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Seducing Shelly

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Shelly didn’t know what to expect as she walked down the flight terminal, toward her weekend adventure. Ninian was supposed to be waiting in the baggage claim for her. After rounding the last corner, Shelly saw her. There was her friend, standing with her legs spread, her arms folded over her ample chest, a patient grin on her face. They hugged and started talking about the fun weekend ahead, as they waited for Shelly’s bag to come around.

Ninian told Shelly of the fun things she had planned for them to do over the weekend. Shelly was mentally trying to pick which activities sounded the most exciting, when Ninian interrupted her thoughts. “Or, we could just stay in all weekend. Naked.” Shelly’s head whipped around to look at her friend in surprise.

Ninian just laughed. “What?” she asked, “You’ve never wondered what it would be like? Just the two of us girls? ”

Shelly shook her head and muttered, “Maybe if I were drunk…”

Ninian laughed again. “Drunk? What’s the fun in that? Being drunk only means you won’t remember it as much the next day, silly.” With that said, she leaned over and grabbed Shelly’s bag off the luggage carousel. Briskly turning on her heels, Ninian motioned for Shelly to follow her out to the parking garage.

By the time they made it to Ninian’s car, Shelly had had plenty of time to mull things over in her head. “You weren’t being serious, right? You were just joking around with me.” They had been friends only a short time, but Shelly couldn’t imagine that Ninian actually wanted to…… become intimate. They both liked men, for crying out loud!

Ninian popped Shelly’s bag in the trunk then walked to the front of her Jag and slid behind the wheel. She slid the key into the ignition and started the car, waiting for her confused friend to get situated. Turning her head slightly, Ninian stared Shelly right in the eye and said, “What if I wasn’t joking?”

Shelly’s heart jumped into her throat. She’d never entertained the thought of being with a woman before. She loved her husband, and being with another woman just seemed…..weird. Ninian turned the radio up and let the top of the Jag down. As they exited the parking garage, she told Shelly it would only take about fifteen minutes to get to her house.

Trying to just listen to the music, Shelly kept hearing Ninian’s voice in her head, “You’ve never wondered what it would be like?” Well, now she did. And it scared her. Shelly’s palms became damp, and she could feel her heart thumping as she began to think about what might happen this weekend. Did Ninian really intend to keep flirting and suggesting they sleep together? She saw Ninian glance over at her, out of the corner of her eye. Ninian’s lips curved slowly.

“Got you thinking about it now, don’t I?” Ninian mused. “Well, maybe we’ll talk more about it later. We’re here now, and I’ve already got dinner on the way.”

Shelly sighed her relief inwardly and asked, “So, what’s on the menu?” Ninian pulled into the driveway of her cute little house.

“I know how much you like Chinese food,” şişli escort Ninian told her, “So I’ve ordered two orders each of Kung Pao Chicken and Schezuan Beef, about two gallons of Egg Drop Soup, and a truckload of egg rolls.” Shelly did her little happy dance then went around to grab her bag out of the trunk, as Ninian went to unlock the front door. Shelly paused a moment and wondered when Ninian would bring up the whole “sex” thing again. Damn Ninian, now Shelly couldn’t NOT think about it.

They entered the house, and Ninian showed Shelly straight to the guest room so she could deposit her luggage. As they walked back to the kitchen, the doorbell rang. “Well,” Ninian smiled, “Dinner’s right on time! I told them to be here about seven thirty,” she said looking at her watch, “And it’s seven twenty-eight.”

It only took Ninian a moment to return with the huge bag of food. She immediately began to dish it onto plates for both of them. As they ate, they talked a little about their husbands, their jobs, then about good movies they had both seen recently. That led to discussing their favorite movies, and somehow, that wound back around to steamy sex scenes.

Flustered again, Shelly walked around to the sink to rinse her plate. When she felt Ninian’s lips on the back of her neck, the plate clattered to the floor. Shelly tried to turn around, but Ninian pressed into her, sandwiching Shelly between her and the sink. Ninian kissed Shelly’s neck again and began to slowly knead the tops of Shelly’s arms.

Shelly stuttered and asked, “Wh-What are you doing?”

“I would think that was obvious,” Ninian chuckled. “I’m seducing you, and I have no intention of stopping.”

Shelly’s heart began to pound so loudly, she wondered if her friend could hear it. She could feel Ninian’s hot breath on her neck, Ninian’s hands massaging her shoulders and arms, then slowly sliding around to…. Oh my God.

Her friend was touching her breasts. Shelly didn’t know what to do. Should she try to turn around again and stop the whole thing? Should she…. Oh God…. Should she let it happen? She was beginning to feel little tingling aches in her breasts. Between her legs. That familiar warmth began to seep into her bones and make her crave more. She heard a soft moan, but didn’t realize that it came from her.

Ninian laughed softly and turned Shelly to face her. She looked at her for a moment, then took her hand and led her to the master bedroom. Shelly let Ninian lead her, while she tried to compose her thoughts. So many emotions were raging through her, that she had no idea what to think at present. She heard Ninian speak and felt something press against the back of her legs.

Turning her head, Shelly asked, “What did you say?”

Ninian motioned to the bed directly behind Shelly and said, “I want you to lie down. Let me do this, and I swear you won’t regret it.”

Shelly complied with the request and lay down upon Ninian’s soft mattress, trembling and confused. She felt Ninian snuggle up beside her and turned her head to look at escort şişli her. Ninian leaned forward and gently brushed Shelly’s lips with her own. She reached a hand up to caress Shelly’s breasts, then lowered her head to suck on her beautiful, rosy nipples. Shelly gasped and let the new feeling of a woman suckling her sink in. It wasn’t altogether unpleasant, just strange.

Ninian’s mouth was warm and teasing as she licked her friend’s breasts and nipples. Meanwhile, her hand had caressed a trail down Shelly’s stomach and had managed to unzip Shelly’s slacks. Ninian gently stroked her friend’s mound through her soft cotton panties, and she could feel the little trembles and the heat emanating from below. She sat up and, with both hands, slowly slid Shelly’s pants down, then her pretty yellow panties.

Shelly felt vulnerable and embarrassed at the sight of her friend staring at her. Yet she didn’t want to stop the experience. Still watching Shelly intently, Ninian shed her own clothes. She rejoined Shelly on the bed and, watching Shelly’s face, she began to softly stroke her labia. Shelly tried to keep her breathing steady, but it was becoming increasingly more difficult. The sensation of a woman touching her there was so strange yet so arousing. She had never felt a desire to be with a woman until this moment.

When she felt a finger slide inside of her, Shelly moaned deep in her throat. When, a moment later, she felt Ninian’s mouth close over her clit, she almost came off the bed. She felt that hot little tongue swabbing circles around her clit. She could feel her pussy getting wetter by the second. Ninian’s dragged her tongue between Shelly’s lips, then began her assault on her clit.

Shelly couldn’t believe this was happening. A woman, her friend was eating her pussy. The finger inside her started to stroke more insistently, then was joined by a second finger. That warm little tongue was attacking her clit with a ferociousness her husband had never exhibited. Her cunt began to drip it’s wetness onto the bed and she felt herself tightening up. She could feel the building pressure and knew she would come very soon. Shelly was tingling all over her body and started to beg Ninian for more, then…

“What the hell have I walked in on?” Both ladies looked up and saw Ninian’s husband standing in the doorway to the bedroom. Shelly flushed scarlet and tried to cover herself.

Ninian just looked at her husband and said, “I told you I had a friend flying down to see me this weekend. This is her. Dillon, meet Shelly.”

Dillon walked over to the bed, cleared his throat, and said, “By all means, don’t stop on my account. I don’t mind, as long as I can watch.” Shelly and Ninian looked at each other, and Shelly giggled nervously. Dillon sat down in a chair in the darkest corner of the room. “Just pretend I’m not here,” he said.

Ninian looked down at her friend and just shrugged, as if to say, I’m game if you are. Shelly nodded and sighed, as she tried to relax again. Ninian bent her head and began to slowly lick Shelly’s fragrant eskort şişli pussy. It was still wet. Shelly groaned and unconsciously lifted her hips to meet Ninian’s warm mouth. For some reason, having Ninian’s husband there was turning Shelly on. She couldn’t see him clearly, but she knew he was watching. Was he getting turned on?

Shelly lifted her head and said, “Turn around, Ninian, so I can touch you too.” Without breaking stride, Ninian swung herself around and let Shelly position her. She let out a shaky groan as she felt Shelly’s tongue licking between her lips. Shelly began to mimic her friend’s movements, sliding a finger inside her, then starting to suck on that sweet, tiny bud. She was rewarded with a quick spurt of fluid coating her finger, and felt her friend’s muscles contracting.

They continued to lap away at each other, becoming more greedy, more relentless in their passion. A quiet cough came from the corner, and Ninian looked over to see her husband with his jeans unzipped, stroking himself. She smiled and motioned him over to join them, saying, “Why don’t you fuck Shelly while she eats me?”

As Dillon approached the bed, Shelly crossed the precipice and bucked wildly against Ninian’s hand, coming fast and hard. Just as her orgasm was lessening, she felt hard pressure, and was filled completely as Dillon plunged his stiff cock inside her. Shelly screamed and bucked off the bed. Dillon grabbed her hips and thrust himself into her repeatedly.

Reeling from the idea of another man being inside her, Shelly blindly accepted the experience and resumed licking her friend’s steaming wet cunt. Ninian shuddered, keeping her eyes on her husband’s. As they stared at each other, Dillon continued pumping into Shelly. He lifted his hands to fondle his wife’s breasts, and she braced her hands against his shoulders to keep her balance over Shelly’s face. Ninian turned her head to look at Shelly and told her, “I’m so glad you’re the first woman I’ve slept with; it’s so sexy to share this with you!!”

Shelly was shocked. From Ninian’s actions, she had just assumed that her friend had been with women before. It was sort of nice, that this was a first for them both. With that thought, Shelly slid another finger inside Ninian as she began to suck on her clit. Her free hand moved up to Ninian backside, and her forefinger gently probed at Ninian’s anal passage. She softly pushed her finger into Ninian’s ass and began to rock. With two fingers pumping away in Ninian’s pussy and one in her ass, Shelly ravaged her friend’s clit with her mouth.

With a final cry, Ninian climaxed again, and Shelly relished in the taste of her friend’s sweet come, lapping up every drop. The scent of Ninian’s come and the tightness of Dillon’s thick cock pounding away at her sent Shelly surging straight into another orgasm. Dillon grabbed her hips and lifted her ass off the bed, penetrating her more deeply than her husband ever had. He emptied himself inside her, with a growl, then stood there at the foot of the bed, his legs shaking, his chest heaving.

Ninian and Dillon tumbled down onto the bed next to Shelly, and the three of them lay there for a few minutes, trying to catch their breath. Shelly was the first to speak.

“Well, I guess it wouldn’t be so bad to stay in all weekend.”

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