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Secretary Suck Off

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Wendy sat at her desk checking the morning mail. As expected, most of the email was nothing but spam, and most of the mail from the Post Office was junk. She deleted or discarded all of those, but she had to check everything, because there was always the possibility of something important arriving through either source. Wendy had picked up the mail from the Post Office at eight o’clock and turned on the computer immediately after opening the office.

This is what she always does before Mr. Peter, her handsome, young boss arrives at nine o’clock. As his personal secretary, she knew there were no appointments that morning, and she hoped he would be in the mood to be sucked off. Wendy really loves the feel of his big cock sliding between her lips and crowding into her mouth, and she loves the taste and texture of the cum that he would squirt onto her tongue. Actually, she loves everything about sucking him off, including the way she plays with her clit while doing it, always cumming right after his climax. Usually he is very interested, and she hoped he would be that morning.

He was. After learning he had nothing scheduled until considerably later, and nothing important in the mail, Mr. Peter smiled at Wendy, who was standing expectantly beside his desk. “Since we have nothing scheduled for a while, Wendy, is there anything you would like to do?”

As he spoke, he rolled his swivel chair backward and to the side and turned so he was sitting in it and facing her. Mr. Peter also slid forward on the seat with his legs spread. Fully aware of what Wendy enjoys doing whenever the opportunity arises, he let her know that his cock was available to her that morning, if she wanted it.

She smiled happily at his obvious invitation. “Yes, there is,” Wendy responded, scuffing out of her shoes and kneeling on the floor between his legs.

Because she feels somewhat insulted if the man who is her sex partner is wearing shoes or socks, Wendy started by removing them from Mr. Peter while he was unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it aside. With his feet bare, she eagerly reached up to unbuckle his belt and unfasten his pants and started to pull them down. He raised his ass from the chair to help her, and she tugged them all the way off and laid them out neatly on the floor. His boxer shorts were removed the same way, leaving him naked below the waist, and seated on the edge of his chair with his legs spread and stretched in front of him. In anticipation of what his secretary would momentarily be doing for it, Mr. Peter’s cock was erect, and sticking up in the air. Wendy looked at it lustfully. It was long and thick and would delightfully cram her mouth full, just the way she likes.

Before that could happen, though, Wendy got herself comfortable, unbuttoning her blouse and removing her bra. Her breasts are small, but her nipples are very sensitive, and she would play with them while sucking the cock that awaited her, until she was wet between her legs. When her pussy was ready, she would moisten her fingers with that slippery wetness and caress her clit until she climaxed. It would be a long time before her orgasm because Wendy knows how to take it slow and make her blow jobs last a long and immensely pleasurable time. She always likes to get her mouth filled with the man’s cum, fully savor the taste and texture and have it slide down her throat before reaching her own orgasm.

When she was ready, Wendy moved closer, to be between Mr. Peter’s legs and held his erect cock in one hand. Wordlessly, she smiled at the man she would be sharing pleasure with, raised her face above his lap and lowered her mouth until she could reach out and lick the velvety head. Slowly, moving her tongue in a spiral, fethiye escort she lowered her face until she was licking under the ridge. After reaching that point, Wendy happily closed her lips around the head of the stiff cock, letting her tongue work its way downward and caress the shaft while she looked up adoringly at the man who was letting her suck him off.

That man, of course, was enjoying the morning’s activity every bit as much as Wendy was, maybe more. His secretary was not particularly attractive, being flat-chested and thin, almost skinny. She had a pretty enough face, though, especially her big, blue eyes and her mouth, which some might have described as “generous”. Mr. Peter was one of those who would describe it that way, but his meaning would probably be different than that of most people. Besides being generous, her mouth was talented, and he very much enjoyed being sucked off by her. The best part was what her lips and tongue and the whole inside of her mouth did, but he also liked the way she enjoyed it so much, and the way she looked up at him while his cock was sliding all the way in and out of her mouth.

That’s exactly what it was doing a few minutes after Wendy started sucking on it. She loved the feel of it gliding between her widely spread lips, all the way until the tip pressed against the back of her throat. Using a trick she had learned on the internet, Wendy adjusted the angle of her head, opened her throat and took the long cock all the way inside her mouth, until Mr. Peter’s pubic hair was tickling her lips. She left it there for a few seconds, massaging the head with her throat muscles and caressing the shaft with her tongue, before raising her face again. She did not remove her mouth from around his cock, but kept the head between her lips and licked it. After a few seconds of this, she slowly lowered her head again, until her throat was stuffed once more and her lips were being tickled.

The sensation of deep-throating a man and having his big, thick cock cram her mouth full was more arousing to Wendy than anything else he might do. While her right hand stayed on her boss’s crotch, her left hand went to her erect nipples to start tweaking them, moving from one to another. In seconds, the connection between them and her clit was established, and currents of pleasure flowed through the triangle. A few drops of fluid started forming in her pussy, not enough for her leave her nipples and play with her clit yet, but enough to give herself a warm, erotic feeling. With even greater enthusiasm, she continued sucking Mr. Peter’s cock.

He was deriving immense pleasure too. His ass squirmed on the seat and his hands gripped and released the padded arms of his chair. He looked down again and saw Wendy’s pretty eyes looking up at him, and he watched her head slowly bobbing up and down, and his cock going in and out of her warm, wet giver of pleasure. It was giving plenty of that to him. Her mouth squeezed his shaft with the perfect pressure and her tongue laved the entire length of his cock as it went in and out, and licked the head at the end of every stroke, while she held it between her lips. To add to his sensory pleasures, he could hear Wendy murmuring happily around his cock, and smell the fresh juices that he knew were starting to trickle from her pussy. Mr. Peter really loved being sucked off by his secretary.

But not any more than she loved doing it. Holding the stiff cock as deeply in her mouth as it would go, Wendy hiked up her short skirt, tucked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties, and pushed them down over her ass and hips, until the waistband was around the middle of her thighs. Her pussy was dripping wet by that time, and she was able to dip her right hand into the juices and place her clit between the index and middle finger. Wendy was too engorged and sensitive there to touch herself directly, but by squeezing her clit gently between folds of her pussy lips, she was able to start stroking herself. In seconds, the movement of her fingers was at the same slow tempo as the bobbing of her head as her mouth engulfed and released Mr. Peter’s cock.

She continued like that for almost a half an hour, but Wendy’s mouth isn’t the only place where she enjoys the presence of a stiff cock. After one stroke, she raised her head all the way, removing the object of her lust from between her lips, kissing it, and holding it in her fingers while she smiled at him around it. He knew what was about to happen and smiled back at her. Wendy rubbed the hard shaft back and forth against one of her breasts, especially caressing it with her rigidly erect nipple. She was elated to hear Mr. Peter moaning blissfully at the different sensation she was giving him, and moved his cock to rub it against the other of the small twins.

The three-sided connection between her nipples and her clit was re-established when Wendy moved his cock back and forth from one breast to the other. They were too small to give Mr. Peter the actual titfuck he might have preferred, but he didn’t seem to have any complaint about what she was doing instead. The fingers of Wendy’s right hand continued moving up and down on her clit while her breasts massaged the hard shaft. She could feel her climax building, but wanted the man to cum first, filling her mouth with his semen, before its presence and her agile fingers brought her to an orgasm.

Mr. Peter writhed on his chair and sighed and moaned from the exquisite pleasure Wendy was giving him. He reveled in the sensations of the soft skin of her breasts and the diamond hardness of her nipple, and the contrast between those two sensations and that he had received from her warm, wet mouth. His climax was building also, but he knew she would know when it was close, and she would take his cock back into her mouth so he would cum there. He would not need to tell her he was about to cum, but he would anyhow, just out of courtesy.

The stiff shaft she was rubbing against her body started to throb, and Wendy knew her boss was close to cumming. Once again, she engulfed it in her mouth but this time she used shorter strokes and did not take the head down her throat. She wanted to make sure that when he ejaculated, it would be onto her tongue, so she would be able to savor its taste and enjoy its texture before swallowing the viscous fluid. Her lips were tighter too, and she stroked harder and faster with them while the fingers fondling her clit kept pace with her mouth.

“Uh! Uh!” Mr. Peter moaned blissfully. The volcano of pleasure that had been building up inside him erupted, and he started to ejaculate into the mouth that had brought him to that splendid circumstance.

The first gush of cum covered Wendy’s tongue, and she briefly stopped sucking in order to derive the most pleasure from it. It was delicious and, after relishing the taste, she swirled the semen around in her mouth, reveling in its texture, before swallowing it, and letting it slide down her throat. While her mouth was active, her fingers were even busier, thrusting up and down on her clit, and sending swirls of joy reverberating through her body.

Wendy knew Mr. Peter was not through cumming, and she resumed sucking his cock, her lips clamped tightly on the shaft so none of his juice could dribble out of her mouth. Her tongue was rewarded with another spurt of semen, which was just as delectable as the first one had been, and felt just as good to the inside of her mouth and her throat when she finally swallowed it. Not being willing to settle for just two tastes of his cum, Wendy resumed sucking her boss’s cock. Her diligence reaped benefits, as Mr. Peter moaned aloud and ejaculated again into her mouth. This gift of his juices received the same treatment as the others had, and gave her the same joy.

Wendy’s fingers had not paused, nor did they do so after she swallowed the third spurt of cum. They continued rapidly stroking, and she could feel her orgasm building higher and getting nearer, intensified by the delicious treat Mr. Peter’s cock had given to her mouth. She continued sucking and, when no more ejaculate was forthcoming, went after the cum that she knew was still inside Mr. Peter’s long cock. While the fingers of one hand pumped furiously on her pussy, Wendy removed the still-hard organ from her mouth and held it in her hand to lick everything off the head and the shaft, being especially careful to get whatever was hiding under the ridge.

After cleaning off the outside, Wendy placed her thumb in front of Mr. Peter’s scrotum and her fingers on the upper surface of his cock. Slowly, she brought that hand toward her face, her tongue catching the cum that was squeezed out. She continued until her thumb was right at the slit and her fingers were squeezing the head. Whatever had oozed out onto her tongue was treated the same as the rest of his semen had been, and delighted Wendy as much. Not wanting to waste any of it, her tongue laved the entire cock again, followed by licking her lips to get anything that might otherwise have been wasted.

The pleasure of sucking off her boss, combined with the gushers of semen he fed to her and what her fingers were doing for her clit brought Wendy over the top. She cried out ecstatically as she started cumming, and toppled slowly onto her back. Her fingers continued their labor of love, while she thrashed about on the carpet, crooning happily in the throes of her climax. Abruptly, the muscles in her body spasmed, evoking a shout of joy. Completely lacking in coyness, Wendy lay on her back, smiling, her eyes closed and her hand still resting on her pussy. She didn’t care that Mr. Peter saw what she had at the apex of her legs, because he had been the one responsible for her orgasm.

After a few minutes, the boss and his secretary regained their strength from their respective climaxes, and knew they would have to get back to work. Wendy handed him his pants and shorts and, while he was putting them on, pulled her panties back up. The cotton garment quickly soaked up the juice from her pussy, but that didn’t bother Wendy. She would be able to smell its aroma all day and be reminded of the great time she had just experienced. With her panties in place, she refastened and adjusted her other clothing, including her shoes. It was time to get back to work.

“Will there be anything else, Mr. Peter,” she asked.

“No, Wendy. Thank you very much. That will do just fine.”

As he put on his shoes and socks, he watched his secretary going back to resume the duties that would have been included in her official job description. “She is certainly a good worker,” he told himself. “I believe she deserves a nice raise.”


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Wendy and Mr. Peter did. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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