Sensual Get Together With Mild Dom

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Empty hardwood floored room with only a bed, a coffee table and a large white sofa in it, white satin sheets, dimmed lighting splashing the room with a burnt color, a window looking onto a lake. Sunset turning the skies shades of purple orange and red.

You are in the shower, sensually washing your body. A thin lather covering your breasts. You start feeling a tingle in your stomach as your hang gently glides down your stomach your fingers gently parting your lips, you start rubbing your clit, softly moaning at your touch, your index finger circling around your hardening clit.

I walk in the house, call your name wait for a reply, but nothing, I proceed to the bathroom, where I hear the faint sound of running water, the door is partly open, steam is covering the large mirror, you can’t hear me, as I tread lightly. I take off my shirt, pants, underwear and socks, naked I walk towards the shower, I can hear your faint moans overpowering the sound of the shower. The satin glass door covered in steam, you can’t see me coming, I open the door, as you gasp in fright, I surprised you as you had two fingers in your pussy and were rubbing your breasts. I ask you “Can I lend you a hand” You nod, my hand approaching your ass, I start caressing it, gently massaging your cheeks occasionally letting my hand slip in between your cheeks and probe against your tight hole. You bend over and push back against my hand, one hand holding you on the wall and the other in between your legs rubbing your clit, the water rushing down your shaking body.

You push harder against my finger as it enters your ass, you moan softly as it happens, my hardening cock is pressing against your ass cheek, I push my finger in deeper into you, with my other hand I knead your cheeks gently while my finger is pumping in and out of you. I kneel down behind you and remove my finger from you as I proceed to kiss your cheeks lightly, licking up and down your crack, my hands kneading your butt, I spread you gently and I kiss in between your cheeks, my tongue sliding across your tight hole several times, occasionally pushing its way in a little, moving down, and licking your sweet juices from your pussy as my fingers spread your lips allowing your little hole to show, so that my tongue can run across it and gather your juices, I lick you lower, and your moans intensify as I take your clit into my mouth sucking on it and licking it.

You turn around, and start rubbing your breasts, I stand up and take you into my arms, I kiss you passionately with my hands roaming your back, sides and butt. My tongue playing with yours as you moan in my mouth. Your hands roaming the front of my body, stroking my cock up and down you break our kiss and start kissing down my neck, I lean in and get some kisses on your neck till you reach my nipples where you gently suck on one and play with the other with one hand. You kiss down my torso occasionally licking your trail downwards in direction of my hard cock.

The water pouring down your body and mine, cascading off my chest onto your hair, your kisses finally reaching the base of my shaft, you kiss your way up, towards its head, you part your lips and cover it, moving down on it, letting it spread your lips, sinking into your mouth, you moan, and look up at me as you take it back out of your mouth and immediately back in all the way deep throating my entire length, moving back up, your tongue circling the tip, you gently bite it. Your hands are playing with my balls, gently squeezing and pulling them. You deep throat me again and again. Licking the entire length of my shaft. Looking bahis siteleri me in my eyes.

You stand up and hold me by my cock, we step out of the shower together, without drying, and we head towards the bedroom. The lights are out, the sun has set, we can only see shadows of each other, our silhouettes on the bed, me on top of you, our embrace is passionate, at proximity we can barely distinguish each others face, your eyes are burning with desire.

My hands roam your body gently at first then I start touching you’re a little rougher, squeezing your breasts and pulling you hair and your nipples. I lean in to you and start kissing your skin, occasionally licking, taking your nipple into my mouth and biting it, moving my kisses up your collar bone, I start biting your neck soft at first then harder, my hand on the other side pulling you tighter into me, biting you in swift repetitions.

Your hands are moving about my body, I take them into my hands and hold them above your head, playfully I strap them to the headboard with a leather strap hanging there just for that. I am on your side, kneeling next to you, I put a blind fold over your head, covering your eyes, you cannot see me, I start touching you, cupping your breasts, pinching your nipples harder, I lean in and bite your neck, you tilt your head back, I bite you harder.

I move one hand towards your pussy and part your lips, our bodies drying on the bed, making it slightly wet, your lips spread, I pass a finger on your clit pressing against it rubbing it in circles, I pull your clit hard. My hardening cock is rubbing against your side. You say “Daddy make it rough, I want to be fucked hard tonight, rape me hunny”. I reply:

“Ok baby, let me know if it gets too rough”

I tighten the strap around your wrists and go to your feet and tie them to the footboard. I put my lips against your pussy and extend my tongue into it, tickling your hole and circling your clit, I take it into my mouth and start sucking on it, harder and harder, you start moaning, as you lay there constricted of motion. I reach up and grab your tits, pulling on them hard as I lick your hole, inserting my tongue in it.

You moan out “Daddy, I want it inside, I want you big cock inside of me daddy”

In response, I move on top of you and put my hands around your neck, squeezing a little, and I guide my free standing cock straight into your tight little hole, you gasp in a mix of pain and pleasure as my cock inches itself into your tight hole. I start pumping it in and out of you, you are moaning and quivering under my touch, my balls slapping against your tight ass, as I fuck you harder and harder. You moans intensify as your orgasm build up in you, you become short of breath as I continue fucking you.

Your orgasm starts ripping through your body you start shaking the pleasure originating from deep within you starts making you scream. I put a hand on your mouth, muffling the sound, you are cumming hard as I continue pounding you.

Slowing down my rhythm I lean in and start licking your breasts, taking your nipples into my mouth and sucking on them hard, pulling them away from your chest, I withdraw my cock, and turn around to undo the strap on one of your feet. I move that leg over your other leg, leaving your back on the bed and your hips turned slightly to the side. I reach over and grab a bottle of lubrication. I lean down to your ass and I spread your cheek, I start licking your crack up and down, at times concentrating on your hole, inserting my tongue slightly into you. You moan.

I drip some lubrication onto your canlı bahis siteleri tight little hole, and start fingering you, I put one finger in your ass at first and start pumping it in and out of you, with my other hand I rub all over your body, towards your face, I put two fingers into you, you stuck on them, deep throating them. I insert a second finger into your ass, you yelp in pain, I start pushing and pulling them in and out of you faster, intensifying, I remove my fingers from your mouth and insert them into your pussy, you hold your leg open, giving me access to your ass and vagina, I continue probing both hands in and out of you asynchronously. You moan harder and harder, as you start begging me to continue, your hips gyrating and bucking I keep finger fucking you deeper and harder every time I push my fingers in you.

My hard cock is rubbing on your thigh, I take your other leg in my hands and scoot my hips towards yours and I take my cock in my hand and I push it straight into your pussy, you moan in ecstasy I start pumping my hips to meet yours, your pussy making my cock wetter and wetter, I continue fucking you, your ass was relaxed enough I think it needs a big cock in it. I ask you “Are you ready for my big cock in your ass baby girl?” as I continue pounding your pussy you answer “yes YES, fuck my ass daddy, I need it in there, please.” I slap your ass with my hand, and tell you “Say that again, I didn’t hear you” … “Daddy, put your big cock in my tight little asshole, rape my ass daddy, please, do me harder”.

I withdraw my hard shaft from your pussy, glistening with your juices, I adjust it to your rear hole, and I start pushing forward, you relax, your hands have gripped the headboard as you feel my shaft burying itself in you. You let out a big moan, as I push in almost reaching the end, I start withdrawing and push it right back in, you wince in pain, you say “Daddy c’mon that’s not hard enough, fuck me harder” You push your hips onto mine and start bucking.

I slam my cock into you burying it all the way in you, and I start my fucking motion, you are moaning as I pump my shaft in and out of your little asshole. I grab one of your ass cheeks and squeeze it real tight, as I continue fucking you hard. With my other hand I grab one of your breasts, my cock is spreading your walls, I squeeze your breast, then your nipple, you moan. I glide my hand to your pussy and start rubbing your clit, making you hotter and hotter with every stroke. I insert two fingers in your pussy with my cock in your ass, tightening both your holes, your pussy is squeezing my cock as I keep on fucking you, you moan with each inward stroke.

You can feel yet another orgasm boiling in your body, my thick shaft nearly ripping your asshole open, your wetness dripping all over my fingers and onto your legs. I pound both your holes. I tell you “Cum for daddy, you need to cum for daddy.” You start shaking violently, as your orgasm starts sending spasms throughout your body, I shove my cock in and leave it in, as I do the same with my fingers wiggling them in the tight space of your pussy, you scream as your muscles contract, your orgasm no letting go, you breathe heavily.

I take my cock out and untie your remaining ties and leave the blindfold on you, I sit you on the bed and stand next to you, putting my hand behind your head, I pull your mouth onto my cock making you deepthroat me, you moan, and put your hands on my ass, I put my hand in your hair weaving my fingers in it, and tightening my grip as you suck my cock dry, you lick the tip and take it down your throat, I take my cock canlı bahis out of your mouth and slap your face with it, putting it back in your mouth occasionally, you say “Cum on my face daddy, I want to feel your warm spunk all over my pretty face, c’mon daddy cum for me” I tell you “No, not yet I have more for you I want to fuck you senseless baby”

I stand you up and throw you over the bed, your knees on the floor and your torso on the bed. I slap your ass till your cheeks turn red, your pussy wet for my cock, I spread your ass cheeks to get a clear shot to your pussy and I shove my cock into you, you scream as my shaft rips through your walls, you are moaning and screaming at the same time as I continue fucking you, I reach to your head and grab your hair pulling it hard, my cock pounding your pussy faster and faster. I put my hand on your hips pulling you harder onto me, my balls launching themselves onto your clit. Slapping you every time I push into you. I put my hands on your shoulders and pull you harder, scratching your back with my nails, I rub your body, putting my hands on your chest, I knead your breasts.

Pulling your nipples hard, you tell me “Faster daddy faster, I need your cum all over my face. Fuck my harder mmmmmmmm” I respond by fucking you harder and more vigorously, my shaft burying itself in your tight little hole. I spank you hard while fucking you. Your moans filling the air as my shaft sinks deep inside of you. You turn around taking your blind fold off and tell me to make you cum, I take two fingers put the in my mouth lubricating them, and push them up your tight little asshole where my cock was a few minutes ago, I pump my fingers in and out of your tight asshole, my dick spreading your pussy.

You moan harder and harder, you say “I’m gonna cum on your big cock daddy, are you ready for me to cum on your big cock?” I tell you “go ahead, please cum on my dick. Cum all you want”. Your orgasm yet again starting deep within you, you moan louder and harder, your pussy squeezing my cock, milking my precum out of it. I hold your hips with one hand as my other hand is pounding in your ass. I withdraw my cock from your pussy and kneel down next to you, I drop some more lube on your ass, and insert a third finger in you, you moan.

I slowly pick up the pace making you moan louder and louder take then slowly i take my hand out of your ass and wipe off the lube on a towel; I lick around your tightening hole kissing your cheeks, and licking towards your pussy, sucking on your clit from behind, I rub your ass, occasionally spanking you, you sit on the bed and start sucking on my cock, you knead my balls and rub the inside of my legs, looking up at me occasionally I put my hand in your hair and rub your head, pulling you into me. You deepthroat my cock again and again, you take it out, a string of spit and precum mix spawn from your lip to the tip of my cock, you ask me “c’mon daddy I want to taste that cum” I lean my head back, you twirl your tongue around my head and take it deep in your mouth, I thrust into your mouth moaning, I tell you “I’m going to shoot it into your mouth and all over your face baby. You put your little fist around it and start jerking it, looking at me in my eyes you blow a kiss at me, your hand moving up and down my cock. You rub it all over your face. I tell you I’m going to shoot it, you look deep into my eyes while jerking my cock up and down, I roll my eyes back in my head as I feel your hand kneading my balls, you put your mouth around the tip and jerk harder, I start squirting my cum in your mouth, you take my cock out and let it shoot over your face lading on your cheek and forehead, you lick the tip, taking some more in your mouth, my cum dripping out of your mouth down your chin onto your breasts, you look at me and smile, I lean down and kiss your lips.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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