Serving Goddess Kirsty

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Part One – Getting ready in the morning

My name is Mark and I live with my partner Kirsty, or Goddess Kirsty to use her full title as far as I’m concerned. We have a Mistress/slave relationship and although we do behave like a vanilla couple most of the time, Goddess Kirsty is definitely in charge, especially behind closed doors at home.

On this particular day I was in the bathroom having showered and just brushing my teeth before starting the day working from home. Mostly being on video calls at home so I wouldn’t need to put a suit on and go into the office. I heard cursing and an annoyed voice from the bedroom so I quickly finished up and went back to see what was going on.

As I walked in I stopped dead in my tracks in the doorway and started staring as I took in the scene before me. My Goddess was sitting on the edge of the bed in her underwear, all perfectly normal apart from the fact that there was a sexy lacy suspender belt around her waist and she was rolling a sheer fully fashioned nylon stocking over her sexy little foot and slowly up her slender leg. I could feel myself getting aroused as I watched her smooth out the top of the stocking on her tanned thigh and start to attach the garter strap to hold it in place.

My mind was running at light speed trying to work out what was going on, it was just a normal work day so why was she wearing stockings? Had I missed something, was there something I should have known about? Was it a special occasion? The rest of her underwear was normal everyday wear so that made me think it wasn’t a special occasion, then why the stockings?

It was at this point I became very aware that I had been staring for some time and being fresh from the bathroom and fully naked my arousal was obvious and on display. Kirsty quickly and sharply told me to stop perving and make myself useful as she held out the second stocking. I took it and rolled it up preparing to assist her with putting it on while she explained that she’d got a run in her tights when trying to put them on this morning and that it was her last pair so she was having to wear stockings today instead.

As I completed my task and attached the garter straps, helping her straighten out the seams in the back she asked me if I could pop out today at lunchtime and pick her up some more tights so she wouldn’t have to wear stockings to work tomorrow as well. She knew I had a huge fetish for stockings and high heels and admonished me for having the thought saying she knew I would love it if she wore stockings every day but it just wasn’t practical.

I reminded her how hot she looked in stockings, that it made lots of men weak, not just me, and that someone as gorgeous as her deserved to be wrapped in the most beautiful lingerie and stockings every day to enhance her beauty even more. As I told her this I was gently placing kisses along the top of the stocking and her soft thigh while my fingers slid up the back of her legs to her pert bottom and gently ran along the sensitive part where her thighs meet her gorgeous bottom.

I rose from my knees and kissed her while continuing to gently run my fingertips along her sensitive spots. We kissed passionately and I moved my other hand to the front of her panties and tickled the tops of her inner thighs and ran my thumb along her pussy lips over the top of the panties. This brought a moan from her lips which turned into a frustrated huff as she pushed me away.

I fell backwards onto the bed and she told me I was naughty for trying to make her late and teasing her like that when it was impossible to finish what I had started. The angry look on her face turned into a devious smirk as she reached for the rest of her work outfit and she began to explain her thoughts to me as she got dressed.

“Given that you’re feeling frisky today, why don’t we have a little fun when I get home tonight. But you’ll need to prepare and be ready. I don’t want you getting too excited and having a sneaky wank while I’m out and then leaving me frustrated tonight. No that wouldn’t do at all would it subby?” I could see her dominant streak taking over as she came up with the plan and decided all I could do was go along and embrace it.

“No Goddess.”

“Good boy, so why don’t we make sure that you’re nice and ready to please me tonight by making the most of your day at home.

First – go and get your chastity cage now and give me the keys to take to work with me. I don’t have time to watch you put it on but by the time I get to the office I expect a picture of you wearing it with the padlock closed so I know you’re not cheating.

Secondly – I think you need a reminder of your place so I also want you to wear a butt plug for the whole day to keep that ass of yours nice and stuffed. You’ll also be wearing panties and that pair of tights I’ve just laddered. Given you’re at home I also want you to wear your high heeled leather boots. Give you a taste of what it’s like to ‘dress izmir escort sexy’ as you call it and think of how naughty you’ll feel being on video with your colleagues seeing your regular top half but having no idea about the kinky bottom half you have going on. Mmmmm.

Thirdly – I know you’re popping out to the shops at lunch so why don’t you pick up something nice for dinner and make sure it’s ready when I get home at the usual time with a suitable bottle of wine to match. I won’t make you wear the high heels out but everything else stays on under your normal clothes while you’re out.

And finally – while you’re out I want you to pick up a few extra things for me. A dozen pairs of regular tights I usually get but I also want you to head to the Wolford shop and get me a few pairs of nice tights to wear when I feel like it. And also go into that fetish shop and call me when you do. We need some lube but I might need you to pick something else up for me.

How does that sound sweetie?”

She knew I had no choice in the matter and the rhetorical question at the end was more daring me to challenge her authority rather than an actual question so I nodded my head and agreed.

Of course I was a little frustrated not to have a bit of fun that morning and having gotten aroused she was absolutely right that I would have probably found some time in the day to have a sneaky wank to relieve some of the pressure. Well not anymore. Although hearing her list out my tasks and knowing that I’d likely face a day of teasing frustration was ticking my submissive boxes and my cock was rock hard and dripping as she finished getting dressed so it was clearly keeping me excited. Something my Goddess noticed, of course, and took delight in pointing out.

“Look at your little cock all standing to attention and dribbling for me, looks like he is very excited about my plans to keep him locked away and teased all day isn’t he? Now why don’t you come over here and slip my heels on for me and give them a little kiss for being so nice to you by indulging your fetishes.”

When she was in dominant mode I knew she liked to be a little stricter with me so I slid off the bed to me knees and crawled over to where she was sitting on her chair keeping my eyes down and fixed on the floor by her feet. I knew without even looking that brought a smile to her face as she told me I was a good boy and crossed one leg over the other, presenting her foot to me ready to slip on her high heeled shoe.

Goddess Kirsty worked for an airline and had a joint role, splitting her time between being based in head office and flying as part of the cabin crew. She had begun to pick up more responsibility recently and was traveling less which meant more time in the office. I knew this because the high heels she had picked out weren’t the slightly lower heeled more comfortable ones she wore when flying, they were 4 inches of spiked stiletto, probably just about acceptable for an office but definitely would cause some prudish people to look jealously on and tut. Combined with the stockings and the professional ‘smart but sexy’ look was complete and I loved it.

With shaking hands and pulse racing I gently picked up the first heel and slid it onto her perfect little foot lavishing the toe of the shoe with kisses and just as I moved up onto the top of her foot she withdrew it and crossed her legs the other way presenting me with another perfect little stocking-clad foot to slip into it’s leather home for the day. I repeated the kissing process quickly thanking my Goddess for the honour of putting her heels on.

“Good boy” she said with a little pat on my head as she stood up “Now don’t forget to get ready yourself and send me the pictures before I get to my desk. The clock is ticking mister!” And with that final sentence she lifted her foot and gently kicked my rock hard cock with the tip of her high heel and giggled as she turned and left me there on my knees trying to gather my thoughts.

The front door closing snapped me back to reality and I realised that I needed to get moving quickly if I was going to send pictures in time. I rushed to get everything together and placed it on the bed so I was ready. But my cock was still hard and showed no signs of co-operating with all the naughty thoughts going round my head. I had to jump back in the shower quickly and run the cold water to get it soft enough to get into the chastity cage. Once I was done I glanced at the clock and saw I was almost out of time. I would have to hope there was traffic or some other delay in order to not fail at the first hurdle.

I lubed up the medium sized butt plug and slid it in quickly, wincing at the pain but not having enough time to be gentle and warm my ass up properly. I then struggled into a pair of pink french cut panties Goddess had me wear occasionally when we were playing and finally I grabbed her laddered tights from earlier.

I couldn’t izmir escort bayan resist running them through my fingers and holding them up to my face to feel the soft silky material against my cheek and smell her scent. I felt my cock twitch inside the cage and snapped my focus back to my task. Carefully putting on the tights without making the ladder worse and quickly placing my feet into the high heeled boots and closing the zipper. I felt very restricted but had no time to dwell on that feeling as I snapped a couple of pictures of my outfit and one zoomed in on the padlock to show my caged cock was indeed secured as ordered.

Seconds after I sent the pictures over I got a reply from my Goddess saying I was very lucky she had stopped for a coffee on her way or I would have been late. The pictures had come through just as she was walking to her desk. I collapsed on the bed to let my heart rate slow down and catch my breath for a couple of minutes before looking at the clock and realising I only had a few minutes before my first meeting so needed to finish getting ready and log on for the day.

Part Two – The frustrating day continues

My first couple of meetings were fairly uneventful but busy enough to distract me slightly from my kinky predicament going on below the desk. When I had a bit of time to try and focus on my regular work I found my mind quickly drifting to think about Goddess Kirsty and what she had in store for me later that evening. I knew she was going to put me through my paces in order to ‘earn release’ from the cage as she would call it. But what form that would be in, I wasn’t sure and would depend on her mood.

Sometimes she wanted to be pampered and would expect a nice long bath followed by an evening of foot massages and fetching things for her or maybe becoming her footstool for a while. Other times she needed a bit of stress relief and would give me a spanking or torture my nipples for a while until I begged for mercy. Occasionally she was horny and made me spend hours on my knees licking her to multiple orgasms and using a range of toys on her until she felt satisfied.

One time she even made me wear a strap-on and fuck her with the fake cock while my poor imprisoned cock was securely locked away in its cage. I think that was probably the most frustrating time for me, providing the physical motion without any of the sexual stimulation was brutal. And of course the fake cock never needed a break, lost it’s erection or came before she was ready. When my arms, legs or body were too tired to fuck her hard enough she allowed me to lie on my back for a rest while she continued to ride that big fake cock banging into my cage and occasionally grabbing it to tease and humiliate me even further. When she was finally satisfied and had caught her breath she allowed me to remove the strap-on and my cock cage too which was covered in her juices. It was late and we were already in bed so she just told me to snuggle in and spoon her laughing when my throbbing erection began poking against the cheeks of her perfect bottom.

She giggled and said “You’re so insatiable, like a horny teenager we’ve just been fucking for hours and you’re still all horny & leaky aren’t you?” I knew she was teasing and there was no way to win so I had to just go with it.

“Yes Goddess, I’m sorry but you just make me so horny.” I felt pathetic that I couldn’t stand up for myself but I knew that pointing out the truth would only annoy her and potentially lead to more humiliation or punishment.

“Well, my horny little subby. I’m well and truly finished for the night after that long, hard fucking from your nice big cock, I don’t think I want you to put THAT little thing in me for another round.” As she poked at my dick with her fingernail.

“I tell you what, since you gave me a good hard fucking and more than a few orgasms, it’s only fair I give you one last chance to cum. I can’t quite believe you haven’t popped already. If I was riding anyone else’s cock for that long they would have definitely blown a few loads.”

She smirked again telling me that she would give me 90 seconds to jerk off while kissing her feet and sucking on her toes. If I could cum in that time then I was allowed. If not, I obviously wasn’t horny enough and it was time for bed.

I eagerly accepted and dived down the bed to her feet, kissing licking and sucking her left foot while I pulled hard at my poor denied cock. After about 30 seconds she told me to let go and placed the sole of her right foot against my cock with the heel against my balls and scrunching her toes on the head of it as she pressed it into my stomach. She wiggled her foot in a jerking motion and flexed her toes around the head of my cock and I was breathing heavily and closed my eyes as I felt my orgasm approaching. Then just as I was about to reach the edge her foot was gone and it took me a few seconds to open my eyes and realise it was escort izmir back on the bed and she was done helping. My eyes shot up to look straight into her face as she began counting down from 10…9…8… my hand was once again a blur on my cock and I came hard just as she reached 3. Goddess Kirsty made me clean up my mess from her feet and legs before I was allowed to snuggle once again and we drifted off to sleep.

Anyway, back to the day in question and with all those thoughts running through my head I was struggling to hold back a painful erection when my phone beeped. It was a picture of Goddess’ feet and high heels taken from above with her panties round her ankles with the message ‘I’d forgotten how much easier it is to pee with stockings on. Just slip the panties down and back up again. Maybe I should wear them every day.’

She knew just the idea of that would be enough to send my mind racing at the thought of seeing her wearing stockings and a suspender belt every day. I felt the familiar dull throb in my balls as my cock tried to expand inside the unrelenting cage. I guessed I would need to get used to that feeling for the rest of the day as there would surely be more teasing to come. I replied and said that I thought it would be a good idea if its easier and we had a quick exchange with her laughing and saying she knew I would love the idea but stockings could get expensive and tights are more comfortable to wear. She ended the exchange saying she would think about it, but maybe if she was wearing stockings every day for me, then maybe I should wear something every day for her.

That thought filled me with nervousness as I thought about the cage, butt plug, panties, tights and heels I was currently wearing. I was sure she was teasing me and wasn’t serious, but once again I was excited and the dull throb in my balls remained for a while until my next call.

A few minutes into my next meeting I got another picture from my Goddess, this one was of underneath her desk where she had crossed her legs and was dangling a high heel from her toes. I tried to ignore it but of course it had the desired effect of once again raising my level of arousal to a level that made it difficult to concentrate on work and the dull throbbing ache in my balls returned. I didn’t reply but a few minutes later I got another message. This one had both her heels on the floor and she was flexing her toes and the message said she wished I was there right now under her desk to give her a nice foot massage and worship her feet & heels with kisses all day. I was glad my microphone was muted at that point because I let out a low moan as I imagined doing that.

Towards the end of my meeting I got another picture and a message, this one was of my Goddess’ thighs from above, she was holding her skirt up and I could see her stocking tops, the garter straps and a good amount of skin above the stockings with just a hint of her panties. The message said she was popping out for lunch shortly and wondered what people would say in the office or out at the shops if they knew she was wearing stockings instead of tights. Would they think she was naughty? Or sexy? Or both? Would they follow her to try and get a peek at them? I sent back ‘Please stop’ and an emoji of hands together begging and she replied with a laughing emoji knowing the effect she was having on me. She reminded me that I had to pop out at lunch myself and to let her know when I was in the fetish shop.

I made it through the last meeting of the morning and stood up, almost forgetting about the heels I was wearing and just about keeping my balance as I made my way to the bedroom to change. I put on some jeans and normal shoes before heading out to the shop to pick up something nice for dinner. It didn’t take too long and I was soon stood in the Wolford shop with a bag full of shopping trying not to get aroused by all of the fine hosiery. I jumped when a sales assistant asked me if I was ok or needed any help and I realised I had been staring at one of the mannequins on display for a little too long. I turned very red, selected half a dozen of tights in my Goddess’ size and quickly left the shop, dreading what might be next to come in the fetish shop.

I already had a couple of bags with me when I entered the fetish shop and although it was quiet I felt very self conscious. I knew there was no way anyone could know what I was wearing under my normal clothes but I was nervous regardless and wanted to be as quick as possible. I found the bottle of lube we normally buy and grabbed it then called Kirsty as I started to make my way towards the checkout.

“Oh hey babe, how has your morning been? What are you up to?” came the bright and cheery voice as Kirsty answered the phone knowing full well where I was and how my morning had been.

“Hi, erm yes it’s been ok, not as productive as I wanted but good. I’ve got the shopping stuff and I’m just in the place now.”

“Oh excellent, well done. Just give me a minute” she clearly wanted to go somewhere more private for the next part and I’m sure she took her sweet time getting there just to ramp up my awkward nervousness even more.

“Now babe did you get the lube?” she was obviously now alone.

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