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Second Base

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The Cubs were up 6 to 4 in the 6th. Not a lead on which the team could bank. Still Charge left the game early to meet an old friend. Jinny was in town and staying at a hotel in the Loop. She was here for a busy work trip and only had an hour between calls. Meeting at her hotel was the only option even though she had married since they last saw each other years ago. As he entered the lobby, Charge noticed a lump in his stomach unusual for a simple visit with a friend. He made his way to the elevator and headed up to 12.

As he approached her hotel room, her door opened, and she greeted him in the hall. The years had faded his memory, and the girl before him was a surprise. She had dark hair and eyes, a bright smile, and smooth light skin. She was beautiful. They looked at each other for a moment recharging their recollections with fresh images before she invited him in. As he crossed the threshold, they embraced as friends and then locked gazes. Their faces came together in a short uncertain kiss before they ventured into the room.

The hotel room was standard – small, with floral prints, end tables, and thick yellowing drapes. She preferred natural light and only that which bounced off the building next door made it through the narrow window. There wasn’t anywhere to sit other than the bed, so Charge made himself comfortable there and politely took off his shoes. The conversation started easily for both of them. They talked of time past, of lives up to now, of how her job was going and his.

“Do you remember,” Charge began changing the subject, “that time we made out under a statue?” She did. “Do you remember that you took my hand and you placed it on your breast?” She did not. “Well, I do.”

It was long ago. They had been on a friendly Van Escort walking date, enjoying the sights and each other’s company. They had stopped to rest behind a statue which also shielded them from the masses passing by. There they had kissed. At first maybe just to communicate the pleasure of being together but as can happen, the embrace deepened. They sat there wrapped around each other, barely protected by a marble representation of who knows whom, faces locked together for some time. It was an inconvenient and uncomfortable spot. There was nowhere it could go except back over the line which had probably already been crossed. And then as if blind to the park, the statue, the people, and the sun – blind to everything except Charge’s gaze, Jinny unbuttoned the second button of her shirt, took Charge’s hand and gently slid it under her shirt to her breast. There was no bra, and he found her nipple easily. She sighed lightly and they kissed again.

That had been it. Then the day ended and they went their separate ways. Now years later here they lay – on a hotel room bed talking about the past.

“I got to first base with you,” Charge said with a boyish bravado and baseball still on the brain.

“You think that’s first base?” she asked. “I think kissing is first base.”

“No, no. kissing just means you get a chance to bat. It means you are in the line-up.”

“In the line-up? I don’t like the way that sounds. It’s not like if you strike out there are eight other guys waiting to take a swing.”

“Maybe, but I don’t know that,” said Charge, impressed that she knew the number of batters in a line-up. As they had been talking, their bodies had shifted on the bed. They were now lying in a normal position heads on pillows. Arms lightly touching. Van Escort Bayan Lifting himself onto elbows, Charge leaned his face over toward hers.

“You are not getting a chance at bat now,” She said.

“What do you mean?” Charge asked.

“I am not going to kiss you.”

“OK, but that is not what I was trying to do.” Charge moved his face to hers resting his cheek on hers for a long time. They had a connection – even with all the years and life events that separated them. Charge pulled away and looked at Jinny’s face.

“I’m still not going to let you,” she reiterated, this time, less convincingly. And he placed his lips on hers.

They kissed for a long time. Years of longing wound their arms around each other and their bodies onto each other’s. When they finally stopped and pulled apart their faces were only separated by inches. Jinny was smiling and radiant. “OK, now stop,” she said, “No more making out!” and she began kissing him again.

She rolled on top of him and continued to kiss his face, his cheek, his eyelids, his neck. He took her hair in his hand and lightly pulled her back so that he could kiss her face, feel her skin. He knew they were approaching that line again. He was certain she could feel his jeans tightening under her hips but she didn’t flinch or stop. Maybe she couldn’t feel him or maybe she didn’t mind. Either way he decided it wasn’t worth worrying about.

Pulling away and sitting up she straddled his pelvis with hers. She took his hands and lightly pinned them to the bed. “Now stop,” she said, “No more making out.”

“But I wanted to get to second base.” He said with a look of mock disappointment.

“Oh, it’s Second base now? You probably don’t know what that is either.”

“Well, Escort Van I’ve already had my hand in your shirt, now I wanted to get my hand in your pants.”

“That’s second base?”

“Yes, according to the Official Rulebook of Schoolyard Colloquialisms,” he made-up.

“Well, OK. Fine. If that’s all you want.”

Smiling, Charge placed his hand on the small of Jinny’s back. He slipped his fingers under her waistband but her perfectly fitting jeans didn’t allow much room. Rolling her off of him he laid her on the bed next to him. Still watching her face, anticipating a sign of protest, he undid the button on her pants.

“hey,” she exclaimed quietly, making no effort to stop him.

“I need more room for it to count.” He replied with his eyes locked on hers. He slowly lowered the zipper, brushing the cotton of her panties with his finger as he did so.

“well, I guess it needs to count,” she said.

Charge then moved his hands into her pants. He felt the warmth of her skin. Their gaze remained, and he pressed downward across her soft pubic hair. He kissed her face and pulled back to find she was still staring into his eyes. His hand found the bottom panel of her panties and he felt her legs part slightly. He pressed further feeling the magnetic warmth. He cupped the soft flesh with his fingers. Finally, her eyes closed and her mouth opened slightly. He kissed her again on the face as his hand sought and then found the tell-tale wetness. He put his mouth upon hers and she kissed him hungrily for several minutes before stopping him – this time for good.

As he rode the train home, he replayed the events of the day over and over in his mind. It had been 10 years since he’d been offered a chance to bat – that day they traded barbs and hid their attraction. It had been 5 years since she’d placed his hand on her breast taking him to first base. Now with a double officially on the scoreboard, he looked forward to the next play, however long he had to wait.

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