Selling Her Pt. 02

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Sissy was pacing her room, still naked, waiting for Daddy to come home. He always had the right thing to say, to calm her and make her feel better. ‘Why did I let Billy treat me that way?’ she wondered for the millionth time. Where was Billy now? She heard him leave his room, out through his window. She knew he wouldn’t be back for hours, probably drunk.

Her bold red hair hung down to the middle of her back. They loved it loose and brushed, so that’s what she did. Her pale skin, showing no tan at all, made her deep hair color seem even deeper. Her brows and eyelashes were blond. One could only see them if you were really close to her. Then you could also see the sprinkling of freckles that spread from one cheek, over her nose, to the other cheek. She had other freckles that she hated: on both shoulders, then cascading down her arms. The rest of her body had an occasional freckle, but mostly the rest was just alabaster skin. She never tanned. She burned.

Finally! She heard Daddy call her name. “Sissy! Come out here, please.”

So happy he was finally home, here to take all her cares away and make things all right, she opened her bedroom door and scampered to where she knew he waited… sitting in his easy chair, waiting for her.

But not today. Today he was standing next to the piano, arms out waiting for an embrace. She threw herself into those arms and he hugged her tightly, running his hands over her little naked body, feeling her small breasts against his lower chest, nipples hardening into sweet little pebbles. But then his arms pushed her away.

“Sissy, sweety, I brought a friend home with me today.” She looked past him and saw a handsome man, younger than Daddy, shorter than Daddy, perhaps 5’10”, skin a medium brown color, a big smile on his face, showing fine white teeth. His lips were full and rosy. Both men wore business attire: a suit and tie.

“This is Doctor Patel. Sam, this is my daughter Cynthia, but we call her Sissy. She is eighteen years old and the delight of my life.”

“Daddy, a doctor? Are you sick? Why is he here?”

“I’m fine. He’s not a medical doctor, Kitten, now greet him properly.”

She held out her hand and said, “How do you do, Doctor Patel? Your skin is beautiful. It looks the color of brown sugar. Is it sweet?” Then she remember Daddy said proper greeting, so she dutifully put her arms around the doctor and hugged him tightly.

Sam Patel, delighted, felt her tits against his chest and breathed deeply. He took her hand in both of his. “I do fine, Sissy. Thank you for the delightful hug. Perry, forgive me. When you described your daughter in such glowing terms, I didn’t believe you. How is it that this vision comes to be your daughter? Your skin is dark, your hair is black. You are 6’1″, she is barely five-three. Sissy, please call me Sam.”

Before Perry could reply, Sissy objected. “I’m five-four!” she exclaimed, petulant, standing up straight, pushing out her tits as she did so. Both men chuckled.

Perry grinned. “Sissy, come sit here on the sofa. Good girl. I tan easily, Sam. I never burn. Her mother, may she rest in peace, was five feet, a blonde, fair skinned, and slightly built. I do expect Sissy’s tits to get a bit larger, though.” He tweaked both of her nipples so Sam could see how responsive she is. She arched, and they watched delightedly as her torso twisted and vibrated with an orgasm, heard her quiet moan. “My family comes from dark Scottish stock. I couldn’t have been more delighted to have helped produce my little pale delight.”

Sam was amazed at her reaction to her father’s tweaking. “My dear girl, do you love so much to have your nipples played with? Perry, may I try?”

“By all means, Sam, she is yours tonight, to play with as you will. Consider her a substitute for your loving wife. I believe her red hair genes also give her other, less visible attributes. Such as the reaction you just saw. She does that every time. Go ahead. Try it. “

Sam repeated Perry’s tweaking of her nipples, and watched her as she exclaimed with an OH, arched high and stayed like that as the next orgasm waved through tipobet365 yeni giri┼č her. “Lovely. What else does she do?”

Sissy beamed at the praise from both men. She waited for her father to explain what he expected from her. “She responds even stronger when being fingered. But I will let you find that out for yourself as you play with her. You can fuck her and come inside her, all over her, or in her mouth, as you wish. She swallows, sucks, cums quickly, and usually stays wet for hours.”

“Sissy,” Daddy looked serious. “Sam has many times bemoaned to me the fact that his wife is still in New Delhi, waiting for immigration papers. He misses her terribly, as you might imagine. Today I told him that I would bring him home with me so that I might share you with him. I told him how I’ve been trying to groom you to please a man, but I can only teach you what I know. Sam here is Hindu, and they have sexual practices well beyond my ken. Have you heard of the book, Kama Sutra?”

“No, sir.”

“It teaches many many sexual positions that a man and woman can use for sexual pleasure. It also teaches a man many ways to make sure a woman is fully pleasured, something I think that we have been remiss about.”

Sissy now looked at Sam with renewed interest. “You teach sex? As a subject?”

Sam grinned. “That is not my day job,” he explained, “but sex is my… hobby. Kama Sutra is meant for married couples, but of course any couple can read it and learn. Today, though, I will do no teaching. I will be learning your ways and doing my best to give you many orgasms.”

“Oh, Daddy! I can hardly wait!”

Perry brought a drink over to Sam, a simple bourbon and soda, and told Debbie to get water for herself, while he went to his room to change.

Sam sipped his drink as he asked Sissy about herself. “Perry tells me you are not a virgin. Tell me about that time. Was it pleasant for you?”

She looked at his face, especially his eyes. She could see no malice. She decided to tell the truth.

“It was my eighteenth birthday. Daddy and Billy, my brother, gave me some books. I love to read books. Then Daddy went off to work. Billy said he would give me something special. I’ve been told I’m very submissive. He undressed me and touched my tits, and then my pussy. He pushed his dick into me and made me cry it hurt so bad. He forgets that I feel pain lots more, due to my red hair. He said it would feel better, but that whole day I was sore and hated him while he kept pushing in and out. Then he emptied into me and went to his room. I went to my room and started reading one of my new books to forget about my birthday. But Billy kept coming back to do it again and again.

“When Daddy got home I told him what Billy did, but he looked relieved and didn’t punish him for hurting me. So after that Billy would fuck me every morning and every evening. He still does… and now…” But she stopped talking. She didn’t want to tell Sam about Billy’s selling her. She almost said too much.

Sam was aghast. “Sissy, little darling, I promise I will be gentle. If you do not want to have sex with me, I will leave. You do not have to do this. Perry made me believe you love doing it.”

“Sam, please don’t misunderstand. I love having sex with Daddy. I let Billy use me, and he says he loves me, but I love Daddy so much! You said you can give me orgasms. That’s what I’m looking forward to. Don’t leave.”

Sam thought, these Americans. How can they expect to give pleasure when they aren’t taught anything? The only pleasure they think of is their own.

Perry returned wearing a bathrobe. He went across the room to pull out an inflatable bed that had a big built-in curve. He inflated it with an electric pump until it was firm with no wrinkles. It was large, big enough for two people side by side.

“Perry, is Sissy on the pill? Is she safe?”

“Of course. For several years now. She had very painful periods and her doctor said the contraceptive pills would help that. It did. And now we can count out even six month and know exactly when her period will start.”

“I tipobet365 giri┼č will start with Sissy, Sam, while you get undressed. You can sit in that chair and watch us if you want. Come here, Sissy.” Perry removed his bathrobe. Now he was as naked as his daughter.

Sissy loved that new sex bed. She hopped on it, and then reached her leg over to straddle her Daddy. Perry put both his hands on her tits and squeezed, smiling as she wiggled her bottom. He pinched her nipples and watched her arch once more, then shake with pleasure. Then he sucked first one nipple, then the other. She arched with a mixture of pleasure and pain as he pinched harder. Next he lifted her up and sat her on his cock, cowgirl style. She didn’t hurt, but she didn’t moan with pleasure, either, as Sam had expected. Was she even ready?

Perry started to fuck up and down, and he smiled as he watched her tits bounce. Then he turned with her so that he was on top. He fucked harder now, getting himself ready to cum. He announced it. “Gonna cum, girl, cum with me!”

Perry pulled out and aimed at her tits. His cock spasmed and cum spewed out over her tits, again and again, four times in all. He looked over at Sam, who was now nude. Perry was pleased at his own performance, that he did so well, and Sam nodded. They watched Sissy use both hands to spread her father’s cum all over her chest, without even being told to.

Perry stood up and told Sam it was his turn. Sam came over to the sex bed while Perry now sat in the chair, obviously ready to watch. Sissy appeared to tighten as he neared her. Sam whispered to Sissy, very softly. “We can stop now, if you want.”

Sissy replied, just as quietly. “Daddy would then come use me again, Sam. I invite you to use me now. Please.” Louder, she said, “I’m most interested in how you pleasure a woman.”

Sam caressed Sissy’s jaw and neck, humming quietly to her in an effort to relax her. He ran his hands over her small breasts, not yet touching her nipples, nodding in satisfaction as he felt their silky smoothness. “Beautiful body,” he murmured. “So lovely, so soft.” Now he tweaked those nipples, watching as, once again, she arched and came. “So responsive,” he whispered. His hands continued their travel down, cupping her mound. He slipped a finger along her slit, then pushed it inside the inner lips, finding her wet well. He dipped a finger into the well and brought it out, touching it to her lips as he spoke, “Lick this, darling, taste your sweetness. Love yourself.” Her lips parted and her tongue lapped the moisture he offered.

“Hmm…” she voiced, “it’s nice. Sweet.” She closed her eyes.

“Yes, as sweet as you are. Shall I use my fingers on you?”

She thought, oh, he is asking. What a nice man. “Oh yes, please, I like that.” Sam smiled. She was relaxed now, no longer expecting a hurried fuck. For the first time, she had another thought: Maybe this is what it could be like, all the time, with a man.” His fingers slid once more up and down her slit. “Sam? Is this what you would do with your wife?”

“Look at me,” he answered. She opened her eyes and saw him smiling at her. “Yes, dearest. And my beautiful wife loves it, just as you seem to. It is always my honor to pleasure her. And now it is my honor to also pleasure you. I enjoy this part a great deal.” He dipped his fingers into her, saw her swelling clitoris, and tapped it lightly. Just once.

“Oh! Oh my, oh my,… that… oh!… feels so good!” Her body twitched. He tapped it twice, watching her eye widen in surprise. He bent over and kissed her cheek. She quickly returned the kiss, on his lips, surprising him. His wet fingers circled her clit, and then danced over it repeatedly, as she moaned and started to writhe.

Perry had been wondering when Sam was actually going to penetrate her. He was even going to speak up, but now he watched and learned, wondering anew what Sam was doing, and how he had elicited such a response from Sissy. His hand was pumping his cock, wondering what Sam would do next.

Sam kept dancing his fingers on her clit, but stopped when she screamed “Oh my God, tipobet365 g├╝venilirmi Oh my God!” and her whole body now shook and vibrated with a violent orgasm. He smiled and watched with pride, knowing his patient ministrations caused it. He hoped Perry was learning, but he also knew habits were hard to break.

He decided it was time. His own cock, now rock hard, needed release. “Sissy, your father placed you in the cowgirl position, right?”

“Yes. He said that gives me some control.”

“Right.” His cock was standing straight up, wavering slightly. “Now let’s put you in the reverse cowgirl. Sit on my cock, oh yes, good girl, just like that.” Her downward pressure caused his cock to slide easily into her wetness. She was tight! Oh, very tight! He moaned, and heard her also moan lightly. “Now,” he gasped, “with my cock still in you, carefully turn to face forward, halfway around facing our feet. Yes, oh, nicely done. You still have control.

“Now lets go a little further. Lay back, on me, completely so that your back is against my front. Put your head to the side of mine. Try to keep my cock in you. Now try to keep your back arched.”

He heard whimpers from her. “Do you like that?”

“Oh Sam, this is so…good, so nice.”

“Yes, it is one of my favorites. I thought you might enjoy it.”

As she slowly maneuvered her body, he softly told her part of his story. “I married Anu when I was eighteen years old. She was just fourteen. It was an arranged marriage. Not legal, but many villages still clung to the old ways. I had never met her before our wedding day. She was so beautiful.”

“Try to put your legs under mine. Goodness, you did that so easily. You would love the Kama Sutra. You are quite flexible.” He didn’t fuck yet. His hands kept his cock from slipping out. This position was mostly building trust, and togetherness. It was working. He felt Sissy start relax more as she listened to his story.

He started the fuck as he continued talking. “We didn’t consummate our marriage until she was eighteen. She lived with her parents until that day.”

He stopped his story while he moved them to missionary. He fucked her in earnest now, paying attention to make sure she did not hurt. His thrusts were strong, yet she was smiling, enjoying it! He thrust faster now, his balls tightening, readying. “I’m going to cum, dear one, I will fill your cunt with my precious fluid.”

“Yes, please,” she cried, “fill me! I love you, Sam!” just as he started to cum. What’s not to like when a pretty young woman tells you she loves you? His ejaculation came in great spurts, so many, for he had not masturbated for some weeks now. He kept jetting into her, to him it seemed an excessive amount, but he was happy to keep filling her with love. He was finally blissfully empty. He wondered if he would be able to have a second round, but decided against it. Not today.

“This was better than a blindfold! Much better!”

“Who blindfolds you, dear?”

“Billy said it would be fun. But I’m not stupid. I figured out his motive. He didn’t want me to know that it wasn’t him, that it was one of his friends who was fucking me. I could tell, though. It was simple.”

“Thank you, dear one, for the use of your body. Be strong, and know that you own your body. No one else does.”

“Not Billy, not even Daddy?” They looked over at Perry. He had missed seeing the best part… he was asleep, spent cock in hand. Good. Now Sam could say what he wanted to all this time. “Don’t let your father or brother own you. Save yourself for a special man. A man of your own choosing.”

“Sam, was it worth the wait? The four years, for your wife? When you did fuck, did it hurt her?”

“It was worth every minute of the four years waiting. She did not hurt, because several days earlier there was a woman’s ceremony in which her mother broke her hymen with a special tool made just for that. So my honeymoon night was one of ultimate pleasure, and much bliss, thanks to the Kama Sutra.”

She knew he was about to leave. “Please come back. I would like to learn more about your Kama Sutra. When I said I love you, I meant it. Until you get your wife, you can come to me. Without a blindfold.”

He was almost finished dressing. “We shall see, dear one. You are sweet, and easy to love. I shall leave you now, though. Sweet dreams.” He gave her a kiss goodbye. On the lips.

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