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Scotch Bonnet

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Jen emerged from the walkway of Kingston Airport into the baggage claim area expecting to meet Cathy, her college roommate. Although they haven’t seen each other in ten years, they had kept in touch, at first by phone, now more often by e-mail. They hadn’t seen each other in so long for two reasons: They worked at opposite ends of the country, and more importantly, Brad, Jen’s (just last week) ex-husband, was jealous of her close relationship with Cathy, and discouraged them from seeing each other.

Although the divorce was relatively amicable, there was next to no intimacy in the relationship for close to two years. When Cathy received the news of the divorce, she immediately suggested that they get together. She suggested the resort in Jamaica, secluded, but in Cathy’s words, “Overpopulated with hot men and frozen daiquiris.” Jen demurred at first, remembering what a wild woman Cathy could be, but finally gave in when Cathy reminded her that she chose a safe existence with Brad, and look where that got her.

Cathy’s flight from New Orleans was supposed to arrive two hours before Jen’s, and Cathy would be waiting at the baggage claims area. However, when Jen got to the carousel, Cathy was nowhere to be seen. “Maybe she’s in the ladies room, or grabbing a snack,” Jen thought to herself. She retrieved her bags, and patiently waited. At first she had trouble seeing or hearing anything through the throngs of tourists and family members coming home. The crowd began to thin, and there was still no sign of Cathy. Time seemed to move in slow motion, but before she could detect it, she was alone in the empty baggage area.

The flight she came on was the last flight of the day, and the reality of the situation set in – no one would be meeting her. She learned from an airport worker that the New Orleans airport was closed for a minimum of 24 hours due to thunderstorms and possible tornadoes. Cathy had made all the arrangements, Jen wasn’t even sure of the name of the resort, and in her mind all the resort’s names sounded alike anyway. Cathy had rented the car in her name, but even so Jen didn’t even know where she was going. She sat on her suitcase in the middle of the deserted waiting area and began sobbing.

“What’s the matter pretty lady?” the deep voice whispered in the island lilt. “Can I do anything to help?” Jen was about to wave off the stranger, but when she removed her hand from over her eyes, she saw the man behind the voice. He was tall and the color of burnished ebony. There was a mane of dreadlocks on his head. The bicycle shorts and tight T-shirt emphasized every curve of his buff body.

His most noticeable feature, however, was his bright friendly smile. Jen immediately knew she could trust this stranger. Between sobs, she told him her entire story. He listened with obvious concern. When she was done, he figured out where she was supposed to go and told her that he would take her to her destination, and he was sure that her friend would meet her there the next day. He then introduced himself as Sterling.

Jen told Sterling that she couldn’t escort beyoğlu impose upon him, and that she was sure that she would be taking her out of his way. He told her that he was a part-time cab drive, when he wasn’t attending to his pepper plantation. The thought of a cab driver with a plantation of any sort struck Jen as hilarious and she actually started laughing through her tears.

“OK, it’s a deal,” Jen chuckled, “but only if you show me your plantation.”

“It would be my pleasure,” Sterling replied and let out a laugh reminiscent of Geoffrey Holder. He scooped up her bags and led her to his waiting car. He put her bags in the trunk and opened the passenger door. “I usually have my passengers sit in the back, but since you’re my guest, you’ll sit up front with me.”

Soon the airport vicinity gave way to the lush tropical flora of the island. The old-fashioned reggae, rock steady and ska coming from the radio lifted Jen’s spirits and soon she forgot that she was alone in a strange place. A familiar tune came on and soon Jen and Sterling were singing along together.

After a drive of almost an hour, Sterling pulled over to the side of the road. “Here we are,” he announced as he bounded from the car. All Jen saw was a field of waist-high plants with dark shiny green leaves.

“Where are the peppers?” Jen asked. “All I see are plants.”

“It’s almost harvest time. The birds ate all the visible fruit, so the only peppers remaining are those hiding under the leaves. Come, let me show you.” Sterling took Jen by the hand and led her into the field. As they walked through the plants, Sterling lifted the leaves showing the bright yellow, orange and red peppers. “Be careful not to touch them,” the Jamaican warned.

Jen was so enthralled with the sight that she really wasn’t listening. She reached out to pluck the roundish fruit. In her hand the pepper was wrinkled and looked just like the hat of its namesake. Before Sterling could stop her, she picked another, to see if it also looked like a fancy bonnet. Sterling grabbed the peppers from her hands and admonished her, “These peppers could be very painful if you are not used to them.”

As Sterling talked, Jen wiped the sweat from her eyes. Almost immediately, her eyes began stinging painfully. Then her hands, and wherever else she touched herself. She felt like she was on fire.

“The police make pepper spray from these peppers,” Sterling told her with concern. “Let me take you to my house so you can wash the pepper off of you. Sterling rushed her through the field to his small house. He showed Jen the shower, and told her that he would get her bags so that she wouldn’t have to wear her contaminated clothing.

He returned with her bags, and began to rummage through them looking for a change of clothing. He was fascinated by her wispy lace undergarments, they looked nothing like the utilitarian underwear he was used to seeing on the island women. When Jen emerged from the shower she was amused to see Sterling examining a red g-string and matching escort merter demi-bra. “I’ve never worn those before, would you like to see how I look in them?” Jen asked the startled Sterling. Jen was surprised at her boldness. She also noticed from the bulge in his shorts that Sterling was very much interested.

She took them from Sterling’s hand and skipped into the bathroom to put them on. Jen couldn’t believe what she was doing. “Why am I doing this?” she asked herself. The dampness between her legs was her answer. She had to admit to herself that she Sterling was extremely attractive. She found his good nature and easy sense of humor quite sexy. And that bulge in his shorts…

After checking herself in the mirror, Jen opened the bathroom door feeling as sexy as she ever had in her life. When Sterling saw her, he let out a sharp breath. Encouraged by his reaction, Jen gained confidence and walked right up to him and performed a pirouette. “How do you like it?”

“I’ve seen many women from America and Europe in their little bathing suits, but none has looked more beautiful than you. I’ve never made love to a tourist, but I would love to ravish you.”

“Then ravish me now!” Jen shouted, throwing herself in Sterling’s arms. Their lips connected and their tongues began to dance. They clutched and kissed until they were out of breath. Jen was weak in her knees as she felt Sterling undo the clasp of her bra. She shrugged it off and her nipples hardened as they rubbed against the rough material of his T-shirt. Wanting to feel his skin, she pulled off the shirt.

Jen sunk to her knees, tugging down the skintight shorts as she sunk down. The Jamaican wasn’t wearing any underwear and his engorged organ sprung out of the spandex material. Jen observed that his penis was larger and much darker than Brad’s, her only recent point of reference. What she found amazing was that the glans was shaped like a deep purple scotch bonnet pepper.

Sterling observed her reaction, smiled and said, “It may look like one, but it tastes much sweeter.”

Tentatively at first, Jen licked around the engorged head. Getting bolder, she licked up and down the shaft. She felt the vein throb on her tongue as she licked underneath. Suddenly, she sucked the engorged organ into her mouth.

Slowly at first, and then with more vigor, Jen bobbed her head up and down the length of Sterling’s shaft. Sterling sensed her rhythm and thrust his hips to meet her every bob. Although Sterling went in so deep as to gag her once or twice, Jen never broke rhythm. She fondled his scrotum and felt his balls tighten in anticipation of an orgasm.

Sterling sensed this too. He didn’t want to come before satisfying his new lover. He backed away, and in one fell swoop, scooped the kneeling Jen into his arms. Wordlessly he carried her into his bedroom and gently placed her on his double bed. He lay next to her and began kissing her neck. He started working down her neck, giving little nibbles between every few kisses. He worked his way down her body, escort bağcılar stopping at her breasts. First the left, then the right nipple was sucked between his lips. He held the erect nipple between his teeth and flicked it with his tongue. Jen let out a slight moan at this sensation.

Sterling continued his trip down Jen’s torso. He moved down past her navel, and sideways onto her hip. He worked his way down the outside of her thigh, then past her knee, down to her toes. First at the pinky toe, and then upwards to the big toe, he sucked each toe individually into his mouth. He switched feet and then made his way up the inside of her other leg.

He slowed his progress as he reached mid thigh. Jen was breathing heavily in anticipation. As he reached the junction of her legs, Sterling stopped. “Please don’t stop,” Jen begged. Sterling ignored her. He started breathing softly over her moist vulva, the sensation sending shivers up her spine. Suddenly he flicked out his tongue over her nether lips. Applying ever increasing pressure, he parted her labia with his tongue. As the tip of his probing tongue touched her clit, Jen let out a loud gasp.

Encouraged by her reaction, Sterling worked his tongue over and around her aroused clit. He flicked it with the tip of his tongue. He rubbed it hard and fast with the flat of his tongue. He even sucked it like a little cock. With each change of technique, Jen rose to greater heights. It was so long since she was pleasured like this. Out of nowhere, she was struck like a bolt of lightning. The orgasm started in the pit of her vagina and spread throughout her entire body. When the sensation became too intense, she pushed his dreadlocked head away.

“Fuck me now!” she shouted, “I need your cock in me!”

Sterling positioned himself between her legs and entered her with a might plunge. He immediately started pounding into her hard and fast. He wouldn’t let her orgasm subside. He lengthened his strokes, but kept up the speed. Jen locked her ankles behind his back so he couldn’t escape. His pubic bones rubbed against hers. Jen’s breathing became ragged. He wrapped his arms around her, their chests rubbing against each other. They were moving as one, a two-backed serpent writhing on the bed.

Sterling’s pumping began to become erratic as the orgasm built in his loins. Jen was also on the verge of coming. She flew over the precipice for a second time. The spasming of her vaginal walls was the final stimulus that Sterling needed. He shot his semen into the worm moist cavern of her womb.

They lay in each other’s arms for the rest of the afternoon. As the sun lowered behind the hills, Sterling reminded Jen that he had to get her to her hotel. They showered and changed. On the drive to the resort, they were quiet, lost in their own thoughts, although they did hold hands for the entire trip.

Sterling helped Jen with her bags. The desk clerk told Jen that she had a message. It was from Cathy. She would be on the first flight in the next morning. She took a picture of Cathy from her wallet and handed it to Sterling.

“Take this picture of Cathy. Please pick her up from the airport tomorrow and bring her here.” With a devilish smile she added, “We’ll have a great surprise for her when she gets here.”

(c) Geoff MacDonald, All Rights Reserved. Cannot be duplicated without permission of the author.

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