Schenley Park

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Here we are walking hand in hand through Schenley Park, around 11:00 at night. I am wearing my favorite khaki shorts and an orange polo shirt, sandals on my feet. You are in your usual ‘out-on-the-town’ uniform of a short, black skirt and white tank top, your red-lace bra showing through. In deference to the heat, you have forsaken you normal thigh-highs and are carrying your heels, since we are currently walking the middle of the ninth fairway.

Taking your hand in mine, I pull you to me and kiss you deeply, my tongue first running over your lips and then as you lean into me, slipping between them. Our tongues dance between our mouths for awhile until we grudgingly break the kiss to spread the blanket I’ve been carrying. “Are you sure we’ll be safe here?” you ask in a whisper.

“Not really, but that’s half the fun. We’ll just have to take the chance and be prepared to run if anyone comes along.” The time for talking done, we drop to our knees and into each other’s arms. As once again our lips meet on a passionate kiss, I pull you down to the ground, one hand reaching up to cup and caress your left breast. My thumb rubbing over your nipple causes it to harden and you to moan into my mouth, “Yes, just like that, it feels so good.” Taking your cue, I run my hand up under your tank top, pushing it up and fully exposing your lace-encased breasts. Sliding my hand to the center of your chest, I quickly release the front closure of your bra and your amazing 38D breasts first fell the cool night air. Your little nubs crinkle and harden as the breeze blows over them.

Your hands slide to the back of my head and guide my lips to your hard little nipples. Reaching your left breast, my lips take over for my hands, which move to your right, gently kneading and caressing it. I roll you right nipple between my fingertips and I pull its twin between my lips. My tongue darts out, snake-like, to flick the sensitive nubb. Sensing your increasing need, I begin to gently pinch and pull your right nipple as my teeth find the left and I nibble on it. Hold it between my teeth, I pull away from you and your moans increase.

Not wanting your right breast to get jealous, I switch my mouth and hands, now taking your right nipple into my mouth. Deciding it is time to up the ante, I run one hand down over your stomach and up under the hem of your short skirt. My fingertips slowly trace their way up your thigh, tickling you, twirling around and around the sensitive skin, getting nearer and nearer to their goal. Higher and higher they trace their way along until finally bostancı escort I reach your already damp pussy lips. I gently run just the tips of my fingers slowly up and then back down your sweet lips, spreading your dew. Finding your clit, already good and hard in your excitement, I run my thumb in small circles around it, never actually touching your tender center.

Your hips have begun to thrust off the blanket in your efforts to get contact with your hard little pearl of pleasure and you begin to beg me to give you some release, even just a little one. Looking into your eyes and smiling around the nipple between my lips, I ask if you think you are ready for that. No longer able to speak, you merely nod. With that as my sign, I quickly slide two fingers deep into your pussy as I center my thumb over your clit and begin the next phase of your delicious torture.

The combined sensations of my mouth on your nipple, my fingers sliding in and out of your tight pussy and my thumb pressing on your clitoris prove too much for you. Wave after wave of a powerful orgasm course through you, your thighs clenching tight around my hand, your hand pressing my mouth more firmly to your breast. “Mmmmmmm, that was great, what do you have planned for an encore,” you ask, a wicked smile spreading across your face. In answer I pull my fingers from you and bring them to my lips. My tongue snakes out to lick your sweet nectar from my hand, “I think I need more of a taste of your ambrosia.”

Kissing my way down your stomach, my tongue pausing to swirl around your belly button, my hands are busy raising your skirt up over your hips. You ever so subtly raise your hips in order to assist me. Moving further down your body I begin kissing and licking the inside of your thighs. This is followed by subtle bites, nothing hard enough to leave a mark, just enough so you know I haven’t forgotten my teeth. Raising to my knees, I pull my shirt over my head and roll it up, placing it under your ass to raise your sweet pussy to a better level for what I have planned. I lean back in and run the flat of my tongue the full length of your slit, ending with a long swipe at your clit. Switching to just the tip, I trace the outside of your lips, down one side and back up the other, to flick over your pearl. Back down, and then let my whole tongue slide as deep into you as it can. Your hands have once again found the back of my shaved head, holding my mouth tight to your shaved mound. Pushing and pulling my tongue in and out of your tight cunt, I once again begin ümraniye escort bayan rubbing my thumb over your clit; small circles wit slowly increasing pressure. Removing my tongue from your pussy, I lick my way down to your even tighter back door. The tip of my tongue traces small circles around this most intimate of entrances.

Feeling my tongue rimming your ass, your hips again begin to buck off the blanket and I slide my fingers back into your sweet, tight passage, curving them up so the tips rub against your G-spot, my thumb continuing its assault on your clit. With the combination of internal and external pressure, as well as my tongue on your ass, you reach your second orgasm of the night. I lick back up to place my mouth firmly over your cunt, licking and swallowing all of the wonderful juices gushing from you. As your orgasm subsides, you pull me up next to you, whispering that it is too much, you need a break, everything is too sensitive “down there.”

Pushing me down on my back, you roll on top of me, your hands caressing my nekkid chest. Pausing to somewhat reassemble yourself (pulling your bra off completely and your tank top back down, realigning your skirt to its proper position) you lean down and kiss me, tasting yourself on my lips. Your hand runs down between us to grasp my incredibly hard cock. Feeling your hand run up and its length, through my shorts, it is my turn to moan out loud. Kissing your way down my chest, you take time to circle first one nipple then the other with the tip of your tongue. Reaching my belly, you playfully bite my, just hared enough that I know I will leave this encounter with at least a short-term reminder. You hand has by now undone my zipper and pulled my cock from the confines of my shorts and boxers.

Looking into my eyes, you take the tip between your lips and slowly slide the entire length into your mouth. I know you love sucking my cock because it is just the right size to let you deep throat me with out causing you to gag. As you nose nuzzles into the luxurious mat of hair at the base of my cock, I feel your fingers caressing my balls. Sliding your lips back up my cock you allow it to escape the pressurized confines of your mouth. You lick down the underside to take first one, and then the other, of my balls into your mouth, sucking them and fluttering your tongue over them, then licking back up to plunge your lips back down over the head, causing me to throw my head back and groan. For the next fifteen minutes, you alternate between sucking my cock deep into your mouth, kartal escort bobbing your head in my lap, and licking up and down the underside, running your tongue along the sensitive ridge and sucking my balls.

I look down and see your have one hand busy under your skirt, your wrist disappearing into your waistband. Pulling your mouth to mine, my hands reach down and cup your ass. Your hand is still stroking my cock and I can feel the juices from your pussy dripping on to it. You release my cock and spread your skirt out, effectively covering our exposed private parts. I can feel the slickness of your lips rubbing the length of my hard shaft. My hands on your hips, I pull you forward and down so the tip of my cock lines up with the entrance to your pleasure pit. You bite my shoulder as I push down, my full length slowly but surely sliding deep in to your tight, tight passage. When I am buried to the hilt, I simply hold you down so that we can both the pleasure of our union. You have never felt better wrapped around my cock.

You place both hands on my chest and begin to slowly rock your hips slowly back and forth, fucking yourself on my hard-as-steel prick. Your head thrashing around, your hair flying like a banshees. I begin to gently raise my hips off the blanket, trying to get my cock deeper and deeper in to your sweet depths. After awhile we settle into a gentle rhythm, neither of us wanting to hurry things, wanting the pleasure we are feeling to last forever. Alas, all too soon I feel my seed beginning to boil in my sac. I reach up to grasp your breasts through the thin cotton of your tank top, pinching and twisting your nipples, letting you know I am close. “Me too baby, come on fuck me. I want to cum with you, fuck me.” At some point that I didn’t notice, both of us have begun to moan quite loudly, but neither of us is in any condition to stop now, even if all the cops in Oakland came running up to arrest us.

Your cries turning to muffled screams as you once again bite my shoulder, I feel your pussy muscles tighten around my cock and moaning out myself, ‘ohhhhhhhhHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” I begin pumping shot after shot of my cum into the depths of you. My hips thrusting up, my hands pulling down, we cum in glorious union, sharing what can only be described as a religious experience. As we begin to regain our breath, you roll off me, into my arms, and we share a gentle kiss. Noticing the mark you have left on my shoulder, you lean over and kiss it, you hand trailing down to tuck me away before anyone happens across us. The wet mess you find makes you break into a laugh and I look down to notice that our combined juices have soaked my shorts to the knees. With both of us laughing like idiots, I zip up my shorts, and wrapping the blanket around my waist, we walk back to my car to drive home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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