Seven Minutes In Heaven Ch. 1

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Amber closed her eyes. Her lips were open just a bit, showing the tips of her teeth. Her face angled forward, anticipating the kiss. She was pretty and she had straight brown hair and she was a year older, in ninth grade. None of that mattered, though, not there, not then. Pam closed her own eyes, tilted her head to the side, and kissed her.

Amber moaned. Her lips were soft and moist. Her tongue touched Pam’s lips and pushed into her mouth. Pam’s blood surged in her veins, and she could not prevent her own soft moan. Amber’s hands touched her hips, moved up and squeezed her boobs. Pam felt a twitch deep in her belly.

“Shit, you girls get me fucking hot,” Del said.

Pam pressed her warm belly to Amber’s belly. Her head spun. How had she wound up there, in that strange bathroom, in that strange house, kissing Amber while this strange guy watched? It was all so unreal, like it wasn’t happening to her.

But it was, because she could feel Amber’s tongue in her mouth, and now her hand was moving down her back to her ass. And Del was right there beside them, leaning against the counter. Pam could hear his heavy breathing.

It was Debbie, of course. Debbie brought her to this house to get laid, then abandoned her, ditched her again for Joe Molino. They almost didn’t find the house.

“I think that’s the one,” Debbie said, pointing with a cigarette between two fingers.

One of the houses in the middle of the block had a bunch of cars parked in front and all the lights on. They could hear the pounding music even from that far away. Pam sighed. It was about time. They had been walking up and down these streets for more than an hour. Her legs were tired. She just wanted to sit down, didn’t even care if there were any cute guys at the party for her to hang out with.

They walked up to the door and tried the doorbell. Through the front windows they could see people filling the living room. No one came to open the door. Pam and Debbie looked at each other. From inside, the loud music reverberated through the walls. Pam reached for the door handle. It turned and the door opened. Instantly, the music was louder.

Pam followed Debbie inside and shut the door again. The house was crowded. The music made the floor vibrate. Debbie leaned close to Pam’s ear.

“Isn’t this so cool?” she said, shouting over the noise.

Pam just nodded. All around the living room people were sitting and talking. Everyone had a red or blue plastic cup. Some couples were dancing, and others were making out and feeling each other up in different corners. Pam leaned close to Debbie’s ear, rising on her toes.

“Where’s Jim?” she shouted.

Debbie shrugged and shook her head.

The door opened behind them. Pam and Debbie moved forward through the crowd to get out of the way. A pair of older guys came in, carrying two cases of beer between them. Pam and Debbie watched them go by. Debbie was grinning.

“This is gonna be great,” she said.

Pam noticed a head of bright blonde hair pushing through the crowd behind Debbie, coming in their direction. It was Bethany Simpson. She emerged between them, holding a red plastic cup and grinning.

“Oh my God. I can’t believe you guys are here. Isn’t this just an awesome party?” she said, looking between Pam and Debbie.

Pam could only stare at her. This wasn’t like Bethany Simpson at all. She never hung out with her or Debbie, never even talked to them. Why was she talking to them now?

Debbie leaned close to Bethany’s ear and shouted something about how great it was to be there. Bethany said something back, took Debbie’s hand and pulled her through the crowd. Pam followed in their wake before the mass of people cut her off.

They wound up in the kitchen, which was just as crowded as the rest of the house. The two guys with the cases of beer were already there, passing out bottles.

“You guys want some beer?” Bethany said.

Debbie said yes right away and stepped forward to take a bottle from one of the guys. Pam was shaking. It was exciting just to be at a party where people were drinking beer. She decided she wanted some, too and stepped forward for a bottle just like Debbie. The guy who put a bottle in her hand was cute. He looked older, and had a square jaw, wavy blonde hair and deep, green eyes.

“Thanks,” Pam said and smiled. He smiled back. Her face became warm. She turned around quickly.

Debbie was gone. Bethany was still there, talking to another girl, but Debbie was nowhere in sight. Pam rose on her toes to search for her among all those strange people. Why would she just leave like that? Pam felt herself start to panic. What was she going to do all alone?

“Hey Pam, you know Amber, don’t you?” Bethany said.

“Hi,” Amber said. She had long, straight brown hair and was drinking from her blue plastic cup with a straw.

“Hi,” Pam said with a quick smile. She turned the cold bottle in her hands. “Where did Debbie go?”

Bethany looked puzzled for a second.

“Debbie? She went to play Seven Minutes in Heaven. Why?” she said, backroom casting porno pointing into the other room.

Pam looked that way and finally saw Debbie. She let out a deep breath. Debbie was talking to a guy, and when he turned around Pam saw it was … Joe Molino.

“What is that?” Pam said.

“Seven Minutes in Heaven? Well, it’s like this cool game where they lock you in a closet with a guy for like seven minutes and you can make out or whatever you want.”

Pam did not take her eyes off Debbie or Joe. They talked for a second, then went into the closet and someone closed the door on them.

“What else?” Pam said.

Bethany shrugged. “You know. Whatever you can think of.”

Amber touched Pam’s hand and grinned.

“If you hurry, you can get a guy to fuck you pretty good in seven minutes,” she said. She looked at Bethany and they both giggled.

“What are you drinking?” Bethany said.

Amber looked down into her plastic cup.

“Vodka and cranberry juice. If you drink it through a straw it gets you so drunk like, so fast.”

She and Bethany giggled again. Pam burned inside. She was surrounded by people she didn’t know and felt all alone. Her only friend had abandoned her. Not only that, Debbie left to have sex again with the guy she wanted. It wasn’t fair.

What could they be doing in that closet? Debbie was popular with all the guys. She was good at teasing them in the hallways. Debbie knew how to wiggle her ass and drive the guys crazy. There was no doubt every one of them wanted to get in her pants, and most already had.

Pam sipped from the bottle. The beer was bitter, but she didn’t care. If she closed her eyes, she could see Debbie making out with Joe in the closet, could see them feeling each other up, then they were naked, having sex right on the other side of that door. How could everyone else in the room not know what they were doing in there? But then, that was what they expected.

“Wanna try some?” Amber said. She held her cup out for Pam. The end of the straw had a smear of pink lipstick.

“Sure,” Pam said.

She wiped the pink smear off with her thumb and took a long sip. It tasted a little sweet, a little sour, like cranberries, but also had a bitter, dry taste underneath.

“That’s good,” Pam said, and gave the cup back to Amber.

“It gets you wasted better than beer. That stuff tastes like shit,” Amber said, and sucked on the straw.

Pam looked at the bottle. Amber was right, it did taste better than beer.

Bethany grabbed Pam’s hand and dragged her out of the kitchen.

“Come on. I want you to meet someone,” she said.

They went down a short hallway to a quieter back room. A bunch of guys were sitting around a table, playing cards. Bethany and Pam sat down next to the cute guy with the wavy blonde hair and the green eyes.

“Hi Del. This is Pam,” Bethany said.

Del looked at Pam the way he did when he gave her the beer.

“Hi Pam,” he said.


One of the other guys at the table said something and Del turned back to the table and looked at the cards in his hand. Pam could only watch, with her hands in her lap. She knew nothing about cards. Beside her, Bethany watched with wide eyes, too.

“I see your ten,” the guy at the other side of the table said. A pretty girl stood beside him, looking down at his cards.

“See it with what? You got no money to bet with,” Del said.

The other guy looked around and noticed the girl standing beside him.

“I bet Sidney.”

“What? Are you crazy?” she said.

Del laughed. “Dude, you can’t bet your girlfriend.”

“Sure I can. What’s the big deal?”

“You’re nuts. That’s what the big deal is,” Sidney said.

“Relax baby. You got nothing to worry about.”

“What if I don’t want to? What about that?”

The guy to Del’s right held up his hand.

“It’s cool. It’s cool. I’ll take that bet. Show me what you got,” he said.

Del shrugged. A few of the other guys put their cards down. The guy seated next to his girlfriend laid out each card in his hand one at a time.

“I got a full house, queens and fours,” he said, grinning.

Del threw down his cards, shaking his head. The guy seated to his right stared at the other guy’s cards.

“Well, what do you got?”

He put his cards down slowly.

“Straight. King high.”

The table was silent. The other guy’s mouth fell open. Sidney’s hand squeezed on his shoulder. Then the other guys at the table started laughing, including Del. Sidney slapped her boyfriend’s shoulder.

“You stupid jerk. What am I supposed to do now?” she said.

The guy to Del’s right stood up.

“You’re gonna come with me,” he said. He walked around the table and grabbed her wrist.

“What are we gonna do?” she said.

“You’ll see. Don’t worry, dude. I’ll bring her back when I’m done.”

Everyone in the room watched them leave. The guy at the other side of the table could only stare with his jaw hanging open. All bangbros porno the other guys laughed again.

Del turned to Pam and Amber.

“You girls wanna get another beer with me?” he said.

They nodded and followed him back to the kitchen. Pam tried to get a look at his ass in his jeans, but Amber walked ahead of her and blocked her view. Del opened another bottle of beer for himself. Amber refilled her cup with vodka and cranberry juice, and made a cup for Pam.

“Can I have a straw too?” Pam said.

Amber got her a straw and she and Pam stood beside each other, leaning against the counter, sipping through their straws.

“So Pam, where are you from?” Del said. He tilted the bottle of beer to his lips.


Del nodded. “How old are you?”

“Eighteen. I’ll be nineteen next summer.”

“That’s cool.”

“Your brother’s on the hockey team, isn’t he?” Amber said.

Pam nodded, holding the straw between her lips. She was feeling a bit dizzy, and for some reason very happy. The juice didn’t taste nearly as bitter as before.

“Is that right? What’s his name?” Del said.


Del nodded again. “I think I heard of him.”

“Del was my sister’s boyfriend,” Amber said.

“Yeah, but we broke up about a month ago,” he said.

“I’m sorry,” Pam said.

“It’s ok. I’m over it,” Del said with a shrug. He put his bottle on the counter and held out his hand for Pam. “You wanna dance? I really like this song.”

Pam looked at Amber with a grin, feeling her face grow warm. Amber smiled back.

“Sure,” Pam said. She put her cup on the counter next to the bottle and put her hand in his. He smiled at her. She felt a tingle down her spine.

They danced to a slow song in the middle of the big living room with a few other couples. One guy was making out with a girl, and his hands were on her ass. Del put his hands on Pam’s hips. She put her arms around his neck and swung her hips side to side, looking up into his eyes. He was so good looking. She couldn’t believe he was dancing with her.

Del lowered his head to her shoulder. His warm breath tickled her neck and made her shiver. Their hips moved together, swaying with the slow music. She felt his hard penis rubbing against her belly. Del held her close, like he wanted her to notice it.

“I like this song,” Pam said, whispering in his ear.

“Yeah, me too.”

Del’s lips brushed the warm skin on her neck. His hands moved to her ass. Pam sucked in a deep breath. It felt good to be touched like that. He could leave his hands there all night.

“Check that shit out,” Del said.

Pam lifted her head from his shoulder. The guy and the girl next to them weren’t making out anymore. She was on her knees in front of him. The fly of his jeans was open and the end of his thing was in her mouth. His eyes were closed and his hands were on top of her head, in her long, straight black hair, moving her head back and forth. His dick looked huge in her tiny mouth. Only a few other people in the room were watching.

“That is some freaky kind of shit,” Del said.


His hand moved up her side and squeezed her breast. Pam sucked in her breath. Jolts of electricity shot through her body. She pushed her chest out.

“Kiss me,” Del said.

Pam kissed him and felt a shiver down her spine. His lips pressed gently against her lips, then harder and harder, and she felt his tongue searching for a way into her mouth. She let her lips part and it forced its way in.

Pam moaned. God, it felt good. He could kiss her like that any time, could put his hands on her anywhere. If he pushed her to her knees, she would suck his dick, right there in front of everyone. If he asked her to go with him to one of the bedrooms, she would fuck him in a second.

Del’s other hand moved down the curve of her back to her ass and squeezed and pulled her tight against his body. The bulge of his hard penis dug into her belly through their jeans.

“Let’s go outside,” Del said.

Pam nodded, staring into his green eyes. This was what she was waiting for. He took her hand and led her through the house to a back room, where he opened the sliding glass door. They stepped out onto the deck and he closed the door. Suddenly they were alone together in the quiet and the dark. Overhead, the sky visible through the trees was crowded with stars. The loud music inside the house was just a low drone.

“What do you wanna do out here?” Pam said.

“Make out.”

“Is that all?”

Del shrugged. “We’ll see.”

He leaned back against the railing. Pam stepped between his feet and leaned against him. He put his hands low on her hips and she put her palms flat on his chest. The ridge of his erection fit snug against her crotch.

“You’re pretty hot,” he said. His warm breath touched her cheek.

“You’re hot, too. Aren’t they gonna miss you at the card game?”

Del smirked and shook his head.

“They already took all my money.”

He pulled her closer and beurette tour porno kissed her. His tongue pushed into her mouth again. His fingers slipped under the bottom edge of her shirt and touched her bare skin.

“I wanna feel your tits,” he said.

His hand was already snaking up her shirt. Pam moaned and squirmed against his body. She should have listened to Debbie and removed her bra. He pushed her shirt up. His cool hands felt great on her warm skin. Should she take the bra off? But he was already squeezing her boobs and his tongue was deep in her mouth. Then he pushed his knee between her legs and she rubbed her crotch on his thigh, and the only thing that went through her mind was how soon they could find an empty bed.

Del tore his mouth from her lips.

“I’ll be back in a second,” he said.

“Wh-What? Where are you going?” Pam said. She fell against the railing and the night air was suddenly cold on her bare middle.

“I gotta go inside. I’ll be right back.”

He disappeared through the sliding glass door. Pam held her breath, but he was gone. She blinked. Her head spun. What did she say? Did she touch him the wrong way? No, he liked it, just like her. She pulled her shirt back down and crossed her arms. He was coming back, wasn’t he?

But he was gone a long time. Pam watched the sky overhead until she got tired of waiting and went inside. The first place she looked was the card game, but he wasn’t there. He wasn’t in the kitchen, either, or any other room. She stopped at the bottom of the stairway, staring up to the darkened floor above. Could he be up there, maybe with another girl, maybe with Debbie?

Shaking her head, Pam pushed back through the crowd of kids to the bathroom just down the hall from the kitchen. Another guy was talking with two girls and Pam had to push them out of the way to get to the door. She knocked and no one answered, so she opened the door. Inside, she saw the back of a girl with long brown hair in the arms of a guy whose face she couldn’t see.

“Excuse me,” Pam said, and backed out.

“Hey Pam, don’t go,” the guy said.

Pam stopped, staring. It was Del. The girl in his arms turned to look, and it was Amber.

“I was … I was looking for you,” Pam said.

“Yeah, I found Amber.” Del’s hands moved down to Amber’s ass in the snug jeans and squeezed. Amber grinned. “Come on in. Close the door.”

“What are you guys doing?” Pam said, and cringed. How could she ask such a stupid question?

“Just making out. You wanna make out?” Del said. He looked at Amber.

Pam’s mouth opened. Was he serious? Of course she wanted to make out with him, but she didn’t want to share him with Amber or anyone else. She wanted Del for herself. She wanted to be the one who lay beneath him and looked up into his green eyes while he pushed his healthy cock between her legs.

Pam shrugged. “Sure, I guess,” she said, and went in and closed the door.

Del took one hand off Amber’s ass and held his arm out.

“Come on over here,” he said.

Pam stepped into his arm and it slipped around her waist. As she leaned against him, she glanced down and noticed a fat bulge in the front of his jeans. Amber smiled at her. Pam smiled back.

“Yeah, see, this is pretty cool,” he said.

Amber rolled her eyes and tilted her head closer to Pam.

“Del’s always into doing crazy stuff. He was like that when he was going out with my sister,” she said.

“Your sister?” Pam said.

“Yeah, Heather. She had one hot ass, too, just like Amber.” Del smacked Amber’s ass and she squealed.

“Isn’t she here tonight?” Pam said. Del’s other hand moved down to her ass, and her breasts flattened against his chest.

“No, hell no. We split up a month ago.”

Amber’s fingers scratched Del’s chest where the top buttons of his shorts were open.

“That was when Del and me started doing it.”

“Shit, we were doing it before that,” Del said. He turned to Pam. “Heather broke up with me ’cause she caught me fucking Amber.”

Amber giggled. “Heather thought it was like, all this big deal that Del was fucking my ass and hers at the same time. She wanted you all for herself, right?” She shrugged and looked at Pam. Her hand moved down Del’s front to his crotch and squeezed the bulge. “I don’t mind sharing him with other girls. I know he’s got enough to go around.”

Amber leaned forward with her mouth open. Del’s mouth was open and his tongue stuck out. Their lips locked together and their jaws worked like they were eating each other up. Amber moaned. Her hips rocked under Del’s hand, rubbing her belly on his hip. Her hand worked over the thick bulge that stretched down the leg of his jeans.

Pam licked her lips. In her belly, she felt a twinge. The long, thick shape in Del’s jeans looked very good, and she couldn’t wait to feel it between her legs.

Their kiss ended with a smack. A string of saliva stretched between their lips. Del turned to Pam.

“Kiss me,” he said.

Pam swallowed, closed her eyes, let her mouth open just like Amber, and leaned forward. Her lips touched Del’s and she suddenly felt like she was going to explode. His hand moved up the curve of her back, then down to her ass and pulled her tight against him. She pushed on his chest. His knee forced her legs apart and his thigh rubbed on her warm crotch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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