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A friend asked if I could write a story from the female perspective, one that was not so (blokey). The following is the result.


Standing naked in the bedroom, having just stepped out of the shower, I turn and look at the view in the mirror. Steam is still rising off my shoulders and hair. I close my eyes trying to remember the feelings that were stirred in me last night. All of a sudden, making me gasp and then giggle at the way I jumped, I feel a feather light touch caress my steaming shoulder and slowly slide down my arm.

The cool place left on my shoulder from the hand that lingered but burned there oh so briefly is soon replaced by a gentle kiss from the softest lips I have ever felt. Those lips then travel slowly across the back of my neck and under my cascading hair. There is a sudden rush of cool air across my neck when you lift my damp hair allowing you access to my skin. The cool breeze sends a shiver down my back and I feel every hair on my body stand up in a primitive response to try to keep me warm. I feel my nipples contract, pucker, and stand rigidly to the point where they almost ache.

The hand that was slowly caressing my arm moves across to my belly. I take a sharp breath involuntarily as the sensations you create with your light touch seem to tickle, burn and make my stomach feel like it is full of butterflies trying to escape all at once. Your hand now spreads out over my stomach and I feel you pull my body closer to yours. I can feel your need resting between my buttocks. You are so hard against me I can feel your elevated pulse on my lower back.

Your other hand comes to rest above the first one, just lightly touching the underside of my breasts with your thumb. Your lips are moving up the side of my neck to my ear where you gently nibble the lobe, showing the promise of what is to come with your skilled mouth. Your top hand rises up as I push my chest out slightly to encourage the touch I want so badly. However, you are not in a hurry and slowly, lightly almost excruciatingly gently you circle my nipples with fingertips as light as a feather.

Just when I am sure I cannot stand it any longer, you brush your fingers straight over my nipple and lightly nip my ear lobe with your teeth. I let out a moan in delight because I had almost given up hope of the pleasure I knew was so close. The sudden jolt of electricity that runs through my body makes my knees buckle slightly and as my body drops about an inch, I feel your rock hard cock slide bahis firmaları between my cheeks.

At the sudden friction, this movement causes to your now very sensitive cock, you moan right in my ear and I can feel, hear, and sense how much you want me and I think to myself, maybe I do have some power over this man after all.

The hand that was resting gently on my stomach starts to slide downwards. Your touch, still as light as a feather, is almost tickling me as it glides gently over my warm skin until there is a change of texture. Your fingers have reached the top of my mound and are brushing through my curls. Although they are so close, your fingers do not touch me where I want them.

I let out a groan of despair because this tease is driving me insane. Instead of touching me at my centre, which I so desperately want, they continue down through my curls until they touch the top of my thigh where they come to rest again. My sensations are so heightened by your touch that I am sure I can feel every single strand of hair spring back up after your fingers have brushed through them.

There is a change in your position as you start to slide your entire body slowly, gently down. My senses are at their peak and are almost screaming at me as I feel every single part of you that is touching me slide against my skin. The hand that was on my nipple only seconds ago begins to travel down my body. I feel a brief moment of longing at the loss of that touch.

Your lips move from my ear with gentle kisses down the side of my neck, causing me to shiver again, and travel down over my shoulder and start to kiss their way down my back. Your hard nipples that I can feel on my shoulder blades start to scrape down my back leaving invisible lines of warmth parallel with my spine.

I can feel your cock start to slide down between my cheeks, press momentarily on my asshole and flick forward along my lips, tantalisingly close to where I really want it and I feel myself get even wetter at the thought. You slide lower still and I can feel your cock running between my thighs to my knees, there is moisture on the end of your cock that leaves a slightly cooler line running down my thigh following the trail of your cock’s path. I wonder if the moisture is pre cum from your highly excited penis or is it my own moisture that wet your cock as it slid over my swollen, wet pussy.

Your lips are kissing their way down my back. From my shoulders they explore down to my shoulder blades, kaçak iddaa they continue down until they are at the small of my back. You linger there briefly before continuing down over one cheek. You begin to kiss your way back over this cheek to the other cheek. You surprise me by gently running your moist tongue over the top of my crack and you cause me to shiver and giggle again as you blow on the moistened spot.

After what feels like an eternity of you kneeling behind me and worshipping my ass, oh yes I have power over this man, I feel his hands start their journey back up the outside of my thighs until they come to rest on my hips.

One of your hands slides around to the front where your fingers once again come to rest in my curls frustratingly close but oh so far away from where I want them. I tilt my hips forward in desperation to try to make you touch me, even if by accident. However, you do not fall for this and merely keep the contact of your fingers in the same spot. I am sure I can hear an evil laugh from you. Oh god did I think I had some power over you?

Your other hand slides up my back, Not just fingertips this time, now I can feel your whole palm and spread fingers slide up my spine and they are starting to push harder into my flesh until I yield and bend forward at the waist. I brace myself against the wall with one hand either side of the mirror. I look up into the mirror and I am greeted with one of the most erotic sights of my life.

I can see my breasts swaying slightly and my very erect nipples standing to attention. Further down I can see my still firm belly, which I am quite proud of even after having had kids and further down still I can see my thighs spread while in between them is your firm, tanned body. You are on your knees behind me, although I cannot see your face I can see your glorious prick standing up proudly between my calves. This picture will remain with me forever.

As I bend forward, my knees bend slightly, my thighs separate a touch more and I can feel the moisture, which was just being held in, escape from my lips. A drip runs down my inner thigh and stops just above my knee. I can feel my engorged lips separate and I am willingly open to you and to whatever you wish.

I almost jump with shock when I feel your tongue retrieve the moisture that had earlier escaped. Your tongue follows the trail the moisture left slowly all the way back to its point of origin. I can feel your hot breath getting closer and closer until finally kaçak bahis I sigh and shiver at the same time as your tongue makes contact with my pussy.

I almost cum the instant your tongue touches my exposed clit. Your lips fasten onto my clit and I feel your nose enter my moist hole. My legs spread almost as if I no longer have control over them and I push my hips back towards your face, I just want to be filled by you.

Your hand slides back down my back and grabs hold of my hip and your other hand comes around to the opposite hip, you then grab hold of me tightly and force your face into me and while still sucking my clit into your mouth you start flicking over the end of it with your tongue. This becomes almost too much to bear and I feel my body start to build up in pressure. My hips start to buck up and down against the pressure pushing back harder and harder.

The tension in my body builds slowly but with a momentum of its own. My muscles begin to tense, my toes curl, and my hands clench into fists. I can feel the energy run up my arms and legs and fill my body all the while increasing in power. As the power increases, I am aware of every nerve ending in my body, making my skin tingle and the small hairs on my skin all stand to attention.

I begin to hear a sound that begins as a low down growl and gradually builds into a higher keening sound. This power is out of my control now and building at the centre of my being to the point where I feel like if it got any more intense, I would not be able to stand it. Then as if fireworks have gone off inside me, it explodes. As the initial explosion recedes, I feel wave after wave of pleasure throughout my body in ripples from my centre out to my fingers and toes. Like the water rippling out in concentric circles after a stone thrown in a pond. It is only after the intensity begins to ebb that I realise that the sound I was hearing was coming from me.

The entire time I am Cumming onto your tongue. I can feel a small amount of cum squeeze from my pussy with each contraction and the whole time you just lap away and drink my cum like a thirsty dog. Never releasing my clit from the onslaught of your talented tongue.

As I begin coming back down from this incredible high, I realise just how much tension you have been able to build up in me and it is all released as I collapse in relief and joy.

You have not finished with me yet though. Not by a long way and I realise that I would be willing to let you do whatever you want to my body. You own me for this brief period and you will use my body in ways that I had never thought I would want, let alone want over and over again. It is a shame really that my husband will be home tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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