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Secret Loss of Innocence

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Malaya had been eighteen years old at the time she had lived with her older sister near a beach resort on an island in the Philippines. It was during the peek season and Malaya, who loved to walk along the beaches, also liked to walk by the beach resort, just to see the tourist that had come to visit her country, but she mostly liked to see the foreign men, especially the older ones. For some reason she was attracted to older foreign men and many times had wondered to her self what it would have been like to have been romantically evolved and losing her virginity during a sexual encounter with one of them.

Once while passing by the resort she had seen three people carrying luggage bags as they had walked into the resort. Two of them were older men who looked like they were in their early fifties along with a younger woman who appeared to be in her early thirties. The two men seemed quite handsome to Malaya, along with the younger woman, who she had thought was very beautiful, but her mind had been more focused on the two men.

Malaya knew a few of the girls who had worked at the resort, one of whom was a personal friend of hers, whose name was Reyna.

She had remembered Reyna telling her, on a few occasions, how she and a few of the other workers were able to look in on some of the guest through a two way mirror, that one of the male workers had installed in a couple of the rooms, and for their amusement, when they had nothing else to do, had watched some of the quest as they had been engaged in some romantic evening that always had led to them having some sexual encounter.

Malaya had always thought how exciting and interesting it would be to watch other people engaged in some wild sexual activities, especially the foreigners. Like the two men she had seen today with the young woman, and had decided to find her friend Reyna and tell her about the new visitors who had just arrived at the resort.

Malaya walked into the resort and pretended that she had just stopped by to say hello to some of the workers she had known there, and watched and waited as the three tourists checked into a room.

She then sent a text message to Reyna from her cell phone, asking if she could meet with her outside.

In a short while Reyna came out and met up with Malaya and listened to what she had told her about the three tourists, who were staying at the resort, and about her crazy idea of catching them in the act of having sex, while looking through the two way mirror, that she had told heard so much about.

Reyna giggled after Malaya had told her what she had on her mind and then agreed to find out just what room they were staying in and if the room had one of those mirrors, she would come back to sneak her into the resort and take her to one of the adjoining rooms that had the two way mirror, and for the mean time to just hang around until she got back.

Malaya sat at one of the tables that had been set up at the outside entrance of the resort, where she had sat many times before whenever she had come by to visit her friend.

Malaya, who had still been a virgin at that time, wanted so badly to lose her innocence, and after she had remembered hearing many stories of how wild sex was among the foreigners and mostly with the westerns, had been quite curious to find out how true it really was and then had thought about the two men and what it would be like to be sexually involved with of them.

About twenty minutes later her friend came back outside and with a smile on her face, had told Malaya that she had found out which room they were staying in and that later on, when she had the time, she would take her to the room, and maybe if they were lucky, they just may be able to see something going on between the three tourist.

Malaya was thrilled when she had heard this and had hoped that she and her friend would be able to catch the foreigners in their room together and get a glimpse of them having some type of sexual encounter.

Malaya then had taken a walk along the beach barefoot, near to where the ocean water splashed onto the shore, where she had felt the water cover over her ankles, and day dreamed of what it would be like to have sex with a man and how bad she wanted to find out and explore her own sexuality.

A short time later she had noticed the two men and the woman, who had walked out of the resort and headed towards the beach. The two men had worn swimming trunks and the young woman had on a very colorful sexy thong bikini. Malaya stared at the woman and admired how lovely she looked in her thong bikini and had thought how fortunate those two men must have been to have her along with them, and then had wondered to herself, if either of the two men had any sexual encounters with the woman.

Malaya had sat on the white sandy beach just a short distance from where the three of them had swam together in the ocean, and from time to time had kept her eyes on them.

Again she had thought about the Anadolu Yakası Escort two men and the woman and if they had any sex between them before and if so, and considering that they were foreigners, how wild it must have been for them. It excited her so much that she yearned to know just what it would be like having sex for the first time in her life with a man, but not just any man, she now had wanted to know what it would have been like to be sexually involved with one of the two men.

Feeling quite hot at that time of day from the burning sun, Malaya, who had worn swim wear underneath her clothing, had taken off her tee shirt and slipped out of her short pants and stood momentarily on the beach, as if she had been on display, in a small two piece bikini that had tied tightly around the top of her chest, which had exposed the sides of her fully developed breast and the bottom that had tied around her small waist, that had hung off of her hips, which showed the cheeks of her tiny round ass.

She then had gone into the ocean water to cool off, and while there she still had watched the two men and the woman, who had swam together, and had decided to get a little closer to them, where she had tried to get the attention from one of the two men.

As she came near to them, the young woman had swam back to the beach, where she covered her body with tanning oil and had laid down on a blanket under the sun, while the two men remained in the water chatting with one another.

Malaya swam even closer and stopped at a distance where she had heard every bit of the conversation they had. It turned out that they were from the states and had come to her country on a two day business trip, where one of the men would go to look at some real estate near the ocean, that he had known was being sold on another part of the island, where he wanted to one day build a resort of his own.

A few moments later the topic of their conversation had changed. She listened as they talked about the young woman who accompanied them and how she had been brought along as a sexual companion for the both of them.

The one man than commented to the other man how crazy the woman was for sex and what a good fuck the woman was and added, how great she was when she had given him blow jobs. He also had told his friend how the woman begged to get fucked in the ass and how she had just loved the felling of the pain it had brought her.

As the conversation had continued, Malaya had discovered that the other man, as it turned out, never had sex with the woman before and was brought along by his friend to participate in a threesome together with him and the woman.

Malaya had turned away as the man who had been talking, glanced over in her direction and for a few seconds looked her way. She stared out into the ocean so the man wouldn’t know that she had listened to what had been said, and when the man turned back to his friend, she had again listened as he continued to talk about the woman.

She was just so fascinated from what she had already heard that she moved even closer so as not too miss a single word that would be said. She listened carefully as the man had told his friend what a beautiful hot body she had and how tight the woman’s pussy was and how she screamed, hollered and sometimes even squirted when she had an orgasm.

Before the man was done talking to his friend, he noticed that the woman, who had been tanning on the beach, now had stood up near to the ocean, and with one of her hands, motioned to the two men to come on in out of the water. The woman, who then grabbed the towel she had laid upon, walked back towards the resort. Malaya then had heard the man tell his friend that it was now time for them to return to the room where they would begin to have some fun.

Malaya had been careful not to be noticed as she followed them out of the water and onto the beach when suddenly she stopped and remembered that she had left her shorts and tee shirt a short distance down along the beach and ran back to get them, however, when she had returned to the resort both men had disappeared.

Malaya, who didn’t want to miss the possibility of seeing any live sex acts being performed by the foreigners, had gone up to the lady at the front desk and as she was about to ask her where she could find her friend Reyna, she had noticed the woman, who had come to the resort with the two men, walking through the lobby and had decided instead to follow her back to her room.

The woman had now been dressed in a white sexy tube top that showed the shape of her large breast and pointy nipples and a very short white skirt to match, that had hung high above her knees that showed her long slim legs.

Just as the woman had reached the room, Malaya had heard a voice from behind her. It turned out to be Reyna. She whispered to Malaya to be quiet as they both watched as the woman entered into the room and then closed the door behind Pendik Escort her.

Reyna than had told Malaya that it was her lucky day, because the foreigners were staying right next to the linen room and that there was a much larger two way mirror there, where she would be able to get a full view of the whole room.

Malaya and Reyna had gone into the linen room. Reyna pointed to the large mirror that was covered with a curtain. Malaya walked over to take a look, pulled aside the curtain and sure enough, was able to see inside the entire room.

Reyna, who had to leave and get back to work, had told Malaya to try and be very quiet and to keep the door locked and not to worry about anyone coming to the linen room other than her because she was the only one who worked in that part of the resort.

Malaya agreed and had walked her friend to the door and locked it as she had left and than hurried back to the mirror where she stared with wide eyes, just waiting for any sign of the three people. Her eyes scanned over the whole room, but she hadn’t seen anyone. Just than, a moment later, the door to the bathroom inside the room had opened and out walked the three of them, one by one, all wrapped in towels.

She than had watched as the two men sat down on chairs that were seated close to one another. Her eyes then followed the woman as she strutted over to where the two men had sat. She slowly had untied the towel that had been tightly wrapped around the lovely figure of her body, and let it slide down her skin, where it had fallen to the floor. The woman had stood fully nude in front of the two men and then had taken her fingers and slowly guided them down along her breast, where she then stopped and gently pulled at her nipples. She then slid her fingers down between her legs, where she lightly touched her pussy and then back up along her body as she ran her fingers smoothly through her hair and then started dancing, and moving her body in such a way that it seemed like every movement she had made was in slow motion.

The woman then lowered herself down in a crouching position and opened her legs then gently had run the tip of her fingers softly from her knees up along the inside of her thighs and stopped to tease the two men as she again started to touch her pussy, circling two of her fingers along her clit, and than had stood up and once more began to dance.

She twirled around a few times and stopped where her back had faced the two men, who had since removed their towels and had begun to masturbate. She then had bent over in front of them, and moved her ass around in a circular motion and jiggled a little making her ass cheeks shake.

The woman then with both hands placed upon her ass had spread her cheeks and had revealed her pussy, which had been shaved clean down to the skin.

She then got down on all fours and began to crawl along the floor, and had swayed her ass from left to right as she made her way to the bed, where she then had climbed upon it and laid down and had rolled over on her back.

The woman than had opened her legs and with the fingers of her left hand had begun to rub along the pink lips of her pussy and slid two of her fingers inside and back out and again back inside until she had kept her fingers at a steady movement.

She then, with her right hand, had grabbed hold of a large dildo that lay beside her on the bed.

Malaya never took her eyes off of her as the woman had taken the dildo that appeared to be about ten inches long and five inches thick and had carefully penetrated it into her pussy, until it was deep inside her.

The woman had moaned and wiggled as the two men watched while they still had masturbated as she, for several moments, had fucked her self with the huge toy.

Malaya watched as the woman then had closed her eyes tightly and tilted her head back then raised her hips and gave out a loud yell as she quickly pulled the dildo out of her pussy then suddenly released a long stream of watery substance that had squirted out of her, wetting the bed sheet and part of the floor below. She than slowly guided the toy up along her body, running it across the skin of her tummy and between her breast, until she had stopped at her mouth, where she had then ran her tongue from the bottom of the toy to the top and then inserted the tip of it inside of her mouth, where she then had tasted her own juices.

The woman than looked towards the two men and called them over to the bed. Both men stood up from their chairs and walked over to her and had knelt down on the bed, both on opposite sides of her as she then had taken control of them.

She took hold of the one man’s cock, opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around it and started sucking on it while she grabbed hold of the other man’s cock and began to stroke it back and fourth and switched from time to time from one man to the other.

Malaya, who had never seen anything so wild like this at all Kurtköy Escort in her life, except the one time when she and Reyna had watched an x-rated movie together while she had stayed over night at her house, started to get aroused while watching the three of them enjoying their sexual activity.

Malaya, who now had become so over whelmed with excitement from what she had been seeing, had reached down between her legs and started lightly rubbing her pussy as she looked at the woman who continued taking turns sucking one cock and than the other.

One of the men then got between her legs and pushed his cock inside of her pussy and started fucking her while she still sucked on the other man’s cock and then the men had switched places as they never stopped fucking or getting her to suck their cocks.

Malaya could feel her self getting wet between her legs and then had untied both sides of the bottom part of the two piece that she had worn, and removed it. She then continued to watch the threesome through the mirror as she stood with opened legs, while she had rubbed and fingered her pussy.

The two men now had the woman sandwiched between them with one cock in her pussy and one cock in her ass and just started fucking her so hard that Malaya could hear her scream with delight. Malaya herself had felt so sexually stimulated and excited from seeing all of this, that she could feel her own juices that had flowed out of her and on to her hands and trickled down her legs as she her self had an orgasm.

She stood there so amazed and wondered how much more the woman could take from these two guys who were pounding the hell out of her.

Just a few moments later the two men had stopped fucking her and both had knelt on opposite sides of her face, as they stroked their cocks and after several seconds, both men had groaned out loud as cum had shot out of their cocks and smeared across here entire face. The woman then took their cocks and had begun wiping them on her face and licking off cum from their cocks and swallowing it until all of it was completely gone.

Noticing that the three of them were now done having sex, Malaya quickly had put the bottom part of her two piece back on and tied it tightly around the lower portion of her hips and raced out the door.

She hurried past the room as fast as she could and wanted to find Reyna and tell her all about what she had witnessed, but because she had felt uncomfortable due to the wetness she had between her legs, had decided instead to go home and clean her body.

While she bathed in a warm tub of water, Malaya couldn’t escape the thoughts of what she had seen back at the resort. And even though the incident was a bit shocking to her she felt quite contented to know that she had finally seen real sex between real people and not from a fantasy or an x-rated movie.

Later that evening, after Malaya had settled in for the night, she had sent a text message to her friend Reyna and had told her everything in detail about the threesome she had seen among the foreigners. She waited and in less than a minute later Reyna had quickly replied back to her and was even shocked herself to have heard what had taken place in the room at the resort.

Reyna again had sent a text message back to Malaya and reminded her that the foreigners would still be there for one more night and that she would text her tomorrow if and when she notices any sign of the woman and the two men.

After she received the last text message from Reyna for the night, Malaya had lay upon her bed and thought how wonderful it would be to have one more chance to see the three foreigners engaged in sex again before they would leave the resort.

Malaya closed her eyes and began to recall all that she had remembered seeing while it was still fresh in her mind. She could still see the woman who had put on quite a sex show while the two men had masturbated as she used the dildo that had brought her to a squirting orgasm. Than the two men who had their cocks in and out of the woman’s mouth and pussy and sandwiching her until ending it all as they covered her face with their cum, and now Malaya couldn’t wait and anticipated on what tomorrow would bring.

The following morning, after Malaya had eaten her breakfast and her older sister had left for work, she had attended to her chores as she had done each day.

She had begun her work in the garden, which was behind the back of the house, where once a week she had cut and pulled the grass and weeds from in and around the flowers that her sister had planted.

From there she had done all the general cleaning inside the house, along with some laundry she washed and rice that she cooked, that always had been served with their daily meals.

The entire time she had worked her chores, and throughout the rest of that morning, the thoughts of the events that happened the day before, with the foreigners at the beach resort, still lingered on in her mind.

After all her work had been completed and she had known that the rest of that day was for her time. She then cooled herself off under an outside shower that had been built along side of the house and cleaned off the dirt and sweat that had covered over her body.

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