Serving Her Country

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The mall was teeming with people, which was a bit odd for Super Bowl Sunday, but she was not paying attention to the masses. Moving with her friends through the crowd, she tried to focus on what was going on around her, trying to listen to the conversation, trying to be interested. But all she could think about last night.

Her asshole of a current boyfriend had once again gotten to drunk to recognize her face, puked his guts out in her car on the drive home from the party, and then passed out on the couch in her room. This morning the signs of hangover had been written on his face as if by stencil. So he had stumbled home after kissing her, his breath stinking of puke, alcohol and smoke. She almost gagged. Jerk.

They stopped in front of Express, but she decided to sit down on the bench instead of going inside with the rest of the crew, leaning back and closing her eyes. Carrie sat with her, and the two shared a moment of silence together, before the blond could not hold it anymore.

“I saw you guys leave last night. Not to bad, I hope.”

“Nothing abnormally bad.”

“So he just puked, and then passed out?”

“Oh, yeah.” Sarah sighed, and leaned forward to say something else, but Carries attention had already passed somewhere else.

Following her friends gaze, she looked across the drop down to the first story of the three story mall, up, up, up to the third story. The mass of people up there was a bit lighter, as half the stores had closed after Christmas. But she instantly spotted him.

The long hair was gone, replaced by a crew cut that left nothing on the sides, and stubble on top. He looked tanned, and his body moved with confidence and fluid muscle. Dark sunglasses obscured his features, and he was clean-shaven, not the rough stubble and attempts at mustache he had sported before. But she would recognize him anywhere. Jason Morris. They both smacked their lips.

“I’m going to go say hi.” Sarah rose, and dashed to the elevator before Carrie could stop her. The glass cabin was already to full, but she crammed inside, ascended upwards, and then almost ran down the walkway. Finally she was behind him, taking a second to compose herself. She could see all her friends standing down in front of Express, but she ignored them.

“Hi Sarah.”

His voice caught her of guard, and she almost tripped over a grate, but he was already next to her, giving her a big hug. That did nothing to help her regain her balance, so she just hugged back, holding him tight until she found sure footing. Damn these heels.

“Hey Jason, how have you been. Nice haircut.” Finally they released each other, slowly walking along. She noticed that instead of dirty khakis he was wearing jeans, which looked fairly new, and had been heavily starched and creased. The black sweatshirt also looked new, and he had pushed his sunglasses onto the top of his head.

“Goes with the job.” He smiled, and he actually looked glad to see her. Launching into the standard back and forth that comes when you see somebody you have not seen in about three years, he learned that she was still going to school locally, living with her parents, and once again dating a loser. They laughed at that, and he reminded her that he once asked her to go to prom with him. She laughed, then asked what he had been doing.

“Well, I went to college for a year in Arizona. The only thing I learned is that college is not for me, so I joined the Marine Corps. Just in time for 9/11, it turns out, so I got to go to Afghanistan, and I’ve been to Iraq twice.” He shrugged, leaving it at that. They had reached the end of the Mall, and he indicated the smoothie stand with his head. She only nodded, and he bought them each one. She was surprised that he still remembered that her favorite fruit was peach, but he still only smiled.

“Just came back two weeks ago, so I took leave to come see the fam’, see home. Weird, haven’t been home in years. A lot has changed.” He was looking at her again with those eyes, and she wanted to melt. He had always had an animal magnetism about him, a wild side that had been famous at school. He had streaked the Nevada High School Football State Championship on a dare, but only after careful planning that allowed him to get away with it. Everybody knew it was him, but the administration had never been able to prove it. As a senior prank he managed to erect a chain link fence around the teacher parking lot in 35 minutes during a class period, then put up a huge sign on the highway that ran by the school proclaiming a one day only auction.

And yet, at the time she had turned him down, trapped in another relationship that had gone nowhere. He looked at his watch, sighed, and told her he had to leave, his mother was having a bunch of people over for lunch before the big game, and he ought to be there. “It’s for me, I guess, after all.”

“I’ll walk out with you.”

It was unseasonably warm as they walked out into the sunlight, and he slipped his shades back down kartal escort over his eyes. It seemed natural when he put his arm around her, pulling her close, smelling her hair. She pushed herself into him, laying her head on his shoulder, feeling his body. He was lean and hard, and she enjoyed it.

They were at his dads’ truck way to soon, standing there without saying anything. Finally he broke the silence, pulling a cell phone out of his pocket.

“Listen…I’ll be here for another week. Can I call you?”

“Sure.” She gave him her number, and he gave her his. Again the silence, and finally he jingled the keys out of his pocket.

“It was good to see you again.”

“Yeah. It was.” She smiled, trying to keep the conflict inside her from spilling over. Ahh, what the hell!

Leaning forward, she took his face into her hands, kissing him on the lips. First he was surprised, then he pulled her close, responding with urgency and desire, his tongue pushing into her mouth. She moaned against him, her body pressed into his, feeling the heat, the reaction.

Quickly she looked around. They were in one of the back rows, next to the trees used as a visual barrier, between several trucks and large vans. In a flash she was on her knees, pulling out his hard cock. He gasped at her fast fingers, but with one large smile, she swallowed him whole.

He almost cried out. It had been a long, long, long time since he had enjoyed the company of a beautiful woman, and the fact that he now had the pleasure of getting that company from one he had dreamed about, made it that much sweeter. Reaching down, he grasped her hair, guiding her slowly into the rhythm he liked.

It should be said that Sarah was talented at the throat massage, taking him all the way down, swallowing him, then sliding him back up, her hands working his shaft and balls, the tongue flicking across the head, tickling the hole, flipping around the ridge. Her teeth teased him, dragged across the tender flesh, as she pulled him in and out, her whole body rocking back and forth as she sucked him off.

Breathing failed him, and his knees almost buckled under the joy she gave him, sucking his cock as if her life depended on it. It was incredible, and he did not want it to end, but he knew that he could not hold out. He tried to slow her down, but she was not to be deterred, and much to soon he felt that familiar trembling in his balls.

She felt it, too, and doubled her efforts. She heard him cry out as he busted his nut, shooting down her throat. Greedily she sucked it all down, milking his balls, swallowing it until he was dry.

Reaching down, he pulled her back into his arms, kissing her long and hard. That surprised her. Her boyfriend never kissed her after she gave him head. Jason did not want to stop, and she could tell by the pleading look in his eyes. Finally she pulled back.

“Easy tiger.”

“That was awesome.”

“How long did you say you were gonna be in town?”

“Another week or so.”

“Why don’t you call me.” She tried to say it with as much sex-kitteness as she could muster, smiled again, kissed him again, then walked away, making sure to let her hips sway as much as possible without tripping. She knew he would call.

He hadn’t known that this many people could fit into his parents’ house. But the place was packed, and popping at the seams. Actually, it was his parents, and the neighbors on both sides, one massive party. It was a combination welcome home/super bowl, which he was glad for. When the ball sailed across the big screen his parents had bought after his sister had left home for college last year, the attention turned from the battle of Fallujah to the battle for XXXIX.

Walking outside, he cracked open his second beer, and took a long pull. Despite the reputation of the Corps, he had not become a heavy drinker during his time in. It had a lot to do with the fact that alcohol was hard to get in the places he had been, but also because he had become somewhat of a workout nut. And he had managed to resist the urge to start smoking or dipping, two very popular habits, so why not resist the drinking as well? It made him a more efficient killer, he always told his platoon sergeant.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the black cell phone, flipping it around in his fingers. Ahh, hell, why not? He dialed the number, and waited.


“What are you doing?”

“Couldn’t wait, could ya?”

“Don’t play with me.” He had to smile, but yeah, he was fucking horny.

“You at your parents house?”

“Yeah, where else?”

“Want me to come by? I’m in full super bowl attire.”

“What’s that?”

“You’ll see. Am I invited?”

“What a stupid question.” He shut the phone, and took another pull from his bottle. She was awfully eager, not at all the way he remembered her. His mother had pulled out the old yearbooks earlier, and he wandered over to the garden table, picking up the one from senior year.

Flipping maltepe escort bayan to the back page, he found her entry. She had signed it with the girly flourish that was her trademark back then. The caption was short, again apologizing for turning him down for prom, her phone number and email address, and an admonition that he was the hottest guy at Clarence High School. He had to smile at that one.

They had first meet in eight grade, when his family had moved to the bedroom community from Dallas, brought about by his father taking a better job. He did not mind moving, he had not really been a big fan of Dallas, having been born in Wyoming. And from the day he had first laid eyes on the brunette, he had crushed, and crushed hard.

He had watched her in a series of failing relationships with idiots, knowing that she was part of a clique that had been born here, would probably live here, and die here if nobody got them the hell out. It wasn’t even the kind of crush that he could have been her friend, no. He wanted her to bad for that. All he could think about was being with her. They had made out once, both drunk at a party senior year. She had been dating somebody at the time, as had he, and they had both felt bad the next day. But his fire still burned.

“Hey tiger.” She walked out onto the porch, followed by his mother. He had to turn to look at her, and his eyes almost popped out. Earlier she had been in jeans, with simple black heels, and a winter jacket that had been a bit superfluous in the heat that had developed during the day.

So apparently she had gone home, and gotten dressed up for the big game. Now she was in black boots that reached to her knees, with a black matching skirt that came half way down her thighs, and a white spaghetti strap top that let him know that she had not been done developing when they had walked the stage a couple of years ago. She looked damn good, and his body was already responding, cock hardening, mouth watering. Her brunette hair had still been wet from showering earlier, but now it had been blow dried, and styled away from her face. Damn good looking.

They hugged again, and his mother made sure to tell Sarah all the things her son had been doing since he had left home. Jason groaned the way sons will when their mothers’ brag on them, Sarah listened and awed the way that girls will, then offered to help inside for a second. Jason groaned again, but she pecked his check as she walked away, telling him to hold on just a second.

Jason took another pull from his beer, breathing deep. Relax, he told himself. Be cool. A lot of people around. No need to bend her over the railing here and give it to her the way he wanted to. Just take your time, and do it right, he said. But he already knew that it was futile. His other brain was taking over.

Looking behind himself, he saw his mother come back onto the deck, and walk up next to him. “Didn’t you have a crush on her in high school?”


“I’m just saying. You’re a war hero now, that should work for you!” His mother would not let it go. He should have never told her. Shaking his head, he begged her to not say anything to Sarah. Finally he got her to promise, just as the girl walked back outside.

“Upstairs.” Jason kissed her lips in passing, took her hand, then led her upstairs into what used to be his room. His parents had since turned it into a guest room, but were so kind as to let him stay there during his time at home. All his furniture was gone, replaced by what he had to admit were more high-class items, with better taste and quality. And the bed was better.

She commented on that as they sat down, and he laid back. “Sorry about my mother.”

“I’ve always liked your mom.”

“Not enough to go out with her son.” He smiled, and she kissed him.

“Does he know you are here?”

“All he knows right now is that his team is down by three, and that if he drinks another beer, their chance of winning will go up.” She kissed his lips, letting the feeling linger for a bit. “Don’t worry about him.”

He pulled her down on top of him, and she slid her hand underneath his shirt, running it across his body. Her hand came to a ragged scar along the left side of his ribcage, and she sat up, pulling his shirt up.

Looking down, it looked as if somebody had taken a knife, and cut him from the bottom rib halfway up his back and body. “What is that?”

“A lucky shot from an RPG. Hit my track as me moved on An Nasaryha.” He pushed her hand away. “That’s what my mom was talking about, I got a purple heart for that one.” Sitting up, he pulled his shirt all the way off. She sighed when his full body was revealed. It was clear that he spent a lot of time in the gym, or at least doing crunches and push-ups. Taking her hand, he traced it to another scar on the back of his right shoulder.

“There I got shot in Fallujah. It actually grazed off my interceptor vest, went into the shoulder, tore out some muscle, escort pendik and kept going. Anything else you want to know?”

“You’ve been wounded twice?”

“Two purple hearts. Give me twenty years, I’ll be in the senate.”

She pushed him back down on to the bed, sliding on top, and started kissing him. Their hands slowly started to explore one another. She asked if it hurt, he laughed, sliding his hands to her breasts, and slowly rolling her nipples. She purred, and he pulled her top up over her head. He commented on how nice her breasts looked in the demi cup, and she asked him how long it had been since he had seen a nice set of tits.

“Way to long. Lock the door.” He watched as she shook her hips across the room, did what he had asked, then turned around.

“You remember the fuck-me-boots I had in high school?”

“Yeah. I told you that I would ask you to wear them on our wedding night.”

“Yup, those. I laughed at you. Well, so this is my way of making up for it.” Slowly she walked towards him, her skirt slipping off her waist as she did so. The blue thong matched the blue bra, and he licked his lips. Damn she looked good.

Dressed now in only black boots, blue thong, and blue bra, she crawled on top of him. Again they kissed, and again he felt her tits.

“How big are these babies?”


“Nice.” Reaching around, he unclasped her bra. Apparently he had not been practicing in a while, as it took him a second. She didn’t mind, she enjoyed his touch, and just kept kissing him. Finally it fell away, and he pulled her tits up. Sucking her nipples into his mouth, he bit them gently, rolling them with his tongue. Slowly he worked his way across her boobs, licking, sucking, kissing. She moaned with the attention she was receiving, as one hand slipped down her body, grabbing her full ass and squeezing it.

“I apologize now, but this probably won’t last very long.”

“Oh, just shut up and fuck me.” Shoving her tongue into his mouth she rolled onto her back, pulling him on top of her. Slowly she drew one leg up along his body, the soft suede of the boot dragging up his skin, driving him mad.

She heard his belt unbuckle, pants get unzipped, then the condom wrapper tear. Lying on top of her, they kissed again, then he pulled her thong aside, and she felt him at her opening.

“Take it.” She whispered to him, and he responded by slamming forward, filling her all the way. She cried out as he slipped inside. His pace was hard and fast, and she held on tight for all she was worth. Her arms and legs wrapped around him, as he kissed her, biting her neck and nipples, driving his cock into her hard and fast. He seemed to be fucking her like a man possesses, and it felt damn good!

Her breathing was fast and ragged, and she felt him shudder, trying to stop himself, but it was no good. She kissed his ear, nibbling it, encouraging him. “Go ahead baby, go ahead. Blow it, go ahead.”

That was all he needed. He bit into the sheets to keep from screaming, but she heard it anyway, felt his cock spasm against the condom, and felt it twitch in her. Squeezing him with her pussy, she kissed him softly, scratching his back. They were both breathing heavy, and it took him a second to push himself back up, high enough to kiss her on the face.

“You are awesome.”

“Thank you, you are not to bad yourself.” She returned the kiss, cuddling close to him.

“Is this a one time thing?”

“What do you think?”

“That I don’t want you to leave.”

“I won’t.” They kissed again, cuddling up close.

He sat in the truck, looking across the lot, and made a small admission to himself. His father was a useful human being. He had not had what one might call a close relationship with the man for a long time, but when he had first gone to Afghanistan, that had started to change. His father had since become one of his most prolific letter partners, and the two had found common ground in service in the Marine Corps. Dad was a Vietnam Vet, and Jason was now glad for the man, and all the things he had taught him, even through their pain and anguish across the years.

This was a case in point. Jason knew next to nothing about cars, short of the fact that they ran of internal combustion engines, which functioned on some kind of explosion in the engine. Good enough.

His dad, on the other hand, was a car freak. So when Jason decided that it was finally time to spend some of all the damn money he had made and saved while being deployed, the two went down to a car dealership that another Rotary member owned, and started looking around.

“Why not a Corvette?”

“What are you going to do with a Corvette?” His dad almost laughed.

“Drive really fast.”

“And kill yourself. No way. Your mom would have my head.”

“Ok. Fine. One of those new mustangs.”

“Those are so ugly.” His dad shook his head.

“OK. Fine! Damn! A big truck then!” Finally, he knew he had it this time.

“What are you going to haul around?”

“Holy shit, did I bleed all over Iraq so that I can buy a damn Civic?”

“That would be a sensible car.” Dad smiled at his son, then pointed across the massive lot that was the car dealership.

“I was thinking that one right there.”

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