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Second Date

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The Second Date…

After constant badgering, emails and phone calls you finally agree to meet me for a casual dinner and drink date. It’s a warm Spring evening and as I am driving to the truck stop on Route 56, I run my check off list in my head, shaved legs, used lots of baby lotion so skin would be very soft. I manicured my nails the night before taking great effort not to smudge the polish. My long dark hair was in perfect place with the soft shiny banana curls falling over my shoulders. The outfit I picked out for the spring night was a simple pair of navy Capri pants, a white low-cut cotton gauze blouse with a white pair of slip on sandals. I had lost 35 pounds since the last time we met and I just felt like a million dollars. I was so nervous… I didn’t want anything to go wrong. I checked my make-up as I stopped at the 4-way stop. I look over at the truck stop and search for your truck. My heart starts skipping beats when I think about you standing me up. I had worked so hard for this night and you weren’t even there! My heart totally stopped when I seen you pull your truck into the parking lot.

I noticed that my hands were getting sweaty and I try to calm myself down. I pull up next to your truck and step out of the car. With my stomach in knots I walk over to the truck, finally making eye contact with you as you step out of the truck. Seeing your beautiful eyes and long eye ashes I feel a small shutter throughout my body. Yearning for at least a hug, but don’t want to make you uncomfortable, I ask you where you want to eat.

After great debate, we agreed on Chinese at a little restaurant in town and left together in my car. I can feel the tension in us both. You fidgeted with your jacket zipper the entire way to the restaurant. We talk about the weather and such on the way there, but I can’t quit thinking about how good you made me feel the last time that we met.

As we get out of the car and start walking for the door, I feel your hand reach out and brush against mine. First instinct was to put my hand back out there and that’s when your fingers entwined around mine. This really started my heart beating faster. When we walk in I can sense a lot of eyes watching us. But that didn’t stop us from chatting and giggling all the way through dinner.

Sitting across from you listening to you talk, I imagine feeling your mustache tickling my lips. Shaking those feelings off, we pay for our meal and decide to have a drink at a quiet bar. I suggest going to Roxie’s, a small country bar where I know we could have some drinks and play some pool. The bar is kind of quite, there’s only a few older men sitting at the bar.

We played a couple games of pool and after you won the last game, you inform me that I HAVE to dance with you for losing my game. I just kind of laugh, but you walk over to the jukebox and played a slow country song for us to dance too. We danced to the song “We Danced”, which is one of my favorite songs. You held me close to you. So close I was afraid you could feel my heart beating. As you squeeze me closer, I feel your lips against my neck. You chuckle as you feel me jump when şişli eskort you blew in my ear. We stood there in each other’s arms long after the song ended. I finally whisper in your ear that the song was over you let go. When you let go of me and we started walking back to the table, my legs almost buckled.

My nervousness about whether you were enjoying me and my company subsided when you ask me if you could give me a kiss. I didn’t have to say a word. You can see my answer in my eyes when I look at you. You lean closer and softly lay your tender lips on mine. It was such a light and teasing kiss it just wasn’t enough. But I’m not going to push. We sat there side by side with our legs touching as we talked and laughed about our everyday lives. All the while my thoughts dart in and out of that kiss and you holding me in your arms.

Getting the nerve up or the beer finally loosening me up, I lean over and whisper in your ear that I’d like another kiss. You look at me and say, “I thought you would never ask!” Only this time when you lean over, you put your arm around me to pull me closer into you. You pressed your partially opened lips against mine, lightly pulling my lips apart so you can slide your tongue against my lips.Oh, what a hot kiss!

That kiss started a burning inside me. When you reached for your beer I ran my hand up and down your leg letting it rest on your thigh. That’s when I noticed that you have the same arousal feelings that I have happening. A small moan escaped my lips as you put your arm around me tell me we should go but you don’t know if you can walk. Not wanting to make the situation worst, I remove my hand and excuse myself to the ladies room.

Realizing that I have to take you back to your truck now and end this wonderful evening sobered my mood. I walk back to the table and finish my drink. I was having such a good time I didn’t want it to end, but I asked if you were ready to go. As walked to the car I felt you following me to the Driver’s side. I thought you were going to open the door but instead, you pulled me back to you. You turn me around and gently kiss my lips. Then just like before you gave me a long, deep, passionate kiss. I tried to compare it to our first meeting but I have concluded that all of your kisses are good!

I hear your sexy sounding moans as you back me against the car and hold onto me tight. No rain tonight I thought. Sometime had gone by standing there in your arms when you stopped and said you need to get to the truck.

Okay…here it goes. This is where he’s going to get me all hot and bothered and send me home again. Trying not to let you see my disappointment I get in the car and start driving back to your truck. I turned the radio on so that we didn’t have to talk. I didn’t know if I could speak without crying and I didn’t want you to see my tears. Then out of the blue you reach out for my hand and place it on your thigh. You run your finger over my palm causing me to giggle like a high school girl.

My mind was winding. I wasn’t sure what was going on. The emotional up and down roller coaster was almost nişantaşı eskort too much. As I pulled up to your truck, you pull me over to you and start kissing and biting my lips jabbing your tongue in and out of my mouth. Damn, there was some hot and heavy kissing going on in that car. Because I am afraid this could be the last time I get to touch you, my hands couldn’t stay still, I had them all over you, rubbing, touching and caressing you everywhere. When we parted for a breath of air, I placed my hand on your crotch and moved my fingers as if I were tickling your balls. You start rubbing and caressing my breasts.

Then you stop!

You pull me back and look deep in my eyes. You ask me if I am ready to go home. At that moment I couldn’t hide my disappointment any longer. “No, I’m not ready to go home but it sounds as if you are!” Before I could say another word, you opened your car door and told me to follow you. My heart started pounding faster. The anticipation, the alcohol, lust, everything was driving me insane. I followed you out of the truck stop and onto Likens road turning into the Best Western hotel.

You walked over and opened my car door for me and you guide me by hand into the hotel lobby. Giddy with excitement, I smile as I listen to you ask the attendant for a room with one bed. Minutes later, we were headed down the hall to room 120. As you slip the card through the slot, I run my hands down your butt cheeks, reaching way under to cup your balls.

As soon as you open the door, you quickly pull me in the room, slamming the door behind me. You pull me into you and kiss my neck. Both of us were running our hands over each other’s body. You lay me down on the bed and slide up next to me and start kissing me while your hands reach under my blouse and start rubbing my nipples. You start unfastening my Capri’s, standing me up you let them fall to the floor showing that I have NO undies on! You finish unbuttoning my blouse and remove my lacey bra. You just stand there and stare. I start pulling your t-shirt out of your jeans and you finish taking it off as I unfasten your jeans. You kick your jeans to the side and lay me on the bed. I notice you have a nice size bulge in your briefs.

“That’s not fair, I’m completely nude, you should be too.”

All you can say is “I can’t wait”. You lay down over me, kissing my lips and squeezing my breasts. Kissing your way down from my neck, I feel you suck my large nipples. As you kiss and suck my breasts, you run your hand down to my pussy and start fingering me. Feeling how wet I am, you moved your lips and tongue down to my crotch and started licking me like crazy. I was so turned on by this… You ran your fingers up to my mouth and I licked your fingers clean of my sticky wetness.

Almost as soon as your tongue ran up and down my clit, I came. I was so turned on by all I couldn’t help it! You keep licking and sucking making me squirm, moan, cry and squeeze your head with my thighs. When you notice that my breathing has picked up and I was starting to buck your face, you slide one of your long fingers mecidiyeköy eskort in and out of my dripping wet pussy almost sending me to the point. You keep your pace with your tongue and finger adding another long finger was more than I could take. I grab your head and push you deeper in me and cum all over your face.

You look at me as you stand and to kick off your briefs. Damn, you are such a hot lover! All I wanted to do was make you feel as good as you made me feel. But again, you had other plans! You flip me onto my knees and stand behind me, slowly running your big hard cock down my pussy, teasing my clit…. before sliding it, inch by inch in me. It was nice, tight, warm and wet! After 3 or 4 thrusts you finally have it all in! I reach under to feel your cock as you slide it in and out of me. You reach up and grab my boobs, pulling me onto you deeper and deeper. I stay there… holding and sucking your cock in with my pussy… Feeling you fill me completely and perfectly.

Each time you pull your cock out you feel my pussy suck on your cock. You are start moaning, calling me your “personal slut”, and smacking my ass as you fuck my cunt. I reach under and start rubbing my clit letting; my fingers touch your balls as they slap against my ass. As you are get closer and closer to cumming, you start really pounding me. Calling my name over and over as you feel my pussy wrap tightly around your cock. Faster and harder, then you slam it in hard and hold it there, shooting your load into me. I feel my pussy get wetter and hotter.

You pull out and lay down next to me. I notice your cock is still hard… and it needs cleaned up!

I run my hands up and down your bare chest, letting my hand brush against your cock. Finally, I lean over and started kissing you. My kisses were short as I worked my way down your chest and to your thighs. I kiss and lick your inner thighs making your cock twinge more with each lick. Finally I lick you from your balls to the tip of your cock. I watch your face as I put the head in my mouth and run my tongue over the ridges. You close your eyes and lay back to get more comfortable, smiling. I start licking your shaft like a small child would lick a lollipop. Your cock getting harder and harder. I start sucking your cock, taking in as much as I could without gagging, Keeping the steady rhythm, I gently cup your tight balls. Pre-cum oozes from the slit when I stopped sucking and stood up on the bed. I squatted directly over your cock and slid down on your hard shaft. You can feel my wet pussy as I bounce up and down on your cock. Rubbing my tits in your face you grab them and start pinching and pulling my nipples, sending shivers down my spine.

I tell you that I am close to cumming and you groan you are too! Suddenly, I came and I cum hard, feeling it run down my thighs! You tell me you are real close to cumming. I tell you not to cum in me. I want you to shoot it all over me! Shoot it in my mouth! I quickly slide up off your prick and position my face over your cock with my mouth open and so you could see me… You grab my ass and slide a finger in my wet pussy at the same time ropes of white cum shot out of your cock and all over my face. Large streams of cum shot all over my breasts and nipples. I put my mouth over your cock and suck what was left remaining. You jerk around a bit and beg me to stop. Teasingly I tell you the only way I will stop is if you shower with me. …

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