Seduction of a Big Sister Ch. 05

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Amanda and I were now in our second year of living together as boyfriend and girlfriend. Our sex life was beyond amazing. We fucked and sucked nightly, staying naked when we were home alone and fulfilling each other’s wildest fantasies. When going out, Amanda would dress anyway that I asked, from super slutty to extremely elegant.

I decided that we needed a quick trip somewhere fun. I booked us a vacation lodge in Steamboat Springs, as she loves the snow and I like anything that makes her happy. We went shopping and bought her several new outfits to wear in the main lodge and to wear on the slopes. We picked out three very form fitting show suits that would highlight her incredible hips and her breasts when slightly unzipped.

We headed off on a Tuesday morning and arrived midday, just in time for a fresh snowfall. We checked into our private log cabin, the fireplace was already roaring and we threw the bags into the bedroom, quickly undressed each other and within only five minutes, I had my face buried between my sister’s legs, licking and sucking her incredible pussy. She came quickly, her thighs shaking violently as I continued to devour her creamy juices.

I had her on her knees, and slid inside her from behind, the warm fire heating our bodies to the boiling point as I pounded into her. I fucked her harder and harder, as she groaned and growled like a wild animal in heat. I soon exploded my load inside her, shooting blast after blast of cum deep inside her. I pulled out, and began to lower my face to her ass and eat my sweet load from her, when she spun around and said, “Wait!” she smiled and then said, “Leave it in me, I want a baby with you.”

I smiled, leaned over and kissed her deeply, then pushed her onto her back, lifting her legs slightly and said, “then let’s not let any leak out.”

We had talked about having a child, worried about the consequences, and she had been off birth control for the last four months. We both wanted a baby and thought we’d would have every test in the world to insure everything was okay if we did.

After an hour of cuddling and teasing each other’s naked bodies, we dressed and headed to the lodge for a late afternoon lunch. She wore a solid blue one piece snow suit, with nothing under it. I had her leave the zipper down just enough to expose the top two thirds of her breasts, but not the nipple. She was stared at by both men and women, something she really loved. Her beautiful red hair stood out sharply against the blue ski suit and her milky white breasts with a sprinkling of freckles actually glowed!

After a quick lunch we headed off for a hike in the woods near our cabin. We had been walking for thirty or so minutes when she said, “I wanna fuck in the snow, completely naked and right now.”

I grinned, spotted a small clearing and pointed, “Get over there, and get out of that suit.”

She giggled as she sprinted to the clearing, it was just off a walkway, but we hadn’t seen anyone else out. She quickly kicked off her snow boots, now barefoot, then unzipped the suit to the crotch and stepped out of it. Her nipples were harder than stones and her skin began to turn bright pink from the cold air. I was naked now too, also only wearing the snow suit and boots.

I held her close, she was shivering, but she dropped to her knees and took my hardening cock into her warm mouth. She massaged my ass cheeks as she took me fully into her throat. Her finger tips teased my asshole as she parted my cheeks, something that she does when she wants me to hurry! I pulled tecav├╝z porno her up and turned her around, having her kneel on my snow suit, I slipped my cock quickly inside her and was so relieved to have my cock inside her. The warmth and wetness of her pussy was a major contrast to the cold snow that we were kneeling on. I fucked her hard, reaching under her and fingering her clit.

“Oh baby! Oh Baby!!” She groaned.

“Take my cock bitch, take it!” I said, now slapping her already pink ass, turning hit a bright shade of red.

“OH YES! FUCK ME!!! FUUUUCCKKKKK MEEEEEE!” she yelled as she began to cum. Feeling her pussy tighten was just enough to send me over the edge.

“SHIT! HERE IT IS HONEY!!” I yelled back, dumping the second load of the day inside her warm pussy.

After I was sure we were both done, I pulled her up and helped her step into her snowsuit, zipping it up quickly and then I wiped the snow from her feet and slipped the boots back on. I quickly dressed and we hugged and kissed all the way back to our cabin.

We got out of our wet clothes quickly and then jumped into the warm shower, bringing our temperatures up slowly, changing the heat to hotter and hotter.

“I love you,” she said. “I love you more than I thought possible,” her back was to me, my cock rubbing against her plump bottom. She continued, “I love fucking you, sucking you, I love your cock in my mouth, my ass and especially in my pussy.” She turned to me and we kissed deeply.

I turned the water off and we dried each other, then headed to the bedroom and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up around seven in the evening to a warm mouth wrapped around my cock. Seeing that I was awake, or sensing I was, she lowered her pussy onto my mouth. We loved being in this position and I could eat her pussy for literally hours. I took my time with my tongue, teasing and licking the outer lips, working my way deeper and deeper, biting and nibbling on her sweet clit. I’d squeeze her ass when I was close to cumming and she would leave my cock and simply suck and tease my balls. I’d squeeze her ass a second time when it was safe for her to continue her sucking.

Her first orgasm dumped her sweet cum all over my face and down my throat. She always came hard the first time, with each orgasm after that getting less and less wet. She had cum six times when I squeezed her ass, she stopped sucking, spun around and sat on my cock and began to slowly ride up and down on me. I loved watching her fuck herself on my cock and I would reach up and tease her nipples with one hand while working her clit with the other.

“Oh, Oh yes!” she cried out, “I’m fucking cumming again!!” and she did, for the seventh time in the last forty five minutes. Only this time, I came too. For the third shot of the day, it was still a heavy load, mostly due to my thinking of getting her pregnant.

After the orgasm ended, she kept me in her and laid her body down on mine. We kissed and stroked each other for awhile before finally getting up and heading to dinner. For the next five days, we fucked more than ever. We fucked before getting out of bed, we fucked when we came in from skiing, we fucked before dinner, after dinner and even in the middle of the night! My cock was sore and her pussy was stretched out from the constant banging.

On the third day, she came in from a quick trip to the lodge with a friend. She introduced her as Madison. Madison was only twenty and was on vacation with her family. Madison was short, probably about five travesti porno three, and pretty chubby. She had huge breasts and she had wide hips, much like Amanda’s. Amanda said that she and Madison had really hit it off and wondered if I would mind if they jumped in the hot tub for awhile. Of course I didn’t care!!

“Madison doesn’t have a swimsuit, so we’re going naked, that okay?” she smiled, not really asking, more like telling me.

“Sure, will I be joining you?” I asked.

Madison turned red and said, “Well, maybe, but I really love redheads!” she giggled and the girls headed to the deck.

Amanda stopped to kiss me and said, “I know your dick is sore, and my pussy needs a break, is this okay?”

I kissed her deeply and said, “I love it!”.

I took a couple of Irish Coffee’s out to the girls and found my lovely sister sitting on the edge of the hot tub and her new friend’s face buried between her legs! Madison was licking and sucking Amanda’s pussy and Amanda was groaning and moaning, her hands full of Madison’s thick black hair.

Madison came up for air, her mouth glistening with Amanda’s juices, she smiled at me then sunk back down and went back to eating my sister. Amanda turned and smiled at me, “This little bitch can eat pussy!” she said, half gasping for air! She then went into a full blown orgasm and she had Madison’s head squeezed tightly between her legs. When her orgasm subsided, Madison came up from between her legs, climbed up on the hot tub edge. Her very large titties had huge nipples with dark brown areolas. Though chubby, her tummy didn’t sag and her pussy hair was shaved in the shape of a small heart, the tip pointing to her large pussy lips.

The girls kissed for several minutes, as I undressed and climbed into the hot tub with them. I slipped into the water and slid up to Madison, parting her legs. She broke the kiss with Amanda long enough to smile at me, she then spread her legs wide and leaned back. Amanda leaned over and took one of the large nipples into her mouth and began nursing on her like a baby.

I eased between Madison’s legs and spread open her plush pussy. I dove right in and starting licking and sucking on her lips, biting her long clit and sucking it like a small cock. She didn’t last long with both of us on her. She came, screaming and yelling, her hands gripping my hair and pulling me closer and closer, deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. I continued to eat her, not letting up a bit and soon she was begging me over and over to stop, her body trembling as she had one orgasm after another. She was too weak to make me stop and I didn’t let up until I felt Amanda in the water beside me.

I backed off of Madison and she slipped into the bubbling water, Amanda having to help her keep upright. We drank our coffees while the girls recovered. We told Madison that we were married, working on a baby and that we loved having a girl join us. We then climbed out, took turns drying each other off and then headed to the rug in front of the fireplace, Amanda excused herself for a few minutes.

Madison and I laid in front of the fire and I tickled her pussy while she slowly stroked my throbbing cock. She finally got up on her knees and took me into her warm mouth, her big titties and hard nipples were rubbing against the insides of my thighs.

From my point, I could see Amanda when she came out of the bedroom, she was wearing only her strap-on harness, with a six inch rubber cock bouncing in front of her. I could see that it was glistening tumblr porno and knew that she had already lubed it up. She knelt down behind Madison, who gasped and dropped my cock from her mouth as she felt Amanda’s mouth on her tiny rosebud.

“OH WOW! I’ve never had anyone eat my ass!” she exclaimed, “That’s so fucking hot!” she panted, putting her head down on my lap, my cock smacking up against her face.

Amanda ate Madison’s ass for several minutes, then finally she stopped, sat up and pointed the rubber cock at Madison’s asshole.

I slid out from under Madison and held her shoulders tightly as Amanda began to push forward. Madison yelped out and shouted, “Wait!!! Wait!!! Please!!! I’ve never…aaaggggghhhhhhh! STOP!!! PLEASE!!!” I was massaging her shoulders and lifted her mouth up, I bent to kiss her, tears were streaming down her face.

“Relax, you’ll love it once she is in you,” I whispered, caressing her pretty face and brushing away her tears.

“OH SHIT IT FUCKING HURTS!” she yelled into my mouth as I tried to kiss her. “PLEASE! IT’S TOO BIG!!!”

Though she was screaming and crying a little, she wasn’t trying to get up, she was actually spreading her legs wider trying to accommodate the rubber cock.

Amanda had stopped pushing, and I could see that at least four inches were inside of Madison’s plump rump. Amanda then began to pull out, taking it almost all the way out, before gently sliding it back in. Madison was no longer screaming, she was now moaning. Tears were still in her eyes, but she was relaxing more and Amanda eased the remaining two inches in.

“There, there, sweetie, my cock is all the way in your pretty ass now….do you like it?” Amanda teased, rotating her hips and pulling it out just a bit before pushing it back in.

Madison only nodded.

Amanda slapped her ass hard several times, causing Madison to yelp. “Answer me, do you like my cock in your ass now!?” Amanda yelled, smacking her ass several more times.

“OUCH! YES! I LIKE YOUR COCK IN MY ASS!” Madison yelled. Amanda rubbed her spanked ass soothing the burn and then said, “Sorry, I thought you’d like this, maybe I should stop.”

“NO! Please don’t, it really feels good now, I just, just wasn’t ready for that.” Madison replied, adding, “I’ve never been fucked in the ass before, I just never thought I’d like it, but I do, I’m really liking it.”

Amanda was pulling out and pushing back in and with each stroke, she pulled further out until finally she was pulling the entire length out and shoving it back in with all she had! Amanda was fucking this chubby hottie’s cute ass with such force I was having a hard time keeping Madison from falling forward.


Madison then began to quake like she was an earthquake, her body shaking so hard she could no longer stay up on her knees. She collapsed to the floor, my sweet Amanda still pounding her big ass. This was Madison’s first anal orgasm and she was having an awesome one!

Finally, Madison was on the brink of passing out when Amanda finally withdrew from her ass. Her tiny hole was now gapping open the full size of the dildo, the walls of her anal ring shaking with her orgasm.

We left Madison lying on the floor while I mounted Amanda, shoving her rubber cock to the side as I slid inside her. I pounded her until she squealed with her own orgasm, followed by my load jetting inside her!

After Madison had a brief nap, we all dressed and went to dinner. Madison visited us the next two days and was an anal queen by the time we had finished with her. The last day there, she even took my cock in her ass while Amanda fucked her pussy with the strap on. We kept her number and hope to have her visit us someday.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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