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We met online, a chance meeting of accepting a friend request. I couldn’t believe it when he called to video chat that same day. What a wonderful time we had talking and laughing, teasing, and flashing each other. I knew I had to meet him in person. I asked him to go to a movie with me, planning all the while of how it would be when I got him alone.

I dressed for my big night out all I thinking of nothing but how sexy his body looked on my webcam. We agreed to meet for a movie and dinner at a popular little place on the river. As I walked into the theatre I saw him standing across the room looking at the movie posters. My body trembled with anticipation as I walked across the room to him. He turned to look at me and an electric sizzle shot through the very center of me. I knew how the night would end.

I tried to go slow but his body close to mine in a darkened movie theatre was more than I could bear. I couldn’t resist licking his ear lobe while I ran my hand up his thigh. I heard his breathing grow hard and sharp as my hand gently squeezed his cock, caressing until his face turned to mine and our lips met. Tongues caressing, he slipped his hand between my thighs, I knew we had to get out of there before we got caught.

It was so romantic as we walked up on the bridge where we could see the moonlight flowing on the river. I put my arms around him, grabbing his ass and pulling him tight against me, moving gently to caress his body with my own. He held me tight, licking and kissing with such intensity there was no turning back. We held hands tightly erotik film izle as we walked across the street and registered at the hotel.

Once inside our room. I walked up behind him, kissing his neck, sliding my hands over his hard chest, down his belly and caressing his hard cock. He turned, pulling my shirt over my head, pulling down my bra. He licked my nipples, gently biting as I felt his hand slip down inside the back of my pants. Hot, wet, and panting I undid my pants and pushed them off as I watched him undress. I shoved him down on the bed, licking his nipples, gently nibbling them. As my tongue slid down his belly I felt his hands pulling my body until my hot wet pussy was over his face. As he sucked my clit I licked his balls, sliding my tongue up his hard cock. He buried his face between my thighs, shoving his tongue inside me. Shaking, trembling I sucked his cock into my mouth, sucking harder as he licked my ass, pushing his tongue inside my tight little hole. I felt his fingers sliding across my clit and pumping into me until I begged him to take me. On all fours I waited while he got behind me, shoving that hard cock into my tight little ass. I reached beneath caressing hiss balls, caressing my clit while he kept stabbing his hard cock into my ass. I grabbed my dildo lying beside us on the bed and shoved it inside my tight wet pussy. He slapped my ass as harder and faster he shoved his cock into me. I screamed as the cum dripped from my pussy and his cum exploded in my ass.

Gently pulling out of me, he rolled me over and started licking film izle the cum from my pussy, sliding his tongue over my clit, making my body shake. He licked my clit, sliding his finger into my ass, slowly moving his finger in and out. As my body arched, he gently pulled his finger out and slid that big dildo up my ass watching as my hand slid down to play with my clit. He watched, not saying a word as I gently caressed my clit, arching my back as I started to feel the throbbing heat deep inside my pussy. He licked my fingers. Pushing my hand aside he started sucking and licking my pussy until my body arched against his mouth, my hands on his head holding his face tightly against my hot wet pussy as the cum exploded from me again, soaking his face.

He laid down beside me, holding me close as I licked his lips, the delicious taste of our cum mingled together sent shivers through me. As we held each other tight I felt his cock begin to harden again as I slid my hand down between his thighs. I licked his nipples as I slid my finger up his ass. I felt how shocked he was and smiled as I slid my tongue down his body. Wondering if he had ever experienced the absolute rapture of it, I slid my tongue over his balls, urging him to put his legs on my shoulders. I licked his ass, sliding my tongue inside him. I felt his hips began to move as my tongue slid into his ass, sucking, and licking while my hands slid up and down his cock. When he moaned my name, I knew he was ready. I slid my tongue up his cock and licked the head of his dick with little kitty licks. He arched his seks filmi izle body whispering for me to suck it hard. I shoved my mouth down on that huge cock loving the feel of it pumping into my mouth. This time I shoved two fingers into his ass as I sucked him hard, faster, and faster until his cum exploded in mouth and down my throat.

I finally raised my head as I finished licking and sucking every drop of cum from his body. Looking at him, caressing him with my eyes I finally collapsed at his side as his arms slid around me. I felt his heart pounding as I gently caressed him and fell asleep at his side.

When I woke a few hours later I was lying face down on the bed, feeling him pulling the cheeks of my ass apart as he licked my tight little ass. I stretched luxuriously against his face, feeling his tongue pushing into my ass harder and faster. He pushed my knee up as I felt his stiff hard cock stab into my pussy, igniting the fires again. Then I felt something hard slide into my ass as he pushed my dildo inside me. His hard-thrusting hips stabbing that huge cock into me repeatedly as he slid the dildo in and out of my ass. I pushed hard against him as I felt the cum drip from my pussy, screaming his name, begging him to fuck me harder. He pushed me down as he turned me over, putting a knee on each side of my head. He shoved his dick into my mouth. Harder and faster, fucking my mouth, his balls sliding across my chin. I reached under him and shoved my fingers into his ass. He pulled out and shot that hot creamy cum all over my face. I slid trembling fingertips through his cum and licked it off my fingers.

As the sun rose, I eased myself off the bed, kissed him gently on the lips. He was fast asleep. I dressed, kissed him again then walked out the door. The night had ended.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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