School Days Ch. 02

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Erin put her hand on Courtney’s leg, concentrating on the refreshing water in the hot tub bubbling around them. Both women were leaning back with their heads on plastic cushions. Courtney’s leg slipped on top of Erin’s, whose hand slid down Courtney’s thigh and stopped just inches from her pussy.

Courtney spread her legs a few inches wider, anxiously awaiting the familiar feeling of her young friend’s fingers. But Erin was in the mood to tease today. She moved her fingers past Courtney’s pussy lips, past her clit and up her body until finding one of Courtney’s small, firm breasts.

She let her hand rest softly on top of the breast, bending her fingers slightly to feel the wet skin mold to the shape of her fist. She felt the nipple harden against her palm.

Erin ran her fingers back and forth across the nipple. Courtney moaned as Erin finally began sliding her hand back down, closer to where Courtney truly wanted it. Rubbing her nipple always brought Courtney closer to cumming, but it was nothing compared to Erin’s delicate fingers on her clit.

The lower the hand got, the higher Courtney’s hips rose to meet it. By the time Erin reached the clit, her friend’s body was almost above the water line. It was only after Erin made contact that Courtney let her body relax momentarily.

Erin rubbed slowly at first. She used long, unhurried strokes, pushing back the skin surrounding the little clit. When she felt it begin to grow, she sped up. Courtney pushed her body upwards toward the hand. Erin knew it wouldn’t be long before her friend came.

Erin moved her hand down and inserted a finger into Courtney. It went deeper until hitting the soft, wet skin inside the woman’s pussy. Erin fucked her with the finger for a minute before inserting a second finger. Courtney urged her to play with her clit some more, and Erin complied.

Little squeals of delight indicated to Erin that Courtney was on the verge of an orgasm. She rubbed for a few seconds, then stopped. Rubbed, and stopped. Finally, Courtney cried out and began to cum.

Erin put her entire palm over the clit and rubbed hard. She listened to the sounds of pleasure, finding the clit with her finger and pressing down on it some more. Erin’s frantic motions excited Courtney and she thrust her hips out to meet the hand that was driving her wild.

A finger entered her again. Then two. Courtney fucked the hand and played with her own nipples, twirling them between her fingers. Just when she thought she was done, Courtney felt Erin’s mouth on her breast. The moment the woman’s tongue hit her nipple, a new orgasm began. Erin sucked hard on the breast, biting the skin just hard enough to stimulate her lover.

As the orgasm subsided, Erin rolled on top of Courtney and they kissed.

That was when Erin first noticed the figure standing just ten feet behind them.

“Andy! What are you doing here?”

The young man took a bite out of an apple. “Just watching.”

Andy was ten years younger than his 31-year-old sister Erin, but acted just as mature in many ways. He was certainly mature physically, which Courtney quickly noticed as soon as Erin had slid off her and allowed her to turn towards the man.

Both women stayed up to their necks in the turbulent water while Courtney’s beautiful grey eyes inspected Andy’s muscular legs and upper body.

“I thought you were in school?” Erin asked.

Andy chewed away. “I’m a junior now, sis. Ends up we don’t have a very busy schedule. It was a nice day so I wondered what you were doing.” The glee in his eyes was unmistakable.

“You better not screw up in school,” Erin scolded him in her best big sister voice.

“I won’t. Are you going to introduce us?” he asked, nodding toward the naked Courtney.

“This is Courtney.” Erin’s tone lightened. “Her daughter goes to the same school as the kids.”

“Hi,” Andy said with a smile. Courtney acknowledged him, resting her chin on the top of her hands at the edge of the hot tub.

He grabbed a towel from the chair next to him. “Can I dry either of you off?”

“You can throw us those suits,” Erin said, pointing to a small pile of bikini pieces close by.

“Ahhh. You’re no fun.” Andy threw the tops and bottoms into the center of the tub, just out of reach of the women.

“You bastard,” Erin shouted.

He watched as they scooted through the water to retrieve their suits and awkwardly put them on. He had seen his sister many times before in her suit at the hot tub and pool. She was, indeed, very sexy. But he was equally impressed with her shorter friend, who seemed to be enjoying the game.

Andy found out, as they talked at a round, glass table shaded by a large umbrella on the patio, that Courtney was a 34 year old widow. She openly explained how her Marine husband was killed in the Middle East and how she and her daughter were coping. He was genuinely touched by the strength of the woman.

In the back of his mind, however, it was difficult to erase the scene he silently walked in czech pool porno on earlier. His sister, being married to a man fifteen years older than she, often seemed restless despite her considerable wealth. Perhaps Courtney would help, and Andy was all for that.

He stayed for lunch and his attraction for Erin’s friend grew by the minute. Nothing was said about the encounter Andy witnessed, but it was never far from his mind. Particularly in light of his desire to find out if Courtney still…as she must once have…liked men.

Before the women changed into clothes to pick up their kids from school, they invited Andy back to the house the following Monday. He eagerly accepted and was told to bring his bathing suit. Courtney bit her tongue and refrained from suggesting he just swim naked as she and Erin were in the habit of doing.

Courtney spent most of the weekend thinking about Erin’s brother and what he had seen and, especially, what she saw in him. She liked his apparent maturity, sense of humor, and body. In fact, she couldn’t get his well-toned body off her mind. And was he as interested in her as he appeared to be? Or was she just imagining it?

Monday started out as another cloudless, hot day. Most of the last two months had been that way, so Erin’s pool and hot tub were a real lifesaver to both of them. Their budding relationship centered around the patio and pool area during the day while the kids were in school. Erin’s husband was seldom home even in the evenings. So they felt safe in the secluded surroundings of Erin’s back yard to do what they pleased. No other homes overlooked the area and the women were topless or naked as much as, or more than, they were dressed.

Sex had become a routine part of their near daily visits. Courtney was a little shorter and less curvy than her younger friend, but both women were extremely attracted to the other. Andy would soon find out, however, that men were not totally out of the picture.

He arrived right on schedule and they took snacks out to the pool area. It didn’t take long for Andy to tire of the women’s chatter, so he headed for the water. Erin immediately noticed Courtney’s inattention to what she was saying. Courtney seldom took her eyes off Erin’s brother.

“Courtney, why don’t you just get in the water…like you want to,” Erin finally said.

“Not yet,” Courtney replied. She never even looked at Erin as she said it.

“Then pay attention to me.”

The tone of Erin’s voice finally registered with her friend.

“Huh? Oh. I’m sorry.” Courtney smiled sheepishly.

They talked for another couple minutes before being interrupted.

“Hey. Is anybody else coming in?” Andy shouted from the pool.

The women looked at him. Erin didn’t wait for Courtney to speak. “Yeah. Courtney wants to swim.”

“Well, c’mon,” he urged.

Courtney gave an evil smile to Erin and walked to the edge of the pool. A second later she was diving into the water and gliding past Andy. They swam together for a short while, chatting the entire time. Eventually, they found themselves at the edge of the pool nearest Erin.

“I thought you preferred swimming naked?” Erin innocently asked Courtney.

“Oh, shut up. This is your brother. I’m trying to remain decent,” Courtney countered back.

“Don’t let that stop you!” Andy injected. Everybody laughed.

“At least topless then,” Erin suggested.

It was becoming more difficult for Courtney to refuse. She was excited by the possibilities and, now, apparently wouldn’t offend anyone if she did it. She turned her back to Andy.

“You take it off,” she instructed him.

Andy looked up at his sister for approval. Erin laughed and nodded. Andy’s hands immediately went to work at the back of Courtney’s neck where the top was tied together. He let the straps fall apart when he was done. Courtney nonchalantly completed the task by removing the top.

After laying it on the tile edging of the pool, she calmly turned to face Andy. His eyes immediately shot to the breasts he had been thinking about all weekend. They were smaller than those on girls he had dated in high school, but flawlessly formed with nipples that begged to be licked.

Erin was enjoying the show her girlfriend was putting on and the response of her little brother. She knew that, given the opportunity, Courtney would probably take this as far as she could. Erin had to prepare herself for that eventuality and, at the moment, she felt confident she could handle it.

“Very nice,” was all Andy could think to say.

Courtney slid forward in the water until her bare breasts lightly touched the young man’s chest. “They just love to have lips on them…and a tongue.”

“May I?” he asked.

“Please do.”

Andy leaned down, taking both breasts in his hands. His mouth sought out her left nipple. His tongue glanced over the pink bud a couple times before his lips closed around it. Then, he took as much of the breast as he could into his mouth.

Andy czech sharking porno sucked vigorously, squeezing the tit in his hand and using his tongue to manipulate the growing nipple. A minute later he was repeating the procedure on the other breast. Soon, both nipples stood out prominently.

Erin felt her pussy tingle while watching the scene in the pool. She wanted to touch it, but still felt somewhat reserved in front of her brother.

In the middle of Andy’s attack on her nipples, Courtney reached between his legs and felt the hardening cock under his trunks. She rubbed it gently until he pulled away from her body.

“They’re perfect,” he said with a smile.

“Thank you. I think you’ve done that before,” Courtney said.

Andy didn’t answer that one. Instead, he asked, “Are you ready to get out?”

“No,” Courtney replied abruptly. “I’m not leaving this pool until I get to swim with you naked.”

Andy smiled. “OK. Get naked.”

Courtney answered with contempt, “No. I mean YOU.”

“Ohhh. Well, how about both of us?”

“You first,” Courtney said.

“I got to undress you. You should get to take off my trunks,” he said.

“Brat.” Courtney reached out in the water and grabbed the waistband of his trunks. Quickly, they were down his legs and Courtney was under the water pulling them off. After surfacing with the trunks in hand, she added them to her own top at the side of the pool.

“This isn’t fair,” Andy complained playfully.

“Swim! And I want you on your back at least once.”

Andy turned and swam away from the woman until reaching the opposite side of the pool. He pushed off again and began gliding back, flipping effortlessly onto this back in the process. He maneuvered his body so that he floated within inches of Courtney, stopping with his waist even with hers.

She looked down on the tan, powerfully built body and nearly shuddered. He was wonderful in every regard, including the large, thick cock suspended in the water within easy reach.

Andy tempted her with his body for a second before flipping back over and facing her, treading water. “Your turn.”

As soon as she was naked and the rest of her suit was on the ledge, she followed his swimming route, returning at an angle that let her float past him on her back. Only she didn’t stop, as he had. She continued past him, watching his eyes take in the entire length of her naked body. Then she turned onto her stomach and swam slowly back to him, her little round ass sticking out of the water and glistening in the hot sun.

She stopped in front of him, stood so that her body touched his, and said. “Now I’m ready to get out.”

Courtney pushed her hips forward so that the bottom of her stomach hit against his cock. Then she gradually worked her way across his body until beside him, reached for the edge of the pool and lifted herself out. Andy gazed at her ass as it rose from the water and onto the deck. Water dripped from the neatly shaven pussy that he could just barely see as she lifted her legs out.

Then the women watched him. His arm muscles flexed as he lifted himself out. Water flowed over him and collected at his feet, trickling till the very end from his semi-erect cock.

It was hard to tell who enjoyed the show the most. Courtney was glad to be parading around undressed in front of her newest lover Erin and a potential one in her brother; Erin was thoroughly turned on by the obvious pursuit of each other her two companions exhibited; and Andy was just plain turned on. He knew the girls would have to pick up the kids from school later in the afternoon so his time with Courtney would be limited.

Courtney grabbed a towel for herself and threw one to Andy. They watched each other as they dried off. Courtney was the first to lay down on a lounge chair, ending up in the middle between Andy and his sister.

“Erin, it’s your turn next,” Courtney said, glancing at her from behind sunglasses.

“Later. This is too much fun watching you two.”

“And you yelled at me for watching,” Andy reminded her.

“I didn’t sneak up behind you,” Erin countered.

“I didn’t SNEAK up,” Andy said. “The door was open…you didn’t notice…”

Neither woman wanted to pursue the matter from the previous week. They had considered the patio their private area since first meeting. He was there now only by their invitation.

Andy lay back in his chair, his legs slightly separated. He stared up at the cloudless sky, sensing the women’s eyes all over him. Feeling uncomfortable, he rolled onto his side and faced them.

Now it was Courtney’s turn to suffer the insecurity of having him gawk at every inch of her nude body. She felt herself suck in her tummy, which really didn’t need to be sucked in. And if she could have magically made her breasts any bigger she would have.

“Courtney, you really have a great body,” Andy said casually.

Both women were taken aback by the comment, but especially czech streets porno Courtney. It was hard to tell in the heat of the sun that she had blushed. She fidgeted, ultimately lifting the leg closest to Andy and bending it at the knee, her foot flat on the chair.

“Well, thank you Andy. I think you do, too.”

“God, you two,” Erin interjected. “Are you going to do it right here?”

Courtney laughed. Andy looked at her. “Well, are we?”

She got serious very quickly, the wide smile replaced by a self-assured grin. Courtney turned onto her side facing Andy. She was about to say something, but instead rolled back onto her back. She reached behind her and lowered the back of the chair so that it lay completely flat. Courtney stretched herself out on the chair and spread her legs a few more inches, looking over at Andy when she was settled.

Her intent was clear. Andy rose from his chair and approached the woman, his cock beginning to grow in the few steps it took for him to get to her.

The young man stretched out one leg until it extended over Courtney. Then his foot touched the ground on the other side so that he stood, straddling her body. His cock was directly above her neck.

Her hands rose to him at the same time that he bent his knees enough for the cock to draw near her mouth. Courtney wrapped her fingers around him and led him to her lips. Lightly, she kissed the tip of his cock.

Erin sat back in her chair and just watched. Every second of the action in front of her made her hornier. She desperately wanted to put her hand inside her suit.

Courtney was licking Andy’s cock. First the head, then down the length of the shaft as she removed her hand. He had grown considerably harder and was now pointing straight at her face without having to be held.

Courtney licked for a few more seconds before wrapping her lips around him. Andy was pleasantly shocked at the depth with which the woman was able to take him into her mouth. He felt her tongue press against the shaft as he slid in and out.

She put her hand on the base of his cock and worked him with both her lips and her fingers. She squeezed him harder, then let up. Sucked him, then licked. He had never had a woman so adept at taking a cock, but he had never had a 34-year-old mother, either.

He didn’t think he could get any harder.

“I want to fuck you,” he said softly.

Courtney let him slide out of her mouth and simply nodded. Andy moved down her body. It took a second for them to get settled on the chair so that it was balanced and sturdy. At that point, Andy did not delay in putting his cock at the entrance to Courtney’s pussy.

He looked down at her golden skin and watched his cock slowly disappear. She was very tight but wet, either from swimming or excitement or both. It took only a gentle push for him to slide all the way inside her.

Courtney couldn’t believe the incredible sensation of his thick cock in her body. It had been so very long since she had a man as large as Andy. She smiled to herself at the realization that the last thing she had in her that was that big wasn’t even a real cock.

Erin was beside herself with lust as she looked on. She put her fingers inside the bottom of her bikini and touched her clit. The sight of her brother fucking her new lover was a little more than she could bear. She rubbed the clit harder as the two people on the chair next to her began to have sex.

Andy was somewhat afraid their fucking would be the undoing of the lounge chair. But he thrust himself into Courtney harder and harder without any indication of an imminent crash to the ground. So he just continued, catching a glance when he could of her breasts bouncing up and down.

Courtney grabbed Andy by the ass and pulled him closer to her, wanting as much of his cock and he could give her. She loved the feel of his firm cheeks and well-developed thighs. She moved her hands around him and slid them up and down his brawny chest, clutching at his nipples almost as if they were Erin’s.

He returned the favor by pushing down on Courtney’s breasts, cupping them in his hands and wringing her nipples. They kissed and held each other tightly as their orgasms approached.

Andy caught Erin masturbating out of the corner of his eye. She was beautiful in her bikini and the sight of her hand inside her skimpy suit really turned him on. He thrust harder into Courtney and she squeezed him harder in return.

She also moved her hand down to her clit and massaged it as Andy fucked her. He leaned back a little so he could watch and still push his cock inside her. She was extremely wet now and his cock shined in the hot sun.

“Courtney. I’m almost there. Yessss. Almost there,” he moaned.

Courtney urged him on with her words and actions. They bounced on the chair in wild, frantic excitement, each getting slightly louder than the other.

Finally, Andy started to cum. With one thunderous grunt he pushed into Courtney and started to fill her with his warm cum. The second and third spurts were just as strong.

“That’s it. Cum in my pussy. Come on.”

Andy plunged into the woman again and again, spilling cum inside her at an amazing rate. And it was good that he lasted so long, because Courtney didn’t begin to cum until he was nearly done.

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