public was simply brilliant! I estimated a 25 inch waist and 35 inch hips–nice! She was perhaps five foot eight, long in the legs. I was eager to see how her front view stacked up against her rear.

When she reached the head of the line, placed and paid for her order, she turned while taking a sip. I faked a yawn, stretching my arms and legs out like a big ‘X’, thereby obstructing her path. She startled and lowered her cup. I quickly took in her beautiful face, large violet eyes, luscious lips, nice ‘C’ cup rack, and full carat diamond solitaire. Jackpot! I also noted her quick glance at the obvious tent in my trousers. She blushed slightly and tilted her head up. I gave her a devastating smile.

I stand six foot three, broad in the shoulders. I’m well aware of the effect my dark wavy hair, clear blue eyes, handsome face and trim, muscular build has on women. But of course it is the smile that destroys them. She visibly jolted — good, very good! After staring at each other for a few seconds I said “Pardon me” in my low baritone and stepped out of her way. She returned my smile and headed out the door with a somewhat dazed look.

I waited just a couple of seconds, pulled my phone out, stepped out of the line and headed out the door while apparently studying a text message. I wanted to see which way she was headed. I glanced right, then left, surprised to see her facing me. She appeared flustered. There could be any number of reasons she might change her direction but I guessed she wanted another look at me. I held up the phone, said “Infernal device! I didn’t even get my latte!” and hit her with another gigawatt smile. “Here’s my car — can I offer you a ride?” I placed one hand on her back and gently pushed her toward the Lexus, opened the door, pushed again and she climbed in. I quickly followed, closed the door and covered her luscious lips with a hungry kiss while my driver eased into traffic.

After a moment she began kissing back while I reached under her top, unhooked her bra, massaged and squeezed her tits and rubbed her nipples with my thumbs. I pushed her top up, broke the kiss to suck on a nipple, and pulled down on her pants and panties. She moaned and lifted her hips to assist me. Having disposed of those I pulled down my own pants, felt her slit to make sure she was wet, and drove my rock-hard pole into her. She was hot, wet and tight! I continued to suck her erect, hard nipples while fondling her lovely tits and fucking her hard and fast. She quickly orgasmed and I emptied a load into her pussy.

She lay there in a daze, breathing heavily, eyes blinking. I kissed her again to distract her while I broke a capsule of gel and rubbed it onto her clit and cunt lips. “That was lovely, kitten. Where’s your phone?” She found it in her purse and I told her to unlock it. She did so, I took it, added my number to her contacts and called my own phone. “Where can we take you?” She gave her address; I instructed the driver to stop a block away. We both restored our clothing and I kissed her again before letting her out.

The gel was my standard combination of anti-birth control, libido enhancement, and vulva desensitizing. Half an hour after she left the car I sent her a text. I would wait six weeks before contacting her again.

Carmen: Frustration

I stood at the street corner in a daze. Had that really happened? My throbbing pussy and the goo seeping down my leg answered with an emphatic Yes! I walked to my house, cleaned myself up and changed panties, then ran a load of laundry including the cum-soaked ones.

I checked my phone for messages. There was one from a middle school, alerting me to a two-week substitute teacher assignment starting Tuesday. I quickly replied to confirm I’d be there. Another message arrived just after I sent that one; it was from AAA Fuck. Damned spammers! I deleted it, then thought to check my contacts. Sure enough, the first entry was by that name — the man must’ve added it himself! I retrieved the message from Trash: Out of town for awhile, kitten. Til next time XXOO! I emptied Trash and started to delete the contact but a wave of desire swept through me so I settled for renaming it ‘Trip’ (for AAA.)

I had planned to go by the library, having finished everything I currently had checked out, but decided I’d better review Bodrum Escort my lesson plans for the courses I’d be teaching. I found myself unable to concentrate, however, so I turned on the TV and idly browsed some movie channels. I selected a steamy, ‘R’ rated flick; not my usual fare. All through the movie I kept thinking I should find something better to do, but I stayed glued to the tube, my body reliving the morning’s wonderful sensations as I watched the action on the screen. When it was over I felt horny as hell — I hoped Phillip wouldn’t be late getting home from work!

I returned my books to the library and gravitated to the fiction section. I always included a few romance novels over the course of a year’s reading and was familiar with several authors in the genre. Some wrote warm, uplifting stories, others dealt with tragedy and life’s challenges. What I selected, however, were two books by authors notable for their graphic sex scenes.

Back home I decided there were enough leftovers in the fridge that I needn’t plan anything for supper, so I started reading one of the novels. It was one where the hero and heroine become lovers early on, but keep getting torn apart and thrown back together. I was just starting on their first sex scene when Phillip came home. My first instinct was to hide the book, but so what if he finds out I read trashy novels now and then? So I marked the page, left it on the coffee table and ran to greet him with a passionate kiss.

Phillip reciprocated, broke off long enough to close the door and hang up his coat, then resumed our kissing. I could feel his growing erection and he moved his hands to my butt and ground my crotch into his. We both pulled back and I asked “Are you hungry, dear?”

“Not for food!” We moved to the bedroom and undressed each other. Soon his swollen, condom-covered cock was stroking in and out of me. That felt good and my pussy was hot and wet, but I didn’t seem to approach orgasm. Phillip fondled my breasts and sucked my nipples; I shuddered with desire, but his fucking and even fingering my clit did not seem to have much effect. He kept trying for most of an hour; finally I faked an orgasm and he shot his load.

“Wow! What a way to be welcomed home!”

“Missed you, dear-heart.”

He gave me a good kiss. “Better now, gumdrop?”

“Yes, dear.” I realized that although I still had sex on my mind, I wasn’t all that frustrated — Phillip’s love-making had calmed me down.

We cuddled awhile, then both got hungry and raided the fridge. I told him about the upcoming teaching assignment and he chatted about an incident at work, two coworkers blowing their cool. Although they didn’t report to him he was able to defuse the situation. “Good for you, dear. Sounds like it could’ve turned ugly.”

We drifted to the living room; he spotted the novel with its racy cover and chuckled; “So that’s what turned you on!”

“No, dear, that’s a symptom, not the cause.” I gave him another eager kiss as we settled onto the sofa.

“Am I going to need a prescription for something so I can keep up with you?”

“No, dear, I’ll be fine.” I nuzzled my head up to his chest and he tucked me under his arm. I let him choose an action/adventure flick and just enjoyed snuggling while we watched. I could hang in there for a day or two until he was able to satisfy me.

I threw up in the middle of the night, however, and felt nauseated most of the day. My nipples were sensitive and irritated; nothing I covered them with felt comfortable so I spent most of the day in bed. By evening I got up and managed a light supper; I wore a bare midriff shirt which barely covered my boobs, though even that irritated them.

After supper Phillip asked “So you’re feeling better?” He was staring at my tits, as he had through most of the supper.

“Yes, darling, thanks.” I had a pretty good idea what he had on his mind and felt my nipples jutting out in anticipation. We returned to the bedroom where I rode him cowgirl style, allowing him full access to my boobs while we fucked, but once again I failed to get off.

I woke up sick again the next morning; later, I sent Phillip out to get a home pregnancy test. It came up negative. Saturday and Sunday were more of the same. Monday I spent several hours at the gynecologist’s office; her assistant managed to squeeze me in and confirmed I wasn’t pregnant, nor was there any evidence of infection. “Looks like False Pregnancy to me; I suggest you go off the pill immediately. If that doesn’t work, we’ll have to schedule an ultrasound.”

“What else could it be?”

“Let’s not speculate; if it’s the pill you should get relief quickly.”

Fortunately that did the trick; I normally took the pill in the late afternoon so I skipped it Monday. Tuesday morning I felt fine and so was able to show up for the substitute teacher job. That evening Phillip did not try for sex; I was disappointed but figured he’d been on overdrive Bodrum Escort Bayan lately and needed a night off. Meanwhile, I was ready to jump out of my skin. I got up in the night and tried masturbating but without success.

Wednesday morning I started bleeding. I had originally started on the pill as a teenager to regulate my cycles and I was dreading a return to those days. However, things weren’t too bad this time and by Saturday I was fine. We packed a picnic lunch and spent the day hiking with Phillip’s buddy Stan. The three of us often got together, but this time I found myself more aware of Stan as a man; my eyes kept wandering his direction. After the hike Stan joined us at the apartment, sharing a pizza and watching a ball game, then heading home near midnight. When Phillip made love to me that night I had a mild orgasm, the first I’d had since the morning with Trip.

Carmen: Relief

On Friday the next week I got a text just after the bell rang ending the school day: hi kitten wanna fuck? I nearly had an orgasm just reading it. I replied oh yes! and he told me where to meet the car. Once inside he kissed me hungrily, removed my shoes, pantyhose, dress and bra, rubbed some gel on my clit and cunt lips, and pulled down his pants. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, so his magnificent cock popped out, pointing straight up. Taking me on his lap, I faced forward while his hands gripped my tits and I rode him in a reverse cowgirl position. I came several times before he erupted, filling my pussy with his cum. Oh god, it felt so wonderful! Perhaps he had ruined me for anyone else but I didn’t care at that point.

Moving me to the seat beside him for kissing and cuddling, he asked if I was working Monday. “No, nothing lined up for next week so far.”

“Good. I’ll pick you up at 9:30.”

“Oh God I can’t wait!” He kissed me hard, then we pulled our clothes back on. I straightened up as best I could and he dropped me near the apartment.

Fixing my makeup and freshening up at home, I realized Trip hadn’t used a condom, and I was no longer on the pill. The thought of having his baby thrilled me! That was absurd, but I was, simply, unable to think about it any other way. I felt loose and carefree. When Phillip made love to me that night and then again Sunday morning, I climaxed easily.

Monday morning I gripped Phillip tight as he kissed me goodbye; he had to rush to catch his train. Then I got to work primping for my rendezvous with Trip: three-inch heels, shaved legs, short, white skirt, boob-hugging black top. I brushed out my hair until it shone and paid careful attention to my makeup, without going overboard. I used only a light gloss on my lips since I expected to be thoroughly kissed.

When his car pulled up at the agreed spot, he opened the door, dazzled me with his smile and motioned for me to get in. My heart was racing; he said “Even lovelier today, kitten! We won’t have to rush things since you have the day off.” I climbed into his lap and he kissed and caressed me without removing any clothes. I was oblivious to where we were headed but vaguely noticed when we pulled into a parking garage. The driver opened the door and Trip scooted out with me still on his lap.


Scooping her up while keeping our lips pressed together, I carried Carmen to my nearby, private elevator, which opened directly into my condo. I set her down in the living room, reached under her top to unhook her bra, and turned her to face my huge, plate glass window. “Open drapes and sheers” I ordered, giving a magnificent view of Central Park. While she gazed out I pressed her back against me, my hands under her top cupping her tits, my hard-on pressing against her ass.

I slipped her bra off and removed her panties. “Close sheers” I ordered, and turned her to face me. “Would you like to undress me, kitten?” She eagerly unbuttoned and removed my jacket, then my vest, my tie, and my shirt. She ran her fingers through the dark curls on my chest. I pulled her top over her head so we were both naked from the waist up, and I fondled and kissed her lovely tits while she moaned and scattered kisses over my chest.

“Now my slacks, kitten.” She unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned the slacks and pulled them down; I stepped out. My cock was hard and erect; she gently stroked it. I bucked and leaned into her for a hungry kiss; she closed both hands around my rock-hard pole. I pulled her skirt down, leaving us both naked aside from her heels and my socks and shoes.

Carrying her to the bedroom I sat her on the edge of my custom super-King sized bed, untied my shoes and finished stripping us both. I then moved her toward the center of the bed and paused to admire her naked glory: “So lovely, kitten, so perfectly lovely!”

“Look who’s talking, gorgeous!”

I kissed her while retrieving a nodule of gel from the headboard; I rubbed this over her clit and into Escort Bodrum her cunt. This would counter-act the desensitizing formula applied previously.

Now I moved my knees between her thighs, spread her legs wide and rammed my fuck-pole home. She gasped and shuddered; I knew she was already near the edge after weeks of frustration. She climaxed within minutes but I kept right on humping and she had one long, continuous orgasm. When I erupted I quickly filled her vagina to overflowing; I pulled out and continued to spurt over her crotch, thighs and lower belly. When I finished I massaged my cum into her skin.

“Oh god that felt good.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it kitten. But we aren’t finished…” I moved up to her head, put her hands around my cock and pressed it against her lovely lips. She began to fondle and lick it and it quickly hardened. “Take it in your mouth, sweet kitty.” She opened her lips and I pushed in several inches; it thickened and she gasped, struggling to breathe around it. “Close your lips and suck it.” She did so. “Now relax but keep your lips tight around it.”

I began fucking her mouth, stroking in and out just a few inches, increasing my pace. She stroked the shaft with one hand while the other played with my nuts. “Very good, kitten, gently there, oh yes, that’s good, oh so good.” I probed for her throat; when I found an empty space I drove deeper, then quickly pulled back. When I felt ready to spurt I once again shoved into her throat, grabbed the back of her head and shoved her toward me, spurting into her throat; she gagged and struggled. I pulled back and quickly filled her mouth, then let her go, pulled out and spurted over her neck, face and chest. Once again I massaged the cum into her.

That done I moved back down and put my cock between her legs again. My cock hardened quickly; I entered her and gave a few quick strokes before pulling out and reaching a hand into her pussy. Scooping up some lubrication I rubbed it into her bunghole, then positioned my cock at that entrance. She gasped as I forced the head into her virgin hole.

“Relax, kitten, you’ll get used to it.” I pulled out slightly, then pushed back in another half inch or so. Eventually I was buried to the hilt. I waited a minute for her to adjust to the unfamiliar fullness, then slowly pulled out halfway and slowly pushed back all the way in. “Oh that feels good and tight kitten.” I gradually increased the pace and the length of my strokes until I spurted into her ass.

When I finished with that I left her alone a few minutes while I washed my cock off in the bathroom. Returning to the bed I positioned her doggie-style over some pillows; she had several orgasms before I came again. Her pussy already filled with cum, there was plenty left to spray over her back, ass and legs and once again I massaged the excess into her skin. Finally I took her to the shower where I lovingly washed her off as well as pumping yet another load into her pussy.

Wrapping her in a large towel and drying her off, I asked “How are you doing, kitten?”

“Oh, heavens, I feel wonderful.”

“I’m glad. Same time Wednesday?”

“Oh, God yes!” I took her to a recliner and we cuddled for nearly an hour before I took her down to the car and sent her home.

Carmen: Work Related

Letting myself back into the apartment, I was lost in a wonderful daydream. I could feel Trip’s hands and lips on me, his cock filling my mouth, my pussy, even my ass; that had been unexpected and somewhat painful but also the source of new pleasures.

My phone dinged to indicate a new test message; a substitute was needed for middle school math. I quickly replied with my acceptance. Hmm, I would need to reschedule with Trip. I put that off, however, and spent the rest of the day reviewing lesson plans as well as taking care of cleaning and such at the apartment that I’d been putting off. Later I started on dinner, deciding on Cordon bleu, one of Phillip’s and my favorites.

When Phillip got home he gave me a kiss, which quickly became torrid. I was on fire but forced myself to break away: “You’d better let me tend to dinner so we don’t burn it and the apartment!”

“Let ’em burn” he growled, but he did let me go after another minute or so.

“Shall we eat now or should I put everything in the fridge?”

He looked longingly at the food, then me, then said “In the fridge, and hurry!” Our lovemaking was somehow frantic, desperate, sweet and loving all at once. Dinner, re-heated, was still delicious.

When the alarm went off at six, Phillip claimed the bathroom while I grabbed my phone to check for messages.There was one from Trip: Been thinking of you, sweet kitty XO. My pussy creamed. I replied with a simple smiley; I didn’t want to compose anything lengthier with Phillip here and I needed to hustle to get to the school on time. I planned to message Trip later.

Phillip emerged from the bathroom and gave me a quick hug and kiss in passing — we were both on a tight schedule to get to work — then paused, inhaled heavily through his nose, gave me another, not so quick kiss and hug, then broke off with “Sorry, gotta run! See you tonight, love!.” He must have caught a whiff of my pussy juices!

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