Seducing Mom

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It was finally here.

Today was Robert’s eighteenth birthday and so far his plan was working perfectly. It all started several weeks earlier when he came across a website dedicated to seducing your mother.

The website had two main areas; a photo gallery and a forum. At first he was only interested in the photo gallery which was filled with amateur pictures of naked older women. Just like any teenage boy, his libido was in overdrive and he spent his nights surfing through those pictures alone in his dark bedroom.

Over time he started to explore the forum which was filled with threads dedicated to fictional stories and supposedly true accounts of people describing in graphic detail how they seduced their mother and how good the sex was.

At first he wasn’t too interested in the idea of fucking his own mother, but after reading enough of those stories he started to look at her in a different way.

For the first time he noticed that she still had a good body at 42. He always knew that she took care of herself and did yoga every morning but he just never thought of her in a sexual way before.

He started to linger around the house on the weekends so he could watch his mother stretching and bending in her tight leotards in the living room.

When he heard her shower running and knew that his father was out of the house he would open her bedroom door a crack and then casually walk by while she was getting dressed. So far the most he ever saw was part of her bare ass as she bent over while toweling herself off.

Eventually he started to sneak into her bedroom and look through her underwear drawer and her lingerie in the closet.

He would steal a few pairs of her panties to wear while jerking off to the stories on the forum. After covering the inside of her panties with his cum he would put them back so that her pussy would rub against his cum when she wore them next. Eventually he had gone through all of her panties and knew that she was always walking around with his cum rubbing against her.

One time when he was digging through her panty drawer he found a small pink vibrator buried in the back. He brought it up to his nose and noticed that it still smelled like sex. He stuck his tongue out and tasted his mother’s juices for the first time as he licked the dildo clean.

He was so turned on by the thought of how close he was to her right now he immediately ripped his pants off and slipped on a pair of her silky panties. With her taste still fresh on his lips and her dildo in one hand he rubbed himself through the silky material with his other hand until he came. He used his fingers to rub his cum all over her dildo before returning it to her drawer.

The next time she masturbated she would be filling herself with him.

Even though he enjoyed the feeling of her silky panties and the thought of her wearing panties covered in his cum he decided that he needed to take things to the next level.

Robert started posting messages on the forum asking for advice on how he could arrange for his mother to willingly fuck him.

Most of the suggestions were ridiculous. He didn’t want to drug or rape her. He wanted her to want him as much as he wanted her.

After a week or so of chatting with various people on the forum he mentioned that he was into photography and that his birthday was the following month. That was the beginning of the plan. It was decided that he should act as if he was really into photography and make sure that she knew it.

Every day he would bring his cheap little camera around with him and take pictures of things as if they were interesting. He went so far as forcing his parents to look at some of the pictures he took in a proud display of his art.

It didn’t take long before his mother would ask him where his camera was if he didn’t have it in his hand. He started talking about how he wanted to become a photographer one day and how his dream was to do portraits for magazines.

Since his father traveled for work most of the time Robert knew that he wouldn’t be home for his birthday weekend. Robert also knew that his father felt guilty about missing the big day so he was planning on getting him something very special.

He knew that his mother liked sunbath in the yard so he arranged the lawn chairs so that he had perfect view from his bedroom window. Whenever she would go outside he would run up to his room and take a few pictures of her in a bikini before jerking off to her tanned body.

Robert uploaded a few pictures of his mother, including some bikini shots, to the amateur gallery and immediately started getting feedback.




Robert started getting really turned on by the thought of all of those other guys looking at his mother too.

After she let it slip that he would be getting a fancy new camera for his birthday his plan started to evolve.

Working with members of the forum he learned how to rig a camera to his laptop so sex izle that every time he took a new picture it would upload to the amateur gallery.

Not only was he going to seduce his beautiful mother, he wanted everyone to watch.

During this time he convinced his parents to let him clear out part of the basement to use as a makeshift studio. He rigged up a few lights and spent his days taking pictures of random objects from around the house.

One day he approached his mother and asked her if she wouldn’t mind letting him use her to test out his new light setup with a human subject. She acted flattered but wasn’t interested in having any pictures taken of her. After a little convincing she finally relented and agreed to pose for a few shots for him.

Robert’s mother Kim is 5’7″ with short brown hair. For a 42 mother she still had a spectacular body. Years of yoga left every inch of her body lean and perfectly toned and sunbathing gave her skin a light golden tone. Her breasts weren’t as firm and perky as the girls he went to school with but they were the perfect size for him.

The day that he shot her in the basement she was wearing a modest sundress that almost came down to her knees. The short sleeve dress buttoned up the front but didn’t offer any cleavage.

Robert used this session to boost his mother’s self esteem a little as well as make sure that his gear worked as planned. He turned the lights on and hooked up the camera to his laptop. He did his best to act like he knew what he was doing and mumbled things about f-stops and aperture.

Robert set up a stool in the middle of his studio and started off with his mother sitting up and facing the camera like a yearbook photo. He had her turn her face from left to right and went back to his laptop to examine the picture before telling her to move an arm or a leg pretending that he was trying to get the perfect shot.

After about a half hour she was clearly getting a little bored of posing and suggested that they finish another time.

That night Robert couldn’t wait to see what comments he got from his new set of pictures. The usual commenters posted how much they wanted to fuck his mother but he was looking for comments from the group of people that was helping him arrange everything for the big day.

One of the best ideas that he got from that session were that he should ditch the stool since there was an old couch against the back wall. He should try to start with her standing and then he could move to the couch once she was comfortable enough.

It was also suggested that he should arrange the bright lights so that they pointed right at her obscuring him as much as possible. She would likely be more comfortable if she wasn’t reminded that her son was behind the camera the whole time.

The final idea was to make sure he had some good mellow music to play to help her get into the mood. Good music would relax her and give her something to move to as well.

When Robert woke up on the Friday of his birthday he was so excited to finally get his plan in motion. The tradition was to have a nice dinner at home and then open presents.

Robert spent the entire day in school fantasizing about his mother. After school he ran right home and logged into the forum to make sure that everything was set up for his show that night.

He noticed that his mother was outside sunbathing when he came home and decided to give his audience a sneak preview. He set up his camera and laptop and started to stream pictures of her lying in their yard in a skimpy yellow bikini.




The comments streamed along the bottom of his screen as each new picture loaded. He was getting so excited he grabbed his favorite pair of her black silk panties and rubbed it against his hard cock. He barely touched himself before he shot cum all over her panties and his floor. He shut everything down after his mother came back into the house to shower and cook dinner.

As soon as he heard her shower turn on he crept up to her door and pushed it open enough for him to get a good look when he walked by later. After her shower he realized that he pushed it open a little too far because she actually saw him.


He turned his head and saw his naked mother with her towel in a crumpled pile at her feet while she attempted to cover herself with her hands.

“I’m so sorry Robert. I didn’t realize my door was open.”

“It’s ok mom. I didn’t see anything, and besides you don’t have anything to be embarrassed about.”

Robert flashed her a quick smile and noticed that her face was getting flushed as he reached in to pull her door closed.

His heart was jumping out of his chest. He didn’t see anything that he wouldn’t see if she was wearing a bikini but the thrill of his naked mother blushing before him was amazing.

Time crawled until dinner was finally served. Since it was his birthday he sexmex porno decided to push the envelope a little.

“How about we have some wine with dinner, it is my birthday.”

“I don’t know Robert, maybe just one glass.”

He ran into the other room and pulled out two wine glasses. he poured a full one for his mother and a regular one for himself.

“To your birthday!”

They touched glasses and then dug in.

Halfway through dinner Robert saw that his mother’s wine glass was empty and excused himself to get her a refill.

After dinner they moved into the living room to open presents. On the way he took his mother’s glass and again filled it up before handing it back to her. By now they were on their second bottle, but he made sure that he did the refilling so that she didn’t know how much she had drunk.

Robert feigned surprise at the camera, which he already knew he was getting, but was truly surprised by the rest of the gifts. His father had set him up with a full suite of professional grade photography equipment including a tri-pod, light rigging, remote camera trigger, and a camera bag packed with lenses.

“I hope you like it son. That stuff doesn’t come cheap you know.”

“I know mom. I can’t wait to try it out.”

He ran over and almost knocked his mother over with a big bear hug.

“I’m going to go set it up right now.”

He couldn’t wait to get everything in place. Robert loaded up his arms and ran down to the basement. Less than an hour later he figured out how to get his new camera set up to the forum and positioned the lights and tri-pod. He had already moved the stool and set up a little boombox for music. Now all he needed was a model.

He found his mother upstairs in the kitchen cleaning up from dinner.

“Thanks again for everything mom, but I do have a favor to ask.”

“I think I know where this is going…”

“Can I get you to be my model again? I need a subject to make sure that the lighting is set up properly.”

“I don’t know, I really don’t feel like it right now.”

“C’mon, last time you even said that we could continue another time. Please??”

He made the please sound as pathetic as possible.

“Why don’t I get you another glass of wine and when that is finished we can call it quits, deal?”

“I guess so”

“You’re the best mom. I love you so much.”

“I know you do honey, but let’s make this quick.”

Little did his mom know, but she was already halfway through her second bottle of wine. He poured her a full glass and led her down to his studio.

“Welcome to my new studio.”

“Impressive, it almost looks professional. Where do you want me to stand?”

“Right in the middle. Now give me a minute to set everything up.”

Kim was wearing a pair of tight, but fairly unflattering mom jeans with a loose fitting cream colored silk blouse. Under the bright lights Robert was already able to see the outline of her bra through her blouse.

“Ok, now I’m going to put a little music on and then you can just pose for me. Do whatever comes naturally to you and I will shoot. Don’t worry about the camera, with digital I can take unlimited pictures and then we can delete ones that you don’t like later.”

Robert clicked the music on and started to snap pictures, streaming them right to the amateur gallery where there was already two dozen people logged in for the show.




The comments were already streaming in.

“Why don’t I take your wine glass and put it on the table over here”

Robert knew exactly what he was doing. With the bright lights facing her she couldn’t see what he was doing at all. He placed the wine glass on the table next to him and topped it off with the full bottle that he had already brought down. His laptop was set up so that he could look down from the camera and see the pictures getting uploaded and the comments at the same time.

He was already getting hard with anticipation. He knew he couldn’t mess up now with everyone watching.

“Ok, so I’m going to try some different camera settings but I need you to move around a little.”

“Ok, what did you do with my wine?”

Robert handed her the glass and she took a few sips while swaying back and forth to the light music before handing it back to him. He was sure to refill it again before setting it down.

While her bra was somewhat visible under the bright lights, he noticed that with each burst of the flash her blouse became almost completely transparent as she slowly danced for him.

Leaving his new camera on the tripod set to automatically shoot pictures he took his old camera and walked around his mother taking pictures. He used this distraction to get her to pose for the new camera in ways that she might not otherwise be willing to.

Sitting on the couch behind her he had her turn her back to the camera and bend towards him while he shot her. Meanwhile, the amateur gallery was getting siki┼č izle a great view of her ass and long legs as she bent over and stretched.

“This is great. You’re a natural model mom.”

“I don’t know about that. Look at how frumpy this outfit is.”

“That’s ok. If you don’t feel comfortable you can always change into something else.”

“I think that would be better.”

“Why don’t you take your wine and go up to your room and pick out something you really like.”

“Ok, just give me a minute and I’ll be right back down.”

He could tell from her voice that she was getting pretty drunk.

So far his plan was working perfectly.





Robert had planted the pair black silk panties that he jerked off in earlier on the top of her drawer. He was hoping that whatever outfit she chose would offer him a view of her panties and better yet that she would be wearing his fresh cum soaked ones.

She came back down the stairs wearing a little black cocktail dress and a pair of black high heels. She appeared to have freshened up her makeup and even put on some jewelry. She walked up to him with a half empty wine glass in her hand and asked how she looked.

“You look amazing, mom. If I was only a few years older…”

“And I weren’t you mother…”

He took her wine glass and led her through the room and back under the lights.



“Ok, let’s pick up where we left off.”

Robert walked back over to the couch and got her to bend over again. He was hoping that if she bent over enough his other camera would get a good shot of her panties.

Moving off to the side he had her stay where she was and spread her feet further apart. He encouraged her to try one of her yoga stretches and put both of her hands on the ground.

From his vantage point he could clearly see her panties as the hem of her dress lifted up over the round curve of her tight ass.

She was wearing them!

He felt his cock twitch thinking about his fresh cum rubbing against her pussy right at that moment.

“Ok, lets try a little dancing now.”

He handed her a full glass of wine and turned the music up a little bit. Her hips slowly swayed to the music, but she seemed uncertain as she moved.

“Just imagine that you’re out dancing with dad, forget about the camera.”

His mother closed her eyes and rocked back and forth. Her hands moved up to her stomach and slowly wandered across her body as she moved under the lights.

One of her hands drifted down her side to her thigh while the other lightly cupped her breast through her dress.

Over the music he could hear her gently moaning as she explored her body.




One of the thin shoulder straps slid off her shoulder snapping her out of her trance as her hand shot up to catch her dress before it fell down.

“Oh my. I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing for? The pictures are great.”

“I guess I lost myself for a moment there.”

“It’s ok. Here have another sip of wine and relax. I saw much more of you earlier today. Just enjoy the moment and remember you have a gorgeous body. You have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“Thank you Robert, you are too kind.”

Slowly she took her hand away from the strap and let it fall back down her arm.



Robert again took his camera and sat back on the couch. As she leaned forward into him her dress fell open enough for him to get a good view of her black strapless bra. Her bra was the type that only covered the bottom half of the breasts and so that left the top portion of her breasts on display for him.

He snapped away as she leaned over for him while continuing to dance. Kim spread her feet further apart and her arms drifted down to her legs. Slowly she drew her hands up her thighs and under her dress across her panties. Even though he couldn’t see it from his vantage point he know that she was putting on a great show for the gallery.

Her hands lingered between her legs while she rocked her hips back and forth. Her other shoulder strap slipped down off her shoulder but this time she didn’t do anything to stop it.

Kim looked up into her son’s eyes for the first time during the photo shoot and he thought he saw lust in her gaze.

His mother slowly stood back up letting her hands trail up her stomach lifting the hem of her dress at the same time. For the first time he could see her panty covered pussy close up. She was so close to him he could smell her sex.

When she was standing straight up again both of the shoulder straps were dangling down her arms. She moved her hands to her sides and the dress slid down her body fluttering through the air. She stepped out of the crumpled pile of clothes and continued dancing.

Robert couldn’t believe that his half naked mother was dancing for him like this.

Her hard nipples were pushing out through the thin lace fabric of her bra.

As much as Robert was enjoying the show he wanted to share the experience so he got up off the couch and returned to his spot behind the camera.

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