Ağu 26

Seducing Shannon’s Dad

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I decided to write another story, because I loved hearing from y’all on the first one! I’ve had my fair share of forbidden lovemaking. This time, however, I was over at a friend’s house. Her family isn’t rich, but they are well above poor. It’s just her and her dad and her older brother. Let me clarify something before I get started. My name is Jayde Amanda and my nickname is Ariel (long story). Shannon and the rest of the free world call me Ariel, Greg, her dad, calls me Jayde, and Justin, her brother, and my family call me Manda. Shannon and I are 20 and Justin is about 26. Damn is that boy fine! He’s got arms and a chest that don’t quit. If it weren’t for our big brother little sister relationship I’d fuck him! That being said back to the story~ Shannon has an in ground pool and I practically spend my summer over there lounging, floating, tanning. I have nice tits that I like to show off to Justin just to let him see what he could have. I went over there sometime in July; I’d been outside working all-day and wanted to cool off. After about half hour of goofing off in the pool Shannon said she had to get ready for work, but to feel free to stay as long as I wanted because her dad and Justin didn’t have any plans. Who was I to refuse the offer?

Ah, it felt so good to just relax float around on my raft and feel the sun beat down on me. I kind of felt like I was being watched. I opened my eyes and looked around. Greg was standing at the door; I sat up and motioned for him to come out. His forehead was crinkled with concern. “What’s wrong, Greg?”

“You girls being out her alone! I shouldn’t have gotten this pool, I’m always worried you or Shannon will get hurt.”

“Aw, Greg, that’s sweet, but I’m just floating around on a raft I’ll be fine. Justin’s supposed to come down and swim with me in a minute.”

“Well, I guess it’ll be OK when Justin gets down here. At least you won’t be alone!” With that Greg went back into the house. Justin came down a little later and said that he’d have to take a rain check on going swimming with me. Something about his friend’s car died- I don’t know as soon as I hear car out of a man’s mouth I tune them out!

“Hey Justin, before you go I’m about ready flip can you put this tanning oil on my back?”

“I swear I’ll never understand women! All this beauty stuff- but whatever.” He rubbed oil all over my back and the backs of my legs. As good as izmir escort it felt I kept it to myself. After Justin left Greg came back out to check on me. I told him he should get in with me because I’d been thinking about what he said and I was freaking myself out over it. He agreed and went to change.

Greg came out in board shorts and a tee. He pulled his tee shirt over his head and put it on a lounge chair. My eyes bugged out of my head, jaw dropped, and tongue rolled out of my mouth!! I realized I’d yet to see Greg without his shirt on, he had never been swimming with us. Wow! Why was I wasting my time on Justin? Greg was a little older looking and more mature, other than that he looked just like Justin same muscles, ribbed stomach, ripped arms, giant muscular thighs. I hadn’t noticed it before, but his face is quite nice. I was sure that Greg saw me gawking at him but he just got in the pool on a raft put his sunglasses on and laid down. I put my glasses on and turned my head to the side so my face was angled toward him; since my glasses were so dark he couldn’t see me totally checkin’ out his hot body! After I had gotten an eye full I closed my eyes to imagine what it would be like if I hooked up with my friend’s dad. I felt a soft touch on my thigh my eyes opened wide and I took in a sharp gasp. “God you scared me, whatcha need?”

“Um… I… uh…was just checking to see if you’re still breathin’.”

“Oh yeah I am, just it’s really relaxing to be here; the sun beating down on my barely covered body, feeling the little sweat beads slowly gently roll off my skin,” I kind of got a little playful and nudged him, “feeling safe with my big protector here with me!”

We both laughed. “Oh yeah?” Greg said as he dumped my raft over. I let out a scream, but was turning his raft in no time. “That’s it you’re done for!!” I let out a little yelp and swam as fast as I could away from him. It wasn’t fast enough, Greg jumped on me and started tickling my sides, I was squirming like crazy trying to get away. I felt a sharp pain on my right nipple.

“Oh you got me~ I’m done!” He stopped and asked if I was ok. I didn’t want to tell him he pinched my tit. “Yeah I’m good I think I elbowed myself in the thigh.”

“Aw you want me to kiss it and make it better?”

“Is that sarcasm I detect?”

“Oh no never!”

Ooo I wanted to tell him where it really hurt and that he could kiss it there. “Here, up here on the ground.” He lifted me up and plopped me down effortlessly showing me the full effect of his giant, muscular arms. “ I assume you elbowed the top of your thigh?” I shook my head yes and even pointed for effect. I pointed to a spot very high on my thigh and sort of inward so if he really were going to kiss it he’d have to be awful close to my shaved pussy barely being held in by my bikini. If I moved my legs too far apart too quickly I knew one of my hot pussy lips would bust out of it. “Sometimes it helps to massage it.”

Wow! That comment was even better than him offering to kiss it. I played dumb! “I don’t do massages! Can’t; never have!”

“Want me to try?”

I am a genius!! Even I was impressed! “Sure, you can if you want.” My legs parted slowly and wide, his hands kneaded my thigh right up to my pussy and back down to about mid way. I was so wet. “Hold on just a second I have to reposition myself.” I closed my legs moved around a little and opened them back up quickly. “There you go.” Part of my pussy jumped out of my bottoms. I could see Greg just staring, so I decided to play a little, I propped my other leg up on the deck bringing one of my lips into full view. He said nothing but paused for a minute when I did it. His hands “accidentally” brushed against my pussy and I’m sure he could feel how wet I was. When he was done I thanked him by giving him a hug. Since I was sitting on the deck his head went right to my tits. “That feels so much better.”

“No problem! Let me help you back into the pool.” I grabbed him around the neck and he pulled me off the deck when I got in I slid down his body until I stood. My pussy rested on his cock. He was so hard. I had accomplished my mission.

I leaned over so my lips barely touched his ear. “Greg,” I said in my sexiest whisper, “I feel so much better. If there’s anything I can do for you ANYTHING at all just tell me.” His fingers went immediately went down my bikini bottoms and massing my clit. Our lips met and I kissed him deep and passionate. I slid my bottoms off while his fingers were inside me. I took his trunks off and guided his hands to my firm D tits being restrained by my bikini. Greg quickly undid my top. “Lets get out. I want you so bad!” He moaned and we moved quickly out barely getting out of the water before we fell on the ground. I climbed on top of him and guided him inside me. He felt so good I cried out in pleasure. I started bouncing on him and we were both making noises that weren’t discernable.

“Ariel, oh my god! MMMMM It feels so good. You’re so tight! I want to cum inside you. PLEASE! OOOOHHHHH!

“I’m cumming Greg.” As the wave of my orgasm past over me I was screaming in pure ecstasy. Greg came in me it seemed like he didn’t stop it went on forever and I didn’t want it to end. I couldn’t take it any longer and I fell on him. I rolled off of him and slid down next to his soft cock. I began licking all of our cum off of him. Sucked his head and soon put his whole length in my mouth. In no time he was ready to cum. I told him to cum on my tits and he did. I straddled his stomach so he could feel how wet I was, grabbed my tits and licked all his cum off my nice round tits.

“You’re still so wet baby.” I shook my head yes and he pulled on my hips until my wide open, dripping wet pussy was hovering above his mouth. “Let me clean that up for you. He gently licked up all my juices and plunged his tongue deep inside my tight hole. I moaned so loud.


The phone was ringing. PERFECT! This felt too good to give up. He grabbed the cordless and while he was talking I grabbed his rock hard cock and rubbed it against my clit. I thought he was going to jump out of his skin. He hung up the phone and ran over to get his shorts. “Shit, Justin is just down the block, he’s coming home. We have to get it together.” We quickly assembled our clothing and I looked him straight in the eyes and told him that this would have to be something that happened on a regular basis. We kissed, our tongues winding together; I pushed my snatch against him. There’s the unmistakable sound of Justin’s beat up Jeep. We sat in the lounge chairs across from each other and started talking Justin came out and sat next to me.

“I hope dad didn’t bore you to death.”

“Almost it’s a good thing you got back when you did! I was about ready to pass out.” Justin wasn’t looking at me so I casually pulled my bottoms over, pushed a finger in and played for a second Greg couldn’t even talk so I stopped, but I sat there talking to Greg and Justin with my pussy hanging out. Greg didn’t seem to mind and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. As I was leaving I slipped into his room and wrote my number on a piece of paper and left it along with my panties under his pillow. He called later that night and now I frequent Shannon’s house even when she’s not home.

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